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Fulham v Arsenal Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction – Will Gunners make it 6?

Arsenal make the short trip across London to take on Fulham this weekend, with the visiting side eyeing their sixth straight league win.

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The Gunners have been in top form since putting the opening two defeats to Chelsea and Manchester City respectively, winning all their matches since.

The big talking point will of course be summer signing Bernd Leno, who will be expected to start his first Premier League match since joining the club, with Petr Cech having fallen foul of a hamstring against Watford in our last match.

Captain Laurent Koscielny remains sidelined along with Ashley Maitland-Niles, Carl Jenkinson and Mavropanos, but Sead Kolasinac is believed to be available for selection after his injury.

Our opponents have played out some exciting matches so far this term, but with little reward, having only picked up five points from their opening seven outings, but they have picked up four points from their three home ties.

Our team has remained mostly unchanged in recent weeks, and I would expect little to change bar Leno’s inclusion, unless injuries occur in midweek in the Europa League.

Predicted XI:

Bellerin  Sokratis  Mustafi  Monreal
Ramsey  Torreira  Xhaka
Ozil  Lacazette  Aubameyang

This team should have more than enough going forward, and I would be very surprised if we didn’t score at least two goals. I’m going with Lacazette and Aubameyang both to get on the scoresheet in a 4-1 away win.

Is this the best possible XI available? Do Fulham need to be respected at Craven Cottage?

Pat J

29 thoughts on “Fulham v Arsenal Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction – Will Gunners make it 6?

  1. Kenny Rolfe

    What I’d like and what we’ll get are two different teams, But I’d like to see
    Lichtsteiner Sokratis Holding Monreal
    Guendouzi Torriera Xhaka
    Lacazette Aubameyang
    Another clean sheet in a 2-0 win

    1. Kenny Rolfe

      I even wouldn’t mind and I can’t believe I’m saying this but Bellerin for LichtSteiner and Iwobi for Guendouzi but Ozil definitely in the 10 role

      1. jon fox

        Kenny, We part ways if you consider either Bellerin or Musafi to be Arsenal quality defenders. I don’t!

        1. waal2waal

          whether Bellerin is quality or not is debatable. But i think he’s meant to be our second choice rather than first. By that i’m suggesting somebody more adept should ideally be chosen ahead of him because being a speedster without end product isn’t enough.

      2. jon fox

        To be fair, you did not include Mustafi, so I guess we are as one on him , at least. And Bellerin, seemingly, was only your afterthought choice. But KENNY , HE CAN’T DEFEND FOR TOFFEE and I believe you know that as well as I do.

        1. Kenny Rolfe

          I agree with you Jon, I was only thinking he might be used for his attacking wing play. No Jon I’m with you on this one, shocking defender, clueless full back. As for Mustafi, the biggest waste of money in the history of the club.

  2. Innit

    Mitrovic is on fire for Fulham
    Seri and Shurrle are also good.
    Fulham have had mixed results but any PL team can beat us if we aren’t up to snuff

    I’d like to see these changes:
    Holding for Mustafi
    Lichtsteiner for Bellerin
    Guendozi for Xhaka
    Iwobi for Ramsey (maybe)

    I think with are weakness in central defence continuing it would help to have both Torreira and Guendozi playing together protecting our CBs and trying to get the ball back
    I think Holding is better than Mustafi
    Honestly in hindsight Mustafi was a waste of £35 mil (so was Xhaka but he’s better quality than Mustafi)
    Lichtsteiner tackles more than Bellerin
    Bellerin is more of a winger than defender
    Iwobi played better than Ramsey. Maybe start Ramsey and sub Iwobi later

    1. gotanidea

      Yes, Fulham have talented players like Mitrovic and Seri

      I beg to differ and I’d start the regular starters, because they have been playing together for several games

      Especially Xhaka, because his set-piece deliveries are top-notch, despite he doesn’t do well in other departments. Guendouzi, Elneny and Torreira are good with interceptions and tackling, but we need Xhaka to score or assist from a dead ball situation

      1. ozziegunner

        Innit, I agree except for retaining Xhaka, because he is playing better with Torreira; they are developing a good partnership.
        Agree Iwobi or Welbeck for Ramsey.

