Full Premier League Preview (Every single club!)


I have tried to be as subjective as possible buts it’s hard when you really dislike certain teams, players and managers. It might interest you that, when I started this review, I had Man City as champions but after some research (and soul searching) I came up with the below. It’s only MY opinion and a bit of fun.

Apologies to fans of Man City, Man Utd, Aston Villa, Leicester and Burnley as I am sure my review will differ from where you think your respective teams will finish.

1. Chelsea

Last year’s runners have the least liked manager in the premiership, unfortunately, for the rest of the league; Jose Mourinho is a born winner and will not go two seasons without winning a trophy. Shrewd signings of Felipe Luis, Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas make Chelsea stronger than last season and the team to beat. They might surprise people and play attractive football but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Prediction: If they can avoid Real Madrid expect good CL run. Bizarrely, if Chelsea have a bad start to the season I can see Mourinho is sacked. It really is a fine line!

2. Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has finally been allowed to spend some money on quality players. The signing of Sanchez has sent a buzz around the club. The loss of Sagna has been tempered with the purchase of Debuchy who had, already replaced Sagna in the French national team. Chambers reminds me of a young Alan Hansen. Last year’s 4th placed team, 7 points off the winners – Who knows what, would have happened last season had Ramsey & Walcott not got injured.

Prediction: If they sign a quality defensive midfielder could beat Chavski to the league.

CL – Quarter Finals and a good defence of their FA Cup

3. Man City

For many, they have the best squad in the Premiership but I am not so sure. I expected them to sign the players that Barca and Real bought! My tip for the FA Cup this season. In players like, Yaya Toure and Ken Aguero, will always be there or there about. I still have reservations about Demichelis and a Kompany injury makes them vulnerable.

Prediction: Eden Dzeko to score a hatful of goals but Pelligrini to part company with Citeh.

CL – Quarter Finals and FA Cup winners

4. Everton

A lot of you will be surprised I haven’t gone for Man Utd or Liverpool for last CL place. Martinez has bought a very good striker in Lukaku who now has a point to prove. Sound defensively and with an ambitious manager, I expect them to surprise a few people with their quality of football.

Prediction: Everton to lead/2nd in the table at Christmas

5. Liverpool

How do you replace the Suarez, simple answer is you don’t and that might come back and (pardon the pun) and bite them! Whilst I rate Brendan Rogers, I can see a touch of what Tottenham did last year with their Bale money. Kid in a sweet shop? That said, in Coutinho, Sterling, Llalana, Gerrard and Sturridge they have great attacking options.

Prediction: Last year’s runners up to struggle finding their best team.

CL Group stage & League cup winners

6. Man Utd

At least LVG doesn’t have to follow SAF: Has a massive rebuilding job on his hands and whilst I think Man Utd will be competitive, I don’t see them qualifying for the CL places. They have lost 3 of their back 4 and look short in mid field. Expect a move for Strootman before the window closes.

Howard Webb resigning biggest blow of all. Watch out premiership in 2015/16.

Prediction: League cup run

7. Tottenham

Where do I start? New manager/broom sweeps clean!

Spending over £100m should at the very least give you a good squad. I think they lack genuine quality, haven’t signed anybody of note (yet). That said, in Christian Eriksen they have a player capable of 20 plus goals and the manager proved how good he is even with limited resources.

Prediction: At least a (light) year away from winning a trophy.

8. Newcastle

They could get into the CL places and the fans would still hate the owner and manager.

Last season, saw glimpses of what Newcastle could achieve, did ever so well and then died a death. Only team who can genuinely say their fans are a 12th man. Two new strikers and a rock hard midfielder could help Pardew win the fans around.

Prediction: Fans to still hate Pardew

9. Sunderland

Gus Poyet performed a miracle last year. They proved last season that they have better players than people think, they have added Jack Rodwell who will be keen to prove his worth.

Prediction: Sunderland to play attractive and entertaining football, watch out for Giaccherini.

10, West Ham

West ham could easily finish in the top six but equally could flirt with relegation. Big Sam needs to start attracting players to West Ham BEFORE they move to the Olympic Stadium. I suspect the board undermining Sam will spur him on and West Ham could easily surprise a few teams this season. Great addition in goal last seasom and Zarate (if his mindset is right) and Valencia will score goals.

