Fulham v Arsenal Review – Majestic Gunners hit Fulham for five!

Unai Emery picked a surprising line-up for today’s game at Fulham, but the incoming Arsenal players looked like they were keen to impress the boss and Henrik Mhkitaryan nearly opened the scoring after just two minutes, but Fulham were not going to lie back and soak up the pressure and the next half hour was end to end stuff with Iwobi, Lacazette, Schurrle, Seri and Welbeck all getting in on the action.

But it was the Gunners that broke the deadlock when Iwobi found Lacazette on the edge of the box and he turned brillianty to slot it into the net. That put the Cottagers on the back foot for the next 5 mins but they gradually came back into the game and fought hard to get an equaliser. Their efforts were rewarded when Schurrle got his second chance in 3 minutes and chipped it brilliantly over Leno and Arsenal went into the break on a low…

But they came out fighting and within 4 mins after the break Lacazette gets his second after being teed up by Danny Welbeck and we were back in the ascendancy. Seri and Schurrle carried on making life hard for us but with half an hour to go Emery decided to mix it up a bit and swapped Welbeck for Aubameyang, and 5 minutes later Ramsey came on for Iwobi.

As usual the Spaniard’s subs worked out and immediately Aubameyang found Ramsey in a better position and the Welshman knocked it in off the post. 3-1 and we were looking good for our 9th win in a row. Fulham carried on with a spirited performance but Aubameyang killed their hopes with a great goal with 10 minutes to go after a great pass from Bellerin and there was no way back for Fulham.

That was the signal for Emery to give Lacazette a rest and he brought on Guendouzi to slow the game down, but Arsenal were enjoying themselves and playing as a real team. It was certainly a great joy to see, and there was still time for Aubameyang to make it 5 in added time. A brilliant game and Arsenal had 20 shots and scored with five of them. Let’s get clinical!

So we move into fourth place and are aiming for ten in a row….


  1. gotanidea says:

    Emery dared to bench the underperforming stars and used 4-4-2, therefore the team reaped the benefits. The four attackers were swiftly interchanging their positions instead of stuck in each starting position and very willing to do duels with the opponents. I guess this is what Emery has been envisioning:

    – Lacazette: The first goal was mostly his effort. He won the air duel, gave the ball to Iwobi, then Monreal, finally he finished it with an amazing striker goal. World class performance today and almost tireless throughout the match

    – Welbeck: Excellent tandem for Lacazette, as he worked very hard for the team

    – Iwobi: Very good movements and passes. Another attacker that was not afraid to do duels

    – Mkhitaryan: Good work rate and team work

    – Torreira: Superb mobility, tackles, ball control, passes and interceptions again. He seems to slowly cement his place in midfield

    – Xhaka: No set piece assists or goals. Nothing special today and lack of mobility as usual, that sometimes put burden to the defenders

    – The CBs: Almost perfect

    – Leno: Good saves

    1. kev says:

      Iwobi was by far our best player for the time he was on the pitch.I wanted to see him continue and Laca taken off for Auba.I wanted him to score or something.

      1. gotanidea says:

        My MOTM today is Lacazette

        The first goal happened mostly because of his effort and I think his second goal changed Fulham’s mentality

        1. kev says:

          He may be the MOTM but Iwobi was great.He was setting up chances.I wish he scored.

          1. Now that we are winning you guys are discussing who should have scored, played or not. Jesuuuuuus ARSENAL FANS !!!

          2. RSH says:

            When someone says a player was so good and they wish they were on the scoresheet that’s a compliment. haha.

          3. Break-on-through says:

            I think all he means is Iwobi’s form deserves some goals and he’d be glad for the lad to rubber stamp his performances. The main thing is the win, you’re right, big ups for Emery making some good changes for both halves. Makes it harder for teams to figure us out when they aren’t sure of the lineup nor the formation.

          4. jon fox says:

            It is called debate and free opinions. Get over it!

      2. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Iwobi our best player? are you sure? Is that the same Kev who tells us every week what players we’re going to sign, the one who knows more about what’s going on at Arsenal than the CEO or the manager. I was wondering if you watched the performances of Torriera, Lacazette, Leno and Aubameyang when he came on. Iwobi was decent, much improved under Unai but best player on the pitch? One of the biggest factors was the confidence installed by Leno’s presence and skills with the ball at his feet. The defence is more relaxed, the whole team looks more confident and the crowd are not panicking. Unai’s made the difference, long may it continue.

