Full Arsenal injury update ahead of Wolves visit to the Emirates

There is good and bad news for Arsenal fans as we ain to extend our unbeaten run today against Wolves. Of course we won’t be seeing Danny Welbeck any time soon, which will limit our attacking options for the season ahead and Emery and the management team will have to decide how to fill his gap. I personally would like to see Emile Smith-Rowe given more chances as he always looks imprsseive when used in minor games.

It is the defensive line that has suffered the most this season, but somehow we have still managed to remain unbeaten although our other long term injuries Laurent Koscielny and Dino Mavropanos are slowly returning to fitness, and may even be available for selection after the international break.

Our latest casualty at the back is Stephan Lichtsteiner who also hurt his hamstring against Sporting in midweek. He is supposedly still being assessed but it is worth noting that both Nacho Monreal and Sead Kolasinac only had ‘minor’ hamstring problems but the Bosnian only returned this week for half an hour and we are yet to see anything of Monreal after 5 weeks on the sidelines. Hopefully he can make a comeback against Wolves as we could certainly use him right now.

Our only other known injury is Mohammed Elneny, who has still not returned to full training but I am sure that we won’t miss him today, especially now that Maitland-Niles is back and ready to cover if needed….



  1. Sue says:

    Well as long as I get to see Kolasinac, Ozil, Laca, Auba & Torreira today & we get all 3 points… I’ll leave the Emirates very happy indeed! Don’t want too much hey?! ?

    1. Xxnofx says:

      Same ,I also wanna see that front 3 with ozil number 10
      Not a fan of iwobi and I don’t see any improvement from him like some fans on here keep saying ,rather auba on that left side or a 2 up top .

      1. Phil says:

        I’m not a fan of Iwobi but he has shown improvement this season ( which to be fair was not too difficult after some of his performances last season ).He came on against Liverpool and was instrumental in helping us get back into the game.Against Sporting on Thursday Evening he seemed to run out of ideas what to do.He still shows only minimal end product and is nowhere near a regular first team start.And a certain Reiss Nelson might just show Iwobi what is needed next season.This boy is showing everything he has in Germany each week even though he rarely starts.Iwobi needs to find consistency in his performances or will be even further down the pecking order sooner than he would want

      2. jon fox says:

        A simple question for you please: Since you accept that some fans see his improvement , though you do not, WHY do you think they are wrong, as presumably you must do so? Those being “wrong” would certainly include me too. Have you not noticed his new found confidence, strength and fine dribbling skills? Or do you consider them a myth, like the Loch Ness Monster, perhaps? Which , please?

        1. Xxnofx says:

          Sorry sir Jon fox I forget only you’re opinion matters on just arsenal .
          Did I say they were wrong or I was ?no I did not I stated that some fans think he as improved and I do not see it do you need to come on every post and take over with you’re standard caps lock on and confrontation long winded posts

          1. jon fox says:

            Have you not heard of emphasis in speech? The equivalent in writing is capitals. That is why I use some capitals but why it should worry you beats me. But I note you chose to dodge my question but tried to cover your tracks by insulting me. Care to address the question I asked , or are you training to be a politician perhaps! I would also ask you if you think it unallowable to challenge your opinion as I did. That is called freedom of speech. Perhaps you should just toughen up instead of behaving like a snowflake. You are free to answer or decline as you wish. And you need not call me sir, as I am merely an ordinary and passionate Arsdenal fan who is keen to actually DEBATE with rather than insult other Gooners , unless they dodge questions maybe!

          2. Xxnofx says:

            I don’t rate iwobi and stated some fans on here do
            You don’t rate mustafi and bellerin from your countless posts about them but other fans do .have they all improved form last season ?yes ,so my question is how is it ok for you to spout crap against an improving player but god forbid when some one else does it you come on here all high and mighty
            What was you’re question ?”have I not seen his improvement with his dribbling confidence and strength”well lucky you ask because no I haven’t .as he improved from last season ?yes ,but that’s not hard now is it .

          3. jon fox says:

            Thanks for finally answering. And on a debate point, I freely admit being strong in my opinions and challenging other Gooners when I think they are wrong. Is that not what many/ most typical fans do all the time when they meet in pubs before and after the game? They don’t preface their comments with ” I would respectfully suggest you are in error” or such like , as they take it as read that all true fans are tough enough to take and give back freely the HONEST opinions that football fans, unlike politicians, are famous for giving. With the emphasis on HONEST. I like to debate with fellow Gooners, which is the only reason I am on this site but though I have great respect for religion in general, I cannot and will not behave like a meek clergyman. I never use filth nor expletives and there is no need to be afraid of me and of how or what I write. Most are not , of course, but clearly a few definitely are. A shame in my opinion. I also do not hold grudges and judge each comment on it’s merits , in my opinion and then answer, if I am minded to do so. I frequently applaud what other posts say; indeed I do this more than most do and may well do to some of your future posts. Some on here just post soundbites and that is fine for them but that is not my style. Hope things are now clearer for you and certain others who may read this.

