Full analysis of the Arsenal squad and who should stay in the long term

Arteta will be spending now until the summer observing who is good enough to fit into his ethos. A lot of Arsenal players have been praised for their individual improvement under the new manager, although many have had enough chances to prove if they belong at this level.

This question isn’t based on this window more long term in what is a new era for the club
Who would you keep or sell out of the current squad?

Leno – Keep
My opinion remains he’s not as good as some of our fan base think, but certainly not an area we have to fix. Hopefully Arteta can work on the whole passing out from the back, as in… never!

Martinez- Sell
So, it looks like our new manager also has a policy of having a ‘cup keeper’. If he insists on that being the time the Argentine gets game time, you have to ask is he mentally strong enough to cope with a Europa League semi-final, etc. I can see him costing us at some point.

Kolasinac- Sell
I just don’t get why we didn’t sell him instead of Monreal. Apparently, his strength is going forward but it’s not like his attacking statistics make up for how bad a defender he is. He always gives 100 per cent, but if you can’t trust your left back to defend, he’s not good enough at this level.

Tierney – Keep
Injuries means we can’t really judge him in an Arsenal shirt yet.

Bellerin – Sell
Niggling injuries means we are yet to see if he has the same pace he had before being out for nearly a year. I’m starting to think of what assets we have to reinvest in the team, and we could be running out of time for one of the Spanish giants to pay serious money for him.

Maitland-Niles – Sell
AMN has made it clear he doesn’t want to be a full back. Two managers though have deemed him not good enough to get a run in the side in midfield. As much as it’s crucial to have players with Arsenal DNA, I’m not sure he’s good enough for this level.

Chambers – Keep
He shows enough skills on the ball to make me believe an Arteta could coach him into being a better player, as a first-choice centre-back or a DM. He let himself down recently though when he didn’t take advantage of his time in the team. His latest injury sums up his career, can’t get a run in the team.

Holding – Keep
Once fit, I believe he has the potential to be coached and developed into a first-choice centre back. One of the few players that Emery improved before he got injured.

Luiz- Sell
Chelsea fans warned us he could only play in a back three. He has too many breakdowns in concentration and makes the confidence of those around him worse. Has improved since being dropped but you can’t rely on him.

Sokratis- Sell
With Mustafi not starting in the Premiership the Greek defender has been unable any longer to escape criticism. One of the few leaders we have but punching your fist in the air doesn’t mean you are good enough.

Mustafi – Sell
He is not as bad as some make out but he has been made a scapegoat. Mentally he is not strong enough to help younger peers, although some gooners’ behaviour towards him is counter productive.
For the man’s own mindset needs a fresh environment where he can start again.

Mavropanos – Keep
Injuries mean has never been able to justify the high reputation he has behind the scenes. He might look back as this season as a chance missed, with a position up for grabs. His loan move is make or break. Bear in mind he will be playing in Germany’s second division so if he doesn’t excel at that level it would be worrying.

Saka- Keep
A hard year to break into the first team. At times he is trying to play it safe with his final ball instead of naturally being instinctive. He is very young though and needs to hit the gym and get some muscles.

Guendouzi- Keep
He has been my player of the season so far although went off the boil over Christmas. At times he been our closest thing to a leader. He shows his age at time by not being disciplined in terms of his positioning, often doing too much on his own. Arteta needs to identify his best position and DM is not one of them. It’s worth remembering how little time he’s been playing at the highest level.

Xhaka- keep
I was a bit worried to hear how close the midfielder was to quitting the club in January. As a Gooner who stuck up for him it’s hard to think how easy it was for him to walk away. In the short term he’s happy but what happens the next time he makes a mistake? The fact is; it’s now three managers in a row who want him to start making me think he tactically offers something that not all fans notice.

Torreira – Sell
My opinion is more based on what he and his agent keep saying. We have to set standards. If he’s home sick and not settling then he’s not good enough to be begging to stay. I did wonder if him bombing forward was him being ill disciplined or tactical. His improvement since Emery left answers that question.

Dani Ceballos- Don’t Sign
Typical of our fan base, this player got high praise after his display against Burnley but didn’t kick on. He was unlucky to play under the negative Emery, you feel he is more an Arteta type of player. He would have to do something special for Arsenal to give Real Madrid serious money for him. Maybe another loan deal?