        1. kev says:

          Iwobi was our 2nd best after Laca.The 2nd goal from Laca was what killed Fulham.Iwobi set up several chances and totally destroyed Fulham’s fullback.To say he was decent is a big big lie.In fact in the first half Iwobi was Arsenal’s best player.You’re saying I aid we’d sign this or that but forget Gazidis’ departure was predicted by ITK’s when it never looked obvious.So much for ” those who know don’t speak and those who speak don’t know”

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Nothing to do with lies Kev, lies are what YOU come out with every week about the next player we’re going to sign. Do you understand the word “opinion”, that’s what we have on this site, lots of opinions, I’ve got mine, you’ve got yours.

          2. kev says:

            Then mine is I don’t care.

        2. jon fox says:

          Kenny, We generally agree on almost everything but on Iwobi I have admitted I was wrong not to rate him . I thought him ineffective, overawed and a little boy lost under Wenger. But under Emery the little boy has become a man, showing confidence(at last) flair, pace , mobility and he has a football brain . I am surprised and delighted . And I also thought him as good as anyone today bar Laca and possibly Torreira. Leno too looks the real deal and I do not see Cech easily , or at all, getting his place back. I agree on Auba too but he only played a short while , though was terrific too. Great day to be a Gooner , eh Kenny! Were you at the game? I watched on telly.

          1. Lugdush says:

            Woaw Jon. Has been a while i didnt read so happy post from you hahaha. Im very happy with iwobi too… I really enjoy when he step on the ball and try to make things happen…i hope he can work un his shooting ability…nice game from everybody and nice day to be a gunner. Hope for a draw between pool and city

          2. Sal says:

            standing ovation to you jon it takes a big man to admit when he is wrong!! glad you and all us gonners enjoyed the performance, so good that you dropped the most positive comment i’ve read from you all season!! hope you get that feeling all season and…. hopefully Bellerin next 😉

          3. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Jon, I agree with you about Iwobi, A massive improvement under Unai, but the best player on the pitch, I’m not sure, if he had been I’m sure Unai would not have taken him off. Mind you as I said in my previous post, the difference Leno made to the defence was massive. Did I go to the game? No, like you Jon, I watched on television, don’t get to many away games anymore, between the late sixties until the nineties hardly missed one, however I do go away to the occasional Champions League especially if their in a 50 mile radius of Monte Carlo. If that’s the case my mates and I do the same trip every time. Cheap flight down to Nice, hire a car, lunch in Monte Carlo and then through the tunnels for some Italian food in San Remo where a friend has a hotel. Getting in the mood already.

          4. Bobby says:

            @Jon, I really do appreciate the fact that you have come round about Iwobi and I was one of those who seriously believed you just did not like the guy but I respect the fact that you are honest enough to admit that your opinion about the guy was a mistake and that is very admirable and I want to say sorry for always strongly writing against your post concerning Iwobi especially with the fact that he was dropped by Nigeria after just one game.

          5. jon fox says:

            Bobby , Nice to read your post and you have no need to apologise to me at all. All are fully entitled to their opinions. I never disliked Iwobi in the slightest as a person. I just thought him a bit immature as a player last year. But now the boy has become a grown man and is showing it regularly. What gets my goat is when people say so and so “hates” a player. Nothing whatever to do with “hate” at all. MERELY RATING OR NOT RATING A PLAYERS ABILITY. TRUE HATE IS SOMETHING AWFUL. IT INCLUDES RACISM, TERRORISM, CRUELTY, VILLAINY, ETC. But NEVER mere opinions on a mere footballer, whoever he or she is. Iwobi is a most likeable person and always has been.

  2. RSH says:

    Best performance under Emery by far. Looks like things are finally starting to click. Well done Gunners!

  3. Eat Pie says:

    Excellent 2nd half display absolutely magic

  4. Uzi Ozil says:

    Our strikers Pierre and Lacazette scored two goals respectively. Ramsey with a team goal. Reminds me of Wilshere goals against Crystal Palace I think. Goal of the month, maybe goal of the season.

    Man of the match is definitely manager of the match Emery.

    Biggest win this season…. Happy fan!

    1. kev says:

      Auba is simply world class at CF

      1. Pat says:

        Top 4, it’s being a while. Enjoyed the game absolutely

    2. Namo says:

      @Uzi Ozil, it’s against Norwich City. Can never forget that combination between Santi, Giroud and Wilshere.

