Full Arsenal injury news to see FOUR changes tonight?

Arsene Wenger has suggested that he will make one or two changes to the Arsenal starting line up for the Premier League home clash with Sunderland this evening, but with it being the second of three games in a week and looking at the injury situation, I think it will be more like three or four.

In the injury update on the Arsenal website, the Frenchman revealed that as well as Debuchy, Welbeck and the Ox still being short of fitness, there is a doubt about our central defender Laurent Koscielny. The boss said they will check him again but I see no reason to risk him with that crucial FA cup final in the offing and so I expect Gabriel to start.

Another two changes I expect to see are starts for Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott. The pair have both been coming on as subs recently and they have been looking sharp, so instead of risking fatigue and injury to Mesut Ozil and Santi Cazorla, I think that Wenger will risk a couple more changes than he spoke about.

The other possible change is Kieran Gibbs for Nacho Monreal, but if Gabriel is also coming in the boss might not want to make the change at left back as well. This would be my team:

Bellerin, Mertesacker, Gabriel, Gibbs/Monreal
Coquelin, Ramsey
Walcott, Wilshere, Alexis

What do you think and what would be your starting XI?

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  1. We took Swansea lightly
    and got beat so we
    must treat Sunderland
    with respect.We still need a point
    so for me Same starting X1.
    Gabe if Kos is injured.
    Walcott for Ramsey
    the only other change.
    Jack + Wellbeck from the bench.

    1. Kos was training and appears to stand a good chance of playing, im keeping my fingers crossed for him ^.^

      As for Theo, I would play him CF.
      Let Wilshere play on the wide right and Wilshere has something to prove so he will put in 200%.
      Rest Giroud and Cazorla, play Ramsey in the middle.

      Is Welbeck fit? Last I read he was still out.

  2. Yes I agree with this lineup based on apparent fatigue of Ozil and Cazorla in the last game.
    Both Jack and Theo looked hungry and should start, (Ozil/Cazorla/Rosicky on the bench to effect the game if needed).
    @davidnz. Welbeck’s injured along with Ox both are reported as ready on 24/05, Debuchy 30/05.

  3. ____No Offence___

    So, a guy here that goes by the name Gunnerjack, together with others like him, have decided to vote me as the idiot of the season. You see, in other to vote, you must be eligible and only idiots are eligible.

    I’m glad they all agreed I’m an idiot. It takes an idiot to spot an idiot. Since I have idiots like me here, I’m very happy. I feel at home.


    1. @ Kickassfan 🙂
      Yes he even said Hafiz
      lost some of his marbles 🙂
      We are all “mad” on football
      and “crazy” followers of Arsenal
      its all good mate 🙂

  4. Given the magnitude of this game for Sunderland (and us to some extent), I don’t expect Wenger to start with Walcott and/or Wilshere purely because this game is likely going to be a physical contest. I can’t see him risking Koscielny if he isn’t physically ready, that is probably going to be the only change if there is any.

    1. Yes it will be rough
      out there Sunderland
      fighting for their lives.
      Not sure Walcott and Wilshere
      back from long term injuries
      should start. Keep bringing them
      on later when the game opens up.

  5. I actually really like your line up and I hope rosicky gets some minutes too. Jack and Ramsey can switch positions throughout and make those late driving runs.

    I hope we score a good amount of goals, we’ve only scored 5 in our last 4 games with 3 coming against hull. We need to get our attacking flair and confidence back going into the cup final

  6. Guys, unlike Hafiz (a guy whom I just naturally like), I have not come out to say we should splash senseless sums of money on just about any kind overly hyped player out there. I even once wrote an article here about how it’s not the price of a player that determines his quality and that there are players out there that can do far much more than the ones the media recognises. I did commend Wenger in that respect—not being swayed or unnecessarily coerced to spend stupidly on average players.

    We may have gone through turbulent financial times in the past, as a club. But those days are gone. Even Wenger himself has come out to say if we find a player worth SPENDING BIG on, WE WILL SPEND BIG. Why do you all suddenly now fear the idea of spending big? Why do lots still thing we can’t spend big? We’ve already shown we can. Arsene himself has pleasantly surprised me in the market. Gazidis has said we can compete with the big boys, but I’m sure he and Arsene are prudent enough to go about such competition wisely.

    Calm down, guys. Bridges are built with money. If we must bridge the gap between the other big clubs and us—damn it, we are and have always been a big club—we must spend big, but wisely and necessarily.

  7. I rather we don’t make a lot of changes today against Sunderland. Beat them and then we can make the changes against west brom… Ramsey back to his normal position and Walcott start on the flank. Give Cazorla some rest. I would have love to rest Sanchez too but Welbeck and Ox are not fit…Ozil is play AM and we can bring Wilshere later in the second half. Sunderland are no push overs and they will pack the bus so we need pace in the flanks…COYG!

  8. that team looks good some need a rest and there are others looking hungry to show there worth is a good recipe for last little push to end of season lets go gunners!
    arsenal 2 v sunderland 0
    gabriel/wilshere to be motm

  9. Actually, Wenger said Walcott will play as CF in seasons to come. We would have Walcott, OG, Welbs, and Sanchez. I think we will see new winger this summer, big big name, Reus or Bale or even young Sterling.

  10. Spot-on selection as far as I’m concerned. Just keep those not selected on the bench just in case they need to come in to either win the match or nick a point for us. We only need need a point from two games to be assured of automatic qualification for CL! O for a point!!!

  11. could be a cagey affair tonight with Sunderland doing the same as Swansea.
    Strange to think that just 1 point is vital for both teams for different reasons.
    2-0 to the Arsenal, coyg!

  12. Rosicky, Theo and Wilshere HAVE to start
    I have been excited for a number of weeks to see wilshere play but wenger disappointed me again and again. Plz start wilshere today, PLZZZZZ

  13. guys guys please! walcot and wilshere more than deserve to start! maybe ozil can do with a break but santi definitely needs one! we need a draw from 2 games, last game played was only 3 days away. walcot and wilshere have shown desire to play and well did dey play in their cameos! we should be fine with them! some fans on here won’t even want theo starting even if we have to lose…….

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