  3. gotanidea

    Agree with 4-3-3, but they need to start Iwobi or Mkhitaryan in the right wing

    Because Ozil sucks as a winger and they will need a player that can press well:

    Bellerin . Mustafi . Sokratis . Monreal
    ……….Ramsey ………….. Xhaka
    Mkhitaryan……..,.,………. Aubameyang

  4. ozziegunner

    Lichtsteiner/Bellerin Socrates Holding Monreal
    Torreira Ozil Xhaka
    Iwobi/Welbeck Lacazette Aubameyang

    Mhikataryan to replace Ozil, if he is not firing and Kolasinac to replace Monreal to give him a rest.

  5. LENOhappy

    Thought it’s too early to be talking about the fulham game when we still have the Europa league coming up

  6. Sue

    Bellerin Holding Sokratis Monreal
    Torreira Xhaka
    Auba Ozil Mkhi
    Laca….. if all fit of course

    Smith Rowe, Willock & Nketiah didn’t feature for the under 23’s last night, does that mean they’ll be playing on Thursday? Well done Freddie & team, another win… second in the table!

  7. Declan

    Did this article get released a little early as the Fulham game is on Sunday and we have a game before it against Carrierbag😳 on Thursday?
    Perhaps the writer is having a bad day though as he writes that we are in top form. Really?
    It would also help if he got our players names right too.
    Anyway, perhaps I’m being too picky.
    There’s no way Ramsey should start let alone be on the bench and I think that Sokratis is still out. I think we should wait and see what happens in Thursdays game regarding form and injuries before predicting Sundays team.

  8. Kane

    Cech is still better than Leno IMO. I have more confidence in his shot stopping and cross handling abilities. Ramsey shouldn’t be in our first 11. Iwobi seems to be hungrier and has more to prove.
    Mustafi is a mediocre defender who cause too many childish fouls.

    Bellerin Holding socratis Monreal
    Torreira Dhaka
    Mhkitaryan (Iwobi) Lacazette Aubameyang.

  9. jon fox

    I always wonder what people, like the article writer, mean when they say that our opponents, Fulham in this case, should be respected. It is just a trite phrase surely. Do they mean we should park the bus; I doubt it , in this case. So what DO they mean? Either you play every game hoping to win or why play at all, in professional sport! Obviously – so obviously that it does not need saying – all opponents can hurt you , so you need to guard against their strengths; their better players etc. But is this respect? I suggest not, just pragmatism surely. Oc course you need to plan anduse tactics. i do not deny this obvious truth. But that is also not respect. So, to conclude, I still do not understand this trite and rather meaningless “respect” word. Anyone who can tell me why this is known as “respect”, do please tell me!

    1. Midkemma

      “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.”

      Fulham aren’t a non-league team and treating them as such would be showing disrespect.

      Every team in the EPL can beat any other team, given the right situation. To assume it would be an easy victory would be partially like saying Fulham are not good enough to be in the EPL and they are lucky to be here, they didn’t earn it. Whereas they did earn their way into the EPL, that alone deserves some respect.

      While some may believe it is obvious that we show respect, it doesn’t take away from the fact it is respect that is being shown. A bit like saying thank you. Of course we all say it after someone helps us so should we stop saying it as it is obvious? Does thanking someone mean less because you used the phrase “Thank you”? Is saying we should show respect to a team in the EPL lessening the meaning of respect? I do not think so and I for one think it can be good to remind society that respect can be given to your opponents, how that even in something we may not like, it is not pure bad and as such some areas can be respected.

      Jon: ” As a lover of the English language (which fact some may find unpleasant,sometimes because of jealousy)”



      Anyone else see the missing space and getting jealous?