    3. Ayo says:

      Against Norwich you meant to say!!

  5. I says:

    All I can say right now is well done Emery.

  6. kev says:

    Good game from us and I’m starting to see a bit of Unai Emery’s style of play and mentality in the players though we still have some old time lapses here and there.Good game from Iwobi and he shouldn’t have substituted since he was by far our best attacking threat.How anyone can say he isn’t a winger is beyond me having been trained in U23 and probably most part of his life as winger.He should remain there and shouldn’t be taken to No. 10 or CM where his weaknesses will be exposed.The main problem today is the Xhaka-Torreira midfield.I don’t like how Torreira is the one driving the team from midfield.It should be Xhaka but due to him being not able to dribble he’s forced to quickly release the ball.He was not average but at the same time wasn’t good for majority of the match.His passes were mostly overhit.When Guendouzi came on I saw mobility in him and I hope he starts next to Torreira in the next match even though I believe AMN can do better than Guen and Xhaka.Also unsurprisingly Auba does better in the centre of attack.He looked far better and must remain there at CF.

    1. AndersS says:

      I think you must have missed large parts of the game.
      Iwobi was decent, nothing more. He worked a lot, but we were better after he came off.
      Torreira and Xhaka both had a brilliant game.

      They controlled the midfield for most of the match and were keeping Fulham from getting many chances in open play. Fulhams chances mainly came from mistakes, when playing out from the back. That part can be improved.

      1. kev says:

        I missed large parts of the game?Torreira had a brilliant game?Yes.Xhaka?No.Why are you lying to yourself.He made Torreira duplicate his roles to act as the DM and box to box player.Xhaka will release the ball quickly infer pressure so clearly his impact today was almost nil.It was Torreira who was doing almost everything.If you were observant you’d realise Xhaka had a lot of overhit passes if you were.
        Iwobi was running things around the Fulham fullback and helped op-ed space for us in the left side.He created chances and to me was probably the 2nd best due to Laca’s 2nd goal.He was really great not decent.

        1. Chabaloah says:

          The way I saw it Kev was that after half time, Emery gave Torreira the licence to play a box to box role and Xhaka stay put more, this allowed Torreira to collect the ball deep, run with the ball as he is quicker and a better dribbler and not worry too much about the defence as Xhaka would stay further back. the difference between Ramsey and Torreira in this role is Torreira can dribble with the ball, he also comes and does his defensive duties unlike Ramsey who will continually bomb forward and often leave the single DM to clean up. Torreira came back which meant Xhaka had less space to cover and so we began to intercept the ball better as they understood their roles more after half time.

          I think Emery instructed them to do this because it is clear that Xhaka isn’t as quick and yes he placed some balls incorrectly but he made some good passes and kept his game simple. I agree iwobi was fantastic second to Lacazette but Torreira deserves his praise a does Mustafi, they all played well and it is nice to see the team do so.

          Xhaka has his problems but he balances our midfield a lot better than Goundouzi as Goundouzi needs to protect himself a little more in the way that he doesn’t take as long on the ball. Torreira carries the ball forward, Xhaka lays off quick passes and sits back but can shoot a hammer if needed. It is a solid partnership

    2. gotanidea says:

      I bet Xhaka was kept because of his ability in set pieces. He is number one in forward pass statistic, but I believe most deep lying playmakers top this list

      I hope they could find another deep lying playmaker that is more mobile and good with set piece deliveries as well

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I do like that Xhaka is tough though, as playmakers go they aren’t usually as robust as our Xhaka is. The mobility bit is a handicap at times, on the turn like, but once he’s in position he’s a tough so and so.

    3. Durand says:

      Kev, did you watch Laca? I get you like Auba at CF, but ABSOLUTELY NO WAY Laca sits for anyone. Lacazette MOTM and you’re wanting Auba starting at CF?

      Guess I got a different game here in the States my friend, because Lacazette was brilliant, buzzing, and his consistent run of form is magnificent.

      I understand everyone has an opinion, but if your suggesting benching Laca for Auba at CF, you’re wrong, just straight up wrong. Laca is stunning in form presently and the team ticks.

