FULL Arsenal injury update ahead of Man United clash

If Alex Ferguson was still managing Man United he would be telling everyone it is “squeaky bum time” but Arsene Wenger has been in enough of these crucial end-of-season fixtures to know exactly how to prepare his players.

Arsenal’s injury list has eased considerably since the start of the season, but we still have a few players that are not available this weekend, and it looks odds-on that Wenger will not be picking the same starting XI that have taken the field in the last five games.

In the pre-match press conference, Wenger gave his injury update. “Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Mathieu Debuchy and Mikel Arteta are not ready. Danny Welbeck has a little possibility to be fit.

“Aaron Ramsey is not in training yet but he should be better tomorrow. I don’t think we have any big injuries, maybe Welbeck will be available but at the moment he looks short.

“I don’t know how long the others will be out for, it’s difficult to say, but hopefully they will play again this season.”

Wenger started Ramsey last week but surely he won’t risk a half-fit player two weeks in a row and against such a dangerous opponent. Wenger also took off Olivier Giroud and Francis Coquelin last weekend as both seemed listless and unable to influence the game, perhaps he will start them on the bench this time and use their replacements Theo Walcott and Jack Wilshere from the whistle.

It seems that Martin Debuchy is now fit enough but without playing time under his belt, Wenger will probably stick with Hector Bellerin. Abou Diaby was declared fit enough to train a couple of weeks ago, but couldn’t even make the bench against Swansea and is extremely unlikely to be called up for this one either.

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    1. Dont start wilshere…just giving him playing time wen we have secured the win n walcot should start on the right bse hes good against those teams via scoring

  1. Welbeck has to finish what he started in the FA Cup just to shut some wide mouth up. Am really gonna miss The Ox this time.

  2. Diaby??? I think he’s now fit enough to just leave. It’s sad, but he should leave.

    1. He is Arsenal has
      always been Arsenal and
      always will be Arsenal.
      It’s in his blood hence the
      “DNA” reference.
      He has played for Arsenal
      since he was 9 yrs old.
      He plays the Arsenal way
      attacking positive football.
      He has said he will never
      ever leave Arsenal.

  3. Diaby brought the injury curse at Arsenal.He must leave now and may be we can start to see improvement in our injury records.How can player get injured for 2yrs does he have rotten legs!

    1. Agreed, we might as well play conservative as a draw practically secures 3rd for us and at this point, with it looking like City will take 2nd, all I want is to have a good run up to the FA Cup final and not have to worry about CL qualifiers come August.

  4. I believe those injuries update on 4 Gunners cannot and should not stop Arsenal beat Man Utd since 2006 before the Red Devils’ partisan home supporters with the Legendary Sir Alex Ferguson in attendace to witness the beaten. The Gunners must correct their lapses to break down any resolute defending by the Red Devils on Sunday evening. And the Gunners defending must be stoutly alertful to the Red Devils’ incessant barrage of attacks. No Gunners should switch off to have a momentary rest on the field while the game is on from the start to the finish of the game. The Gunners defence line should not concede any goal to the Red Devils. Not even a free header by Wayne Rooney and Marouane Fellaini emanating from a crossed ball should be conceded by the Arsenal’s back 4. The Gunners attacking prowess must be lethal & injects vernon on de Gea to incapacitate him to render him obsolete to d killer goal a Gunner will score that will undo d Red Devils at full time. The Gunners must bind & cast away any errand Red Devils

  5. Lord bentdner better than falcoa..

    The dude is bunch of shit..

    I mean falcao..

    Hw many goals v he scored since d start of the season?

  6. Arsenal should send man u on errand

    And when they comes back with a goal..we flog them extra 3 n that makes it 4.1 to the arsenal

    Sanchez two goal

    Giroud one goal

    Santi one goal

    Ozil two assist

    Wallcot one assist

    Santi one assist

  7. As to why you would bench Le Coq for Wilshisha is just beyond me. Sentiment is among other reasons why our club, Arsenal, falls just short of being champions.

    1. Wilshere offers more going forward than Coquelin… and despite the scoreline we were completely dominating the match.

      1. What “more”? Goals?Assist? Or just running and loosing the ball exposing the team to counter attack?

      2. What MORE is Wilshisha offering that Le Coq isn’t and what LESS does Wilshisha offer that Le Coq has an over-abundance of ? Please do think this over properly before u answer and tell me which one of those aspects is pivotal to a proper team balance with a better chance of coming out victorious with the 3 points.

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