Prediction: Diego Poyet to win Young player of the year.

11. Crystal Palace

I take back everything I ever said about Tony Pulis. I used to think he was a dinosaur who encouraged ugly football. What he did last season is nothing short of miraculous. Build on that and they’ll establish themselves as a premiership team.

Prediction: Palace fans to be glad all over.

12. Hull

Steve Bruce is one of the games good guys. That won’t help him this season. Whilst Snodgrass and Ince are great buys, I can’t help feeling if they lose Shane Long, they won’t be able to replace him.

The Europa league won’t help their fight for survival.

Prediction: Safety their priority

13. Stoke

Mark Hughes could be the first manager sacked this season. It’s a shame as Stoke fans are fantastic and deserve a better quality of football. Great signing in Bojan Krkic, once touted as the next big thing.

Prediction: Hughes to be sacked by Christmas

14. Swansea

I’d never heard of the manager when he was appointed. Potentially have two very good forwards in Gomis (who I suspect might take time to adjust to the premiership) and Bony who scored 25 goals in a poor team. Sigurdsson back from Spurs will delight the Jack fans.

Prediction: Little to shout about this season but safety assured.

15. Southampton

Last year’s surprise package and most people’s tip for relegation. Still have the basis of a decent squad and who knows what gems their academy will unleash on the premiership this season?

Ronald Koeman is a winner and will sort the Saints out.

Prediction: Pelle to score 20+ goals (he scored 50 in 57 for Feyernoord) and keep them up.

16. WBA

How many managers have they been through in recent years? Best buy Joleon Lescott but they need more if this season isn’t another struggle.

Prediction: Misery all round.

17. QPR

Welcome back to the Premiership. ‘Arry knows his way round and if he keeps Remy, I’m sure they’ll stay up. Great signings in Caulker and Ferdinand (Rio). Some might argue their best signing is that of Glenn Hoddle. This doesn’t sit easy with me, time will tell.

Prediction: Good cup runs

18. Aston Villa

This might surprise a few of you but when you combine, an owner who doesn’t want the club, a manager who the fans want out and Roy Keane hovering, then that’s a recipe for disaster. Their three buys so far, Cole (Joe) Senderos and Richardson have all been relegated in the past. The warning signs are there.

Prediction: Lambert to be first manager sacked and Keane to replace him.

19. Leicester

Their signings have that of journeymen at best, most of the others I don’t know well enough to pass comment, it looks to me they are preparing for Championship football by signing two Brighton players. No stand out player.

Prediction: Nigel Pearson to be managing a team in the Championship by Christmas.

20. Burnley

Founder members of the league will struggle to survive. Their signings of Baird, Gilks, Taylor and Reid are all good Premiership professionals but not enough. I wish them luck but fear for them.

Prediction: Burnley to be everybody’s second team.

Champions League mini review If they can avoid each other, Real Madrid will play Barcelona in the Final at the Olympiastadion in Berlin, the attacking options available to them will be too much for Chelsea and Bayern who I expect to make the make semis. Quarter finalists will be made up of Arsenal (who will finally win their group), Man City, PSG and Ath Madrid.

Bad news for Italy with no clubs in the Q/F’s again. They really need a competitive AC & Inter in that league to challenge Juventus. Watch out for a 16 year old called Hakim Mastour, he was on the bench for AC Milan last season aged 15, he is being touted as the Italian Messi.

Written by Stuart Leigh

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  1. the Arsenal team puzzle is 2 prices missing.Most of you know what prices they.Does Le professor.

      1. right now we r fighting for third/fourth-as usual

        two necessary signings an we challenge-its that simple

          1. getting thumbs down for being positive abt our team… u must hv done somthing serious to piss them off…

    1. I am confident Arsenal will win EPL title if long Injury scares are removed.Hope Shad Forsythe will do a good job.Bring on Crystal Palace!