      1. @durand
        Someone like kev is like a bad apple in a team. Aways ready to disrupt a team cohesion. i WOULD KICK HIM OUT MY DRESSING ROOM IF HE WAS A PLAYER AND ME, THE MANAGER LOL

        1. kev says:

          Call me whatever you want but my love for Arsenal is undoubted.Till this day some don’t even know my name but call me “Arsenal”.You’re not better than anyone here so please learn to read and understand people.People like you are the reason why some cannot feel free here.

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            ARSENAL FC THE BEST>
            Kev would never be in the dressing room, because I’m of the firm belief he’s never kicked a football in his life

      2. kev says:

        I didn’t say say Laca should be benched.What I’m saying is Auba scored his two goals at CF and was fantastic there.Hence if we are going to play him he must play at CF.Simple!Iwobi was marauding down the left side and he must start next match.It will be another waste of time for Auba to start at LW and unfair for Iwobi who was the 2nd best after Laca to be benched.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          How many wins in a row did we have with Auba playing wide. I think you’re right and you’re wrong Kev. Emery will go with different combinations at different times, its good that Danny and Iwobi have worked their way into the managers thinking. But Lacazette looks like the only first name on that team-sheet out of the forwards, Auba will get games through the middle and some out wide. Danny might be the same at times you’d imagine. Its all good, its actually great that we have this argument, it means we’ve got options. Come on you Arsenal!!!!!!

          1. kev says:

            I look at the individual performance.I won’t have prime Drogba and prime Torres and set any of them at the wings.These are top top strikers.I’d either play two top or bench one and depending on the result or performance substitute the one on the field.You might say different combinations but it’s best to find sustainability.Iwobi is playing well and to me start at LW next match.He is a true winger and will commit and beat players.It was a joy watching him destroy players today.

          2. Break-on-through says:

            Drogba is one of those players that their is only one of. We don’t have a prime Drogba, of course you cannot play Drogba in any other position. That’s not the case with us, Auba has played more games out wide than he’s played through the middle. Like Henry, even when he’s played at CF, allot of his work still happens out wide before closing in on goal. You’re argument is a non starter. It is better to have two players pull you over 50 to 60 goals and assists combined – compared to having one of them on 20 to 30. The team is the most important aspect, whichever brings the highest value to our season is what a manager must choose. Right now I’d say Emery is doing things fine, right. You’re non argument is just that. Anyways, all the best Kev, sorry you don’t see it that way, good luck none the less.

          3. kev says:

            We will always disagree on this issue.I just think as he continues out wide he is more than likely to go off form.As someone here said he’s a ball to feet player and his favoured position will always be CF.Even though he played as LW at Dortmund I never rated him that much until he became a CF largely due to his poor 1v1 decision making in terms of beating his man and stuff.If Unai should put him there continually the question marks will start to arise.Auba is not a “baller” but a world class goalscoring CF.Do you know Laca was also a winger?I’ve seen him as a winger at Lyon too and is no better than Auba at the wings.Both players only became rated highly when brought to CF.That is where they must play bit otherwise it will be wishful thinking imo to expect sustainability.

          4. kev says:

            I look at the individual performance.I won’t have prime Drogba and prime Torres and set any of them at the wings so as to keep the other happy or hope for them to deliver from wide.These are top top strikers.I’d either play two top or bench one and depending on the result or performance substitute the one on the field.You might say different combinations but it’s best to find sustainability.Iwobi is playing well and to me start at LW next match.He is a true winger and will commit and beat players.It was a joy watching him destroy players today.

          5. aubamezzette says:

            kev has a valid point Aubameyang is better in CF, n Iwobi is the only proper winger we have n he is also playing very well now, he deserves to start ..
            so its either we start one of Auba/Laca n bench d other like was done vs Fulham or we start both in their favourite position.
            with the players we have we should use a 442 formation.
            Lacazette,Aubameyang up front with Lacazette slightly deeper ala Rooney.
            then Iwobi on the left, Mkhi/Ozil on the right.
            ….but that ll mean Ozil ll be sacrificed cos he is shit on the wings. I also think thatz why Emery is trying to shoe-horn Ozil into the RAM position to play like a kinda Ljunberg. but Mkhi does the job better.

            probably we should try improve Ozil’s defensiveness n convert him to a CM or just sell him n get more proper wingers and technically gifted CMs that can defend like Martial/Zaha/Coman/,Banega/Kovacic/Neves respectively.
            or quality CBs like Koulibaly,Skriniar,Alderweild.

