Fulham is keen to sign young Arsenal outcast

Fulham has entered the race to secure the services of Folarin Balogun as Arsenal prepares to part ways with the promising American forward.

Balogun’s productive loan spell at Reims during the previous season has drawn the attention of various clubs across Europe. Previously, Inter Milan and AS Monaco were engaged in a tussle for his signature, and now Fulham has joined the list of suitors.

According to The Daily Mail, Fulham, led by manager Marco Silva, has expressed a strong interest in adding Balogun to their squad. The Cottagers have earmarked £35 million for the acquisition of the striker.

However, this offer falls short of Arsenal’s valuation of Balogun, as the Gunners are seeking a fee of £45 million for the young attacker. Despite the disparity in valuation, negotiations between the two clubs are expected to continue, with Arsenal aiming to secure the best possible financial outcome from his transfer.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Balogun will like the idea of playing for Fulham because he would remain in London instead of changing cities or countries.

However, unless Fulham meets our asking price, we do not have to sell in a panic, knowing he has many clubs chasing his signature and at least one will be prepared to pay what we want for the academy product.

However, we have to be careful not to overprice him as several suitors will walk away if that is the case.

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  1. Fair comment Martin. Many Gooners would willingly keep Balogun but IMO what hasdone for him is his public announcement that he wants to play regularly or be let go.
    With a man of principle such as MA in charge BALOGUN was never going to be allowed to talk himself into our team , as Martiez also tried to do.He wns soom on his way out.

    And that, sooner or later will be BALOGUNS fate. No player is ever bigger then the manager or the club, as Fergie proved so hugely successfully with Beckham, Stam, Keane and others, while keeping their team at the top.

    MA, just like Fergie was not out to win popularity with truculent players, but is there to get the team to the top, which MA is steadily doing.

    Bye bye then BALOGUN!

    1. Imagine wanting to play regularly! Absolutely criminal.

      FYI you’ve fallen for the con where misinformed fans are thinking he demanded to start 🤣 making sensationalist statements like being bigger than the club. Imagine being a young player wanting to play for your club and then fans like this jump to hilarious conclusions. Thanks for the laugh Jonny boy

      1. PJ- SA firstly, ny name is jon fox and not the insulting nickname you chose to use, for reasons of your own.

        I am happy to debate in adult manner, with those who act and write write as adults, who bring sensible comments to a debate.

        But to insulting adults who masquarade as children, I have only this to say; please grow up and learn to use either peoples actual name,or initials, or if you prefer, not to use names at all.

        But do not use false names which delibately insult peoples identity.. That is what immature folk sometimes do and is beneath you, I would have hoped.

        As for any substance in your post, it is fact hat he authorised a statement on his behalf saying he wished to either play for us or to leave. To try to evade that truth is not to even try to debate seriously.

        1. Jon Fox
          Balogun only said he wasn’t interested in being loaned again this season, but he said nothing about starting or playing regularly.

          He was even quoted saying he knows he isn’t guaranteed to play for USA national team, but will take his chances to build chemistry with his teammates.

          So it’s not true about “regular playing time” with Arsenal. Imagine not demanding regular time with a lesser National team, but expecting regularly playing time with a stronger squad at Arsenal.

          It’s a misunderstanding many have regarding Balogun’s statements, and I only mention it because you seek the truth and wisely avoid rumor and conjecture, and perhaps unaware of the players quoted comments.

  2. Hell is going to pop loose.

    It is reported, Fulham is preparing to bid £35 mill for the American international service, that would be the closest to Arsenal valuation so far.

  3. I for one wanted Balogun to stay. Had Arsenal not signed Havertz, Balogun could have been our back up striker to Jesus/Nketiah and Jesus can also play on the wings allowing Balogun to lead the line.

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