Ozil – Keep
Emery spent too long focusing on what the player couldn’t do instead of playing to his strengths, which is a manager’s job. He has shown that under our new ethos he is willing to put the yards in. He wWas brought to club to make goals, stats say he’s done that. We can’t blame him for others not doing their jobs

Pepe- Keep
We can’t hide the fact he’s been a waste of money, especially when those same funds could have been used for a defender or two… Our owners have a right to wonder why such a resource has been starting on the bench in big fixtures. I hope it is he’s just taking time to settle into a new culture and learn new language, etc but is he now running out of excuses?

Willock- Keep
The most impressive of our academy graduates. He drives from the midfield and seems to have the personality where he’s not afraid to get on the ball and make thing happen. His final ball and decision-making will get better with age.

Reiss Nelson – Sell
With your youngsters you’re not just looking at their talent but their mentality. I feel Nelson plays it safe and is yet to show the courage to demand the ball and try new things. It’s like he’s scared of getting things wrong.

Laca- Keep
Whisper it quietly, I prefer Laca to Auba. I just love his work rate which you need in a modern-day striker, the days of just being able to hang around the penalty area are over. I’m not worried about his goal drought and still think he’s a 20-plus goal scorer if he stays fit. But the moment though he makes it clear he won’t extend his contract, sell him. The days of begging people to stay should be over.

Auba – Keep
Has this knack of not doing a lot before putting the ball in the back of the net. I am interested in how Arteta had him working harder before his suspension. At his age I can understand if he feels he needs to move to win trophies. Give him a take it or leave it offer but don’t let it become a saga.

Martinelli- Keep
I don’t want to put too much pressure on him but I feel our one hope might be the youth we have at the club, and he could be the face of a new era for us. Ahead of schedule in terms of game time, scoring a range of goals but also with a great work rate. He will naturally have a dip in form based on his age, but could be something special. The worst case is that one day we will get a huge fee for him. Either way, great work by Edu.

Eddie Nketiah – Loan out
Scored lots off the bench at Elland Road to the point where Leeds Fans are disappointed his loan was called short (which could yet cost them promotion). But finding the net in the Championship doesn’t mean you are ready for the Premiership. As high as his reputation is, the fact remains he’s scored in one game for the senior team. And that means when he features, he’s trying to force things. The quicker he gets that first Premier League goal, the easier it will be for him.

Who would you keep or sell, looking at the long term?

Be kind in the comments please…

Dan Smith


  1. Kolasinac bullies the opponents and he rarely gets long-term injury, whereas Tierney has gotten two long-term injuries since joining us. Bellerin is not in his top form for two seasons and gets injured frequently, as compared to Maitland-Niles who is more versatile and has been playing as RB brilliantly in Arteta’s system

    Torreira is the best interceptor and tackler. Ceballos hasn’t gotten enough starting chances yet, whereas Ozil has played for four different managers and rarely produces at away games

    Pepe has around four months left to show more contribution and Nelson is ready to replace him if he fails. Aubameyang, Lacazette and Nketiah can leave if they find greener pastures, because we need a fully committed striker to lead the front line

    1. Tierney was bought with the Club knowing he needed a hernia operation.When he got himself fit and was just starting to get himself into the team he was injured with a foul. That is unlucky.That is not an injury prone player.Your getting yourself muddled with Willshire and Diaby.They were injury prone.So was Rosicky. FFS give Tierneu a chance before writing him off.
      Ozil in Away games under MA has been one of our most consistent performers.That PAL is a fact. If you ever went to games as opposed to watching blogs all your life you might actually get some perspective of football and what it’s all about

      1. I agree Phil, the injuries he got are not of injury prone player. Any one can get a broken leg or dislocated shoulder…it’s just unlucky. I would be worried if he keeps pulling hamstring or some other muscular injury in regular basis that’s one of the sign of a body which is more susceptible to injury.

    1. no one wants him and he wants no other club!so we have to keep, no other option unless we dump him with the reserves or kids which we cannot do either as Cabellos is down and another waste of money.Ozil remains the winner, cheers!

  2. Leno is not as good as people make him?
    Have you heard pundits reviews on him this season?
    You do realize with him and PEA, We’ll be at the bottom of the table right now?
    One of the most underrated goalkeeper in the league when ho needs to play for a settled and balanced team. We all saw what he’s capable of when the defense kept leaking goals like a basket with water in it.
    Yes so he’s made one terrible mistake this season but he’s done too many good this season to even suggest he’s not that good.
    Have you read what people keep saying about Kepa Arrizeabalaga?who’s the most expensive goalkeeper?
    They came in the same season, but Kepa’s performance and mistakes have been more woeful than anyone can imagine.
    Alright after saying he’s not as good as he seems, you went ahead to say keep him…keep him for what exactly if he’s not that really good?

