FULL Arsenal injury update is NOT too disastrous!

It is not good news for Arsenal on the injury front by any means, with Arsene Wenger already having to cope with plenty of missing players already this season, but it could definitely have been worse. I certainly feared the worst after all the Arsenal players that missed the Champions League defeat in Germany on Tuesday, but we will have a few of them back for tomorrow.

The really good news for the Gunners is that Jack Wilshere, one of our star men so far this season, is available to play at Aston Villa. His ankle injury was just a slight turn and not as bad as the boss feared, as he reveals in an Arsenal.com report. Also, our new young defender Calum Chambers is over his illness and Flamini is available to shore up that weak midfield.

Wenger said, “We have [Calum] Chambers back because he had tonsillitis and wasn’t available. And everybody who started the game will be available again. Flamini’s back as well because he wasn’t on the team sheet. He’s back and available.

“[Jack is] available too. I was wrong [after the Dortmund game], it was his left ankle and it was only a click that made him turn his ankle a bit, so he’s alright.”

So that is the good news, Gooners, here is the bad news. Nacho Monreal is still out with a back problem, with the manager unable to give any indication of how long, but hoping that it will be a short term thing. And the unlucky French right back Mathieu Debuchy is going to have a medical procedure later today to determine whether he needs surgery. Depending on the results, Debuchy will miss either six weeks or three months, so it looks like Chambers and Bellerin will get a good chance to impress Wenger.

The other news is that Yaya Sanogo is still out of action with a slight hamstring problem, but it should not be for long. There is no mention of Theo Walcott, but he is expected to make his comeback to the first team squad in the next week or two.

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        1. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger admits he “rushed” Jack Wilshere back from injury too quickly by playing him in Saturday’s victory over Norwich.

  1. BREAKING NEWS: “Striker Close To Agreeing £90,000-a-week Deal With Arsenal”

    I’m sure this is a story that would please all gunners.

  2. as long as king jack is alright i mean the team plays around jack so what ever will we do without our main man doesn’t matter our slow dm are even more exposed doesn’t matter if our best player last season is a showdow of himself since he is playing higher up and doesn’t matter one of the best playmakers has been shifted out wide that all means nothing what matters is king jack stays fit and all listen to his commands in wenger we trust

        1. Of course, what I was saying was he is trying to disregard Jack and of course he can’t stand the manager. The hypocrisy I was talking about is that he is disregarding Wilshere but over hypes the other player, I won’t name Names. Prince. 😉

  3. I might be thinking outside the box but how about playing Bellerin as a DM, he has got the speed to get back and help out our defence.

    1. Your thinking is not outside the box it outside the stadium….. this boy must coming gto this team and all his life he has being playing Rb. I know what your plan is you want someone the fans well vent their anger on..right

    2. Your thinking is not outside the box it outside the stadium….. this boy just coming into this team and all his life he has being playing Rb. I know what your plan is you want someone the fans well vent their anger on..right

      1. @arselonia
        I have just popped back in. My plan was not for fans to vent their anger at Bellerin but to give some pace and cover for our defenders. Arteta and Flamini are to slow and get caught out to much.

    3. @Andrew.. It’s Friday night so I can understand where you head is at… But I don’t think you are thinking outside the box, you are more likely to be thinking outside your local Pub/Bar..

  4. No Debucy and no Monreal means we have only 4 1st team defenders and Bellerin and Hayden, I would say that is pretty disastrous.

    If Per is not covered by a really good DM playing in front of him, he is very susceptible to fast attackers, we dont have a good DM so Per is very, susceptible to the likes of Agbonlahor or Weiman etc. This will be a difficult game.

  5. Can’t wait to see agbonlahor in per’s back pocket..


    Don’t give much worries to our injury list as it should never have gotten to this farcical state with no defence!

    Saying that we can still beat them!!

    1. I hope so Mr. Nose, I hope you are right. They say hope is the last thing that dies. I am hoping that we will win.

      1. Still remember the amount of times Phil Thompson’s nose played pacey players just like agbonlahor on side…but saying that he was still a top defender!!

      2. I don’t know if you sensed the sarcasm jim..

        Me and you seem to have the same beliefs about our pitiful defence

        Agbonlahor will destroy merteslacker!!

        When giroud is fit .. Him and koscienly need to be paired at the heart of defence..!

        1. Agbonlahor aint destroying anyone. he is a poor player and just because you are slow Doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. Steve Bould was slow, John Terry is slow, Vidic was slow, Puyol was slow e.t.c.

          1. Steve Bould could still run faster than Per, today.

            Look Per is a decent defender, but Arsenal plays attacking football, that means we get caught on counter attacks quite a bit, we either need two fast defenders like Kos or we need a fast and strong DM to cover for the back two.
            Since we have neither, Per looks worse than he really is. Low took him out for a reason, Germany was playing attacking football and they were getting caught out at the back.

            We have the exact same problem. Per would excel in a team that played a deep defense with 8-9 guys behind the ball at all times, the way we play and his lack of speed just dont mix.

            1. In fifa he is very slow but he isn’t as slow as peopele think. Bouldy was slower imo and Mertesacker has plenty of pace but very slow off the mark (acceleration). Years ago he was Kocielny fast but then lost all of his acceleration due to injury. That is the whole point. Kocielny is meant to cover. We also conceded the least goals from set pieces last season with the leagues shortest and lightest team. Whoever prepared the zonal marking system deserves a beer.

      1. This site is a joke some people aint got a clue. People think that we have 200 million sloshing in the bank to spend but ppl aint got a clue about commercial finance, people have said that Joel Campbell is our second best attacking option based on 4 games, people have suggested with no qualifications or experience that are better than Wenger tactically and complain of being cheapwith a 70 million net spend?????

