FULL Arsenal injury update gives Arsenal title hopes BIG boost

Even though Arsenal have been managing to cope, to some extent or the other, with the lengthy injury list, we all know that it really is not helping us and we have seen plenty of times in the past just how damaging it can be to the success of Arsenal.

As our special injury page on Just Arsenal shows, Arsene Wenger is currently having to do without seven first team players in Wilshere, Welbeck, Sanchez, Rosicky, Cazorla, Coquelin and Arteta and that is only because our French midfielder Mathieu Flamini is set to be fit again for the Newcastle game on Saturday.

Flamini’s return is not the only good news though, as Wenger’s injury update on Arsenal.com shows. The best news is that Alexis Sanchez is going to be the first player back and although the Chilean is only a possible for Sunderland in the FA cup he is certain to be ready for Liverpool in the Premier League. Brilliant news I am sure you will agree and a massive boost to our title hopes.

There was more good news on Jack Wilshere as the boss reckons he will be back before the end of February. Before that, however, the prof might even be able to give Ozil a rest as Rosicky is three weeks away. We could also see Arteta again soon as the club captain is already back in training.

But will this boost stop the boss giving us another boost in the transfer market?

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    1. Just watched the arsenal game vs bournemouth and I just wanted to ask a question ?
      What would have been some of the articles if that pass from Giroud to Ozil was the other way around , cos i see ozil getting credit for masterful assists , but so far in the History of Football i think the top 2 players wid the most delightful assists are 1. BERGKAMP 2. GIROUD
      Go check all of their assists nd come back..

      1. U serious bro?! One good pass and you want a whole article about him?! Other than that pass Giroud was almost absent in the match and even missed a great scoring chance from a Özil pass.

      2. Giroud’s assist was absolute top class. Even in his 1st season with Arsenal, Giroud showed a nice soft touch and indeed has produced some great assists in his time but…….

        let us not jump straight into the pool of insanity by talking about greatest assists in “the History of Football.”

    2. The return of our injured pLayers is Great news…….. But the greater part would be not to Lose any of our currentLy uninjured pLayers………one name inparticuLar……OziL!!!

  1. so the egyptian hurricane elneny-o is signing for arsenal…

    if you look to your left you will see a mesut ozil…he will assist in your resettlement
    if you look to your right you will see wenger saying we will be busy in the January wind…WHATTTTTTTTTTT



    1. More chances of seeing flying pyramids than Wenger spending big…just ask ex Mrs Wenger!
      Anyway time to hit the pub…the boss has just left!

      1. if you want flying pyramids nikky…
        watch the movie stargate

        wenger wont spend big..but he will spend
        were gonna get underfloor heating at the emirates —yesssss

        campiones campiones ole ole ole

    2. Once you regain consciousness Muff youll realize that Wenger has mentioned he plans to be ACTIVE this month, not necessarilly spend BIG.

      I could see The Egyptian assasin(Elneby) and possibly the Croatian sensation(Brozosomething) arriving @ the Emirates and quite possibly Debuchy and Ospina(dont seee it, although speculation persists) heading in the opposite direction.

      Wenger spending Big equates to Muff watching Red Tube videos alone on a Friday night. Just doesnt happen

      1. Exactly!
        Wenger said that he will be busy ??
        Just like last summer! 24/7 … 7 days a week! ?

        IN – Elneny
        OUT- Debuchy to Villa and Ospina Off to Turkey.

        If he does sign anyone else. …. but don’t hold your breath!
        I would guess at:
        Samper 4.4million and Kokorin 4.4million ?

    3. IF this transfer news is true….. Wenger is likely buy a 3rd choice DM/B2B player for the future with the hopes that he into turn into a 2nd or 1st choice player.

      I don’t know if this player will excel or not but……….

      Almost every top money player started out as an inexpensive young hopeful. It is a gamble but just look at Bellerin’s rise so I never poo poo any acquisition until I know more.

  2. I foresee wenger bringing in at least two players this january, that’s gonna add up an enticing spice to the team. Wenger also admit that arsenal will be busy this january. Thanks for the injury update, but next time, the likes of arteta is not what we want see in the arsenal team.

  3. would this be the 1st egyptian in an Arsenal shirt?……… Get ready Egypt!!! We are bringing u the Love in “Red and white”….

  4. its all a smoke screen to justify only buying one player and that a unknown 7mill egyptian, the way i look at it all the midfielders plus welbeck we can expect to be out for the remainder of the season anything sooner is just a bonus. The most useless one Arteta(sighs) may return but thats about it, This is arsenal no player comes back on time or within a 4/5 months timeframe IMPOSSIBLE.

    We need to push for the title without all these guys and anyone relying on them coming bk is a fool.

  5. Feeling positive about this January onwards. It seems there will be a couple of additions to the squad in the January transfer window coupled with the upturn in form that usually comes after our annual injury crisis means we should finish the second half of the season strongly.

    City only really have Kompany and Fernando to come back into their squad

    UP dA ArSe

    1. Arteta’s days are done. He was a fine player for Arsenal but it is over. He can only help in an emergency. I only hope Wenger is not hanging onto the ghost of Arteta past.

      1. @mohawk
        Mikel can still be of use in Cup games to give Aaron a rest. He is still a good player, just match rusty is all…

  6. Rosicky is 3 weeks from resuming training. The only good news in the report is Sanchez. Wenger also said it takes 5 weeks from resuming training for guys like Wilshere to be match fit. This means late February or later for Welbeck, Wilshere and Rosicky to be playing again, which is bad news. All 3 are behind schedule.

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