Full in-depth report on every Arsenal player – Who should stay and who should go?

It’s the time of the year where fans are reviewing their respective squads and deciding who should stay and who should go. Some get carried away treating the upcoming transfer window like it’s football manager. While I can understand some gooners calling for a massive overhaul, realistically that’s not going to happen if it’s true that 50-70 million is our budget.

So, here’s my list of who I keep and who I sell. Feel free to put your opinions in the comments..

Leno- Keeper- Keep
Not quite as impressive as some gooners make out but got better as the season went on. Predicted in Germany to progress into a world class keeper, will be better for learning about the physical nature of our League. Emery started off the campaign with him on the bench, wanting him to learn from Cech. Our undisputed number 1 but our manager will want him to have serious competition in case mistakes creep into his game.

Ospina- Keeper – Keep
Played well enough in Italy to make a loan move permanent but it should be noted Napoli stopped playing him as they were scared to trigger a clause which would force them to buy, in other words their keeping their options open. If our budget is low, why spend the limited money we have on a backup keeper when we already have one on our books? Emery could convince the Colombian to give it one last try to be our number 1 goalie. Cech has proved you can get plenty of minutes as the cup keeper, while if Leno makes mistakes, our manager wouldn’t be scared to replace him with a man who has starred in two World Cups.

Martinez- Keeper – Sell/loan
If the Argentine has a future at the Emirates, it’s now or never in terms of at least cementing his place as our back up keeper. Hard to know what Emery’s overall opinion is of him. Has had many loans out to the Championship so he has experience

Jenkinson- Defender – Sell
Starting to become a running joke about how Jenkinson finds a way to cling on to his Arsenal career. I admire his mentality as it must be hard to train every day knowing the club are willing to give you away but can’t find anyone willing to pay your wages. He realizes the moment his contract expires he will probably have to drop down a division to kick start his career.

Bellerin– Defender – Keep
Injury in January overshadowed that the Spaniard was one or our most improved performers under our new management. It was noticeable even when warming up on matchdays, the right back has been working on his crosses. If he carries on that form, he will soon be back on Barcelona’s radar. Long term, an asset worth cashing in if the price was right?

Lichtsteiner- Defender – Sell
No need for the club to activate another year on his contract, and I would be surprised if the Swiss would want them to. Having won numerous titles in Serie A, he has certain standards which he might not have found in England. I’m not going to be too critical. There is zero disgrace moving to the Premiership in your late thirties and finding it a step too far.

Maitland-Niles – Defender – Keep
I’m still not sure if long term he’s a full back, but that’s two managers now who have asked him to fill in that position so clearly they notice something. With Ramsey gone it’s important for the spirit of the dressing room that we have a British core. Niles spearheads a group of youngsters who are being promoted from our underage groups

Kolasinac- Defender – Sell
I am tired of us having to play 5 at the back to accommodate him. He is an example of how the club should have higher standards. If we have to change formations because our left back can’t defend then surely that indicates he shouldn’t be playing at the highest level? It’s not like he offers plenty of assists and goals going the other way. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

Monreal – Defender – Keep
Some gooners will say get rid of the entire defense but realistically that’s not going to happen, not with our expected budget. So, there is still an element of working with what we got. Monreal is one of the few leaders we have and unlike some of his peers you can never accuse him of not giving 100 percent. Even if he didn’t play every week, I think it’s useful having him around the place.

Holding –Defender – Keep
I can’t see our current owner paying a huge fee for a centre back, so Holding remains our great hope. The signs were, before his serious injury, that he was developing in to a top defender for us. Our defense needs to have the mentality of a British player who understands what it means to wear the crest, not an overseas talent who might see us as a stop gap.

Chambers-Defender – Keep
Hard to gauge Emery’s opinion of Chambers. Was his loan away part of his development or a sign that the manager just doesn’t rate him? Despite relegation Chambers did get positive reviews at Fulham, although some of those performances came in midfield. Again, if Stan Kroenke’s not going to fund a new back 4, should we build one around Chambers and Holding?