      1. If you think Arsenal will win the league. Will you finally change your name?

        Does Wenger winning the league mean we should sack him? If you are struggling for a new name what about;

        IWasWrong, ArsekingForForgiveness, DogHouse. Im sure people will be happy to suggest more names below

    2. City:

      Zabaleta – Kompany – Mangala – Kolarov
      Fernandinho – Toure
      Silva – Aguero- Nasri


      Azpilicueta – Cahill – Terry – Luis
      Fabregas – Matic
      Hazard – Oscar – Schurrle

      De Gea
      Evans – Jones – Smalling
      Valencia – Fletcher – Mata – Herrera – Young
      Rooney – RVP

      From an unbiased view point, City and Chelsea have quality in every spot. All of those players would be considered in the top 5 for their position in the PL, United still need 3 or 4 more, but you never know with the LVG effect. If we want the same, I’m afraid to say Arteta will inevitably be replaced with a dominating DM. Realistically, I’d say 3rd, retention of the FA Cup, latter stages (or winning) the C1 Cup, Last 8/4 of CL would be a good season (with the current crop of players). A DM + CB signing and we’re pushing for the league for sure… I’d say CL would still be beyond us even with a DM, we’d need a Reus or something of that nature.

  2. Most analysts are predicting Chelsea to win the league. Based on that I can almost guarantee Chelsea will NOT win the league. I don’t have any inside info, I just know there will be surprises aplenty – it rarely works out in reality as it does on paper – and some clubs have not even finished player acquisitions.

    1. Chelsea’s only good signing is Fabregas, Diego Costa I think is overrated and a bit hot or cold from what I’ve seen, Costa could quite possibly flop, in my opinion, he’s not the definition of a ‘World Class Striker’ and as for Fellipe Luis, I haven’t watched enough of him to make a judgement however if we bring in one more marquee signing then I’ll be convinced that we’ve had the best transfer window out of any other club in the Premier League.

      1. your wrong matt, diego costa is not like torres who was already showing a decline at liverpool b4 he left. he hasnt peaked yet- he is a quality striker.i watched their team all last year- he is the truth

        felipe luis is a class left back- has been so at athletico for years.

        right now chelsea are favourites

        1. Fair play mate, however just from watching Costa in the World Cup he was absolutely shit! Even though his whole team were but he stood out haha. We are definitely one signing away from me thinking we can win the title…

          1. i hear u man- but by that logic- cavani is crap, aguero is crap,lukaku is crap,yaya toure is crap- they all had very poor world cup- means nothing believe me

          2. You are right about Costa. And he has really only had that one good season. Bendtner has more career goals at about the same age.

            I think Costa need the right club to excel. He has no pace but he is a street fighter who will battle.

            Will Chelsea be that right club? Who knows? But the #1 Spanish National Team is clearly not the right club so………..

            1. costa has no pace? smh oh dear.dont think you know him at all

              an your comparing someone who scored in one campaign 35 goals leading the line for a la liga winning champions league finalist team to bentdner-
              mate wtf-

              if we had him – it would be – world class this world class that- hes amazing bla bla bla

              dnt be biased bro

      2. for me costa is better signing for jose than cesc..logic costa knows how to play jose’s brand football as deigo plays the same brand ie hit ur opponents on counter attack…while cesc know total possession or arsene’s mixed breed

  3. carvalho – £25m
    howedes or any other versatile defender who can play any defensive position – £15m
    Reus – most probably next season, but if he is really available for £21m then why not

  4. Bit off topic but I swear Ryo Miyaichi is always injured now? I don’t see why it bothers people because he’s certainly not good enough for Arsenal, he’s quite puny and weak and always gets injured, no where near Arsenal quality, we need to flog him.

    1. Does it really matter for the Arsenal squad that Ryo is injured? There is no way he will ever find his way onto the pitch with the current squad makeup unless he can pull off a meteoric rise of galactic proportions.

      The reality is……… Ryo is just not up to Arsenal quality. Time he goes to a club where he can play.

  5. Crystal Palace at #11? – Will not happen. It would be difficult to repeat last season’s miracle again. Furthermore, Palace has not been focused on improving the squad and now they do not even have a coach a day before the league start – they are certain to be in disarray.