  7. AndersS says:

    And we scored the PL goal of the season 🙂

  8. John Wick says:

    Wow! Best game under Emery! Laca deadly, Aubameyang deadly! Iwobi playing like he’s Robert pires ? oh and Lucas Torreira what a player that young man is ? couldn’t be happier COYG

    1. Greg says:

      Magnificent play. Haven’t seen such effort to get a tackle in for years (Torreira exemplary) while attacking flair (Mikhi and Iwobi) and team spirit stronger than ever. Great energy and players looking forward not sidewards. Would like to see Ozil have to fight to get into this team because they didn’t seem to miss him. So delighted!

  9. jon fox says:

    Wow! Real quality and huge excitement art what is happening. Emery picked the right team and how they played. Second half was our best since I can’t remember when. MOTM for me had to be Laca with the oddly subbed Iwobi close behind. Can hardly criticise the sub though when Ramsey scored after 28 seconds on pitch and a contender for goal of the season. Nice feeling being a Gooner right now!

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree with Lacazette as MOTM, because his goals forced Fulham to be more attacking

      I guess Arsenal are preparing their future without Ozil and Ramsey now

    2. kev says:

      Thank you for the observation.Iwobi was brilliant but Laca’s goal changed the game.I had hoped Iwobi wouldn’t have been subbed.I wanted him to score since it could’ve taken his confidence to another level.

      1. waal2waal says:

        …what’s important is laca (our most potent option) putting chances away

  10. Godswill says:

    Best win so far.
    Some fans will still find faults to justify their initial thinking.
    Upward we go.
    Happy to be a gunner on a day like this and always.

  11. wcrown says:

    And today we must give it up for mustafi as well, don’t think he did anything wrong today. Hopefully we will see more of this from him going forward.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      ?one of the best games I’ve seen him play. Lacazette MOTM, Iwobi close behind. Monreal one assist and one mistake for goal.
      Midfield and defense were good today. Torreira may end up buy of the season.
      Well done Emery and the team. COYG!

      1. ??? Mustafi came through today #firefighter

      2. waal2waal says:

        …gotta give credit mustafi he showed up, proved he’s capable of glimpses of quality albeit against a struggling team low on confidence.

  12. Innit says:

    9 total wins in a row
    6 PL wins in a row

    Excellent away win today
    keep it up


  13. Godswill says:

    This man knows what to tell the players and how to use the bench.
    Who says change is not good.

    1. jon fox says:

      Some of us were saying “change IS good” fully ten years ago. Just saying!

  14. Durand says:

    That’s what happens when a team clicks. Iwobi had a great match, but Lacazette was MOTM no doubt about that.

    Torreria absolute gem at the moment; he’s our Kante. Can’t wait for AMN to get back.

    Imagine a midfield 3 of Torreria, AMN, and Guendouzi for next several years, wow.

    Anyway great win, worked hard, beautiful football.

    Holding earning that spot also, another solid performance from the young man. If Mavroporas can play as well, we have a solid young group of players to drive us forward.

    1. RSH says:

      Mavro back end of the month. Hopefully we get him in some Europa League matches. Very happy with Holding as well. He was good today, and so was Mustafi. I Don’t blame them for the goal conceded. Monreal’s giveaway was the major error.

  15. waal2waal says:

    …arsenal in the ascendancy, we showed up today just the way we like it – fatigue? what fatigue?

  16. Nonny says:

    did I just see arsenal 3rd at the table
    there’s one person who comments are always trash named Kev I would love to see him manage a team his comments always full of shit

    1. kev says:


  17. Will says:

    Over the moon with that!

    The range and quality of Guendozi’s passing when he came on was outrageous, Xhaka really needs to watch out for this young lad. Thought he had an Ok game but was caught in possession a few times and his lack of mobility is glaringly clear to see.

  18. Invisible says:

    But the real question is “can we out score the big teams?”

    1. Sue says:

      Lets just enjoy that awesome performance & cross that bridge when we come to it

      1. COYG_CA says:

        Yes – I agree! Some people just can’t slow down to smell the roses . . . .

        1. ozziegunner says:

          The old saying “you can only play what’s in front of you.”

  19. Enny says:

    Lacazette and aubemeyang, dunno whoz berra, world class center forward play from the duo, never felt happy watching arsenal for a long while.

