Gabby Agbonlahor urges Arsenal to offload inconsistent player

Former Aston Villa player Gabby Agbonlahor has voiced his opinion that it might be the right time for Arsenal to consider selling Thomas Partey due to his recurrent injuries, which have caused him to miss several matches.

During the last transfer window, the Ghanaian midfielder garnered interest from various clubs, including Juventus and teams from Saudi Arabia, but ultimately remained at Arsenal. He has shown versatility by filling in as a right back at times, but another injury setback occurred recently.

Agbonlahor believes that Partey’s track record of missing games, whether due to injury or poor form, makes him an unreliable option for the team. He suggests that Arsenal should capitalise on his sale and invest in a long-term replacement to address this issue definitively.

The ex-striker tells Football Insider:

“I would let him go.

“Some games he’s poor, some games he’s very good, and some games he is injured.

“When you sit down and work it out, is he giving you more than 50% of a season of his best football?

“Is he doing enough?

“If I was Arsenal I’d sell him if the money’s right. I think they were trying during the summer.

“I would look at a long-term replacement because as much as he’s a good player, the injuries will just get worse the older he gets.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Partey has had a good time with us, but his struggles with injuries and poor form mean we have to replace him soon.

The midfielder is heading towards the end of his career and may never be as fit as he was in his prime.

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  1. Inconsistent?
    Without him Last season we wouldn’t have been anywhere close to second place ,inconsistent no ! Injury prone yes .
    Would take a fit partey over Rice any day of the week .

  2. Arteta and his Coaching Crew Should NOT listen to Agbonlahor.😒

    He wants us to be Weaker.🙁

    After Watching Arsenal yesterday, I realized Thomas Partey is the ENGINE ROOM of Arsenal.
    Declan Rice hasn’t reached his Class @All.

    1. Agbolahor is a disaster he should stop speaking about football, why should u sell a midfielder who has made a team better when ever he is fit. He is not only player who is inconsistent with injuries. There are so many other players like Zinchenko, Elneny and just recently Rice and Viera has joined the injury list.

  3. When I told fan Thomas Partey is the only word class player on Arsenal book, it’s no joke.

    He has been at this level for quite some time.

    1. Gunsmoke I’d say Saka,Martinelli,Odegaard and Saliba are world class too. The four of them have been nominated for awards reserved for the best performing players over the past year or so.Anyway,there’s no objective definition of world class and it’s all opinion. Interestingly,Partey wasn’t nominated for these awards. In his position,Rodri and Casemiro were preferred by most.

  4. He had some poor games at the end of last season, but prior to that I’d say he was our most important player, the biggest reason we were so consistent last season. Odegaard, for example, grew over the season but had plenty of quiet games but partey was always good. Ideally we’d have started him and rice together in midfield yesterday, and I think that would have been too much for spurs, too much for most teams, really.

    1. My thoughts exactly as i think we would be bullies and a cheat code,lol. Only a side like CITY is who i deem deserved of such

  5. Speaking of our DMs Declan Rice has avoided an injury after being accessed and will be available by weekend. As for Gabby i urge you guys to ignore him, he’s as thick as a 4by4 short plank.

  6. If Elneny is fit enough, I want to see a double pivot together with Rice.
    We need someone that can win tackles and breakup plays alongside Rice.

  7. Whatever you think of Partey,Arsenal needs to start looking for his replacement,whether he stays or leaves. I think one of the things that makes a team like Real Madrid successful year in year out,is their tendency to ‘replace’ their star players even before they leave. They’ve had replacements for Kroos and Modric yet they are still in the squad. Similarly,I think Arsenal should buy a younger Partey replacement even if he stays. This will allow for a seamless transition when he eventually leaves.

  8. Although Partey is frequently injured, he is irreplacable when fit. I think arteta will have to manage his minutes to get the best out of Partey.

  9. Partey did play some very good games, but also put in some shockers too, e.g. completely dropped his bundle versus Palace in a top 4 deciding match season before last

    the point is that was the past, he’s not getting better or fitter in the years to come, he will need replacing in the near future

    I think he has distinguished himself well on the pitch for us, but this season his last for Arsenal

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