FULL Arsenal injury update a BIG worry for Brighton clash?

Arsene Wenger has given the latest round-up of the Arsenal injury situation in his pre-match press conference ahead of the FA cup fourth round match away to Brighton and Hove Albion on Sunday. We should be used to this by now I suppose, but it would be nice just for once to not lose another player or two every time the Gunners play.

This time, as revealed on the official Arsenal website, it is our young Spanish right back Hector Bellerin and the England international star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain that have picked up knocks and may not be able to feature this weekend. There is more chance of the Spaniard being available and that would be a big relief with Debuchy already on the sidelines.

Wenger said, “We have some uncertainties about Oxlade-Chamberlain and Bellerin but they will have tests today and Bellerin should be available. Oxlade-Chamblerlain, I’m not sure.

“Oxlade-Chamberlain has an inflammation of his groin problems and Bellerin is an ankle problem.

“Gnabry is back in full training but he needs games in the under-21s because he’s been out for a very long time. He looks quite promising again physically, and fitness-wise he is okay.

“Danny is still out. I think he will need two more games to be back again. He’s not in full training yet.

“[Bielik has] only just come from Poland. He has just turned 17, is not fit because they had a winter break in Poland and that is quite long. He’s at the start of getting back to full fitness. He won’t be ready before three weeks.

“[Diaby] is still injured. At the moment he is not in a position where he will be able to play soon because he is not on the field at all.”

So good news on Gnabry and hope for Bellerin but even if he is fit, that still leaves Arsene Wenger having to cope without seven first team players and this is when things are supposed to have improved on the injury front. At least we do have options and the absent Gunners will hopefully not be missed too badly.

The trip to Brighton also gives the boss a good opportunity to play some of the players that have previously been missing, with Ozil, Ramsey and Walcott all needing the game time. We need a win as well though and the home team are in decent form and are coming off the back of a very good win over promotion chasing Ipswich Town.

Do you think Arsenal’s ongoing injury problems could cost us in the cup?

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  1. its amazing that our starting FA cup team can easily have Ozil, Ramsey and Theo ….while the first team players can get a rest……injures have been a bitch

    1. Wasn’t welbeck meant to only be out for one game?
      This happens way too often, getting told a player will be out for a week or two then suddenly it’s a month or more.

      1. See that is the problem with you people. When Wenger says : as for Danny Welbeck we have to make a scan but yes,he will definitely miss the next game.
        So everyone assumes it will be one game only when what he meant is totally different.

  2. what about campbell? he’s available for selection isn’t he? we need to rest ramsey for aston villa. Looks like poor diaby’s career will end in the treatment table.

  3. Oh Diaby… how I wished to see you play for a full season without any injuries, but it will remain a wish I suppose. I guess its time Arsenal and you go separate ways at the end of the season. Nothing against you. Wish you well.

    1. Yeah, me too. I really liked the guy. But the club too has really done well, putting up with him this long.

      Well, maybe he should take up catering.

  4. Giroud
    Campbell Ozil Theo
    Rosicky Flamini
    Gibbs(if fit) Kos Per Chambers

    Next round please!!!

    1. I wish Kozzer could get a rest. He is ‘delicate’. Don’t want him missing MORE important matches just because he featured in ties where we coulda won without necessarily ‘risking’ him.

      Sadly though, Bellerin is injured. So he has to play, as Chambers will be drafted in for Hector.

      Even the BFG requires a rest too. He has been playing all summer, and since the beginning of the season. Goes to show how really short, we are at the back.

      All in all, Let’s get the job done and move into the next round come Sunday; that’s all that matters this weekend. COYG!

  5. “Diaby is still injured. At the moment he is not in a position where he will be able to play soon because he is not on the field at all.”..

    ”When Dan Smith’s reckless challenge broke Abou Diaby’s ankle in a Premier League tie between Arsenal and Sunderland in 2006 little did he know that seven years later that would have been just one of many injuries for the French international”

    im afraid he will never be same again i really feel for him. Diaby, our thought is with you get well soon and please and please try something different from playing football, though a wonderful talent destroy by another bad tackle my God i’m so sad.

    He was dubbed the ‘next Patrick Vieira’ and with good reason. He possessed all the necessary qualities such as strength, pace, skill and a midfield desire.

    by heart is so sad very sad..!!!

    1. Maybe football is not really for him… perhaps his calling is as a pundit, a coach… or something completely different. He’s still at a good age and can go to university and build a different career.

    2. i cant believe someone will thumb me down.. have i say anything wrong? even if you are a supporter of the scum team down the road lol (u know the team) shouldn’t thumb this my comment down. Admin i will like to know those that thumb my comment down.

  6. Out for Brighton

    Defense: chambers…Koscielny…Hayden…Gibbs
    GK: Szczesny
    Back of Midfield: Ramsey and Flamini
    Wingers: Campbell, Walcott
    Attacking Midfielder: Ozil
    Striker: Chuba Akpom

    Bench: Martinez, Monreal, Mertsacker, Rosicky, Zelalem, Crowley, Giroud

    Rest: Sanchez, Coquelin, Cazorla



    GK: same
    Defense: same
    back of midfield same

    1. Hayden had an operation last week after a set back so no he is not back.

      I see no reason to risk players with doubts (bellerin, chamberlain bielik gnabry)

      We still have
      Szczesney ospina martinez

      Chambers koscielny mertesacker monreal gibbs

      Flamini ramsey coquelin cazorla ozil rosicky zelalem

      Walcott Alexis campbell giroud akpom

      There is 17 outfield and 3 keepers there including 16 full internationals. Reminder – We are playing Brighton!!! So simply leave martinez and zelalem out of the 20. Then rest some of those that have put in so much recently – cazorla, alexis, coquelin and mertesacker on the bench with Szczesney, akpom and rosicky.