  20. AlexLaca9 says:

    beautiful game, our potential is not only beginning to be realised but its being utilised beautifully. a year ago we would have called the starting line up second string because of Wenger’s chronic favouritism. Ramsey playing for his next club, but if he keeps scoring pike that I won’t mind. might even get a reasonable fee for him come January

  21. waal2waal says:


      1. waal2waal says:

        …and the Gunners 😀

  22. Innit says:

    up to 3rd place for over an hour at least
    I hope Chelsea lose and City v Liverpool ends in a draw

  23. Great goal from Ramsey. Definitely contender for goal of the season. That’s 1 goal and 3 assists now in the premier league. By his standards I expect at least 10 goals and 10 assists in the league by the end of the season.

    1. Dante says:

      That would be if he is still at arsenal at the end of the season.

    2. jon fox says:

      He won’t play often enough for that.

  24. Uzi Ozil says:

    @Namo Thanks… It was against Norwich City

  25. LENOhappy says:

    Those that said ozil was decent and average today needs to get a life,after lacazette iwobi was second,why do you allow your hate to justify your judgment,why?this boy is arsenal all through and you still want to put him down for what,your ozil is out sick again,we’ve been without ozil,who cares about an inconsistent No 10,we played as a team,defend as a team,and win as a team.

  26. Sue says:

    Superb team performance ?
    I’m loving this winning feeling… 9 on the spin! Get in there!! COYG ?

    1. Happy times we live in! How long do you think we can keep this up? Next 4 games look doable.

      1. Sue says:

        It sure is QD… surely we can keep It going! I will love it if we get something against Liverpool!

        1. John Wick says:

          We’ll beat Liverpool Sue quote me on it ?

          1. Sue says:

            I hope so John, been way too long since we last did!

          2. John Wick says:

            I know Sue too long but Emery is working his magic he’s beaten Klopp before he will again ?

        2. sol says:

          @ARSLIV 2-2

          1. John Wick says:

            @ARSLIV 3-1

  27. adi says:

    I love our style. We no longer pass back for the sake of it. Everyone has their body forward, always looking for a front or direct pass in the box. Very exciting indeed

  28. Grandad says:

    The first convincing display of the season as a result of strong management by Emery .By leaving out Auba and Ramsay he sent a message that no player is bigger than the team.He got the desired impact from his substitutes and with everyone now playing for their place i cannot wait to see his next selection.Did we miss Ozil?Will he start the next game? Holding is now looking like the centre back we have needed for years and the same applies to Torreria as defensive mid.

    1. Innit says:

      A WIN is a WIN.
      We get 3 points whether the match is convincing or not

  29. Bur says:

    Have to say this was the best performance from an Arsenal team for 6 years. Everyone played their part. For the last 5 / 6 seasons we struggled to beat lower position teams away but it’s good to see the hunger back and putting a team to the sword.

    1. Sue says:

      Today is definitely up there with the Chelsea game when we won 3-0 at home… we were awesome that day too

    2. Break-on-through says:

      The games against Che and City in the cups were strong performances. The run that we’re on now feels great though, no-one is getting big headed everyone still willing to give Emery the time that he needs. It feels good when the fans are all together for a change, this comment section is the first in years that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

  30. Babasola says:

    Fantastic Game
    Why some of going against Kev today, don’t think he said anything wrong
    Torreirra was making and was still the one pushing upwards
    Everybody was fantastic
    Until Ramsey came in (allowing Mhki shift into side-midfield), Mhki didn’t know what to do in the middle
    Guess Ozil’s the only person we have who understands that role
    442 is probably our formation, see we have arguably the best Strike pair in the league
    Laca is a more complete striker than Auba, Up-Down, as a striker behind a CF- he can play all well
    Auba is a ball to feet Striker
    I just knew he would score that 5th goal – a through pass to run to – that’s Auba’s type of goal
    Laca seem to be able to score anyway, even cross to nod

  31. Gavana says:

    It was nothing but against a lesser team after all!

    1. waal2waal says:

      Far as home games go we perform okay …it was playing away in the past that we were caught out. provided we go into away games with tact and with better preparation then the odds are we’ll be in the mix up until xmas – However, come january we do need kroenke to show his enthusiasm is equal to that shown by the fans. I would be happy for kroenke to be a gooner twice yearly and it’s once by *diligently supporting our winter transfer windows; and by following up with additional quality in each winter transfer window where unai emery see that it’s required.

