FULL Arsenal injury update – Ospina joins long list

With the news yesterday that the Germany doctors have diagnosed Mesut Ozil as “out for 10-12 weeks with partial lateral collateral ligament tear in left knee.” it is looking like our list of players on the treatment table is getting worse every season. The Gunners have issued their own statement which refuses to accept the Germany prognosis until our own medical team have assessed the damage.

The statement read: “Arsenal can confirm that midfielder Mesut Ozil is returning to London from international duty with Germany after picking up a knee injury during Sunday’s game at Chelsea.

“Ozil complained of a sore left knee after the game and the club advised the German FA to run medical checks when he joined up with his international squad.

“The club will make further assessments and it is too early to say how long Ozil may be out of action.”

Knowing Arsenal’s previous predictions of length of injury it would not surprise me if Ozil didn’t play again this season!

Less publicised is the fact that David Ospina has also been pulled out of Colombia’s friendlies against Canada and the USA after a recurrence of his thigh problem. I guess that is why Emiliano Martinez was on the bench for the Chelsea match last weekend?

Ozil now joins Olivier Giroud and Mathieu Debuchy on the long-term injury list, but the good news is that Theo Walcott and Serge Gnabry should be back in the squad after the international break. I’ll keep my fingers crossed on those two, but according to Wenger, Aaron Ramsey and Mikel Arteta will be coming back to training shortly afterwards as well so should be fully fit in two or three weeks.

Nacho Monreal is back in the squad after his back injury, but Yaya Sanogo hasn’t been mentioned much since suffering “a small hamstring injury” against Leicester six weeks ago.

Looking at it sensibly, the predictions are for us to have most of our crocks back by the end of the month, and with a fairly easy run of fixtures coming up we should be able to cope. What we DON’T want is to lose another couple of players during the international matches….

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    1. There must be an evil spirit specifically instructed to plague Arsenal with injuries. Even players that have no bad injury record, players that hardly got injured while in other clubs, once the arrive Arsenal, the just start having recurrent injuries.

      I say we get either an imam, a pastor, a priest, a buddhist, or just about any religious and spiritually inclined person to come banish that spirit.


      1. its arsenal’s style of play which brings aggression from other teams. We try play a tiki taka type of play and teams try to disrupt this by putting in physical challenges, this is why arsenals injury record is rather bad in my opinion…

        1. I completely agree with you mate. We are a very non-physical team. Teams know that they can bully us off the ball, and play a physical game, and we won’t cope with it. And as you said, this is why we pick up injuries.

          We are way too soft on the ball. Example, Flamini getting brushed off the ball by Erikson against spurs, which he then scored. A proper DM should NOT be shoved off of the ball… Especially by a player of Erikson’s size!

    2. All of you, read this very documented article. I know for a fact that most of you on this site are not very bright, but I believe in humanity so I will assume y’all are experts. First passing test is to add an extra slash after htto:/ to the link below because I am in no mood for waiting until admin is validating it.


      1. @ Budd ,Great article thank you. Just proves to show that our training methods are outdated and we should stop playing tiki-taka in the EPL.

        Maybe tiki-taka works elsewhere but in the toughest tackling league in Europe, you keep the ball- you get hurt.

        Look how few injuries Chelsea has. they play the same amount of games we do

  1. Ozil’s injury history:
    Schalke: Out for 7 days in total
    Bremen: 29 days
    Real Madrid: 0 days
    Arsenal: 133 (incl. latest injury)

    These are not just coincidences!
    I don’t believe we’re cursed.

    1. @PC. I don’t know where u got the stats but from a perspective of a football lover like me i 100% agree. I watch most of the games in the major leagues in Europe and i can say that something’s really wrong with our medical staff. I believe Arsenal records the most number of(long term) injuries in Europe per season.Just look at Fabrigas since he left, he has always be available for selection and i bet he will play over 40 games for Chelsea this season.So who is to blame for all this? Le Boss.

      1. I am glad you brought Fabregas into discussion because he had the same injury pattern at Barcelona as he did for Arsenal. Of course, we will never know for sure how badly injured he was at Arsenal or Barcelona but that’s not the point here.
        From the whole EPL there’s only one team playing possesion football. OK, so? you may ask. Well, when a team is having possesion and working hard to keep it the inevitable tackles to regain possession occur. Arsenal is having the record of sufferred tackles in a season so it’s pretty hard not to erode player joints especially after a 3 day runs as all top EPL play.
        What Arsenal and Barcelona haev in common? That tikki takka possesion football waiting for the gap to appear in order to strike. Personally I am not a fan of it and before you say anything please note there’s a HUGE difference in the style of the invincibles (direct pass and smart demarcation) and what we play today, a copycat of Barcelona glory years.
        Needless to say that a mourinesque style of play will $hit on tikki takka.

