Gabriel giving Arsenal more problems at right back?

Even though Arsene Wenger felt the need to bring off Carl Jenkinson when Arsenal were losing to Southampton in the EFL cup on Wednesday night, the manager may be forced into starting him again for the Premier League away game at West Ham today.

I do not think he wants to and in a report on the Arsenal website the Frenchman revealed that he was hoping to play the Brazilian defender Gabriel today. Although Wenger did not mention what position he would play him I assume he means at right back as Koscielny and Mustafi are looking strong and settled in the middle.

The problem Wenger has and which he was planning to sort out one way or another yesterday, was about the frame of mind Gabriel will be in after the tragic plane crash involving the Brazilian football team Chapecoense, as the Arsenal defender had friends involved and was hit hard by the news.

Wenger said, “I think [he will be able to play. I will have a chat with him today [Friday].

“If he is in the right frame of mind, he will play. He sent a very emotional message to the families of people involved in this crash, but he still played on Wednesday night and I think if he has recovered well physically and mentally I will play him.”

If the boss is not sure how Gabriel will cope, especially with a minutes silence planned before the kick-off, he may have to go back to Jenkinson and that is also a risk as the lad is not in great form and his confidence will not be high after getting the hook in midweek.

Following on from the news that Debuchy will be out until well after the turn of the year, is the right back position becoming a big problem for Arsenal?


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  1. Twig says:

    Chelsea’s just too good. Sighs.

    1. HA559 says:

      They stole it. 4 Counter attacks, 3 goals, that’s the attacking they did today. City could’ve killed it of at 2-0. Chelsea didn’t even change their style at 1-0 to get the win.

  2. Twig says:

    Back to topic, I think Wenger should be brave enough to try OX there. I think he’ll be quite similar to Bellerin in that position.

    1. HA559 says:

      Bellerin is different class. You can argue that Bellerin is the one that can play in the wings as well as full back. Ox is too lazy, not good defensivley, can’t play a full 90 minute.

      Bellerin can run the whole right side by himself when he is playing.

  3. Break-on-through says:

    When you look at che’s fixtures, if we are not careful today they could begin to pull away and create a gap. Arsenal, this is crunch time already, do not let that gap happen, I repeat, do not muck up, because it is never too early to muck up. Now, come on boys, give us a smile.

  4. HA559 says:

    Let’s see if Alan Shearer is on MOTD later today to talk about the ‘Only genuine world class player in this league’ him referring to Aguero there.

    1. Twig says:

      Because world class players don’t get red cards

  5. Ramterta says:

    Stuff of champions from chelsea

    This game reminds me of the time they beat us 4 1

  6. legend Henry says:

    Chelsea, too good.
    I wish Arsene could do the same.

  7. janamejayen says:

    Guess aguero will miss arsenal game. hope its 4 not 3 game ban. hopefully arsenal take full advantage .

    man city are more likely to draw games without Sergio. hopefully they drop as much a possible during this period as in jan they will have jesus plus any new signings

    1. sanmi.marvellous says:

      So, it has come to praying for bad lucks for opponents or seeking referees blunders in our favours before we can win matches?

      so sad !!!!!

  8. ozildatrequartista says:

    It really helped them when we tore them to shreds n made them rethink everything.

  9. legend Henry says:

    we must win this game to shorten the gap with Chelsea.
    They are showing no sign of weakness

  10. sanmi.marvellous says:

    Bitter truth that makes me sad.

    Between Barcelona and Southampton, which one is more difficult for Arsenal to beat?

    Anytime we are pitched against Southampton, your money is safe when you bet against Arsenal. I have done it severally. I never lost once.

  11. Onochie says:

    Andy caroll is back,hope the defence are physically ready,like I said after the soton game,if we fail to BEAT west ham today,then I will know that our players doesn’t deserve any “rest” for any cup match be it FA or EFL.

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