FULL Arsenal injury update is GOOD news for Gunners

Arsenal fans were starting to worry whether the same old problems were coming back to haunt us, but it looks like the trick or treaters doing the rounds for Halloween tomorrow will be the only horrors we need to worry about. As long as the Gunners can get to the international break without too much damage that is.

There are only three games to go for Arsenal before the players involved for their various nations jet off and after that our next game will be the trip to West Bromwich Albion on November 21st. By then Arsene Wenger says we could have Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain available again, as Sky Sports are reporting. The hamstring problem he picked up against Sheffield Wednesday this week is clearly not a bad one and his England international team mate Theo Walcott will not be far behind the Ox on the road to recovery.

Wenger said, “I still believe the quickest back will be Alex. Theo might be out of action longer. The gut feeling will be one will be 20 days and one will be a bit longer.

“We always have to answer the question of whether it is more than being unlucky when we have injuries, but we analyse every single case and every exercise.

“We have to not over-analyse when players are injured – this has always happened. It’s post-international games we always get injuries. Is it linked with that? I don’t know.

“We have two kinds of injuries, the ones coming back for or after Christmas; [Tomas] Rosicky, [Jack] Wilshere and [Danny] Welbeck. Then we have the short-term; [Mikel] Arteta, [Aaron] Ramsey, Chamberlain should be back after the international break.”

Having Ramsey, Arteta and Chamberlain back after the international break will give Arsenal a real boost in midfield and although our forward line is looking a little stretched right now, if Walcott is not far behind then I think the Gunners could get away with these injuries without too much damage.

So if Arsenal get past the Swansea and Tottenham games and not drop points, or at least not many, then there is no reason to think that our challenge for the Premier League trophy is not still very much on.

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  1. We can’t trust Wenger’s gut feeling regarding Walcott’s injury!
    But he did say that he will be out longer….
    Which could also mean for the rest of the season,
    going by Wenger’s terminology ?

    The roller coaster ride continues, we had our little up’s and now it’s time to prepare for the screams on the way down! ?
    The latest. .. Wenger refuses to bring back Gnabry early,
    Telling the player to fight for his place at WBA,
    In other words wenger isn’t willing to lose any money from this loan deal.

    Wenger is now blaming England for Walcott’s injury,
    So that’s Wales and England at fault for two of our players injuries… The other being Ramsey, (for the clueless ?)

    And for those that only comment on others fans comments!
    There is a thin line between being negative and realistic!
    Yet, you guy’s love to accuse the negative. ?

    1. That’s a load of bull and is not even entertaining. First of all every team rides a rollercoaster during the season. So far we are on the up leaving aside the game at Sheffs. Secondly, what’s funny with simpletons around here (and you make no exception) is that they yelled 200 millions!!!! 200 millions !!!! OMG. Club is rich and we don’t spend on players. Yet you come now saying Arsenal needs the salary of Gnabry to be paid by WBA? And never crossed your brain the fact that Wenger really makes Gnabry to fight for his place? What is wrong with people like you? As for Wales we don’t even need confirmation. It is really an issue since Real Madrid did a much tougher statement on Bale for the game against Andorra.
      As for your line, I am not really sure you fall in any of the categories you described. Paranoia sounds more like than an adequate diagnostic for you. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. After the international break on November 14th, Ramsey, Walcott, Chamberlain and Arteta should all be back fully fit. #Arsenal
    OT I think Campbell will start tomorrow and might score, mark this & thank me tomorrow after the game!! Swansea 0-3 Arsenal #COYG

  3. I am sure we can pull tru this.
    just hope we domt suffer anymore injuries in d coming games.

    i will take WDW.
    0-2 nd 1-3 in d league.
    nd a 1-1 in d camp.

  4. I wouldn’t personally say the injury update is good news.

    Walcott being out leaves us stretched but more importantly he was starting to get his act together, so it’s a blow whichever way you look at it. Combined with the loss of Ramsay and chamberlain it leaves us fewer options on the right. Add to this no welbeck and a pretty inconsistent Campbell and our right side now looks very light. Whatever the cause it’s all very bad timing that so many players who can cover in similar positions are all out.