Mustafi- Defender – Sell
Everyone’s favorite scapegoat? Is the German any more inconsistent then those around him? The problem is for someone with his experience he should be mentally stronger which would help those around him. Too often he has a solid performance in a big game then follows it up the next week with a lack of concentration. Talk has always been that he’s struggled to bond with his teammates, while he no doubt hears/reads the critics from the terraces. He might benefit in to having a fresh start but who’s going to pay his salary?

Koscielny –Defender – Keep
Even if can no longer play three games a week, it’s worthwhile having his leadership qualities around the place. Some gooners were a bit premature to write him off when he returned from 9 months out injured. In reality, his peers were so bad Emery had to overplay his captain when he probably preferred to pick and choose his matches carefully. In the big fixtures Koss has still produced the goods, but clearly can no longer be relied on to start every week.

Sokratis- Defender – Keep
I find some gooners have gone a bit overboard about the Greeks debut campaign. I think there’s an element pf people wanting to believe we have a found a top defender, so trying to convince themselves that is the reality. In fact, has made just as many mistakes and shown poor discipline as much as anyone. What I do like is he clearly possesses the mentality that we need. You can see in his body language it hurts him to lose. He’s also old fashioned in terms of willing to fight if he has to.

Torreria- Midfield – Keep
In the first half of the season I would have put him in my team of the year. Then came the traditional south American player who’s used to a winter break and being with his family at xmas, with the Uruguayan’s form suffering through winter. But he is the type of player we have needed for years. Our only worry is given a couple of years, I can see the big boys queuing up to snatch him away.

Guendouzi- Midfield – Keep
Is it worrying that a teenager has looked one of our best leaders? Although the midfielder shows his age, you can tell it’s an honor for him to be playing at this level, so he gives it his all even in defeat. Some times he runs around like a headless chicken but it’s refreshing to see someone care so much. This is a youngster who this time last year was playing in France’s second division so Emery must be credited for trusting him to handle such a step up. There’s already talk that PSG are willing to pay 60 million to bring him home. While we don’t need to think about that, at least it’s a sign we have a resealable asset if we need one.

Xhaka – Midfield – Keep
Divides opinion but I have seen improvement under Emery and a personality inside the Swiss where he could become a future captain. People talk about how often he loses the ball but is it not a case of him being brave enough to attempt the Hollywood pass? Something tells me that tactically he’s more vital to the team then he gets credit for.

Elneny – Midfield -Sell
Not sure why some have gotten angry towards the Egyptian. Every squad has an Elneny. Someone just happy to be at a big club getting well paid, content not play every week, can come in and do the basic things well. That’s why he gets so emotional when he talks about his time in North London.

Ozil- Midfield – Keep
Like Ramsey, some Gooners were patting Emery on the back a few months in for being brave enough to drop one of our best players. Unlike Wenger apparently, our new boss wasn’t picking his team based on reputation. It was wishful thinking. Very soon it became clear that not playing Ozil or Ramsey meant playing Iwobi. It’s one thing talking about what the German can’t do but if his replacement can’t do what he can, then you’re just making the team worse!
Ozil lacks the consistency to be considered a World class player but under the current ownership we are not going to get better. Therefore, we need to make the best out of what we have. We are simply too rubbish to be not playing Ozil.

Mkhitaryan – Midfield – Keep
Doesn’t get the same stick that Ozil does despite equally being on a huge salary. In fact, has lacked consistency since arriving in English Football. Has only had one full season at Arsenal though, which has been disrupted by injuries just when he seems to find form. I would like to give him a little bit longer to work with Emery, especially considering the lack of creativity in the squad. If our budget was bigger than 50-70, maybe I would buy better player but this area is not a priority at the moment.

Iwobi -Midfield – Sell
Works hard but lacks a final ball and panics when he needs to shoot. The problem being is that he’s a creative midfielder so if you can’t do anything in the final third you’re kind of pointless. He’s had more then enough opportunities to get better and Arsenal need to be more ruthless and say he’s not good enough for this level.

