Full Arsenal injury update ahead of Premier League opener

With Arsenal’s German contingent of Ozil, Mertesacker and Podolski still recovering from winning the World Cup, we were obviously all worried when we heard that the other important half our defensive duo, Laurent Koscielny, picked up a knock on his ankle against Man City last week. But Arsene Wenger has now put our minds to rest when he said: “Koscielny had a knock on his Achilles but he should be available for Saturday,”. So Kosciely will now be free to partner Nacho Monreal or Calum Chambers, depending on who Wenger chooses.

Secondly we have our new backup keeper David Ospina, who is still injured from the World Cup. Wenger explained: “Ospina is two or three weeks away,” Wenger added. “He has a thigh strain from the Brazil v Colombia game.” So it seems that Damien Martinez will be backup for Szczesny tomorrow.

Otherwise we have received the good news that Abou Diaby is back training with the first team, maybe will actually play for once before his next injury!

Wenger has also revealed that our Japanese winger Ryo Miyaichi is “very close” to returning to training, but he is very quickly turning into another Diaby with his injury record. Wouldn’t we all love to see him fulfil that brilliant early promise he showed when on loan at Feyenoord a few years ago?

We may have to wait a little longer for our other classy winger Theo Walcott to return as Wenger admitted today: “Theo is, as I always said, end of August or start of September. That is back into training of course.”

Last,but not least is Serge Gnary. I have absolutely no idea what is wrong with the young German, (Can anyone tell me?), not even Wenger knows when he will be available again. “He is not ready as well.”the manager said. “I am not sure about the timeframe at the moment.”

So thats all for now. Let’s hope we don’t get any more additions to the list tomorrow!


  1. SackWenger says:

    So excited about new season.I have never felt this much excitement.COYG!

    1. JohnieB says:

      change your name

    2. ebemka says:

      COYG… Saturday all the way

    3. Gavana says:

      Arsenal have broken the curse of not beating big teams in a major tournament by beating man city as well as Giroud breaking the curse of not scoring against big teams! Happy days gunners!

      1. No Giroud, I'm happy says:

        no, not yet. Hopefully we do it in the EPL

    4. Chima says:

      Plse your name shows u are anti-arsenal and an intruder..

  2. Mick The Gooner says:

    A little concerning that even Wenger doesn’t really know what’s wrong with Gnabry, or doesn’t want to tell us. I hope he gets better soon. I think a loan move to a decent club will do him well this year.

    1. mcween says:

      I reckon that’s why he didn’t say when he’d be back, because he will be going out on loan shortly and we all know how close to his chest Wenger likes to keep his transfer cards…

    2. No10 says:

      Don’t worry, AFC has enough funds and medics to sort him out, 100% sure they know exactly what is going on and planning to send him on loan.

  3. The Handsome_Gooner says:

    are we getting william carvalho? or benedikt howedes?

    1. davidnz says:

      Nope we are getting Prince William 🙂

    2. mohawk says:

      Frankly Howedes is more of a luxury or a play for the near future as Mert ages – but I would jump in circles for that one. Something about Howedes – he really seems so solid and versatile – THAT would be a GREAT signing.

  4. The Handsome_Gooner says:

    are the following players homegrown ?

    joel campbell
    ryo miyaichi
    francis coquelin
    damian emiliano martinez

    1. davidnz says:

      Diaby injured!!!
      That is a surprise.
      But back in “training”. Lol.
      Training for being injured all season AGAIN.
      Miyaichi back in training.
      For what may I ask ?
      Sushi? Miyaichi the token Jap.

    2. No10 says:

      As per your order: no, no, yes, yes.

      Therefore keeping Miyaichi makes no sense unless it is for commercial reasons (Asian fan base).

  5. cheeterspotter says:

    I hope the new German fitness coach is fit himself, he’ll need to be because of the amount of players he’ll.be mending,We even buy them injured or unfit. Still, good luck to him.

  6. Macotula says:

    I read on skysports that Dzeko has entered the final year of his contract. Would love to see wenger make a 12-17m bid for him as this will still allow us to buy khedira or carvalho. Who knows maybe we will still have enough funds for another defender that way allowing our new dm to be our 5th choice cb! talk about strength in depth with the foward line and cb positions. PS PROMOTE BELLERIN!

    1. Macotula says:

      Dzeko is a proven goal scorer in germany and prem.. he netted 26 in 46 games last season.

    2. kia says:

      I’m also a big fan of Dzeko, the only problem is, Man City have got them on such high wages, that they won’t be happy with anything less as it may seem like a backwards step in their careers to them. That is why City players are continuously linked with the likes of PSG, Monaco etc… Teams that can match or better their wages.

  7. Nikhilesh says:

    Happy independence day to all indian gooners.

