Fulham Review: Arteta is very lucky that the Arsenal fans weren’t at the game

Unacceptable from Arsenal again. by Konstantin Mitov

Well lovely Arsenal people, the Arteta charity foundation opened their doors again. We gifted Fulham a point they didn’t deserve and it would’ve been 3 if we hadn’t snatched a last gap equaliser.

Rotations are part of football I get, but we again rotated too much and disbalanced the squad. Gabriel gave away a penalty. Whether it was a penalty or not and the joke that VAR is is another question. Why didn’t we play Mari who has been solid? He can’t play 3 games in a row?

We also introduced Bellerin, who was poor. We all know he’s leaving the club, why are trusting him and making him captain? Pepe was immense the last 2 games and he was benched. Those kind of decisions have cost us both in terms of results as well as with the confidence of players.

It’s like nobody learned their lesson at Arsenal. Emery rotated against Palace and that cost us a top 4 finish and eventually his job. Arteta has been guilty of this too many times.

We had a chance to go 2 points off Tottenham why aren’t we motivated to finish above them? Our league position and the fact we’ve lost 12 games this season is a sackable offense.

Do you know what hurts the most? They didn’t trouble us at all. The only way they were going to ever get anything out of the game was if we gift it to them, and we did.

We should be beating Fulham. We were promised 14 long years ago that moving to the Emirates will help us compete with the likes of Bayern. I don’t want to see us playing Bayern, because I’m afraid what the scoreline will be.

We were told to be excited. I will stick to my point that if the Europa League trophy is not in our cabinet at the start of June, Arteta must be out.

Chelsea beat Man City in the cup and they managed to dominate them and deserved their win. Tuchel said next season they must hunt them down, despite the 20 odd points separating the two teams now.

This is the kind of ambition we are lacking. Remember that last season the FA cup win got us a European spot, otherwise we wouldn’t be playing the Europa at all.

The league performances, especially at the Emirates have been unacceptable. The Arsenal fans have been extremely patient. Arteta and the board are lucky that fans aren’t at the stadium.



  1. We rotated too much, how is that?
    All of a sudden, Gabriel is not good enough for Fulham at home right?

    Martinelli? Bellerin? For Fulham at HOME!
    Didn’t we also beat City and Chelsea last season to win the FA cup?

    All frustrations from previous seasons is being transferred to a rookie manager with no real money to spend

    Must we always blame someone?

    1. Makes you think, a club big as Arsenal hiring a manager with ZERO experience. Especially with the situation at we were at. Assistant manager experience for what, 2-3 years? And hes ready to

      Klopp, started at Mainz.
      Rodgers did his trade at Celtic, Pool and Swansea.
      Nagelsmann, first at Hoffenheim.
      Tuchel started at Mainz

      These managers just werent GIVEN a big position they’re currently at.

      Fact is, we cannot afford Artetas rookie mistakes. We cant afford Arteta “plying his trade” here with us. We cannot afford to be Artetas learning curve.

      We need results, improvements. We have money to spend and super talented academy. We cannot afford sacrifice years to be Artetas personal learning experience.

    2. It’s Konstantin, he loves a good moan and to always blame Arteta. It’s so noticeable that he’s quick with his articles when we have lost but not so quick, or at all, when we win. #Konstantmoaner.

    3. Well said GB. Yes we have a blame culture. Rotate its Arteta’s fault we protect players, dont rotate after a really big game and players are jaded or get injured. We were jaded, they needed it more and still should have won by 5. Get some perspective.

      1. Guys I got a feeling he won’t be
        I think Edu , Koronke ,etc believe in the long term project
        That’s not me saying they are correct to think that way

        1. Good point Dan.
          Edu is another big problem. It just seems like Arsenal has become a stepping stone for all thse ex players that want jobs in football. Zero experience and yet we give them massive salaries so that they can use the club as their guinea pig.

          1. So ex-players have no experience of football? Edu was not DofF at Corinthians? Neither did was he for 3 years coordinating the Brazil National Team? Read some profiles Red

          2. Mediocrity reigns at Arsenal FC. How far this once great Club has sunk.
            Arteta will stay because he is satisfying the unknown performance criteria and meeting the unknown targets of the owners and Board.

  2. Five things that p’ssed me off today:
    1) Elneny passing backwards at 12 minutes when ESR could have been in
    2) Gabriel’s lazy swipe coupled with Lemina’s dive (technically that’s two things)
    3) Nketiah running to the corner to celebrate instead of grabbing the ball and going for an unlikely winner
    4) Arsenal signing up to this Super League
    5) player rating giving Xhaka a 5

      1. Can’t see anything coming of it Jon. Threats from FIFA, UEFA & Premier League look enough to make it a no no. Kudos to PSG for staying out of it.

        1. Trudeau the only thing you offended was your own reputation as someone who, previously, I thought had SOME sense. Snide self defensive comments, when you have clearly failed to grasp the huge sinificance of what this proposal wil lead to – even though the breakaway league will certainly fail to happen- as fans will turn against there own clubs(the big six, I mean).