  6. Chelsea are slim favourite.
    Hard to win back to back
    so City will struggle to win it.
    If LVG RVP and Rooney hit form
    Utd could do it.
    Rogers is too inexperienced.
    If Arsenals talent actually performs
    and injury levels are reasonable
    Arsenal wll go very close.
    Everton + Spurs will cause a few upsets but won’t win.
    So to me its between Arsenal and Chelsea.
    The Mou V The Weng.

  7. This article gives the nod to Chelsea partly because Mourinho “is a winner.” There is something to that argument but Mourinho is often a winner because he ONLY goes to a big club that has recently spent wildly on players with the promise of even more players to follow. It certainly is a lot easier to win with billion or so in new acquisitions. Chelsea have spent more over the past few years than even ManCity did in their buildup.

    Mourinho also quickly abandons every club as soon as he sees the cracks on the armor than he helped design. Great coach, or hired gun and disloyal snake? You decide.

  8. Honest and fairly preview. However, I dont see Everton in 4th, come may. I think ManU or Liverpool will pip them to it.

    Pulis has left Palace, I would take them out of that position until a new Man comes in.

    As for us, you never can tell.

    1. I agree. They have a fine coach but the makeup of their squad has not really changed much from last season while other big clubs are adding players and improving significantly. Everton would really need to show something special to make 4th.

      1. Pulis was the reason Crystal Palace performed so well. Unless they get an awesome manager, which is unlikely, I do expect them to be relegated.

  9. Would absolutely love to see Man United fail in the transfer market again! In my opinion, they’ve overspent massively so far on overrated talent. Luke Shaw looked the business for Southampton but to pay 31mil for a 19 year old and give him 120k per week? Rediculous! As for Herrera, I’d never even heard of the guy before they signed him, they got him for 30mil, only time will tell with him but I think that’s overpriced. Looks like they’re not going to get Vidal now and hopefully PSG sign Di Maria so United will miss out on Di Maria and they’ll need to sell Cavani probably for financial fair play.

  10. – We all know whose got the strongest squads – Chelsea / Man City

    – We all know who will be trying to prove a point mostly – Man U / Spurs / Liverpool

    – We all know who are seasoned tricky customers – Everton / Southampton / Swansea

    – We all know who could shock you in some games if not well prepared or who could be bad in another game – West Ham / West Brom / Newcastle / Stoke / Sunderland

    -We all know who will be fighting for survival or also challenging for mid table slots as the teams above – Aston Villa / Palace / Hull

    – We all know the new boys – Leicester / Burnley / QPR (Should be considered as surprise packages, tricky to determine there destiny right now, APPROACH with caution).

    – And the we have the ARSENAL – with the necessary strengthening of the squad (CB / DM / WC “ST” if we can) , the sky could be limit this season. Currently the team can make it into top 3 without injuries to key players and consistency in form (aint sure which position exactly though. We will have to wait and see).

    Another mouth watering season ahead, cant wait!!!

    1. On paper with all players uninjured and in form City and Chelsea have the edge squad quality wise. A lot will depend though on random factors; fitness and form. I am not convinced by the City depth argument – they struggled last season at different times without Kompany and Aquero. Their front 4 looks great on paper but brittle in reality; injury prone (Aguero) and form dropping off a cliff for some (Negredo). Chelsea’s depth won’t help them if Costa and/or Cahill gets injured. Also they depend on 2 players for nearly all their creativity, Hazard and now Fabregas. The title will be probably be ultimately decided by who has the least critical injury list over the season.

  11. I find it suspicious that Man City have so many first team players signing new contracts this week.. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks they’ve found a way of shifting their wage bill off the books to get around FFP somehow. I can never see them as a straight up honest club.

    1. You have right to be suspicious. It is not a conspiracy but clubs will find ways to get around FFP – especially clubs that spent heavily BEFORE this season.

      Lower level clubs trying to make a run at CL from now on will find it much harder than in the past.

    1. I don’t know which big 5 you are talking about but…….

      Even analysts who, in the past, have often wrongly predicted Arsenal to finish below 4th place are projecting Arsenal to get 2nd or 3rd. These are analysts who ALWAYS under-predict Arsenal.

      So I find it suspicious that one “Arsenal Fan” is the only person to believe Arsenal is weak this season – very suspicious.