    1. DesiGunner says:

      Same to you and every Indian gunner here 🙂

  8. mohawk says:

    Hope Kos is fit. But Wenger has been known to be coy/vague/deceptive with player fitness issues to keep the opponent’s guessing. Not often – but it happens.

    1. Nikhilesh says:

      Koscielny fit for Arsenal opener, says Wenger
      The France international came off at half-time during the Gunners’ 3-0 defeat of Manchester City with an Achilles knock but is in line to start the Premier League season.

      1. mohawk says:

        I know what Wenger said, but is he really match fit or is he bench fit and Wenger is just being vague? We will know on Sat.

  9. Goonsquad8 says:

    I hope Sanchez scores on Saturday that’ll give him confidence and I think it will take a lot of pressure of him and allow him to play with freedom

  10. mohawk says:

    I realize that Diaby is not on most fans’ radar simply because he cannot be counted on to be fit.

    But imagine/pretend/fantasize that Diaby IS actually over the injury hump? He could actually be a key player for Arsenal especially if he could show an ability to handle DM. He has shown some glimpses of brilliance.

    It is dreaming I know, but stranger things have happened in this world. Just a very wild thought.

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      no worries Diaby will be sold just like RVP, Nazri, Fab and etc……

      1. davidnz says:

        Yes the knackers yard have
        already offered 4 quid for Diaby.

        1. atid says:

          I don’t think we could even sell diaby for parts, cos there isn’t a part that hasn’t been damaged. I even recall him having an eye injury!!

  11. Drew says:

    The funny thing is if Sanchez goes a few games without scoring, certain “fans” will start saying he is not good enough. Or if he scores less goals than Giroud they still call him a lampost lol. Lets support the TEAM, not just the player you have on the back of your shirt. COYG!!

    1. josh37 says:

      i like your use of the word ‘fans’ and not ‘supporters.’

  12. maxypepsi says:

    what is the fantasy league code for this year?

  13. MK3 says:

    Arsenal 5-0 Crystal Palace


  14. 007 says:

    A winning start is crucial tomorrow, it will ensure the feel good factor currently in the team and the fans remain. It is also vital to pick up 3 points at home while the team is still getting into sharp and finding there form. We should approach the game the same way we approached the city game, with a winning mentality and passion to play beautiful football and score goals.

    Hope our new German will be the signing of the season for us, if he can keep our star players fit and 80% of the squad fit that would be some miracle based on our past records.

  15. josh37 says:

    will be a very, very interesting team selection by Wenger…
    Considering we have a tricky tie midweek with a huge trip involved and a still not fully fit squad, certain players will need to be used sparingly, especially considering Palace is a Tony Pulis product and there’s sure to be a few questionable tackles…
    We need a clean-sheet in both with an away goal at Beskitas, so with Mert only just back from holiday and Koscielny not match-fit what will his plans be for CB??
    Sanogo looked sharp vs City and Giroud’s still not fit, so will he risk the fitness and inexperience of Sanogo or the 80% Giroud?
    There’s also Ramsey… I’m begging you Wenger, please do not use him for 270 minutes the first week of the season!! i know his engine is superhuman but we cannot afford to take the same risks we did last season then pay the price! our hopes of success decrease substantially if he’s sidelined again…

  16. junweiseah says:

    On a side note, today is the OX’s birthday! Let’s all wish him a great birthday and good luck for tomorrow’s game! COYG!

  17. royalman says:

    Even if Sanches doesn’t score he has brought smthing new to the team, he was gr8 in City game. Now we hv option wenger should select well, some players need to be reserved for big teams

    1. No10 says:

      Indeed, the atmosphere was electric everytime he was carrying the ball forward.

  18. Aw_ozil says:

    how do I join d fantasy league

  19. Mesut O-thrilled says:

    Just so thrilled that the season starts tomorrow. Let’s get a lead and KEEP the lead (unlike last year) and start the season off with a bang – Arsenal style.

  20. Trail says:

    I expect some transfer activities today, going by wenger’s previous comments “15-30” can we have something to cheer?

    Manolas sounds like a good prospect to me
    Reuz now seem a possibility
    But cavani is just unbelievable. Can Wenger fork. Out that chunk to get him?

  21. SaveArsenal says:

    I read that Manolas was Greece’s 3rd choice CB, no thanks!

  22. BUR says:

    Last season as the season before we were crucified with the duration of players injuries where as at other clubs players seemed to recover easier and quicker. I know there were threads posted previously referring to the improvement of the treatment which was needed at the club but I did not know what the outcome was. Has there been a new regime introduced into the physio side of things?

  23. No.14 says:

    All I want for Christmas and February most importantly is a fully fit rearing to go Diaby!!!

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