Full Video Documentary: Arsenal were lucky to be blessed with 15 years of Lee Dixon

Lee Dixon spent an astonishing 15 seasons at Arsenal FC, and will easily go down as one of the legends of our side.

Despite such an amazing tally of outings for our side (618), he only sits fourth in our all-time list at present of those to make the most appearances for our side, with 104 less appearances than fellow defender David O-Leary (722).

Dixon was amongst a host of leaders on the pitch for Arsenal, around the time he stepped down from playing in 2002, but he will always go down as the best right-back of my generation.

Will there ever be a better right-back for Arsenal?



  1. Got him in the lift going up to my seat just before Lockdown. red and white scarf round his neck, jokingly said “thought you were a City fan Dix” he replied “You can’t spend 15 years at a club and not support them”. Lovely guy, very approachable and a great right back. Any balls that eluded Adams, Bould, Keown or O’Leary you’d always see Dixie sweeping up behind, never failed. Our Keepers must have loved him

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