Auba – Striker – Keep
I’ve actually been a bit harsh on him this season. Unlike Lacca, I feel unless he is scoring, he doesn’t contribute too much. When no one else in the League is scoring more goals then you it’s hardly a problem, but in 2019 a striker needs to do more then just put the ball in the back of the net. Emery took too long to realize he has to play his two strikers together so you could argue Auba has won the Golden Boot when not always playing in his preferred role. The more his bromance grows with Lacca, the better the two will become.

Lacca – Striker – Keep
My player of the season. He leads by example and most of his teammates could learn a few things from him. One of the few players who you can’t accuse of not giving everything. I would have him captain next season…

Tell me your choices. Please be kind in Comments

Dan Smith


    1. Agree, sell him no matter Arsenal win EL or not. Thanks for 3 FA Cups and 1 EL trophy, but it’s time for you to move on like Wenger

      I believe Juventus, Inter, Milan or Barcelona would be willing to pay his massive salary. Zidane might also want to work with him

      Just market him to Italy since we have Gazidis there or Barcelona because of Sanllehi’s connection. Arsenal might never win EPL again if he still slows down our attacks

    2. Another classic Dan Smith article ?? sell Iwobi while we keep both Ozil and Mikki. Why am I not surprised ??

  1. Keep Mikhitaryarn and Ozil, then sell Iwobi?

    I understand you are entitled to your own opinions. But I disagree with the above.

    Ozil and Mkhitharyarn are on heavy weekly salaries they are too expensive to serve as squad players and too poor to serve as first team players.
    I’d say sell them both.
    Keep Iwobi but only as a squad player, he is home grown talent and an academy trained player,unlike Mkhi and Ozil, he is also still young and could yet improve. Sell if an offer up to £25m is offered by other teams, otherwise, keep him for squad depth and home grown quota.

  2. Keep Ozil, Xhaka, and Miki? If you watch Arsenal regularly, and understand what constitutes quality performances, I am baffled that the writer could come to this conclusion?

    Xhaka has zero mobility, makes key mistakes (which he cannot recover from), and has flopped over his 3 year period at Arsenal. I would agree that he has improved this season, but it’s not enough of an improvement to keep for yet another year, in the hope he FINALLY has a good season.

    Ozil is a ghost of a player these days. Apart retaining, and recycling the ball very well, I am not sure what else he does anymore? His stamina levels are very poor as well, which is a major problem when playing in the most demanding league in the world. He very rarely turns up when you need him the most either. His wages WILL start causing a huge problem, as our star players will soon want the same when it comes to contract renewals, and any WC players that may join us will also want the same as Ozil.

    Miki has also flopped. He flopped at Utd, and now Arsenal (who play more to his strengths), so I think it’s just a case that he’s not suited to English football. I really wanted him when he was at Dortmund, but he’s poor now, and ageing like Ozil.

    These 3 players eat up a lot of wages as well. Get rid, and sign some younger, hungrier players, that have something to prove.

    1. I would like to make a case for Miki , he was rarely played as an Attacking midfielder but rather as Right winger to accomodate Ozil . The same goes for Iwobi who really needs to improve his game .
      This arsenal team doesnt have the worse players but is in desperate need of balance and leadership on the pitch . That being said we need to get rid of players above 30 and that includes Monreal and Kosc,Get Hermoso . Xhaka and Elneny need to be offloaded . We need Quality not Quantity . i will trade those 2 players for Thomas Partey or Ndidi .Mustafi needs to go as well
      AMN should be a utility player to plug holes and he should be getting games in the midfield as well . Sell Ozil and Miki and get a younger hungrier Attacking Midfielder like Kai Havertz or Forsberg .we need RW in the mould of Pepe who can assist and bring in goals . While this is a lot to do in one transfer window we can leave the left till January plugging the hole with Nelson and Iwobi . If we have extra funds we can say get Zaha or a Malcom like player on a loan as we lack explosive dynamic wing play. i will sell Ospina for MArtinez to get games .We need a Lb like Liverpool’s Robertson . Tierney comes to mind or Tagliafico
      For depth i believe we have hungy youths who are better than a good number of first team players .Players like Xavi Ameachi, Bukayo Saka ,Nketiah,Medley ,Bielik,ESR,Willock should get more games .This is just my opinion.
      We need to conduct are business properly or be left behind by other ambitious clubs as i fear Wolves and Everton are making a play to be better.