  7. I’d play:
    Bellerin, Chambers, Mertesacker, Gibbs
    Walcott ————Özil————Campbell

    Sub Ramsey on and rest Cazorla, Alexis and Koscielny. I don’t think Szczesny should be stripped of being No.1 after one bad game, but I don’t think Ospina should be taken out before he’s even conceded a goal. Szczesny should come back in at some point, but not yet.

    1. Did you just say “after one game”??? That guy thinks he’s Michael Jackson, doing the moon walk in goal.

      1. How many points has Szczesny cost us? Beyond the three points at Southampton, none this season. In fact, he’s saved us points on many occasions.

        1. Up to friday 12 December (sorry, i couldn’t get more recent datas on the go but it is a good indicator of what is happening0 )Wojciech Szczesny has conceded only 14 goals, the fourth best in the league, But saved only 65.7 per cent of the 38 shots he’s faced and made an error.

          The figure is only better than Newcastle’s Tim Krul, Julian Speroni of Crystal Palace, Hull’s Alan McGregor, Begovic and Howard.
          Wojciech Szczesny is among the worst in the Premier League this season.

  8. OT: If Campbell is heading to Villareal after loaning Podolski and Sanogo out, and selling Afobe then I would surely hope or expect us to get 1 or even both of Dybala or Lacazette. My first preference would be Dybala after actually seeing him play in a couple of games, he’s Arsenal material through and through. Plus we’re really lacking in left sided players where I think our balance is actually off besides needing a CB and DM as we all know…

    1. Rumor has it Wenger is refusing to bid anywhere Paulista’s buy out number for a position of great need, yet Dyabla and Lacezette for somewhere in rhe neighborhood of 55-60 million? Wish it was the case my friend, but kindly pass that Gunner Bong in this direction.

      1. Not sure anyone has a decently sourced rumour to say Wenger “is refusing to bid” but let’s wait and see. All I can say, and I am reluctant to read anything in to it knowing just how misleading Wenger’s body language is and how obtuse his answers can be, that I haven’t seen him grin like that in response to a journo’s question regarding a specific player (Paulista) any time in the last 10 years.

  9. Speaking of injuries. It’s sucks that we don’t have Jenkison, Podolski and Afobe who could have been useful with all our injuries

    Jenkison would have been useful. Podolski too (not having Welbeck, Sanogo). Also, Afobe is on fire. He scored on his debut with Wolverhampton Wanderers on Saturday but scoring for months

    3 bad decisions by Wenger
    1. Not putting a return clause in Jenkison’s loan agreement
    2. Loaning off Podolski our best striker for personal, selfish reasons
    3. Afobe is on fire scoring around 20 goals. Why not give him a shot (espcially with Sanogo and Podolski off)

    1. 1) Come on fred you nothing about what was put in Jenko’s loan clause and whatever was put in there was deliberate and with good reason.

      2) You are getting too emotional there. Note the lack of queue for the signature of allegedly our best striker. Good decision imo.

      3) Bad idea imo. Afobe pretty much bombed at Huddersfield, Millwall, Bolton, Reading and Sheffield Wednesday. Doing OK at League 1 level with MK Dons but still 14 players in league that are not household names that have scored the same or more. It is probably his level at the moment.

      1. I can’t compete with Wenger fanboys. Nothing wrong with criticisng your manager

        Arsenal admitted Ramy there was no clause ,in Jenkison loan agreement to bring him back in January

        I don’t see any good reason not to bring Jenkison back, especially since our lead RB Debuchy is out for 3 months and we are short in defense. So even if there is a claus, its equally silly not to bring him back.

        As for Afobe. He has been scoring lots of .goals recently. We dont have Sanogo, Podolski and Campbell is not a natural goal scorer. Welbeck is injured. It make sense to give a shot to a goal scorer when he is scoring and you are light on strikers.

        1. We are not competing and I am neutral re Wenger. There are posters on here I don’t bother reading but I always take time out to read yours because you regularly contribute and obviously give it some thought. It is neither good nor bad that we might disagree a lot of the time. We don’t need to revert to the AOB v AKB mud-slinging for every discussion. I am getting no massive bad vibes or indeed much angst at all, either on here, with my gooner mates or the media in general regarding Jenks, Lukas and Afobe. It just struck me that you had picked 3 fairly low-key, not hugely contentious decisions, where you know nothing about the real reasons/details except from the garbage media buzz.

  10. Well personally I’d like to see Campbell stay, but I’d understand if he wanted to go on loan for more game time. We have quite a bit of depth in his position, enough to get us through if he goes. We have Alexis, Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain as out-and-out wingers and we also have Cazorla and Welbeck that can play on the wings too if need be, though I don’t really like either being played out of position.

    Up front we only have Giroud and Welbeck now, but I think Alexis and possibly Theo would be ahead of Campbell to play up front if both are injured. But in terms of a striker, Giroud is very reliable, not so much in terms of form, but he’s rarely injured. Yes, he was out for a long time this season, but that was due to a broken leg/ankle, how often do we see Giroud sidelined with muscular injuries etc? Very rarely.

    I think we could manage without Campbell, but I don’t think ‘manage without’ is something a club as big as ours should do. We need to have every position not only covered, but covered with quality.

  11. Can’t go a single game without getting needless, pathetic injuries. Christ our players are so delicate, they’re all nonces I swear.

      1. You know what I mean, they need to toughen up because no other team has this problem, this is specifically why we haven’t won the league in over a decade, injury after injury, it’s quite frankly pathetic.

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