FULL Arsenal injury update – Wilshere not serious, Cazorla more worrying

Arsenal are continuing their pre-season with a trip to Norway to face Viking Stavanger on Friday, and Arsene Wenger has already told us that Mesut Ozil, Laurent Koscielny and Olivier Giroud will not be involved after their international exertions.

The good news is that Alexis Sanchez has not been badly affected by his injury from the Copa America Final, and so will be involved in the two Scandinavian games. Jack Wilshere has also had a knee injury but Wenger has assured us it is not serious and he HOPES he will be involved. “It’s a slight patella problem but I think he should be with us on tour on Thursday,” Le Prof said. “I hope he will, yes.”

We already know that Per Mertesacker will be out until Christmas, and poor Danny Welbeck is still set to be out for most of the season again, but as Wenger has said “everyone else will be available” then we can assume thatGabriel has got over his tonsilitus and will be travelling to Norway. It usually is only acute for about a week so he should be okay by now.

A bigger worry is the fitness of our little Spaniard Santi Cazorla, who is struggling to get back to his usual level. Wenger thinks he will not be available for at least four weeks. He said after the Chivas game: “At the moment he is not completely there on the fitness front. That’s why I took him off at half-time.

“He’s a bit behind the others physically but I think he will be alright, maybe not on Aug. 15, but at the end of August he should be alright.”

The only other Arsenal player out is Carl Jenkinson. He is not even listed on Arsenal.com‘s injury list, but PhysioRoom is reporting that the lifelong Gooner will be out for another three months with his Cruciate Ligament injury. So he will probably be with the club until Christmas while he recovers and then Wenger will decide whether to send him out on loan again.

So that is all there is, and if Wenger brings in the promised replacements for Welbeck and Mertesacker we should be good to go for the new season.

Fingers crossed no-one else gets injured in the next two weeks!



  1. tread carefully with santi. was a huge loss not having him last year
    ot…Emanuele Giulianelli claims griezmann is our first target
    what a douche this emanuele is

    higuian benzema- his record is basically 0 and 5 with his stupid looking face

    1. I agree he was a huge loss. My only hope is that if he doesn’t play a lot that Ramsey can rediscover the same form he had alongside Arteta as Xhaka is basically a huge upgrade on Arteta so that might help Ramsey out.

      Plus with Giroud’s tendency to want to look at the sky with bewilderment on his face every time he gets a chance we could probably do with some goals from midfield.

      1. @RVp
        Would still prefer either Santi or Francis pairing Granit in mid. Though Aaron might have looked good while partnered with Mikel. He still made Mikel look bad in the eyes of many, due to his lack of defending…

  2. apparently santis issue is chronic problem with his achilles.
    summer didnt clear it up

    he alexis and kos are my fave players

        1. Walcott should at least have parity with rooney on £300k pw. I say give him at least £50k more to show we are not cheapskates and we mean business. It will show ambition, desire and commitment.

          Committment to what is another matter, probably stupidity.

      1. Walcott, Ox, and somewhat Wilshire are another milder version of Diaby, and Rosiicky. They spent more time on treatment table than on the pitch. Not to mention, the best piece of business LVG did was to get rid of Wellback(Not so well at all), and got away with 16 M easy cash from Mr. knows best, master of last minute transfer window deals. Wenger also did some stupid transaction in panic like Karlstrom which he was injured when he bought him, Bischop the German player who played only few minute in few years, Silvestere which was discarded by MU.
        So we all used to it, and this year is not going to be different from last 11 years. Since Dien the GM or Director of Football left Arsenal, and Wenger is not Manager but controls the transaction everything is went from bad to disaster. Where is our good coach Arsene Wenger, and who is this beast who replaced him.

        1. Kim kalstrom was signed on loan during the january transfer window. He injured his back immediatelt before deadline day and wenger only found out about the injury on deadline day. There was no time to find and sign anyone else so wenger did a revised deal with spartak moskow, wherby spartak paid the player wages whilst he was injured.

          What else should wenger have done? He could easily have pulled out saying player was injured so no deal. It would not have helped later in the season if we had needed the player.

          There is plenty to criticise wenger for but cheap gibes about signing injured players devalues your valid points.

  3. I have decided that I should just accept that we aren’t signing anybody of merit. It reduces the stress level and I don’t have to keep checking for transfer news or hear Wenger say that “the transfer window is always more active in the last few weeks,” by which time it takes a month to integrate players into the side and then is followed with the Wenger excuse of there wasn’t enough time for the other team to find a replacement. Williams would have been an acceptable fallback plan for 10 million now he is gone. If we get Mustafi and Lacazette I will be happy. 5 million here and there means nothing to the bottom line so pay the money. Why didn’t we clear out the dead wood get back the wages of Walcott, Debuchy and even Wilshire and use them to pay world class players. It is delusional to think Ozil and Sanchez will sign contracts when this is the extent of our ambition. Thanks for another year of Wenger’s version of the movie groundhog day. Good luck this season watching us struggle when we could have been competing for the league. Trophies equal increased sponsorship money, yet we continue to feed the Kroenke business machine making Arsenal the 5th most valuable team in the world and the number 1 most frustrating team to support. Boston Gooner Out.