  12. For the people who wants Höwedes: look Schalke versus Real Madrid or Germany versus Ghana. You can look every other German WC-game too. Höwedes was the worst! He looks like a amateur.

    1. I thought he was Germany’s weak link in the World Cup, but I guess its a bit harsh to judge him on that as he was played out of his preferred position.

    2. i just dont know the fuss about Howedes. He is paceless and Arsenal fans still want him. Am done with Merts atleast he compliments his lack of pace with his nice positioning but Howedes?? No, not everybody can be like Mert. We have too much of slow centreback, (Miguel and Monreal) included.

    3. You are right. Howedes sucks. He gave up so many goals in the WC.. Oh, wait – that was the 50 mil man, David Luiz.

      The problem is…….. I actually watched all the German WC games. Clearly you have a bias. Even if he was the weakest German in the squad (which he was not) that would make him the “weak link” in a squad that gave up maybe 4 goals in 7 games playing some of the best teams in the world.

      Please. Your bias is exposed.

  13. Agree with chelsea possibly winning thats abt it it, for me chavs and city r front runners but I would never count United out not wuth lvg he will get that extra out of every player even if he buys no one else now. I do think Vidal abd di maria will be united players however, liverpool will be up there aswell.

    With our current squad sorry to say its arsenal who will drop out of the top 4, we have simply replaced players in our defence not strengthened its a matter of opinion on sagna/debuch fab/ospina verm/chambers plus letting jenko go on loan and no D.m bought.
    Unless 2 quality defensive players r bought we will struggle be it ozil,sanchez etc produce or not.
    Defensive deficensieswill cost us as they have Always done.
    D.m & c.bk and we will challenge thats a certainty.

    1. Lmfao.
      Because defensive deficiencies cost us last season???
      F*cking idiot….
      Our ineffective attack, injurys and collapse against our rivals cost us, take away the the drubbings and we have the best defensive record by a country mile.
      Also Wenger has made it clear hes signing cb to replace vermaleen and even if he doesn’t it wont make much difference from last year as vermaleen was terrible and always injured and im sure chambers can do a better job. Also if you think loaning out jenkinson will have any bearing on our season you need help.
      Arsenal need a CB and DM to compete for the title not to finish in the top looool.
      You pessimistic c*nts do my head in.

  14. If we remain without buying a DM we won’t finish 2nd. Man Utd will finish much higher than 6th as well. I hope to god we don’t end up relying on Chambers/Monreal as makeshift CB pairing if Kos and Mert were ever injured at the same time. 1 City. 2. Chelsea. 3 Man Utd. 4 Arsenal. 5 Liverpool

  15. Sky News Wenger has just stated that he is not buying anymore players in this transfer window. Wenger has just made a big mistake which will cost Arsenal any chance of silverware this season. Wenger is now back to his old way’s a Leopard never changes it spots.
    I am really disappointed I WAS looking forward to the season ahead now I could not care less.
    Arsenal not strong enough to compete for major honours. Once again you Mr Wenger have let the Fan’s down.

      1. Good morning. It is time to wake up from whatever goofy dream you are having and maybe join us in realityville.

        Arsenal need a RB? Arsenal have Debuchy and Chambers. Bellerin is one of best-looking players in the reserves and Wenger has enough assets to send Jenks on loan. What makes you think Arsene is looking for a FIFTH RB? Delusional.

      2. We don’t need both LW and ST at the same time, we only need 1 of d 2 regarding where sanchez will play, we don’t need right back either Debuchy-chambers and then there’s arsenal’s current king of speed in person of bellerin, as for CB yes, DM yes LB?? Anyway

      1. To be fair we’ve had six already and still nothing. We should’ve got another even before TV5 left.

        1. NOTHING???? Where have you been, we got Chambers, Sanchez, Debuchy and Ospina, nothing???? Really good quality players, he will buy, you know Arsene, smoke screen.

          1. So out of all of those name one world class CB or DM. None!! Debuchy is Sagna replacement. Ospina is Fabianski replacement. Chambers is only 19!! Those two areas are gonna cost us big time again.

