FULL Arsenal injury update – Not much good news to report

It looks like Arsenal fan’s hopes of having many players back after the international break look destined to be dashed, according to a report by John Cross in the Mirror. Arsene Wenger seemed optimistic a few days ago, but now it appears that only Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Hector Bellerin are expected to return to the fold, while muscular injuries to both Ramsey and Walcott will take a bit longer to recuperate if we don’t want to risk another setback.

Cross also revealed that Alexis Sanchez will also be unavailable on his return from South America as he is desperate need of a break, or he will be risking the same problems as Ramsey and Walcott from overplaying.

Danny Welbeck is making some progress but there is no actual return date yet for the England striker who has been out of action since April. Danny said on Arsenal.com: “It’s slow and steady but it’s coming along,”

“It’s difficult to see the lads when you’re still in the gym, doing double days, but once I get back out on the pitch and start running I will be much happier. It’s a difficult period for me but I’m looking forward to coming back strong.

“I want to get back out on the pitch, keep on improving, keep training and keep fit – that’s the main thing. I just want to get back to playing football.

“I’m trying to build to muscle and it’s hard, but it’s something that I’ve grasped with two hands and I’m really looking forward to my return.”

So are we Danny, but it looks like we will be waiting well into the New Year before we see him back in action. The same goes for Thomas Rosicky, who has returned to the gym after similar surgery to Welbeck’s and will probably return to fitness at the same time.

Lastly, It is a brave man that will predict when Jack Wilshere will be back in the squad, but there has been little information given in the last month. If Wenger’s early prediction of a January return is still accurate then we can have dreams of having a full squad gain after the New Year.

But the current situation after the break is that we should have two (Bellerin and The Ox) back next week, but we will be without Sanchez for a while. Unless of course the international cause us some more misery….

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  1. BabyPlease says:

    Well Bellerin and OX will still help us a lot baby please. I’m grateful for any returns at this point

    Ox can help us on the wings and Bellerin will complete our starting defensive line.

    With Cech, Bellerin, Monreal, Koscielny, Mertsacker and Coquelin at least we have all our defense sorted

    Cazorla and Ozil are our super central Midfield

    Alexis needs rest but I don’t see it happening until we get Ramsey and Walcott back as we are short enough as it is.

  2. Eddy Hoyte says:

    Hey Admin don’t put any unless please..
    don’t even think of a possibility that something might happen to Sanchez, he should get through with international duty and be rested for our next two matches please…We can win those games without him. I miss Welbeck a lot..I don’t know why but i have a strong feeling he’ll be doing fab whenever he’s not injured..and somehow someway my intuition always end up being right.

  3. Mehrzad says:

    these are useless articles that do have any info whatsoever than we already know
    it is international week and no league football so admin doesnt have much to write about so fills up the site with crap
    less quantity more quality please

    1. Mehrzad says:

      i meant do NOT have any information

      1. wizardry says:

        @mehrzad If you believe that you have a better topic to write about then please do so and submit it. But I don’t understand why you would think injury updates are irrelevant. Players might face a setback etc.

        1. Mehrzad says:

          i dont think injury update is irrelevant
          it is actually very relevant
          my point is that there are no news in this article. The last update we have heard is from the last Friday’s conference with AW and this article doesn’t add anything more.
          getting some time over, i may put myself together and write an article to publish in this site why not 🙂

      2. admin says:

        In fact the point of the article was that Ramsey and Walcott will still not be back for some time…..

        1. Fatboy Gooney says:

          Well put ?

          Don’t let the minority distract your good work Admin!

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Giroud says him being dropped for walcott was a wake up call…….Now he’s being vocal cuz walcott’s injured!…….. And he’s back to missing sitters b4 managing a goal……. I pray walcott returns sooner rather than Later and ignite the fire below his a**…… Seems like he knws nothing short of being Lazy when not in a competition….

  5. ephraim.chime says:

    Arsenal’s official prediction of return date for our injured players is becoming inaccurate of recent. Hope i am not wrong if i say “We (fans) are being told LIES”.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      It’s true that wenger hides the real extent of some injuries,
      Take Welbeck for example, his operation wasn’t mentioned until after the transfer window closed, yet wenger knew that the player was going to need it and be out of action for months.
      Wenger knows the art of covering cracks and biding time!

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