  4. I have put together a list of our main players and my impression of their injury problems. One indicates a player that I normally expect to be available to play but they do have occasional injuries. Three indicates a player that I expect to have lots of injuries and cannot be relied upon to be available. Two is somewhere in between. I have not looked up their injury records, it is just my impression.
    Cech 1
    Ospina 2
    Debuchy 2
    Gibbs 3
    Gabriel 2
    Koscielny 2
    Holding 1
    Monreal 1
    Chambers 1
    Bellerin 1
    Ramsey 1
    Wiltshire 3
    Ozil 1
    Chamberlain 3
    Cazorla 2
    Xhaka 1
    Cowquelin 1
    Elneny 1
    Sanchez 2
    Giroud 1
    Walcott 3
    Iwobi 1
    Campbell 1

    Mertsacker 1
    Jenkinson 3
    Welbeck 3

    So that is 14 ones, 6 twos and 6 threes.

    Really there should be no threes and a few twos.

    I put ospina as a two as he seems fearless and gets injured, a bit difficult to criticise a goalie for that.

    Only my general feeling, I am sure many will disagree

    1. On your scale from 1 to 3, Wilshere should be 7!

      I agree with you though. Only difference I would make is Sanchez as 1. You can tell he’s well built physically and his fitness level is world class. Only injuries I’ve seen him have are muscle injuries which often occur after extreme stress (Sanchez has played +50-60 games a season for 5 seasons straight, including international matches).

    2. @jonm – I can see where you are coming from with your list and would only make 2 changes. I would put Ramsey at 2 and Ox at 2 as well. No science behind this but to me it seems you can always count on Ramsey to be out a few weeks with a hamstring or groin pull and Ox seems available more than I would think of a 3.

      Of course once players have had knee or ankle ligament problems more often than not they will never be the same player and will have many injuries to follow. I think Theo was never the same, Ramsey had many little injuries that follow him around and we will have to see how Ox and Santi fair. I think the players, like Theo and Ox, who rely on bursts of speed are typically more limited after a knee ligament that players like Santi and Ramsey who rely more on passing and dribbling and less on speed.

    3. Good piece of work. I would put Ospina and Sanchez in 1 group, Gabriel may be 1.5, because a fighter, and fights for every ball.

  5. Wilshere is always injured before the start of the season! Don’t be surprise if wenger comes out and say, ” jack is not ready yet, he should be available against liecester” and after that match he comes out again and say,”we had a set back on jack hopefully 2monthes times” next is breaking news “jack out ruled out for six month! Why not sell all this injury prone players, like Walcot,per,jack.gibbs, even ox, we shouldn’t be scared to let go in as much as we bring in better replacement!

  6. Santi worries me quite a bit. I have been concerned about his availability fro the time that players reported and it appears that AW knew that his situation was iffy and did not release that information. If Santi can’t be counted on thats a big blow because his creativity in midfield will be missed a lot.

  7. Last season: “Wilshere will be back in a few weeks”…”Wilshere will certainly be back in January”… “Wilshere is fit for the final game and we offer him new contract and increase his wages for his hard work” -_-

    Always expect Jack to be out 10x longer than Wenger suggests.

  8. i saw Man City have completed the signing of Sane, and it looks like Everton have signed Ashley williams.

    Im sure Williams would have made a good addition to our squad, and cover for Merts.

    why is it other clubs go out, and do the deals, whereas we are constantly haggling over price, or hearing wenger say we will be active, and then gadzidis say we cannot compete.

    the lunatics have definitely taken over the asylum at the emirates !!

    1. We don’t get many transfers done quickly because Wenger offers ridiculously low bids for players thereby winding up the selling club. Take Lacazette, Lyon clearly want 40 million for him but what does Wenger do…first offers 29-refused, then 33- refused, now final bid of 35. If he thinks Lacazette will improve our team then ffs offer 40 million. I also think Williams would have been a great signing, should have got him 2 years ago.

    2. Because our manager is Director of Football, General Manager, Head scouts, and on the sides personal advisor to Kroenke. so, their agenda is NOT to have a competitive team, just a team to make 4th place with minimal spending while keeping the Arsenal Brand that is why??????????

      1. Ezat, that is very negative, how could you come to such a conclusion. Talking about “brand” and minimal spending to achieve fourth place.

        You are a fan, you should be thinking anout the coming season and the glory of winning. Leave worrying about finances and “brand” to mr kroenke and his fine board of directors and manager, so they can line thir pockets with your money.

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