      1. waal2waal says:

        …following up with additional quality in each SUMMER transfer window …etc

  32. LENOhappy says:

    Ife anyone who truly watches the match said iwobi was decent,it’s either the person is blind or doesn’t know the meaning of the word “decent “because today iwobi played like a real world class winger,I really don’t know the hate on this boy,the boy has been improving every match he played this season,we have been winning without the best playmaker influence in the team,who needs a no10 who only turn up occasionally

    1. jon fox says:

      Leno HAPPY, I AM ON YOUR SIDE IN ESSENCE BUT WORLD CLASS IS A BIT STRONG AS YET , DON’T YOU THINK. WC means Messi. Ronaldo, Henry, Bergkamp, Pires etc. You can’t YET sensible consider the vastly improved and talented IWOBI in THAT class. Honestly , can you? I KNOW YOU ACTUALLY SAID “PLAYED LIKE”, NOT WAS, BUT EVEN SO!

      1. Destined4success says:

        Really, one can put up flashes of a world class performance of the personalities mentioned at times but it does not make one any of those personalities yet until a player consistently does so. So, Lenohappy saying Iwobi played “LIKE” a world class player, imo, is absolutely correct.

  33. Sal says:

    not as easy as i would have liked especially the first half they won every duel especially when the ball was in the air, but the second half wow another team, got to say the away fans superb with the support as usual and that third goal was majestic!! now that’s football,l oved every minute of it we got our arsenal back!!!

  34. ozziegunner says:

    The excellent result today with a short recovery period after playing away at Qarabag, is testiment to the hard work the Arsenal squad has put in under Emery and his assistants. The harder you work, the luckier you get. The fitness, good substitutions and team spirit are allowing Arsenal to put in strong second half performances.

  35. Babasola says:

    Knowing we play without any Winger, Fulham used 3 CB’s
    Emery surprises everyone and uses a Winger
    Iwobi was always in a huge pocket of space

    Though having more men in midfield Fulham totally dominated the midfield in the first half, winning everything and forming walls around all our players

    They decided to change that in Second half -reducing their midfield to cover-up the spaces Iwobi was entering into
    Then we pulled-out Iwobi for Ramsey – so we now owned the midfield in the 2nd Half

    1. Pauladonis says:

      Wow, very nice observation… Tactics, they make any team unpredictable. I’d love to see what we can do against Liperfools and Manchester Divided… #COYG.

  36. Harold says:

    when Guendouzi came on he added a good offensive flow to Arsenal play, he played as if Arsenal were a goal down and needed to chase the game, his overall game plan reminds me of Rosicky.

    I still find Arsenal plays poorly from the back and they struggle to keep the ball especially when they score an early goal and teams decide to press them, opposition teams seems to get a good foothold in the game. Therefore, we need to control the game much better.

    But a good win by Arsenal

  37. Innit says:

    Emery is better at changing tactics than Wenger was
    Wenger would use the same tactics game in and game out and only change when its too late
    Emery is open minded and adapts to each game and team
    ie 3 at the back and 4 at the back
    using a winger and not using one
    Emery wants to win each match and tactically does whatever is necessary to achieve it

    Also him getting Torreira ad Guendouzi has sure helped us loads

    1. jon fox says:

      Wenger actually had tactics? Never noticed any personally, other than don’t ever give 100%. At least, not in his last decade. Oh, and if you were a so called “defender,” don’t mark your man! He could not even work out a tactic for zipping up his coat!

  38. gearoid de burca says:

    oh wow !!!, what a time to be a gunner once again . our pride is slowly being restored. the chains are finally coming off after being in place for many years. there is a breath of fresh air in our team that was not there for some time. no more stagnation, well done our boys .

  39. jon fox says:

    Maybe an incredible thought BUT as Liverpool v City is goalless at halttime, we may well be just two close in blazes over the bar, when easier to score, back at Chelsea , from being top of the league tonight. Hardly a unique thought though is it! More probably unique though is any Gooner who has NOT already worked this out.

  40. jon fox says:

    Maybe an incredible thought but as Liverpool v City is level at half time, we are ONLY two close in blazes over the bar, back at Chelsea , when it was easier to score, from possibly being top of the Prem tonight. Hardly a unique insight though. More probably unique is ANY Gooner who has NOT already worked this out.