    Again another plain lie regarding AMN not being good enough for midfield. You do realize right from under Wenger he was the one asked to play the RB to cover for Bellerin?
    Also you also do realize it’s still the same guy who played as left back for a while and owned it?
    he has never been given a proper run in his natural position.
    You’re among those of us who always wanted Ozil to play in his natural position, who cited playing on the wings something tough for him, but now we can’t make the same statement for AMN who hasn’t even gotten his chance yet because the club refuses to bring in another RB? You can beg for Ozil to play in his position and not the wings, but will cast off a talented going player that has been wasted as a RB filling in for Bellerin for the past 3 years now.
    Yeah, Double standards right? that’s what I thought.

    Then you went on to say keep Ozil, who I love no doubt but who we all know we need to move on from.

    The only mysterious issue I’ll back you at is Xhaka.
    Xhaka offers something technical to the team, he struggled under Wenger and Emery, but Arteta who seems to be a smart coach already is using him to his best.
    I know people will come for your head and mine on that one but it’s the truth most people will deny.
    I’m no Xhaka’s fan but I’ve seen and watched his play under Arteta. It ain’t just about staring at the TV waiting to scream goal.

    Nelson needs to go on loan to an EPL club, Nketiah needs to stay, knowing our two senior strikers might bail on us

    1. 1. Leno makes too many big mistakes even if he’s an excellent shot-stopper.
      And his handling of crosses is atrocious for that level – at best manages a punch.
      His passes are also too risky too often.
      A very good keeper, but just about good enough for us, nothing more.

      2. Stop this whole shtick with AMN and his ‘natural’ position. 4 managers now (if you include Freddy) have deemed him not good enough for midfield so his RB performances will decide whether he stays or goes.

      3. Ozil has 1 more season left. He will NOT leave before then. Everybody knows that. Salary too high for his age + quality.

      1. Oh then Dio-genius do you mind telling us why the said 4 managers refused to get a proper Right back?
        Why do I have to listen to you and stop when you clearly have no idea about who most of our youngsters were before moving to the senior team.
        You should answer my question though as to why all four smart coaches refuses to bring in a RB.
        Itsy the likes of you who will still sing for Saka to also be used as a LB for the club

        1. What’s wrong with you boy?

          It’s obvious why a RB has not been bought. Every coach considered Bellerin a starter and had AMN AND Chambers that had to be utilised somehow and both did a decent job. Not great but decent, but why would the club spend on a good RB that would not want to be a backup when we have Chambers and AMN that have to be used and of which there has never ever been a hint of a rumour that any club wanted to buy them so a better substitute could be bought.

          Also, have you forgotten about Lichtsteiner?

          And yeah, you lost all credibility when you said Nelson was more talented than Saka. That one was a riot, mate.

          1. I said Nelson was more talented than Saka or I said the opposite while Kev was the one arguing with me Nelson was more talented?
            See why I can’t debate football with you?
            you don’t even know your facts or get them right.
            Your first shot at me was so weak if you took nine at PAC, he would still be alive..
            Get your facts and statements right then you can discuss football

      2. Diogenes, Leno does NOT make many mistakes at all. He made one high profile howler against Chelsea and his level is good and he is reliable. You talk nonsense in saying he is just about good enough for us. Without him this season we would have been deep in the relegation mire and more sensible fans than you are only too well aware of that truth.

        1. Leno caused the most mistakes leading to a goal last season of any player in the league.
          The most as in the WORST out of all outfield players AND goalkeepers. In the entire league.
          Just facts, Jon.

          He made two big mistakes in the last game but the opposition didn’t score.
          His inability to hold on to a high ball is not seen in any of the world’s top 10 GKs and that is what we need long-term to challenge.
          I do, however, see him as a top 30 in the world, which is, as I said, just about good enough right now. Find me any expert that rates him in the top 10. I tried. There is NONE.
          Current form may be better than last year, but he will cost us in crucial matches again.

    2. Eddie I stopped reading where he said Leno is not as good as people say, and typical of Dan smith, you want us to keep oZil but sell Niles who has been one of the most improved players under arteta.