          That is obvious and ismassive land mark news. Yet some prefer to witter on about todays game, as IF that is of any importance, NOW .

          1. Jon- forget this breakaway league. What are your thoughts on THAT performance? Surely you are not going to even try and defend Arteta after yet another poor poor display

      2. This thread is for the game Jon. Theres another for the Super League, and you and I have both posted there. Please dont have a go at Trudeau for mentioning the game here. And IS IT NECESSARY TO ALWAYS USE CAPITALS? I have no doubt that you are aware that it is the written equivalent of shouting at people.

      3. Settle down jon he ,Trudeau , didn’t even say ‘in order of importance ‘ any thinking person would realize this

  3. 100% RIGHT everything must change at the top at the end of the season. and for God’s sake lets get a good manager who knows his best eleven at the moment it is like musical chairs one minute your in the next your out know wonder the players are confused I don’t think they know what’s going on


      1. Waiting for Arteta worshipers to tell all of us he’s the right man ,trust the process.Another “ Ozilesque” case.The good news is God is always rectifying the mistakes-Unai Emery is going to be the man putting the last nail in Arteta’s coffin-how ironically is that?Emery,again,to the rescue of Arsenal…after humiliating Arteta,he’s gonna say -“Revenge is better served cold.Good ebening!”….

    1. Apologies Jon

      In future please send out the itinerary of what we should be discussing as early as possible. Please also include what we shouldn’t be discussing as a global network of people.

      I myself am ashamed that we have been discussing the Arsenal match, on match day, on an Arsenal blog.

      1. Childish sarcasm, INSTEAD OF HAVING THE WIT TO RECOGNISE THE MASSIVE SEA CHANGE THIS DOOMED PROPOSAL WILL HAVE, WHEN FANS TURN AGAINST THE BIG SIX . This includes their own fans and will have huge consequences that some have not the wit to see coming. In good time, it MAY even be our best hope of regaining our clubs forwe fans from the malign grip of these evil greedy billionaires who own the big six.
        Some can see change coming; others are wilfully blind!

        1. Jon my friend – I don’t mind the odd word for stress, but not all the time. I will keep calling you out: PLEASE STOP SHOUTING!

  5. This team will be blown awy by Emery in the semis of europa League with this type of performance, I’m not confident we can win the Europa league or qualify for europe through the epl, with the mention of machenster in europa league then we will be the underdogs . Nothing is guaranteed as per our performance this season no matter the opponent.Today we struggled against a relegation candadate.Even though the buck stops with the manager we can’t ignore poor performance by some players who we know have obvious talent, sometimes it seems political or deliberate.

  6. Fulham has decent build up play and i think they are super duper frustrated with many of the results they had this season(also spurs😉😅)

    Arsenal need to pick results.The PL may not matter any longer(tbh quite embarassing😑) but momentum is…


    CAVANI is so underrated.Dudes a pure no.9

  7. The Arteta experiment has failed (although I thank him for helping us win the FA CUP which is my favourite trophy behind Champions League)

    We’ve gone down from last year in the Premier League

    If we win Europa League, it will be harsh to let him go so I wouldn’t be against him staying for around 6 months but if we don’t then he needs to go.

    The new manager needs the summer to acclimate to the club and get players he wants and sell players he doesn’t want

  8. Why use players that don’t want to be part of present set up. If they want to leave and are basically on their way, let them become training members. Lack of enthusiasm. No where close to what was in Prague. Could the boss not motivate in that direction.

  9. I posted about this earlier Jon, it’s the biggest story there is and it’s wrong, very wrong! GREED

    1. Declan it blows all other parochial football news (like out game today), right out of the water. Only SOME HAVE THE WIT TO SEE THE SIGNIFICANCE. I suggest you read my strong retorts to some of the dimwits on this thread who fail to grasp its significance.

      It will not happen but even the doomed attempt will have consequences, in time. Hopefully, It MAY be the best chance we have to get rid of these greedy billionaires who are choking the fairness and sport out of our beloved game.

      Football belongs to the people, NOT evil billionaires!! I doubt ANY fans at all will stand for it and it has no chance of “success”, mercifully.

  10. Great article.
    Arteta not picking on form players is a trend. People scream at Pepe because of the cost of his transfer and as soon as he gets a few good games under his belt Arteta benches him.
    He is clearly in over his head but apparently we need to sit back and shut up regardless of his inept tactics and team selection.
    To add to all the problems, leadership remains an ongoing issue on and off the pitch and that goes back for over a decade.

  11. And Arsenal fans are very lucky to not attend this season home games. The money, energy and the hustle to attend home games to be rewarded with those kind of performances?

  12. Predicted months ago on here , a “European Super League” was a matter of time.

    Furthermore I also said we would be “invited in” regardless of our current standing .