  2. It’s about time someone at the club not Wenger did an internal investigation as to why we get all these injuries and why the players stay out longer than those of other clubs,rather give our greedy yank a 3 million pound bonus we should use the money for this.

  3. Guys lets be realistic this season. We should be targeting top 4 finish this season and may give our full on FA cup. We can not cope up with Chelsea and City with squad depth even if we would have had all the players fit. But now with ever growing injury list, we are way behind them.
    I do not think Wenger is the man who can give us PL or CL…
    We definitely need a new Manager.
    The frustrating thing this year is Wenger again has gifted the title to another rival, this time Chelsea by allowing them to sign Cesc Fab.
    He easily would have had Cesc and Song back.
    Very Sad

      1. Been to easy to blame Wenger when things go wrong,he is the symptom not the root cause.stan is the cause of all our issues and needs to be forced out

  4. OT: Benik Afobe 11 goals for far during his loan spell at MK Dons, its refreshing to see our young guns doing well.

    Really sad state about the injuries, this just justifies our cries as fans for the club to have atleast 2 abled players for each spot who could compete and are rotated accordingly (Man City, Chelsea, Bayern, R. Madrid, Barc, hell even Eveton, Spurs, Hull, Southhampton, Swansea, etc have faily balanced squads than us). Its not about having billions as seen from my examples but its about buying wisely. Our club in recent years has been so unlike with injuries what made management think this season would be different. We have so many players on our bench who are not good enough for a first team spot at such a big club at Arsenal and its the reason we the fans get so nervous once our player goes down.

    God please let non of our players (especially our defenders) get futher knocks. Currently we can fill a full eleven of injured players.

    Debuchy Diaby (its never clear whether his fit or not) Monereal Gnaby
    Arteta Rambo
    Theo Ozil Sanogo

  5. Arsenal agm next week hope someone there questions Wenger and the board about our poor injury record as well as the ticket price increase

    1. Afraid only straight answer you will get is on, if you ask the Board the club’s profit figure next year and subsequent 2 years…rest will be staged managed as per usual!

  6. A disgrace, try asking the players why they keep getting injured!
    Shad Forsyth has a job on his hands.

    Off topic: Per not called up for the German sqaud, what a suprise!
    Defenders: Boateng (Bayern Munich), Durm (Borussia Dortmund), Ginter (Borussia Dortmund), Hummels( Borussia rtmund), Mustafi (Valencia), Rüdiger (Stuttgart), Rudy (Hoffenheim)

  7. I know most on here feel let down in our failure to sign a DM and CB do you think the players feel the same and is part of the reason for our poor start to the season ?

    1. We have had a tough schedule
      From now till Feruary
      we have mostly soft fixtures.
      I will reassess then.

      1. Fair point next few weeks and months will be a great chance for players like the ox to become first team starters

  8. In my opinion the board of the players association combined with fitness/physio/medical experts should be allowed to perform a detailed research within Arsenal’s (Arsene’s) methods. Invest big-time in research, development and assessment, it’s the only way to clear out things within a short period. But it’s almost like Wenger, staff and the board want to prevent negative conclusions for themselves will surface.

    Also, why is the man that Shad Forsythe was ought to replace still active within the club? Ridiculous policy by the club, which make it seem to me Arsenal are only a business when it comes to making money, not at firing staff who are working for a while and are the (indirect) cause of the many injuries, including Arsene himself.

    Imagine how players like Sanchez and Welbeck should feel now, I wouldn’t be surprised if they play a little bit with fear for their legs every day.

  9. Stage 1: Denial – may be its not that bad. May be the German FA are being to cautious

    It is then confirmed Ozil is out for 12 weeks

    Stage 2: Anger – **** you, Wenger. This is your fault mother******. Every ****ing season, dumbass. Want to try fixing this already?

    Stage 3: Bargaining – I’ll give up drinking for one morning if Ozil can come back ASAP

    Stage 4: Depression – I’m just going to lay in bed for the next 12 weeks

    Stage 5: Acceptance – Haven’t got this far yet.

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