      1. it’s baffling to suggest we sell Torreira, Keep Ozil, sell Niles also.
        People just find it hard to admit to stuffs once things change, everyone know I stood behind Ozil for years, I still do see him as a good player but then It’s gotten to the point that Ozil also needs to move on.
        There’s a lot of pressure on him,best would be for him to go back home or MLS, so he can enjoy his football without lots of pressure. Also I do realize we need someone younger consistent in his place, We have good players but we need better players.
        Regarding Niles I still believe he’ll own his spot in the midfield if given the chance. His biggest problem was lack of concentration, now he looks a better player under Arteta, but let’s cast him out right because he’s been filling in for Bellerin.
        Our fans though

    3. Eddie, coming back to Xhaka situation. He is not good as a DM because DM need to be very mobile n quick to cover spaces left by other team mates. If you analyse his role under MA, you will notice he is playing even deeper then torreria most of the time as 3rd CB. This leaves us with Torreria in the mid alone as DM as well n Ozil is not dropping down deep to make up numbers in midfield hence no link between defence n attack. We need a good CM in carzola mould. So that leaves space to play with one DM which I think is pretty clear torreria should be first choice. He is young, more mobile, better technically, fouls less n better at interception.

    4. Firs of all mate it’s an opinion
      There is no right or wrong
      I never said Leno wasn’t good just not as good as some say , as you admit some say he’s best in prem ?
      Me saying he’s not is not same as saying he’s not good enough for us
      AMN owned his position ?
      We are 10th lol
      We won one of Artetas firs 5 prem games
      So no one this season or last has ‘owned’ their position
      I would argue by now if he was good enough one of 3 managers would start him in midfield

  3. Aubameyang and Martinelli have been arsenals best players this season doing EXACTLY their job but you made it sound as though, Lacazette is a better player. I will not be nice to you at all so I ask: do you think with your feet?

    1. He didn’t say Lacazette was a better player.He said he preferred him over Aubamayang and went in to clearly say why he preferred him in the team.Not in place of.Not instead of.He simply prefers him as a player.
      It begs the question PAL-what do you think with? Your Arse?

      1. Either you can’t read properly or you are deliberately obtuse. He started his ‘views’ on lacazette with a ‘love’ but went in to say aubameyang, in his opening statement doesn’t ‘do enough’
        I think you aren’t as smart as you think you are.

    1. Another Ozil’s worshiper posing in “ neutral adviser”….so,disposing Torreira and Bellerin is ok and keeping Ozil and Xhaka is “ a must”…tou know nothing about football,go cry in front of Ozil’s door….

      1. If you read my comment I said I want to KEEP Torreira! Sheesh!!! 🙄
        I’ll be crying at his door alright, with tears of laughter at your ridiculous comment!

        1. @Sue-the comment wasn’t for you,it was for the author of the article-just an unfortunate misunderstanding

          1. Arteta recalled Ozil and Xakha so he knows nothing ?
            Wenger played them he knew nothing ?
            And as for Torerria I wrote it he wants to leave let him

    2. Sue, agree on Torreira, but selling someone with so much potential like Mavro at the time his value is low makes no sense. Should at least be loaned to the Championship next year where teams will offer 10M for a defender with a physique so suited to that competition.

      1. I see what you’re saying, Diogenes.. I didn’t want Bielik to go, but he did and I can see Mavropanos going down the same route….loan after loan, then out the door! Which is a shame as he looked good when he first played for us, unfortunately he’s been injured a lot too….
        Be interesting to see how he gets on in Germany.

  4. I think I will wait till May to think about who stays + who leaves.
    Results determine nearly everything.
    If we win the EL and make the CL every one would be invited to stay I should imagine.
    If we make top 4 in the League again everyone would be invited to stay.
    5th or 6th will see 6-7 leave.
    However a failed EL campaign and finishing below 6th then I expect a mass exodus.