        1. @arsenalman365
          Have you ever heard the old saying you have to speculate to accumulate.

          PS I run two profitable business’s

          1. Btw this is from the guardian:
            Arsenal’s annual accounts again underlined the overall financial health of the club, although cash reserves of £207.9 million as of May 31 do give a misleading picture of the current availability of funds. Much of that money is needed for annual running costs – including the £34.6 million annual debt repayment on the Emirates – and also does not include Wenger’s summer transfer spending.

            It all means that Arsenal have already spent the majority of their enhanced income, although they could certainly afford a defender or holding midfielder in January in the region of £15 million. Chief executive Ivan Gazidis has also confirmed that significant resources will go towards upgrading the training facilities, the sports science department and also improvements in the global scouting network.

          2. Again runnimg 2 profitable businesses doesn’t mean jack unless you go in depth. Some people get lucky with small businesses (not saying you have), although it is difficult to maintain a decent cashflow. I don’t know you personally or know the size of your business. By the way I don’t think over 200 million would be in there doing nothing.

            1. Great players bring in more sales and sponsorship, which brings in more money to buy great players, which brings success, which brings in better sponsorships etc…

              Look, nobody is saying spend a billion like The Sheiks of City the, lets just spend the money we have. Trust me we dont need a rainy day fund if we have success.

              1. A better sports science department is key to prevent injuries and a great scouting network is also crucial when every club is looking for the next Henry. A rainy day fund is key e.g. City were fined 50 million for financial fair play (not saying it will happen to us). Commercial finance aint as simple as that Jimbeam.

  6. My team for villa


    Bellerin. Bfg. Kos. Nacho


    Ox ozil pod

    Alexis cambel

    60min sub. Pod for cazorla
    Cambel for wellbeck

    70 min sub in defence for chambers

  7. Who cares what players are fit the club,manager and just about everything is a complete shambles we will get beat tomorrow they will press us all over the park and then take full advantage of our defense can see us conceding another 2-3 goals!

  8. and sometimes i feel like ive wasted my precious dollars for the arsenal puma jacket and arsenal still cant win i feel betrayed 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  9. Sheesh.. This site could really do with some optimism.. Torn apart by Agbonlahor? 69 goals in 277 appearances, I’m terrified.

    1. Joel Campbell will comes off the bench in the 90th minute (Wenger time) and score 17 goals in injury time and Cksta will tear a hamstring.

    2. Andrew AFC if your cashflow is positive in your business then that is impressive as I know that it’s a struggle to balance the books.

  10. Lets be positive guys, with all thats going on lets get behind the team and be confident of an arsenal victory! The last thing the team needs now is negative support! Coyg!

    1. @Greg, I really dont think anyone within the Arsenal organization including the players are reading our comments.

      We are all essentially doing mental masturbation:-)

      Ship Ahoy! Seamen away 🙂

  11. abou diaby – what i might do. youtube
    if you haven’t seen that please all watch it. pains me too see this guy on the sidelines i wish just 1 season he could be injury free reminds me soo much of zidane, diaby is arsenals best player no dout about it

  12. Okay Gooners. This Villa game is ours for sure. The Gunners will not make any mistake of not winning the game to pocket all the 3 points to leave Villa with not a single point to smile and sake hands after encounter. So, keep supporting Arsenal without ceasing.

  13. Okay Gooners. This Villa game is ours for sure. The Gunners will not make any mistake of not winning the game to pocket all the 3 points to leave Villa with not a single point to make them smiling and saying hands after the encounter. So, keep supporting Arsenal without ceasing.

  14. Okay Gooners. This Villa game is ours for sure. The Gunners will not make any mistake of not winning the game to pocket all the 3 points to leave Villa with not a single point to make them smiling and saking hands after the encounter. So, keep supporting Arsenal without ceasing.

  15. All this talk about per again and whether he can tame abonglhor. Never mind this game I worry about the season as a whole with him at the back especially when he drifts up to rhe half way line and can’t get back. My nan could skin him hopping, I’d have anyone at the baxk but him. Whenever we are left with two at the back I fear for kos as he’s basically on his own. Per is done!!

  16. 4-4-2 (diamond) is what we should be playing,
    hopefully this will be what our team looks like when everyone’s fit

    I know there’s no wingers in this team but I believe theo can do well with a partner through the middle, Ox’s future is at CM/CAM so he can still be an influence off the bench in this system, Podolski is a CF so he would flourish playing off a partner like Giroud or Sanchez as St, Ozil also playing as CAM which we all want, he’s got guys behind him who’ll make runs into the box and also pacey strikers upfront to pick a perfect pass which he does best

  17. Arsene needs to make a statement with team selection. Ospina, bellerin, chambers, kos, gibbs….diaby, rosicky, cazorla…ox, welbz, campbell….that is a hungry and rested squad

  18. Yeahhhh!!!! Hi mr wenger…the spirit has come back again…its the start from now!!!!lets make aston villa game as the stair to epl champion fight!!!

    Who will play is up to mr wenger, becoz its still hard to see through little game how much arsenal player doing now…

    But surely i cant put arteta now becoz there pacey opponent,flamini or chamber is better…bellerin still need to work on his defending position,better for chamber with physical block…

    Allright,just let mr wenger put who will play in mid n forward, but welbeck, ramsey n sanchez is sure to play…the more we play inside penalty box, sanchez has high chance…welbeck just must perform shoot n pleasing goal rather than chilping,shoot we most power shoot and spirit…hopefully cazorla will play becoz he is match winner forsure…

    Anyway,we are fan will keep believe on our player becoz this is the best team since 2007…keep spirit high and lets show them arsenal spirit!!!!!

    Arsenal yeahhh!!!!

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