      3. Eddie Hoyte says:

        “Not a fan of iwobi and I don’t see any improvement from him like some fans on here keep saying”
        That’s purely an hate statement, you’re not a fan of him and will never be fan of his, simply put it like that.. Almost the whole fan base and even pundits keep stating how much he’s improved under Emery and you don’t see it, well you can’t tell me that everyone except you are wrong..the hate is real and visible here.. I know strong critics of Iwobi on this site who came out to admit being wrong in claiming he has nothing to offer the club amidst his improvement.. well I’ll let Jon Fox Battle it out with you

        1. Phil says:

          There is improvement in Iwobi this season.Of that there is no doubt.BUT.He is not showing the consistency that is now DEMANDED by THIS MANAGER.
          Against Sporting he just did not do enough with the ball.His workrate was good but where was the end product?And I agree totally with Jon Fox and his likeness of Iwobi to the Loch Ness Monster.Iwobi is sighted on the pitch as often as Old Nessie.Every now and again.Until he brings end product to his game he will never be considered as a first team starter.

          1. Eddie Hoyte says:

            We both agree on that, he needs to start being dangerous in front of goal. Hell I don’t know if he’s uncle Jay Jay Okocha doesn’t advise him or what.. his end product is very poor, but even if he doesn’t score, if he can constantly make defense splitting passes like the one to Lacazette for his goal last week then he’s good to go fight Ozil for king of assist for all I care!! He better starts scoring or getting assists if he can’t score

          2. Phil says:

            I can’t help but feel Iwobi will be left behind Smith-Rowe and Nelson in the next couple of seasons.They seem to have that desire in them.Nelson made the right choice playing under Naglesman at Hoffenheim and it will be interesting to see if ESR goes out on loan.He seems to be getting game time in the cups so I would keep him this season.But I’m convinced we will buy a forward in January to replace DW.We can’t just have Aubamayang and Lacazette with only Eddie in reserve.

          3. Sal says:

            i see the possibilty of him playing as a no 10 in the future especially with this manager and ozil by his side all these years….jay jay in the making that’s the standard he should set for himself to be as good as okacha as soon as possible, and he can do it with hard work as he has the natural flair and is good at keeping the ball…hope he keeps proving doubters wrong!! as i am always happy when one of our own makes it into the team, and he deserves to be in this team whether you are a fan of his or not 🙂

          4. Bobby says:

            Give the guy (Iwobi) a break ?! you guys demanded for improvement earlier in the season and he has given that barely 11 games into the season, I am sure within the next 27 matches, he will give you the consistency you now demand. Your job as fans is to support and encourage the team/players so encourage the guy to do more instead of bringing so much negativity around him and the team

          5. Phil says:

            What negativity?We are only stating the obvious which is there for all to see.Until Iwobi starts to deliver consistently he will always be criticised.No different to any other player at the Club.Thats of course if you feel he should be treated differently

          6. Sal says:

            yes he should be treated differently especially when you are doing this well, after a couple of patchy seasons.

            These players are human don’t forget that, it’s like some of us never went to school with the way we demand immediate improvement of a player, like in school each person grows at his own pace, some mature faster than others doesn’t mean that the person is trash if he is not there yet, it means just give it time and encouragement and you might get a valedictorian!! different ways of supporting i presume.

            in my humble opinion fans shouldn’t turn on you after one game of not showing up they should give you the beleif to keep going till the very end. Not everyone learns and produces at the same rate, vardy bloomed at 29 and would you want him in your team today? well they love him at leicester, so show some love it costs nothing 🙂

            So to be frank him bellerin and holding should get some slack this year from fans and get encouragement instead as they are still young and don’t have the mentality of Mpabbe but with support they will get there. i would add granit to the list as well but due to his mobility he will always have his critics. do you see where i am coming from phil?

            This year they have put in the effort and deserve what they are getting, so don’t worry the stadium will give them the beleif they need 🙂

          7. Hilz CallyGun says:

            Phil, You said Iwobi was good for nothing but the trash, and here he is proving you very wrong.
            Consistency right? I encourage you to keep watching. Emery is still working…
            I won’t be surprised if you think consistency is still not good enough for him to become a regular starter when he eventually gets there.
            Truth is, you not a fan of he’s and will never be impressed by him, no matter what he does.

          8. Break-on-through says:

            Iwobi has been one of our most important players this season. Not counting CB’s & GK, I would’ve said five a while back but for me Xhaka eventually made the list. Allot of it is down to Torriera but they like playing with one another. Xhaka is great with the high tempo, his passing mostly always has good pace on it, something Guendouzi needs to learn. Anyways, I’m talking about stand out play, and consistency, so anyone not mentioned is not me saying they are poor or have been in any way. Torriera, Bellerin, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Xhaka, Iwobi. These guys for me have been our biggest players this season. The way Iwobi attracts markers towards him has been very useful, he’s good in tight areas before laying the ball off and all of a sudden two next passes can be played with less pressure for the ball, more space. He done that very well over a number of games. His passing, he’s hit a few lovely ones across the box but he’s also showed us that he can split a defence. He links up well with players, he’s a team player, which for me is better than having a Hans Solo – Emery likes him for this reason I believe, Emery is all about the teamwork.