    As for Gnabry, sure he should fight for his place, but I think come Jan he’ll be back at AFC.

    For Swansea I think we have a choice between Campbell, possibly Iwobi (maybe switching Alexis to the right) or Bellerin taking the right side with debuchy at rb. Bellerin has shown his value in the last third so I think he could do this for us and clearly Debuchy wants (and needs) game time.

    So team for the swans could be:

    Debuchy Gabriel. koz. Monreal
    Coquelin. Cazorla
    Bellerin Ozil. Alexis

    1. Don’t fall into the same trap as Wenger did. Field players on their position. Why move an outstanding RB to RW when you have two RW/F in the squad Campbell and Iwobi. Why shoot yourself in the foot?

      1. Lol don’t think wenger will take too much notice of my post.

        I do generally agree (and iWobi and Campbell are the options, just not great choices) but then there are several players who have made this step (bale is a classic example) and I’m not recommending we change bellerin for more than a game or two.

        Tough decision – hopefully whoever takes the position will do a good enough job.

        1. I would have no problem playing Bellrin on the RW but Debucy is shocking right now! he has lost every game hes played in this season and looks terrible!

          Campbell on the right wing is the best option

          1. Again I agree. He looked so off the pace and almost lost last time out. But if the press are to be believed he’s jacked off he’s not getting game time and I have to say he was a top player when we brought him in. Giving him another few games wouldn’t be a bad thing whilst we’ve got a problem on the right. Campbell or iwobi are both tough calls for me as neither have any real proven capability at this level. If Gnabry was with the team he’d get my vote, but although I’m no fan of playing players out of position I still think bellerin in and debuchy could be the best bet on the right. Chambers on the bench means we still have cover if debuchy is a liability.

            1. I agree that he used to be very good but the Swansea game is to important to risk. Our back five is one of the strongest in the league atm so there’s no point in changing it. Also Debuchy is 30 now, in the summer jenkison will come back and fight it out with Bellrin for the RB position… so I dont think Debuchy will be here much longer

  5. let’s see shall we how GOOD our depth and injuries are shall we?..

    Massive game is Swansea. Will be tough!

  6. Krystian Bielik would be a magnificent player for arsenal. Wenger got him playing in defence for under 21 I suppose to sharpen is hardness, awareness and concentration defensive wise. Very happy. One single reason I think he resisted the calls to sign a Dm.

  7. I have said it and I am saying it again that, Arsenal will win all their 3 matches in line before the international break commenced. All we are to do now as genuine Arsenal supporters is, to start praying earnestly for the Gunners not to pick up any injury in their next 3 outings and also have a remarkable success by winning those 3 games. And let the 3 Gunners who are the latest on the Arsenal injury list recovered and come better they left at the scheduled time they are expected to be back.

  8. My fear is not tomorrow match but Bayern match, Starting giroud in that match is not adviceable but we dont have any other choice dan Giroud, cos they would mount so much pressure on us from their defence to their attack. Changing Bellerin from RB to RW should not even been an option cos Debuchy have not risen to espetation, i will consider Gabriel playing RB dan Debuchy. Let give campbel the oppotunity whether he will be able to grab it.

  9. Listen baby Please

    We have a better fitness team than we used to have and you can tell by recovery time. I think Shad Forsyth was as important a signing as Alexis and Ozil. Shad has loads of experience with strength and conditioning. Ozil is stronger now physically than when he first came here.

    So I trust Wenger when he says OX and Walcott should be back around west Bromwich

    If we can get OX, Walcott, Ramsey and Ospina by West Bromwich then that will be awesome

    In the meantime, both our offense and defense needs to step up so we can handle the next 3 matches (Swansea, Bayern and Spuds)

    WE CAN DO IT!!!

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