Full Arsenal injury update ahead of Brighton clash – Still Covid problems

Arsenal may have had a wonderful win over Chelsea at the weekend, but with the games coming thick and fast there is no time for rest.

The Brighton game is still full of pressure, if not more, when you think that if Arsenal had actually lost to Chelsea we would only be one point ahead of the Seagulls today!

Now there is no doubt in my mind that Mikel Arteta would be rotating the squad to try and maintain the energy levels in a squad that is playing every three days at the moment, but three players that I am sure would have played today are not available because of the Covid-19 protocols.

We already know that we will not have our expensive signing Thomas Partey through injury, and he has only managed two full games since his deadline day arrival. We surely would be further up the table if he had been fit all season.

And our other big signing, Gabriel Magalhaes, is also unavailable after testing positive with Covid-19 and will miss at least our next two matches.

Also, two other Brazilians, David Luiz and Willian, are both also in isolation and cannot rejoin the group training again until the 31st.

But although these four can’t play, I still think that Arteta will be rotating a good bit, and Aubameyang, Nketiah, Ceballos and Mustafi, who were unused subs on Saturday, will probably be in the starting line-up today.


    1. Trudeau please sir can you explain what you mean by “finding good form” because all Lacazette did in the last match was to score a penalty. I really expected more from Lacazette when we signed him and I really wanted him to be an Arsenal legend like Henry because he’s french like me but he has mostly disappointed me, how can we buy a striker for 50million who always lose a one on one, I was so happy when Leno saved that penalty because if not, that Lacazette miss would have come back to bite us.

      1. Lenohappy,

        Laca is more than just scoring, He is full of energy. That is what Arsenal need now, Pressing opponents into mistakes and high octane, fast game. The slow Locomotive game we had in October and November will not bring results as teams just Park the bus and hit us on counters while we try merry go rounds with ineffective crosses as Arsenal are not good at head ball in our frontline., we do not have big strikers to compete with giant defenders in the EPL.

        1. Zamind

          Do you buy a striker who gives you at least 15 goals a season or a striker who link up play?

          His work rate is good but that’s not why we bought him. He’s been disappointing and I will play Balogun ahead of him any day.

      2. I agree that overall he has been a disappointment but over the last few games feel he has (a) held the ball up well and linked up well with other attackers (b) pressed with intelligence (c) showed good movement for his goal.

        I’ll admit the bar for our strikers is pretty low right now so I take any signs of progress as a positive.

    2. Correct.it will be such a shame to see Nketiah starting against such a physical team.Let Lacca keep his place then bring on Auba as a substitute.

  1. How many chances does nketiah need before arteta realizes he is well below average for a premiership side … bielsa not needing him … and there is no way we would bring in bamford who kept this guy out of Leeds side … should have been enough to let him go but somehow he is still around wandering aimlessly on the pitch like a lost cloud … we should probably offload him and laca in January and invest in a mobile forward in the sane mould

    1. Bielsa…
      Big Sam called him crazy… in a good way though.
      He is the opposite of Jose, You score/we score at the end of the game lets see who has more goals.
      to do this he needs fast, high octane mid size to tall light players. Nketia has non of these attributes. He is a goal poacher. Bielsa does want the ball run after into the net. The whites are the true foxes, ‘ chase after the ball boys’, I guess that is what he keeps on shouting in Spanish.

  2. The day lacazette was bought, I drank some bottles of beer in celebration. Wish I could vomit that beer 2day. His misses disgusts me — utterly disappointing !

    1. Arsenal2win bro Lacazette has been a waste of 50million, what good is all the pressing if you can’t score a simple one on one, I really love him but I think we should have sell him last summer for a decent fee.

    2. If you insist on buying cheap “brewed under licence in the UK” pyss” you deserve to chuck it up. Get some good Czech or Austrian lager or better still some extra strong Belgium beers.🍺

  3. I hope that Martinellli should not be overplayed as he has just returned from a serious injury. Also Saka needs some rest he is playing continuously, after all they are humans. I believe MA will rotate the squad, I think Ceballos and Mustafi might start for Xhaka and Holding. Also see a return for Auba. BTW heard that Arsenal might go in for Diego Costa of AM in January.

  4. yeah I totaly I agree about balogun in xi as a sub bt the idea of say to sell him no he has been trying of late he is far better of than auba now

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