    Seen the breaking news ? !!!!!

    A whole new light on Kroenkes ownership.

  13. Another typical Arsenal performance and now Lacazette injured! Let’s hope Aubameyang returns for the europa league game.

  14. If we get knocked out of Europa against Villarreal then that will be huge embarrassment for Arsenal club and specially board

  15. I very much doubt if the Super League will ever get off the ground.If it does ,I will no longer support Arsenal FC and I am pretty sure a vast number of our fans will do likewise.

    1. I’m lining up an alternative club just in case Grandad. I may well go back to my hometown team Portsmouth, who had my sole allegiance until I was 10. Ah – we fickle children!

      1. @Guy- now THAT was a proper club, with amazing fan support and a ground that I used to love visiting. Still do when we draw them in cups.

  16. Konstantin, I think this poor showing that Arsenal have had against Fulham today in the PL that culminated to them dropping 2 valuable points in the match was down to 1. Arteta being a rookie manager. And 2. The failure of the 5 changes he introduced into his last Thursday night ELC QF 2nd leg match winning starting lineup away to Slavia Prague to turn up in the Fulham match for Arsenal.

    So therefore, both of my 2 above reasons had accounted for Arsenal misfortune in their PL home match against Fulham today’s afternoon at the Ems.

    For, Arteta choice of doing team rotation unnecessarily to me at this critical stage in the season when Arsenal are still vying for a ticket to play European football next season through the League has shown how inexperience Arteta is as a top PL club side manager.

    For, if he was experienced he should have started the same strong team that beat Slavia Prague 0-4 at away to qualify for the ELC semifinal match against Villarreal. But alas! His inexperience has undone him and let us down in disappointment.

    Nevertheless, I think Arsenal still have 6 PL matches to play to amend the mistake they’ve made in today’s match at home to Fulham. And I hope Arteta would have learnt from his Fulham match mistake to not repeat same in all Arsenal subsequent matches till season’s end.

    Main while, I have taken the 1-1 match draw that Arsenal got at home against Fulham today in good faith in place of the defeat us neatly suffer in the match.

    And agree with the person who said Nketiah shouldn’t gone celebrating his equalising goal in a corner. But get play restarted quickly to still give Arsenal a possible chance to win the match with a last gap attack. For, if there is time, this hope to win a match. Nketiah should therefore learn from his error.

  17. And if all the BOO Boys were at the game do you think they would be encouraging to the team, lift them and support or demoralise players? Yes we are not great at the moment but give Arteta more time.

    1. Yes Arteta has only had 3 windows, 8 players he hand picked to bring in, over £100 million spent, and 18 months in charge.

      Ignore his constant tinkering, repeated bad man management, regression in results and performances, no style of play or philosophy.

      Give the man more time, trust the process in spite of evidence showing we are going backwards.

      If we’re not top 6 by 2030, Arteta should be severely warned and spanked in front of the class.

  18. I believe MA would be criticised if he left laca out of the squad. He’s injured now. I kmow some will moan if Arsenal wins the Europa League.

    MA needs time. The way we castigate every move he makes to absurd. I accept it wasn’t good enough but let’s remember there’s no victory without sacrifice.

  19. Waiting for Arteta worshipers to tell all of us he’s the right man ,trust the process.Another “ Ozilesque” case.The good news is God is always rectifying the mistakes-Unai Emery is going to be the man putting the last nail in Arteta’s coffin-how ironically is that?Emery,again,to the rescue of Arsenal…after humiliating Arteta,he’s gonna say -“Revenge is better served cold.Good ebening!”….

  20. I can’t blame Arteta today, it was mainly VAR nonsense that cost us the game. Now another fresh injury..my goodness, where will we put our faces if Emery trashes us? Arteta please, don’t let Emery embarrass us!

  21. well, I only hope the rest of you who read this will have the balls to tell Kroenke to stuff his European League where the sun don’t shine!!!
    Sayonara Arsenal

  22. Why have some supporters got this opinion that Arsenal are a big club? Can I let you into a secret WE ARE NOT A BIG CLUB!!!!!!! We haven’t bee a “big club” for the past 12 years. we are a mid table struggling premiership club that have no ambition, foresight or drive. Wake up lads and smell the coffee! We are 11th in the league so please, please, please don’t think we are better than what we are. Big club……….laughable!!!!

  23. I think the problem is that when you have a squad you want to see them fight for places in the team and we don’t seem to have that second unit pushing the first unit on. No one is scared for their place in the team. We played second unit in the FA cup game at Southampton and gone out of the competition only for the first unit to beat them in the PL game few days after. Awful PL campaign this year, cannot see us in that Super League playing all those teams when we’d lost 12 games in PL alone this year and sitting in the 9th place.

  24. Putting the manager aside, why didn’t the team play the entire match, the same way they did in the last 7 minutes of the game.

    If only they would hire me as slapper, I would gladly slap each and every one of them free of charge…

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