  5. An interesting look at the “long table” as published in FFT.
    Sun Jan 19
    A view of how far ahead Liverpool are.
    We are 7 points from the relegation zone yet we are also in contention for Europe 🙂
    Also shows we are in a battle with 10 teams for top 6.
    If we beat Chelsea we just might be in with a shout for 4th place….might I know but…

    Pts Team(s)
    64 Liverpool
    48 Man City
    45 Leicester
    39 Chelsea
    34 Man United Wolves
    33 Sheff United
    31 Tottenham
    30 Crystal Palace
    29 Arsenal Everton Newcastle
    28 Southampton
    27 Burnley
    25 Brighton
    23 West Ham Watford
    22 Aston Villa
    20 Bournemouth
    17 Norwich

      1. true, but doesn’t mean that we are quite toast yet either. Would need a spectacular run (and I am not sure we have it in us with our personnel) but it is possible…

        1. It’s bad enough – us being where we are – then you see that huge gap between 1st and 2nd place, and it all becomes too much for me 😭😭😜

  6. I agree with most of your choices. As an ex teacher of meditation I would say that there are some players who just cannot concentrate for ninety minutes. That’s bad enough but add recklessness to that and you have a bad combination. One of those moments cost us dearly against Brighton last season. He cost us a top four place. You know who I am talking about. We should sell him.

  7. Keep Xhaka and sell Torreira because he doesn’t want to stay wow have you read anything in the last 12 months

    Keep xhaka Ozil and sell Torreira

    I’m glad it’s only your opinion

  8. I stopped reading when I saw Ozil-Keep LMAO Why not? Let’s extend his contract with bigger salary this time : 350K a week is not enough for him

  9. Oh Dan! You were doing so well til I got down to keeping Xhaka and selling Torreira! What on earth came over you! And keeping Ozil(assuming we have any choice, which we probably don’t )is madness and a huge financial waste. I woud sigN Ceballos as soon as fit , assuming we can afford him. Nelson is a keep for me, definitely and I agree with your thoughts on Guendouzi, who will be a top player though still raw right now. I would also keep Martinez, but a close call, since we will not afford to get another second keeper. Also think AMN deserves a proper chance in his OWN rightful position before any final decision is made on him. I LIKED YOUR SELLING OF ALL THE DEFENSIVE DROSS AND I INCLUDE, AS YOU DO, BELLERIN IN THAT DROSS, AS HE HAS NEVER HAD THE REMOTEST IDEA HOW TO DEFEND. All these sales assumes replacements first though but I have almost zero faith in that happening under Kroenke.

  10. Regardless of whether or not I agree with the players you want to ditch I’m more concerned that you would get rid of a third of the squad if you could.

    Ozil won’t go as he’ll see out his contract

    I’ve no idea other than that. It depends on Arteta’s vision for them and if over the remainder of the season he can improve the team further then some of your ‘leavers’ may end up as ‘stayers’. I’d love to have a crystal ball. It doesn’t always end well getting rid of too many players and then having to integrate too many newcomers

  11. anyone who says Leno isn’t good enough is really smoking some Nigerian weed,,, imagine kepa as our goalkeeper and tell me where we would be right now….dunno y Leno is so underrated,,to me he is up there with the best#### campaign for Leno

  12. You are way off the mark with AMN and others but you are entitled to your opinion.Unfortunately some of our poor performers are not saleable.

  13. If Arsenal cannot get into Europe next season all the high earning players will be moved on I think including Aubameyang and lacazette. Ozil might refuse to leave. I read somewhere that it will take quite a long time just to undo the financial mismanagement by Gazidis and Wenger since 2013 (when the stadium debt was almost over and Arsenal started spending money)..
    One thing that might happen if Arsenal don’t get into Europa League next season is that Kroenke might sell Arsenal…
    One thing is certain Arsenal are set to make a huge financial loss this season if we don’t get at least Europa League… Remember we made a loss of about 30 million pounds last year.. This year the will probably be bigger

  14. @dan The fact that you think we should keep willock, ozil, xhaka tells a tall tale and you want us to sell torreira arguably our best midfielder who is also young. Granted this your opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs.

  15. Mr Dan.. Had you been the Head Coach of AFC you would have done wonders in managing and discarding Players..
    Had Ramsey still in Arsenal, you’d suggest selling him out as well keeping Ox Chamberlain.

    1. Yet when I wrote not giving Ramsey a contract made us a small club last season fans like you called me not a proper fan ?

  16. I agree with most of the list apart from keeping Xhaka n selling torreria, why you want to sell young, more energetic n more mobile player then an older, slow n less mobile player. Sell Xhaka n keep torreria. Also I won’t keep wilock as well, he is not going to make it as a top player. For rest of them you are bang right.

  17. Mostly you are right Dan. It shows there is probably a consensus that there are over 10 players who are not up to Arsenal standard. We expect a high standard for our historic club….our great club. There are a few players some will see differently but that is not the point. The point is, as your article shows, is that we just don’t have a quality squad. From the moment we lost Cazorla and Sanchez we lost our magic. Then we let Ramsey go. We want out magic back. Where is the specialness, the out of the ordinariness? There is no f/ing magic.

