Gabby Agbonlahor makes top four predictions after the first weekend games

Gabby Agbonlahor, the former Aston Villa player known for his outspoken punditry, has revealed his top-four prediction for the Premier League season after the initial round of matches.

Despite making predictions early in the season, Agbonlahor’s opinions are often considered controversial and generate discussions among football fans.

According to Agbonlahor’s prediction, Manchester City is seen as a near-certainty for a top-four finish. Meanwhile, clubs such as Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester United will be competing for the remaining three spots within the top four.

These teams have all reinforced their squads during the transfer window and are determined to secure a place in the upper echelons of the league.

While the competition is fierce, Agbonlahor has named the sides he believes will ultimately clinch those coveted top-four positions,

He says via The Sun:

“Looking at Chelsea, I’m starting to think City, Arsenal, Newcastle and Chelsea are my top four from that first game.

“If I’m choosing from those first game performances, I don’t see Liverpool or Man United in that top four.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

It would be one of the toughest top-four battles ever in this campaign as we seek to ensure we return and we can be confident that we have the team to return to the Champions League next season.

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  1. To be fair to Agbonlahor, he is about right, IF you consider ONLY the first game of all these clubs listed.
    However, for those who have the wisdom – which he plainly lacks in so many of his comments – not to predict after a single game per club, I suggest most of us would quibble with two of his picks and I surely need not mention which they are!

  2. Games are played on the pitch: City, United, Newcastle and Arsenal will come 4th. Toomuch disorder in Chelsea.

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