  41. killamch89 says:

    Guys, it feels a bit weird…I have absolutely nothing to complain about…we are progressing well under Emery. His tactics and everything else seemed to be working some kind of magic…it’s been so long since I’ve felt like this as an Arsenal fan…Even players I wanted to be sold last season have really stepped up. Big up Josh Kroenke though and before anyone comes on here and says it was Gazidis’ idea, that dickhead has been our CEO all this time watching the bs when Wenger was around and never felt the need to act until Josh put some pressure on him to do it.

  42. Ks-gunner says:

    I said it before and i say it again. There is no reason of us going un defeaded till the liverpool. Liverpool are not un beatable and against chelsea we should have at least nicked a draw. Good days still ahead so up the arsenal.

  43. JJPawn says:

    Good win. Could have gone the other way in the first half. These are bottom feeder teams.

    Still too many chances given at the back, but Emery haa changed a bit by allowing the quick ball to the wings. So, the silly playing from the back is now history, Emery has learned that you do not want to hold the ball in your half too long in the EPL. We could have beaten Chelsea and even City with this system.

    With ball fed to the sides, we are seeing Bellerin and Iwobi do much better. Welbeck’s speed matters. Auba is better in as one of two tops.

    Emery is learning.

    This is a better system… top ten teams will make life hard for us as the back line is still weak. Beat the Spurs and United, and we can expect a top four finish.

    With changes in style with the ball to the wings, it is better to dominate the middle more with a 3-4-1-2.

    1. aubamezzette says:

      that ll mean Iwobi in Left Wing Back.

  44. sol says:


  45. Sue says:

    2 points off the top!!
    Didn’t think Liv v City lived up to the hype! Why oh why did Mahrez take that penalty!!

    1. FootballisTrivial says:

      Why?? Isn’y iy good for Arsenal that the match ended in a draw.

      1. Sue says:

        I don’t like Liverpool.. plus my daughter’s a city supporter… plus I have 3 City players on my dream team… but they ain’t got me as many points as Auba & Laca did today!! Thank you boys!!! ?

  46. Shinoda says:

    Great win.. My Men of the Match were Lacazzette, Torreira (this guy is something else, damn!), Iwobi and Aubameyung. Emery really showed his tactical masterclass by introducing Ramsey and Aubameyung, it destroyed Fulham’s tactics completely. Guendouzi needs to be fine tuned, the boy has massive potential. He came on & made some crazy, beautiful passes, is this boy really 19? The whole team performed well & you can see something different when we don’t have possession. I hope our great run continues. Onwards & Upwards.

  47. Peterhos says:

    That is the most enjoyable game we gunners have seen for a long time. A couple of points to work on. Bellerín and Iwobi need to be told to protect the ball and to get their body in first. At last we saw some accurate passing going forwards and not just endlessly side to side. All we need now is the belief and character to beat some top sides.

  48. kumssa says:

    when i said give mustafi a chance under emery most of you laughed now look at him don’t rush to judgement!!!!!!!!!

  49. Taiwo says:

    Good game from the boys and no complaints.

  50. Nonny says:

    Many guys here are always very eager to point out Mustafi in previous matches why am I not seeing posts on his performance 2day…seems those ppl only post bad performances wouldn’t like to call names thou

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Nonny, please read above posta again; Mustafi received plenty of positive comments.

  51. Grandad says:

    With regard to Mustafi one swallow does not make a summer.He has to be replaced i f we are to have any chance of finishing in the top four.

  52. olasunkanmi says:

    well done gunners

  53. partsaco says:


    keep shut. u talk too much as if u know football more than emery. All the players performed excellent. kudos to u guys.

  54. Folan says:

    This is by far Arsenal’s best match of the season. Big ups to the lads. I think y’all need to cut Xhaka some slacks tho, he has been better with Torreira in the middle of the park n they compliment each other, I enjoy their combo tho. It’s just a matter of time before we realised how improved Xhaka has been under Emery.
    It’s a good time to be an arsenal fan

  55. olis says:

    xhaka hasn’t been better.. torreira is doing the job of two people.. he gave the the ball away numerous times and is not mobile at all

  56. herb says:

    Have to point out how good Leno with ball at feet does not give me heart attacks.
    Game on.

    The players and formation that the manager used in the first half were very impressive for a change. The moment i saw the lineup, I ran very fast to the pub knowing we would score 5+ goals.

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