Further fuel to the Vlahovic-Arsenal rumours as he misses Sunday’s fixture

Dusan Vlahovic has been left out of Fiorentina’s Serie A fixture with Cagliari, further fuelling the fire to the recent rumours of a move to Arsenal.

The Gunners have been linked with the Serbian striker almost every day since the January transfer window opened, and with just over a week left of before the deal must be done, things are heating up.

A potentially huge development could well have come this weekend, with his current club not naming the 21 year-old for their playing squad for their match in Cagliari, while there is no confirmation as to why.

Fiorentina have announced that two unnamed players have tested positive for Coronavirus ahead of the fixture however, which is more than a reasonable reason for Dusan to be missing from the squad, but that could easily be an excuse, with many reports at present claiming of an offer from our club to the future star.

While it is wishful thinking to believe that he is missing tomorrow’s fixture due to talks with us, or due to an impending transfer to the Emirates club, the most likely reality is that he has in fact tested positive for Covid, although it could also be that he is simply distracted by the decision that he has to make on his future, with a move to Arsenal well in his mind amidst the rumours.

Is Covid an easy excuse currently for player absences? Could we finally be closing in on this deal?


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  1. While I like the idea of a Vlahovic I don’t like the idea of paying £100m to secure top 4. It basicaly says we are buying success. Remember it is written on Emirates stadium “We don’t buy stars we make them”. So a £100m player goes totally against that claim. Also we already have a 190m tristrikeforce Pepe 72m Auba 60m Laca 50m.
    So far the three between them have scored 7 goals total in our 20 matches to date. Buying Vlahovc essentially says Pepe, Lacazette Aubameyang and Nketiah are useless.
    What does that say about the players attitude and the coaching staff + about guaranteed massive salaries with no performance clauses? All we need is for these 4 to score 5 goals each by May and we push for top 4.
    Do we improve the players attitude and improve the coaching or just give up and take the quick option and go buy another mega price striker?
    Past experiences would suggest the money card will be coming out. However I hope patience and consideration will be given to extracting more from PAL

    1. Getting very boring and your cherry picking is pathetic….according to you all of our expensive players have flopped which is just a blatant lie.

      I understand that you fully believe what you say but that only makes it true in your world, not reality.

      1. For once I seem to quite agree with fairfan, but only on the matter of Pepe. Lacazette needs to go. He’s playing for a new contract or suitor. Pepe has been grossly mismanaged. He’s our best finisher and most potent goal threat. Yet he’s ostracized for no reason. Bringing Nketiah who is leaving to play on the wing with Pepe on the bench when we’re chasing a game tells that there’s an issue. Our manager needs to stop all these mercy and judgement kind of man management. The chase for Arthur (yes that flop) when Wijnaldum is available for a loan is head scratching. So much asset mismanagement

  2. Fuzzwah, I’m not quite sure if you’re some sort of cracked out muppet groupie or a Josh Homme wannabe, either way I couldn’t care less about your personal thoughts regarding my posting history….the very fact that you could even suggest that I get a life, yet you seemingly have invested countless hours reading my “negative” posts, is so ironic it’s quite frankly worrisome…should I be concerned that you’re some sort of masochistic online stalker or is yours’ a far more harmless endeavor that can be easily explained away by the fact that you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed…please let me know at your earliest convenience so that I can plan accordingly(lol)

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