      1. You make a point about Miki being out of position a lot. If we can sell Ozil, sign a RW, then we’d have the option give Miki more game time centrally.

  3. I differ from you as follows- Os pina-sell-Martinez-keep-Monreal-sell-Socratis -sell – Xhaka-sell- Ozil -sell Mik-sell, Iwobi – keep and convert to a box to box midfielder.

  4. keep ozil,mkhitaryan and xhaka???whoops these guys cannot properly control a midfield,xhaka lacks the basic abilities of a midfielder (close control, dribbling, turning in tight spaces, acceleration, holding onto the ball.)only thing he’s average at is the passing the rest he’s zero..I remember the second leg against Valencia,three on three and xhaka passed the ball back there cos he couldn’t make a sharp turn..oh gosh even ozil is poor at holding the ball for longer than 3 seconds..that is what u control a midfield with,short passes, dribbling,close control and sharp turns and a little acceleration (ie not speed,there’s a difference).. and mkhitaryan oops “DEAD MEAT”has some of the traits but his form is dead..I’m not advocating for their sale but I know if I had a say I would know who to keep or sell..and don’t forget our comedians (pope mustafi and evangelist iwobi) lolzzzz ????

  5. Sell or release these dudes:

    GK: Ospina

    Fullbacks: Jenkinson, Lichtsteiner, Monreal

    CBs: Mustafi, Koscielny

    Midfielders: Elneny, Ozil, Xhaka, Mkhitaryan

    Or relegate them to the bench if they don’t want to budge

  6. I would sell Xhaka, Mkhi, Iwobi and Ozil too because let’s face it, they’ve been poor and the funds could be reinvested back into buying better, younger and hungrier players. You say we have to be ruthless with Iwobi, but why keep any of these four players who haven’t be good enough all season. I also disagree with selling Martinez, he deserves a chance and remember he qualifies as homegrown which we do not have enough of. He’s had a brilliant loan and should be the number 2 next season and so Ospina should be sold instead. Chambers should be sold to a lower premier league team because he fits that level better and he isn’t good enough for arsenal just like Iwobi.

    I do agree with Kolasinac though, i have been one of the few that want him gone because he can’t defend, can’t play as a proper fullback, is on massive wages and he would actually fetch us a decent profit in the market. I also agree to keep to keep Monreal for one more season only as a back up to a new first choice left back.

    The others are pretty straight forward decisions to make.

  7. Im ambivalent about Iwobi to be honest. If a good offer comes in for him then let him go, (maybe with a buyback clause,) and good luck to him, but as already mentioned, I think he is young enough to improve, and I suspect he will be forced to fight for his place if Nelson or a new winger join the team.
    As for Ozil or Mkhitharyan, the bigger problem may well be, who will buy them? If possible I would look to sell Mkhitharyan, purely because I think it would benfit both him and us, but I believe his agent is banned for 3 months, so it may not be possible. I think keeping Ozil could be useful, due partly to his higher skill ceiling and partly because he is a bigger draw for young players to work with, ie Hakim Ziyech.
    As for the defence, if Monreal does go then I would keep Kolasinac, whilst looking for another left back. Regardless of if Koscielny stays or not, Arsenal probably need two centre backs, (although we will probably only get one,) one to replace Mustafi, and one to cover for Koscielny. As Maitland Niles is theoretically a midfielder we also need to look at a another right back too.
    Looking at the goalkeeping options, Ospina has been looking to leave for several years, I doubt he would be happy to come back to Arsenal now. Must say that I do think its depressing really that Napoli, whilst willing to take him on permanently, think he is worth less than the £3.5million fee or whatever it is that was negotiated as part of the loan.
    Likewise, Martinez has indicated he is not prepared to sit on the bench all the time any more, he wants gametime and will not stay if he doesnt get it. So Im not surprised to see Arsenal being linked with other goalkeepers in the transfer gossip.
    I suspect that you are probably right about Xhaka being so important to the team. Whilst my preference would be to let him go if a decent offer came in for him, (I still think we can do better,) that may have to wait until next summer, when hopefully the issues regarding the defense, wide players other gaps in the team will have eased.

