Fulham v Arsenal Player Ratings – Trossard brilliant but Saka subdued…

Fulham v Arsenal Player Ratings by Peter Doherty
After the heart stopping wins against Bournemouth and Villa this was a welcome dominant victory over Fulham. This game was rightly flagged as a potential banana skin because of the form that Fulham have shown this season so far, but Arsenal made light work of them, effectively wrapping up the three points in the first half.
The free flowing football of the first half was probably the best forty five minutes we have played this season. Our demonstration of how to play out from the back and bypass the press was perfectly executed.
The quick interchanges between the attacking players were bewildering for the Fulham back line, and they couldn’t cope with their movement. After the nail biting finish of last week, this was an altogether different style of success and quite something to behold.
Here are my ratings:
Ramsdale (6)
I have frequently highlighted how he impressively maintains his concentration in games that he’s barely involved in and makes crucial saves. Well this wasn’t one of them. Looked to be on a single handed mission to invite Fulham into the game with some very sloppy passes, two of which very nearly ended in a goal. Partially redeemed himself with a couple of good stops in the second half.
White (6)
Had very little to do from a defensive point of view but remained secure when required. Didn’t really get involved in an attacking sense either as most everything went down the Arsenal left. Gave the ball away cheaply at 2-0 when you least want to invite pressure.
Saliba (8)
Composure personified. This was the type of performance that we have come to expect of our young Frenchman and he has recovered his smooth equilibrium after a rocky spell. When he plays like this he resembles a well oiled machine that glides across the turf. Nearly scored a worldly.
Gabriel (8)
Like his partner in defence was unshakeable up against a very physical presence like Mitrovic. Opened the scoring with a well taken header and got his now customary number of headed clearances.
Zinchenko (7)
Buzzed around the pitch with his usual effervescence popping up across the midfield. Was attentive to his defensive duties as well adding to the feeling of stability throughout.
Partey (8)
Was a constant presence in every aspect of Arsenal’s play. This season’s version of Partey has surpassed all expectations of what I would have considered his threshold. He had utter dominance and didn’t release his grip on the game.
Xhaka (8)
Alongside Partey he surrendered nothing to the Fulham midfield. Was instrumental in denying them a platform for attack on several occasions with excellent reading of the evolving play and timely interceptions. Also a central component of the swift passing that constantly opened the opposition up.
Odegaard (8)
With his midfield partners taking care of business in smothering Fulham he was given the freedom to do his thing, which is exceptional orchestration of the play. His touch, vision and goalscoring prowess were all on display here and must be contender for Player of the Year. Took his goal sublimely and that finished the game as a contest.
Saka (6)
A rare subdued outing for the youngster. But then he didn’t need to be at his usual demandingly high standard when the rest of the team were playing so well.
Martinelli (8)
Another player who has re-discovered his mojo. Works beautifully with Trossard and they have developed a telepathic understanding in a very short time. Couldn’t really miss with his goal and was millimeters offside with another and denied by an excellent Leno save, all of which highlights how threatening he was.
Trossard (9)
To think that he was a second choice signing is remarkable considering the impact he has had and his seamless introduction into the team. First player in history to get three assists in a single half tells it’s own story. But what that statistic doesn’t demonstrate was just how good those assists were. Laid it on a plate for both Gabriel and Martinelli as well as delivering it with pure accuracy to Odegaard in a crowded box. Pure class.
As if this display wasn’t enough to celebrate, we also had our talisman Jesus return. A great day out along the Thames. What do you Gooners reckon?
Peter Doherty

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WATCH – The Arsenal boss talks about our great game at Fulham, Trossard masterclass, Jesus’ return, and the Arsenal fans..

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  1. Couldn’t argue about your ratings
    What’s was impressive about the team was the 2nd half

    Game was done by the end if the 1st half
    And you knew the fulham manager would be saying to them at half time go out and get some pride back
    We didnt give them a sniff 2nd half
    That shows to me the as a whole have grown, matured and keep to a plan
    Last season and especially the season before we have give them a sniff and let them back in to the game
    We do have different players from that season and a different mentality . Just pleasing to see the team grow in stature and confidence. There were some great ticky tacky stuff going on out on the pitch yesterday
    Onwards a d upwards

  2. It was a good win can’t complain. I always think if we could put away our shots on target, our goal difference would be on par with Man City if not better.

  3. Giving Ramsdale and Ben White a 6 is criminal, then again I don’t take your ratings too serious.
    Good win and display all around.
    Trust in the team and Arteta never in doubt. Glad to see it all played out perfectly.
    What’s left is just to finish the business now, Arteta and the boys keeping their focus.
    No doubt Arteta is chasing bother trophies, and it’s only going to get tough from here, good thing that we have our players back now.
    Having the attacking options of Nelli, Trossard, Jesus, Saka and Nelson is very good to compete in both competition, especially now that Vieira is strongly finding his feet and performances.
    The Rookie is on his way to making this a fortune 50 organization.
    We ain’t done yet, there’s a lot to be done.
    Trust the process

    1. Cmon @Eddie, Ramsdale was doing some funny shenanigans at the back. Taking unnecessary, extra touches instead of just passing the ball and dawdling on the ball thinking about what he’ll eat for dinner when attackers are closing down on him.

