Fulham midfielder explains why they have “full confidence in getting a result” against Arsenal

Arsenal travel to West London to take an Fulham side that have been excellent this season after only being promoted last summer, and are definitely in contention for European football next season if they carry on their fine form.

The Cottagers have only lost to Newcastle, Man United and Spurs at home this season, and seem to be brimming with confidence, especially in front of their own fans in their little ground beside the Thames.

The Fulham midfielder Bobby De Cordova-Reid thinks that the stadium has been a big factor in the their success, and explains why his team are full of confidence ahead of today’s game: He told Fulhamfc: “You always want to put yourself up against the best and, at the moment, they are the best.

“It will be an interesting game, when we played them at the Emirates it was a really tough game, one we could have come away from with something, but we didn’t.

“We want to get something out of this game. We understand they’re very good and they’ve got some really good individual players, but I feel like, in our stadium, with our fans, we can cause an upset.

“We have full confidence in getting a result. If we’re on our game and we’re all on the same page, we can do that, and obviously with the crowd behind us it’ll be a really interesting game.

“They’ve got high energy, like we do. They seem like a real together team, they’re all on the same page, just like we are.

“But I feel like we might have a little bit of an edge over them in that we’ve got a bit of a tighter pitch, a smaller pitch, compared to their big one, and I think we’re going to be in their faces.”

As much as us Arsenal know that the Gunners can beat any team on the planet, we are also aware that the defence has been a bit lax lately, and unlike Bournemouth, i don’t think can afford to gice Fulham such a head start, as they have not conceded more than one goal in any of their last 5 home matches.

But, to be honest, I prefer it when Arsenal are not forecast to win easily, as that confidence usually backfires.

So, let the game begin and the best man win.

Come on you Gunners!

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  1. Arsenal 98 wins. draws 45 citeh wins 64. Most of those coming since being a principality of the UAE and spending in excess of a billion.

    1. billy, Obviously untrue, as a majoity of City wins since the Sheikh and his corrupt henchmen took over, would have meant they had beaten us at least 33 times since then.

      That is not even possible, as we play only two Prem games against them each season. i DISLIKE OBVIOUS HYPE AND RIDICULOUS EXAGGERATION!

  2. My son lives a 10 minute walk from Craven Cottage and is off to see if he can get a ticket. Good luck to him. He was quoted £750 on the black market last week 😳 so I’m not holding out much hope for him this week

  3. Clue: “ I think we’re going to be in their faces”.Tells you all you need to know.Serial fouling with a very aggressive approach.Unfortunately,Coote is the Ref.Bloody useless.”
    Arsenal are going to have to go toe to toe here or expect to get bullied.

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