  8. One quick comment.


    So want this player to do well for us and be a mainstay of the team, but the following literally made me laugh;

    ” People talk about how often he loses the ball but is it not a case of him being brave enough to attempt the Hollywood pass?”

    Hollywood Passes ????

    The 30 yard “Hollywood” diagonals are great, no problem.

    It’s the 10 yard lateral pass, or letting the ball roll under your foot when totally unopposed that’s the problem !

    Lapses of concentration.

    In getting back to where we need to be , such lapses (fairly consistent ones at that) must be sorted – bit of a “keep” or “sell” conundrum.

    However, “In Unai We Trust” !

  9. 3 worst players this season
    1-iwobi ,dreadful player ,I’ve seen players in under 10s with more composure than him ,fans say he’s still young ,he’s 23 ,I’ve seen enough of his wasteful play in the last 3 years ,aweful player .
    2- Mustafi ,where do you start ,no point we all know what he’s capable of .
    3- XHaka ,I thought he was turning it around this season ,but no ,one paced ,turns slower than a tank ,meant to have a amazing left foot ,maybe to do his usual 5foot side ways passing but that’s it’s
    Now if we could get them sold off and could bring in 4 players like for like to replace them with real quality then we would serif have a good go next season .
    But we all know all 3 of them will be here next season and we will all be saying the same thing about them next season when it finishes ,club as no ambition .

    1. Whilst I would not go along in your particular order with our worst three, I DO passionately want all three gone ASAP. And several , others too. Really the whole outfield defence bar Holding and Mavrop in an ideal world , since I only love defenders who CAN defend.

  10. I agree with the article, barr the selling of Kolasinac.
    Hell I’d give Iwobi another chance next season.

    I keep hearing fans complain about Ozil and his salary, you guys need to get to terms with the fact that we’re most likely going to pay either the same wages or more to get or let alone keep class players these days.

    I really wana hear your solution to us selling Ozil, like which player, how much are we going to offer them for wages, how are they going to fit in the squad? AND PLEASE DON’T REGURGITATE THE SAME “WE NEED A WINGER” NONSENSE ONLY. THERE ARE PLENTY OF TEAMS PERFORMING WELL WITH OUT N OUT WINGERS.

    Think about it, we let go of Ramsey due to his high wage demands, what makes you guys think the next player won’t ask that from Arsenal, regardless of Ozil being there or not?

    Keep Ozil just like Iwobi and add players like Fornals and Oyarzabal. Defenders like Dias, Dakonam or Hermoso.

  11. Can someone please write an article on which of our young players and those who were on loan last year should be integrated into the main team

  12. Though I disagree with several of the “keeps ” and would like to sell Ozil, Mkhi and Iwobi, PROVIDED we can first bring in a quality creative and hard working midfieder, I do commend the thought and well argued views that make up this article. I also would prefer both Sokratis and Monreal also out but same applies about first replacing with quality. Surely I do not need to add that I also passionately want rid of Mustafi and took that as a given!