    1. Completely agree with your comments Sean. In middle we just don’t have that quality anymore which we have been used to under Wenger. …our strength has always been a technically good n magical midfield which we don’t have any more. I am sorry to say we have moved from stallions to work donkeys…we can see the commitment n effort but that is as far as they can go based on ability.

  18. DAN, WE ALL SEE HOW OFTEN YOU ASK US “TO BE KIND IN OUR COMMENTS”. The reality of giving detailed and comprehensive squad opinions, which you have done and bravely so, which I freely acknowledge, is that you are BOUND to have vehement disagreements on a site that naturally engages passion. If you truly want or NEED kind and bland comments,then try commenting on something else other than our passionately loved football team. When you say to sell Torreira and keep Xhaka, plus keep the deeply fan divisive Ozil, WHAT EVER DID YOU EXPECT, OTHER THAN HEATED VIEWS? Either stop putting your views out there or steel yourself to be a rhino or hippo, as they have hides that can withstand most things. Fan sites are not bland and should not be expected to attract vicarage tea party type comments. And neither do they! You are easily intelligent enough to know that Dan, so why even ask for “kindness?

    1. Xhaka is not good enough to play for Arsenal FC, our great club. How do these guys see anything in him Jon?

      1. Search me, Sean! Personally I see no use in ANY player without quick feet , quick brains and a decent degree of mobility. Xhaka has none of these IMO. One of lifes mysteries why managers pick him and how he gets in the Swiss team is way beyond me.

        1. He seems to play well in the Swiss team, that is what I have some trouble reconciling…maybe it is a question of fit with the other pieces…

    2. I know Jon fox
      Imagine the idea of expecting a group of adults being able to.have a debate without name calling
      Crazy isn’t it lol

  19. Oh my,Leno is never alert to keep his eyes fully on the ball,that’s why two weeks,a goal has deflected into his net.With the kind of defenders infront of him who makes those silly mistakes,that should be his main focus,am afraid his reflex are slow to any diflection

    1. John, I think I would counter your argument because of what is in front. My view is that he has been really strong because of the circus in front. Yes he has made some mistakes, but he has bailed out the defense a lot this year.

      We may get a better sense of this now that Arteta seems to have added some composure to the defense, but the basic pieces are not good.

      He is the player of the year for me – I know we like Auba’s goals (and I do too), but I think if Leno hasn’t played as well as he had, we are in relegation.

      As for the rest of the list, so much depends on what may or may not come in the next couple of windows. We have a lot of players who would be good cover but aren’t really starters – the question will be how much can we actually strengthen.

  20. Allison 27……..Leno 27
    VVD 28…………Sokratis 31
    Henderson 30……Luiz 32
    Matip 28……….Mustafi 27
    Lovren 30………Xhaka 27
    Wijnaldum 29……Ozil 29
    Milner 34………Auba 30
    Salah 27……….Laca 28
    Mane 27
    Firmino 28

    Forget about which young talent we are judging already because that just shows stupidity in my eyes. It’s the structure of experience that is essential for success.

    Look at how City have struggled without Kompany and losing Fernadino in his key position and having Silva and Auergo out for large chunks of the season. All of whom will be needing to be replaced.
    But it’s going to be by the next internal cycle of talent. Up steps De Buryne, Edison, B.Silva…etc.

    This is how it works. These guys offer you consistency as well as guidance.

    But our set is too small. Of Liverpools list above you have 6 key men and the rest are quality with squad rotation and dressing room experience. Of our list we have 3 or 4 and this pool to guide the club isnt enough.

    Look at our squad properly. Super top young talent and talent coming through. But our experience pool of plays is too short and not reached the expectations of being custodians of the club.

    When we had Adam’s, Dixon, Winterburn, Koewn, Season, Bould we had this.

    When we replaced them with Lehmann, Lauren, Bergkamp, G.Silva, Vieria, Henry it worked (as many moved up an age group)

    Even inbetween we had Grimandi, Remi Gard, Silvinho..

    This is fundamentally what people are missing!!!

    Forget about saying ‘sell / keep’ about our youth (and seeing the likes of Malen, Gnarby Reine Adelaide go and achieve) and start considering the core of the 27 to 30+ age group who will be custodians

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