FULL Arsenal injury list – Jack out for a month?

The Premier League season hasn’t even begun yet but Arsenal have sustained their first new injury setback. Jack Wilshere took a knock on his ankle in the last training session before the Community Shield win over Chelsea, which could be related to the ankle injury which made him miss five months of last season.

Wenger was asked after the game why Wilshere wasn’t in the squad, and he replied: “He couldn’t take part in the game today because of an ankle problem he sustained yesterday. It happened at the training ground.

“We don’t think it’s bad at all but I haven’t been told whether it will be two days or five days. I don’t know how long he will not be available for. It’s a matter of days.”

We are used to Arsene underestimating the length of any injury layoff, so it is little surprise that an Arsenal “insider” has told ESPN that Jack is nearly certain to miss the first two games of the season against West Ham and Crystal Palace, and will be lucky even to make the Liverpool game on Aug 24th.

We all know Wenger does not like rushing players back even if they recover quickly, especially with recurring injuries, so Wilshere will probably not appear on the squad sheet until after England’s Euro 2016 qualification doubleheader against San Marino and Switzerland on Sept. 5 and 8.

Jack had surgery on his ankle last November and then a related procedure in February, but he has been training hard all summer to get ready for an injury-free season, so this latest problem could be a very depressing time for the 23 year-old.

We wish him well and hope he can get a run of games under his belt when he returns.

Danny Welbeck is another player that was supposed to be out for a short while after he last played in April, but we are still waiting for him to return. Wenger said about the ex-Man United player this weekend: “He is supposed to start to go outside and run again this weekend and if that is positive in the next three weeks he will be available. He will be short for the start of the season in two weeks, but three weeks should be all right.”

Matthieu Flamini gained a knock on his ankle in the first pre-season match and hasn’t been seen since, despite Wenger saying he would be back quickly, while Thomas Rosicky sustained a knee problem while playing for the Czech Republic back in June and is still yet to return to training.

Just when we thought our injury problems were behind us, they come back in earnest….

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  1. Wenger in Conference, “Wishere will be out. Its a matter of days”.
    Sips water. Says silently “365 days.”.

  2. This is why we keep crying for reinforcements……. Glass will break, form will depreciate, legs will go weary with time…… Don’t assume you’ll always have a complete squad….. Injuries are Lurking in the shadows waiting for a victim……..its inevitable….. It doesn’t necessarily have to happen only in competitive games (even on the training ground)…..save Le Coq, save Sanchez, save bosscielny….save the team……in a season we all have high hopes for………we can’t afford to lose any of these diadems……….WE CAN’T!

  3. City offered us 40 mill 🙁
    And the team is used
    to playing with out him.
    Another reason why we shoulda
    given City the injury prone Jack
    and used the 40 mill to help fund
    a top attacker or DM.
    Fortunately our top 12 are fine.
    Cech Kos Mertz Monreal Bellerin Coqu
    Cazorla Ramsey Sanchez Ozil Walcott Giroud
    It’s the second 12 who are the most injury prone.
    Ospina Gabriel Chambers
    Debuchy Gibbs Arteta Flamini
    Wilshere Gnabry Ox Rosicky Wellbeck.

    1. @davidnz
      Jack is going to do what he does every season. Remain injured for a time, make a few cameos and reap the rewards of the rest of the squads efforts, whatever they may be…

    2. Very bitter but it’s simply the truth. We play better and win more of our games without Jack. Look at Ozil playing well now without Jack.

      It’s just the most bitter truth of the moment

  4. Controversy,on whether its wenger or mourihno who snubbed the handshake is the talk of the town.Clearly it was wenger but I like it that way,it was climax of the game for me,it made me buy beer to any one near me in the pub right now am queing in bank to borrow some money to replenish

    1. This isn’t accurate. Watch the video again. Wenger was still a few yards away when Mourinho shook the last Arsenal player and began turning away. However, Wenger didn’t appear to be interested anyway and highlighted this by walking right behind him like if Mourinho did not exist and his supposed presence was only an illusion in the minds of those who “claimed” to see him (like me I didn’t notice him). Wenger is the man Mourinho will never be – an honourable cerebral personality.

  5. Lets sign a few players to cover for the injury prone players….flamini, wilshere, rosicky and welbeck…

    Thats 4 players…..we need 4 new players to cover

  6. wenger seems now to have no trust in akpom why loan when he had promised to keep him,he may end up being sold for 4m quids like afobe dispite impressing.Another thing hyden could be a good back up for the coq but was loaned,flamini is not epl material leave alone arsenal class,no one can take him even for free

  7. @sth
    Akpom needs game time. So a loan is best for him right now. Same goes for Hayden. Neither are ready for 1st squad.
    Flames fighting spirit and experience are miles ahead of anything Hayden has to offer…

  8. Should all get of his back. He will be out 10 days only and it’s AW playing mind games that’s all

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