Arsenal cannot focus TOO MUCH on beating Barcelona!

In his press conference ahead of the Arsenal v Barcelona match in the Champions League, Arsene Wenger spoke yesterday about how tough our task will be against Barcelona, the current holders, in the Champions League. As reported by The Mirror the Frenchman was full of praise for our opponents and especially their dangerous attacking trio of Messi, Neymar and Suarez.

But Wenger also sounded at least hopeful of getting a result, as long as the Gunners do not help out the Spanish La Liga champions by giving them any easy goals or making their job easier by getting a man sent off. He also suggested that all 11 Arsenal players need to be on the ball and fully focused throughout the match.

The boss said, “Barcelona are super favourites, we need to raise the urgency level.

“Tomorrow everybody is convinced we need to absolutely be totally focused to have a chance.

“Belief, confidence and let’s go for it.”

However, he also reminded his players that this game at home is only half the tie and so we should not worry too much about getting the right result here.

He went on, “Last year we were favourites against Monaco, it’s the biggest upset we have known in recent years.

“We didn’t start the game well and we paid for it.

“So tomorrow we need a good mixture between commitment and keep our nerves. No stupid fouls or red card like happened before.”

I like this comment from the manager and not just because it might stop the Gunners from over exposing ourselves at the Emirates tonight. What I am worried about is that our players are so focused on doing well in this UCL match that the wrong result could have repercussions over the coming weeks.

Our game against Man United in the Premier League at the weekend is more important and a heavy defeat to Barcelona would be damaging but if the players are so focused on beating the Spaniards and fail to do so, could that also damage our Premier League chances?

It is a bit of a balancing act, but can Arsenal fully focus on this Barcelona game without letting a bad result get to us too much?

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  1. I don’t know may be am being biased or unprofessional, but I see us getting 3 massive points today. We have done it before with worse team. #COYG
    “If you don’t believe you can do it, then you stand no chance at all”-WENGER

  2. I have a feeling that our back 6 will give their best and be on top of their game.
    Sanchez will also want to prove his old club wrong.
    Ozil will also want to hurt his old nemesis.

    But that will not stop the abracadabra of

      1. Hahaha. … Yesterday you predicted 1-4 ?
        Now 1-3…And by kick off… 1-2?

        Apparently, according to Gabriel, Arsenal have been working on a secret tactic to beat Barcelona.

        Obviously, he didn’t give any clues away! ?

        Let’s hope that it works! ?

        1. Personally… I would start with Flamini and instruct him to take out Messi and Suarez with two super-quick- round- house-kung-fu kicks ? Flamini gets a year bann, we play out with 10 men, draw the game, whilst keeping a cleansheet, Messi and Suarez miss the return leg, due to broken jaws!… We get a score draw at the Nou Camp and into the quarterfinals! …. Mission Complete ???

            1. and we dont see him again….This Guy is a weak link, gets himself into attacking positions and then unable to finish – rather sit back and give some that might score that opportunity.

  3. I have a gut feeling that everyone of arsenal players will turn up tonight…and i wish every fan at the stadium makes sure they roar and encourage them…

  4. Not sure what to expect, can we humble them or will their A game just be too too much. Allot of chasing shadows I expect this. Also like Charlie said I expect to be scared shitless everytime their strikers move in on goal. I expect to read comments in here that rip into our strikers saying look they are the real top strikers ours are mediocre. I expect Barca to leave themselves open and us to get good opportunities ..just hope we take them.

  5. In the office but my mind cant wait for today’s game!!I hate why people are very negative….The media also makes it look like Barca are playing Shrewsbury Town.We are Arsenal and with tactical awareness Barca are beatable,go fo pace and long balls on the counter,dont try tik-tak with them,so my team is
    Bellerin Per Kos Nacho
    Ramsey Coquelin
    Walcott Ozil Sanchez

  6. Barcelona will have most of the possesion. Very high percentage. We can’t stop that and we won’t be able to play the usual attacking football BUT we can win by Defnding well, waiting for them to make the rare mistake and scoring on the counter-attack

    Again this all revolves around
    Defending like crazy
    being patient and waiting for the counter attacks
    Precision finishing

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