      1. jon fox

        Moths and flames again I see. Why don’t you give your MOTH wings a rest before you burn up with jealousy of my flame! OTHERS ON HERE HAVE ALSO NOTICED YOUR WEIRD PERSONAL AGENDA WITH WHATEVER I SAY. How sad for you!

        1. Midkemma

          Jon: “Anyone who can tell me why this is known as “respect”, do please tell me!”
          Midkemma: “a feeling of deep admiration…”

          Did you mean anyone or anyone other than Midkemma because he is right and I hate trying to engage with him, he will show me to be the fraud I am!

          Talking about Jealousy again pmsl!
          Yes Jon, I am massively jealous of your poor English, I suffer from bad dyslexia and I wish my English could be that poor! You have seen my articles, how can I make them worse in the language used? Hmm, nope. Sorry Jon, not jealous of your language skills, mine are already better.

          What else are you claiming me to be jealous of?
          Your flame.. WTF? I got a lighter next to me and ooh look a flame, this one is useful though unlike you. My lighter is better than you… Of course, I am jealous because who wants a perfectly good lighter when Jon has his metaphorical flame.

          As for people notice me, yeah… Not because of you though, get over yourself. People notice me because I am arrogant and happy to back up what I say, I will engage and make a real post other than a simple mocking few lines, I frustrate people. I know myself. I know I aint perfect. At least I aint a Jon.

  10. Grandad

    John perhaps it’s a means of guarding against complacency in that we ought to beat a newly promoted side.I take your point however, we would never use the word respect against the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea etc, which are sides we would take great pleasure in beating.On the selection side can the article writer justify selecting Mustafi?

    1. jon fox

      Grandad, Thanks for the possible explanation. As a lover of the English language (which fact some may find unpleasant,sometimes because of jealousy), I constantly have to realise that others do not always use English in a correct way. Of course in a civilised society ALL footballers should always respect ALL other players. But this is clearly not what the writer meant and I am still puzzled. To my mind the “respect” phrase, as used by the writer, is no more than a trite and meaningless comment. Total agreement about Mustafi, from me. This standard of player should not be at Arsenal.

  11. Babasola

    Will u guys just cool it off for once?
    Mustafi will start – We all know that
    Ramsey’s inclusion in starting 11 is dwindling – We know Emery will eventually drop under performing players (Guendouzi For Torreira, Mhki dropped, Laca starting and as Striker)
    Iwobi will soon be ahead of Ramsey
    Now …
    Torreira -Xhaka Pair …what else do u guys want ?
    Both complement well yet some still whining for Xhaka to be dropped
    Both are the Key Men in our Midfield know allowing Ozil to enjoy his hide-and-seek style of play

  12. Red and white

    Well i used to be a critic of xhaka but he is improoving so is iwobi, holding. Mustafi doesnt seem to improove, not epl quality so think he, ramsey, belerin should start on thursday with welbeck and mikitaryan. My team for thursday
    Leno saed sockratis mustafi belerin guendozi ramsey miki smith nketiah welbeck

  13. JJPawn

    Attack and destroy weak teams properly, not like what happened so far, where Emery have been lucky with Czech rescuing the team so many times.

    We should have a goal difference near the top two with some many games against weaker opposition not properly won.

    Glaring stat: shots on goal is atrocious. Need both Iwobi and Welbeck to start. Both are getting better as they mature. Ozil set free to create. Play Auba as poacher not a winger, where he is poor. Laca is wasting energy chasing balls–we need him fresh and fit for the season.

    3-4-1-2 clogs the middle to win the ball and re-feed the front. 3-4 is also better for possession and having more pass targets in front, when playing from the back.


  14. Break-on-through

    I’d try to make as little changes as possible to a winning formula. I think Monreal needs a rest, not just midweek one but I’d have a look at that on the day. Ramsey I’d cut he looks effected by that contract issue. Welbz to come in and Ozil to play central. That’d be the only changes, we need something from the bench to be ready so Iwobi I’d leave on it, along with Guendouzi.

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