      1. I thought Ramsdale deserved his score. I was surprised by his shenanigans as Quantic Dream called them. He nearly came a cropper

      2. QD, whether we like it or not, Ramsdale is actually a part of our attack and he starts it most times. You can’t solely lay that blame on him because it’s an instruction and how we play. He’s actually meant to invite the press just as our defenders are meant to invite the press. Our second goal yesterday is a testament to that, keeping the ball just around our box and Saliba inviting the press before breaking it a long pass to Xhaka.
        Now the only issue anyone can point out is Ramsdale made two wrong passes I think, other than that he was very good.

  4. The ratings seem pretty accurate. Not to dwell on the past but during Wenger’s regime we would go entire seasons without converting any corners! These days every 2 games we
    must score a corner!

  5. Fair ratings Allan. The truth remains that Saka needs rest. Now that our front lines are firing in all cylinders, he should be given a breather. This is necessary to manage him well against burning out.

  6. The fact that the very dangerous Solomon was kept quiet by White, is testament to his speed and defensive nous which has improved this season.Saliba did very well and apart from one gaffe which left De-Cordova Reid with a clear chance, Gabriel was solid.As others have said Saka needs a break and I hope he is on the bench for the return with Sporting Lisbon.

  7. Overall I really appreciated your player comments Peter – good job.
    I would only disagree on Ramsdale and White.
    I am pretty sure Ramsdale was told he had to command his area more against Fulham’s big, aggressive attackers. Not necessarily his natural game but it worked, albeit with some shaky moments! A 7 for me as he obeyed orders.
    Benny Blanco would have had a huge ticking off for going way off script vs Sporting and unbalancing our whole right side with his walkabouts. He had to make amends and he did vs Fulham. Tight and controlled and we didn’t need more as our left side ran amuk. Again, he stuck to his brief so 7 from me.
    Surprised no sub ratings as for once I thought they were all worth assessing.

    1. I think Ben White should be 7 as he did solid work nothing too fancy but Ramsdale is 6. His mistake almost cost us a goal and then he almost got caught on another clearance. It was like he was getting bored doing nothing and wanted to contribute. Goal keepres some time do this when their team is dominating , its concentration issue. Happens to even best of them.

  8. A big shout out to our captain Martin Odegaard the maestro. When we have the ball he is the spark and when we don’t even then he is the first line of defence. He runs his socks off the team and his pressing is intelligent & vicious. Look at the yellow card incident against Fulham he ran n chased the guy then conceded a foul for the team to stop the attack from materialising. I think we talk a lot about the leadership of Zeni, Jesus, Gorgie etc but Odegaard for me is right up there with them interms of leading from front even when chips are down. You can see he claps and tells his teammates to keep the chin up when we concede goals. I can see why Arteta chose him to be wear the arm band.

  9. Ourv old friend , thrratings oncde again and still not sign of any generally agreed meaning for all given Just a meaningles lotterly of countless diferenr interpret ations of what each individual mark means
    There is actually NO WILL to provide this, so consequently, this is just an personal ego game by all who play it.

    One persons seven is another ones nine, even though BOTH agree on how that player played.

    Its a nonsense, until standardised for all. Sigh!

    1. 10 – Otherworldy
      9- Outstanding
      8 – Excellent
      7 – Very Good
      6 – Good
      5 – Average
      4 – Below Average
      3- Poor
      2 – Very Poor
      1 – Bruno Fernandes at Anfield

        1. @Jon,
          You can be soooo exasperating sometimes.
          Just last week we all had a VERY long discussion about what the ratings mean, but even AFTER that, you CONTINUED to ask what they were.
          So when you ask AGAIN next week, I’ll post them YET AGAIN!

          1. Wrong Pat!
            Nothing was definitively DECIDED LAST WEEK. NOW, YOU HAVE DECIDED , FINALLY.
            I like the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed before agreeing to things.

            Finally, it has happened, but why not countless months ago, when I FIRST ASKED !!?

            1. Okay Mr memory man. Would like to look at the Bournemouth ratings post it is clear you read and replied to Peters emanation. And then CONTINUED to question what they meant.
              Apology accepted…..

              1. No apology exists and none will be coming either. It is only NOW that you have finally done as I asked on the Bournemouth thread that you mention , that I will accept that the OFFICIAL SANCTION you give in this thread will do the job.

                Now, at long, long last I am satisfied that you have granted my wish , so I WILL GLADLY USE YOUR OWN RATINGS, as shown above.


        2. My own – now worthwhile and based on Ad PATS decision – ratings: Ramsdale 6, White 7, Gabriel6, Saliba 8, Zinny 7, Xhaka 6, Partey 8, Odegaard 9, Saka 6, Troissard 9, Martinelli7.


  10. Spot on ratings. Gabriel Jesus back, Leo Trossard unbelievable. To say I am a happy bunny, would be a major understatement.

  11. Spot on with all your ratings, except Xhaka’s. I think you conveniently overlooked some misdirected passes, missed goal opportunity and being slow to the tackle. Having said all that he still had a good game. I hope this season will be his golden swansong

  12. Ramsdale did invite the Fulham attackers towards him but what’s the problem? I think it was by design. Despite being surrounded, he never flapped or glitched for a second, except for that one occasion. Saliba and Gabriel were instrumental as well. This allowed Arsenal to ram and overrun their midfield as Fulham left a gaping hole in the middle. Ramsdale is key to the counter pressing tactics of Arteta. How long are we gonna play against low blocks without solutions?

  13. I think the subs should be rated as well. A player can come in when the game is at 0-0 in the 80th minute and score the winning goal. It would be unfair if said player’s efforts are not recognised by way of ratings. The subs to be featured in the ratings of course will be at the discretion of the person doing the ratings. The subs in this particular game were involved for reasonable time and deserved to be rated in my opinion.

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