  13. The first appointntment Arsenal should make is Dennis Bergkamp as Technical Director. He grew up under the Ajax Amsterdam system, as exemplified by Johan Cryff of “total football”; a great football legend with both Arsenal and the Netherlands national team, great experience at developing and enhancing the technical skills of the current crop of outstanding young footballers at Ajax and a highly intelligent man both in his financial investments and his qualification as a professional Mechanical Engineer.
    His appointment should be a “no brainer” now that he has left Ajax, apparently due to philosophical disagreements with Marc Overmaars.
    Yet Raul and Vinal continue to dither about selecting a technical director, when Dennis Bergkamp is available and has expressed he would be happy to return to England!

  14. Dan.. first of all, the last sentence made me chuckle a little (please be kind in the comments!! ?)
    I agree with most of what you’ve said except –
    Kolasinac – obviously I don’t want my eye candy going anywhere!!
    Monreal – I’m not sure about him, getting on a bit now
    Chambers/Xhaka – undecided on both of these.. I know a lot of people like him, but I’m not overly keen on Chambers & Xhaka, well I’m fed up with his lapses in concentration, that prove to be very costly!
    Other than that, spot on!!

    1. Sue, I am astonished that you want a player to stay simply for his looks (as you perceive him). It gets a bit boring hearing you say how “lovely” he looks when he can’t defend to save his life. You mention Chambers/ Xhakas lack of concentration and fair enough, with Xhaka esp. But surely that same comment applies even more to Kolas? If any male fan wrote similarly about a female player being “eye candy” it would be , rightly, considered sexist. Don’t you think?

      1. Jon.. it was more tongue in cheek!! I survived when Petit & Podolski left us, so I’m pretty sure I will, if we decide to move Kolasinac on!
        Well that’s up to the individual, Jon… if Midkemma thinks Miedema is eye candy, then so be it! No I don’t think it’s sexist, just one’s way of expressing that someone is very nice looking!!
        So I suppose you ought to pray we do sell Kolasinac, or it will get even more boring for you!! ?

        1. Kolasinac is like a younger version of me, Sue, tight fitting shirt showing off muscles, although I`m adament he will never have a sense of humour like me ! hahaha
          As for Arsenal Womans team, I dont think it is sexist to admit that I would love to be the muscled man who holds the bars of soap in the showers for them !…………………..luckily enough I also have somewhere where they can hang their towels aswell ! hahahahahahaha

          1. ?? you know I had a funny feeling he was!! ? I think you’re quite safe there, LCM…with that s-o-h you’re unique!!! ?

            Hahaha!!! ??? you’d better get yourself down to Boreham Wood then!! Hilarious!!!

  15. Hi, good topic. I want to be harsh but fair and have thought about this good and hard. My changes from what is proposed:


    Ozil – chronic under performer and salary too high
    Xhaka – reinvest selling fee in upgrade = Declan Rice (NB this is the kind of daring transfer AFC used to specialise. In fact thinking about it player plus cash deal Xhaka to West Ham as that is his more appropriate level)
    Miki – mentality too questionable
    Ospina – based on promoting Martinez to 2nd choice and buying new young 3rd choice keeper

    Kolasinac – based on his ability to provide assists (he needs to rediscover this or he is out too)
    Martinez – see Ospina above

    Maitland Niles away from right back into midfield or out and out winger. Good footballer but defensive liability. Watch Chelsea target him in Baku.

    That’s it really

  16. Different subject here for a minute.

    I was thinking about RVP and how he tried to sound like a fan the other day, saying how we aren’t far off from winning the league, or we weren’t far off is what he basically said. I think this is him trying to be clever, he knows that we have a ways to go before catching up on the top two. So right before the final, he says something that he knows fans won’t agree with, and on top of that, AFC fans will want to disagree with him out of spite. All it will achieve is Arsenal fans cutting their teams legs off at the knees as they aim to put RVP in his place. I think that was sneaky tactics by RVP, something tells me that he doesn’t want to see Arsenal lift a European trophy, he had to leave and go to a one horse race for him to claim silverware, after everything we done in standing by him. I really hope we can shove this in peoples faces, in his face, a European trophy, it’d be a great way to start our revival …Come on you Gunners!!!!