    1. if your support and caring for this club was hinged upon another signing go be a fan of another team…
      fickle, flip-flopping, glory hunting fans… who needs them

  16. Chelsea are favourites as we stand due to their defensive foundation, pacey wingers and now the creativity of fabregas and oscar in mf. They also have a large squad. If we sign more players we will challenge for the 1st place spot. On Costa I think he could be prolific of he starts scoring early on, I also heard Danny Murphy saying yesterday that he has a horrendous discipline record and is known for butting people etc. If cbs start to get in his face and wind him up he could become the new suarez of the pl spending a lot of time banned due to red cards. Spread the word #windupcosta

  17. Chelsea will be amazing this year. Costa is like the old Drogba and Fabregas is better than Ozil in that he scores goals as well as assists

  18. @dandygunner. You worried me there saying no more signings, glad I then rwad th14’s comment. Still think arsene will buy a cb and dm player or one that can do both. I also have a gut feeling we could see another deadline day big signing.

    1. Exactly this is the same arsene who said he’d only sign 2-3 players, dont believe a word he says.
      I still think we’ll get a CB/DM and a big name signing.

  19. United are digging themselves into a very expensive hole. Just over 2 weeks to go and they need several players plus a marquee midfielder and it still looks like they won’t be getting anyone soon. Everyone knows they have money to spend. They’re going to get robbed with panic buys.

    Two successive home defeats and United will be on the ropes again. New confidence and optimism gone. They’ll either come 3rd or 5th in my opinion.

    Man City won’t retain their title, but they’ll be in the run for it. Chelsea and Arsenal will battle for it until the end. I can sense we’ll get another big name before the end of the transfer window, we’ve only spent a net £30-40m so far, plenty left. If we do sign a good player, I can genuinely see us winning it. Hopefully we can win the title at Old Trafford to really rub it in – we play there in the 37th game.

    And on a personal note, I’d love to see Wenger get one over on Mourinho. He’s been disrespected far too much and for too long.

    1. talk is all his had… ancelloti has already made him look like the mercenary he is taking just one season to win the CL with Real. I hope they draw Real Madrid and Ronaldo and co. are merciless against their former ‘specialist in failure.’ can think of few things that would be as sweet as watching that unfold, and the painful, humbling realization of what he is…

    1. 11th was a very optimistic prediction to begin with. it would be very difficult to repeat last season’s miracle without reinforcements. without their coach, things will get even tougher.

  20. I’m confident Arsenal will win the league. Sanchez, Walcott, Ox, Ozil, Cazorla = total carnage. Power + pace.

    1. Not without a proper holding midfielder I’m afraid, until we bring in one more marquee signing, I’m not convinced we can win the league.

  21. This article is basically saying we won’t win anything. Even if we have a better squad than the one that won the FA Cup last season.

  22. Dear Arsenal fans,

    “I’m happy with the players I signed, with their quality and their attitude,” Wenger said. “There hasn’t been a massive change but we signed Debuchy, Sanchez, Ospina and Chambers, all of them have integrated well mentally into the team.

    “We are not destabilised and I feel it’s a strong reinforcement of our squad. Will I still do something? I don’t rule it out. Our finances are still healthy but we want to go through in the Champions League group stages to do that.

    “Number-wise we are maybe a little short in some areas of the game but the depth of the squad is very good.

    “Up front we have plenty of candidates. Joel Campbell has joined us again, plus the new signings, while Walcott is coming back at the end of the month. So if you look at the number of players we have up front, we have unbelievable strength.”

    Arsène Wenger

  23. To be honest we have never replaced Patrick V and I have been preaching for years we need a player of similar stature to cover that very important area in front of the back 4. This area was exploited 3//4 times last season when we were decimated away from home. To be title contenders we need to plug that gap and Mr Wenger should be aware of that and busting a gut to find a suitable player.

    1. Aint sure mate, its really hard to read Wenger mind or his comments. People think Mou is the king at mind games, well Wenger is a god in that respect. He might say this and do the other the next minute.

      Strap on your seat belts, we are in for a ride until transfer deadline day and all will be revealed.

  24. I think people are writing us off. Our squad managed to come 7 points off the top with so many key injuries at the wrong time. We have massively improved with some great signings this summer and I think we will challenge strongly for the league.

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