          9. Break-on-through says:

            Also, defensively, I never understood how a guy this tall, this strong, and this quick, was not good at helping out his fullback or his central midfielders. He’s improved here too as they all have a bit recently.

        2. abdullahi says:

          pls let’s give him a chance to prove him self as already started this season.

        3. Xxnofx says:

          I’ll let jon fox battle it out with you “
          Would you like to get a room with him ?
          Do you think he’s going to try and bully me on here like he does with the majority of fans ?
          No he’s tried that before and it doesn’t work with me Eddie
          And to say that I hate iwobi just because I think he’s crap is a silly word to use don’t you think .
          I don’t rate him get over it I’ve watched him for a couple of years now and he might have a couple of good games a season ,does he get you out of your seat with his majestic dribbling skills ?
          I don’t rate Ramsey either so are you going to say I hate him aswell ?
          My point was I would rather have a quality player in auba who actually knows where the net is than iwobi who like I said fans on here seem to think he’s improved and I don’t
          Take it as it is but don’t look for back up with other posters on here .

          1. Sal says:

            hehe that was good banter, you’ve been backed up 🙂

          2. Eddie Hoyte says:

            Letting Jon Fox battle it out with you is me letting you know I won’t argue with you or try to convince you, hell even right now, I ain’t trying to convince you about Iwobi. And to say I was seeking backup is just delusional, simple as that.. feel free to reply this comment and in return end up replying yourself again okay bro?

  2. Innit says:

    I wasn’t a fan of Iwobi last season
    In fact I wanted him to be sold

    But he has def improved and I realize that Wenger held him back
    Emery has got the best out of him and others

  3. LENOhappy says:

    Sometimes Phil makes me laugh,am not even going to start with xxnofx,like Eddie says that’s a hate statement,if you can’t see the improvement in iwobi then maybe you need to start watching real football and stop playing FIFA.phil you said he’s not consistent,how many consistent midfielders do we have except from torrera,as bad as he is this season,he’s won man of the match 4 times,I agree he has to start scoring goals,but if you think smith Rowe is gonna take iwobi place or Nelson,sir think again,hes dribbling skills cannot be compared to those two,hate him or love him the coach trust him

    1. Phil says:

      Firstly-I have said on this site before how much Iwobi has improved under a Manager That has COACHED better performances out of him.Those “ dribbling skills” you mention.What end product has he brought with him?The
      ball to Lacazette last week against Liverpool was exactly what he needs to do consistently.And I’m not wrong in saying BOTH ESR and Reiss Nelson are showing more signs of being real talent than Iwobi.Its wrong to build up the young players too early but both these boys seem to have that something special about them.In two years time I’m convinced they will both be first team regulars.At the moment Iwobi is not giving the type of consistent performances that he needs to be the team each week.There is a reason Iwobi is starting Cup games and not Premiere League games.If He was delivering each week Iwobi would be starting today but he won’t.

    2. Xxnofx says:

      That’s a hate statement ???????
      Because I don’t rate someone I hate them ?
      Just because he’s improved from last season (which isn’t hard )I should be praising the heavens ?i don’t rate him and I’m sure theirs other fans who don’t either ,and please don’t reference fifa in a post makes you look 12 years old which by you post post it would surprise me if you were

  4. LENOhappy says:

    I know some are just waiting for him to have a bad game so as to prove some stupid point of I told you so,Phil you said he did nothing against sporting last Thursday,Please name one player who had a good game in that match,I know some hate him for no reason and some but the boy is an arsenal player you should support him,comparing him to Nelson,who is playing in Germany and not even in the starting 11,and also smith Rowe?lol

    1. Phil says:

      So just because the whole team delivered a flat performance that excuses Iwobi does it?I agree the team were nothing special against Sporting but if you watched the game Iwobi did nothing to suggest he had the ability to grasp the game by the scruff of its neck.He was no better or worse than the rest of the team (other than Ramsey who was just useless) but Iwobi does not convince me enough to believe he will be any better than what he is showing at the moment.
      And as for ESR and Reiss Nelson we can only wait and see.But they are both 4 years younger than Iwobi and seem to be more talented at this time.But I accept young players do not always deliver on their early promise so we can only wait to see how they progress.Iwobi is a prime example of a young player who has not shown the progress we all thought he would have.And do not believe for one moment the improvement he has shown this year from last season is any where good enough.It isn’t.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    I class Welbeck more apart of our defensive line than our attacking one, I don’t know if that is what you meant though. He’s our biggest forward playing grafter, he’s a better grafter than most of our defensive options, though that might be due to them being more tied to the position they start in. This season he was a threat going forward all the same, he’s always threatening but his shooting can be very poor at times along with his final ball, but he’s looked better in the short time. He’s a handful though, I wouldn’t say too many enjoy playing against him he’s one of those that you’re likely to get an elbow if you try to stay tight with him, and you can’t back off and let him face you because he could leave you well behind. Basically I’d say he’s an awkward player to mark. Hope he recovers quickly and that it’s a clean break, he’s a strong lad so I reckon he’ll come back stronger than ever.

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