  17. sell Xhaka
    Sell Koscielny
    Sell Ozil
    Promote Arsenal’s most talented youngsters. It is the best way for them to fulfill their potential.

  18. I dont see much interest in our youngsters which is telling I think … Am not sure how the German crew has done but I would put out maitland niles and wilocks on loan for sure to see what they could do in championship … Iwobi should be sold along with xhaka and mustafi … i would sell monreal as he is way past his best and lichsteiner
    S surely gone .. Willing to try a holding soc combo as center back partnership with kos and chambers as cover but want a world class left back and a promising right back as I assume jenko is a goner … Need to find a carzola type for midfield and a genuine pacey and direct winger with the Lille guy worth a big punt …. Would like more but if that happened could think of us moving forward

  19. A lot of these players will be going nowhere on the money they are on as no other team will pay them as much !……………..same as Bale at Real Madrid, who would seriously walk out on a contract that pays £600K per week ?
    People keep moaning about Ozil since he become a vegetarian and have played tricks on him like putting his salad up on a shelf he cant reach saying that his celery is too high ……………

  20. Pls promote the following into the first team next season. Perhaps not as starters. But cameos here and there.
    1- Saka : unreal, can be nightmare for defenders in a few years. he is the type of goalscoring winger we have been terribly lacking. And I mean don’t loan him to Wolfsburg or anywhere.
    Willock : Can really improve his game and fill in big shoes in midfield. Especially following Ramsey departure and our error waiting to happen Xhaka. I mean he has great games but I still panic when he has the ball. Too press prone!!!
    Nelson: important this lorryload of talent compete with Saka for a place on the wings. Even if both blooms they could hold both wings to themselves. We need to spend. But yes wisely.. We can’t risk them to have immediate impact. But they can be internal solutions if managed properly. Holding and Nketiah and Guendouzi could come into this fray and we are creating a great project. Just integrate them.. See Ajax.. Age means doesn’t mean much. We have to try. “You miss a hundred shots you don’t try”. 5 days to go. Road to Baku COYG!!!

    1. Fico, I agree and would add Medley, Ballard and a number of others. There is an ACM/striker playing in the U18’s by the name of Greenwood, who could be anything in 2 years. He came from the Newcastle youth system and was sought by Man U and other top clubs
      It surprises me how the talent in the academy appears to be overlooked.

  21. Sell Ozil, Miki.. And tell Iwobi the new season is his last chance and must now get to compete with whichever CAM or wingers bought or promoted. If no CAM is brought in. Let him compete with Ozil and sell Miki or vice versa. I don’t love Ozil anymore. (can’t have both frauds at my club another year) work with wingers in 433 and take Ziyech, Zaha, Pepe as top priorities)
    but then a new young top left back who can defend is needed. Tierney comes to mind
    Keep kolasinac but only as a squad option for a formation shift 343. Unlikely we fix this summer but I see Emery preferring a high energy 4231 or 433
    Sell Mustafi
    Sell Xhaka if replacement is found but keep if not.. crucial to this transition atm but can’t cut it for a tittle challenging team. Man can pass but is immobile and press prone. would just be wise to keep him another year until an upgrade is found.
    Keep Sokratis. But two new CBs are needed. Perhaps some Youngs guys who have world class potentials Saliba or Ndicka . Or at the least get an imposing world class aerial winning ball playing and left footed. Lol that’s alot right? Central back. And I’d be glad.. But then as I know. Arsenal will go ahead and buy Jonathan Anderson, Alexander Gomes and some bloke in Nimes.. and expect them to be Messi and Varane

  22. Is Monreal a leader? Not so sure about that. Kolasinac does chip in with assists & goals: 7 assists from 29 starts in Prem & Europa this season, 4 assists & 4 goals from 27 last season…. and he’s still only 25 while Monreal is 33. If we are to keep one & sell one & bring in a new left back, I’d sell Monreal. I also hope we sell Chambers, Mkhytarian & Ozil to help fund the Emery revolution.

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