Gabriel Jesus comments on the Golden Boot and Richarlison

Arsenal’s new striker, Gabriel Jesus, has predicted that he and Richarlison could battle for the Premier League’s Golden Boot during their stint with Tottenham and the Gunners

Both Brazilians moved to rival North London clubs in this transfer window and they are expected to light up the Premier League for their respective sides.

They might be friends on the national team, but in London, they have to be enemies when both of the clubs play.

This is because each player understands the bitter rivalry between both clubs and will want to impress their own fans.

Jesus was speaking about his fellow Brazilian recently and predicted that they will have a healthy competition which could see them compete for the top scorer in the Premier League.

He said, as quoted by Mirror Football: ‘I hope that we can both end the season fighting for the Golden Boot because I like him.’

Adding: ‘He’s a very good guy, amazing player, so I wish him all the best but not against us!’ 

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Jesus knows there are a lot of expectations on him and Richarlison, and their only genuine option is success in the upcoming campaign.

In him, Arsenal has signed one of the best players we can get and his preseason form has been good.

If he keeps it up during the campaign, we have a serious goal machine on our hands.

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  1. IF Jesus seriously thinks the cheating lump that is Richarlison, will be competing for the Golden boot, then Jesus has far more playing ability than he does IQ, imo!

    Richarlison will not even play many FULL games in the PREM, imo!

  2. Jesus should from now on view richarlison as a bitter rival not a brother from another mother and wish him nothing but the worse in his career as a spud player cos enough goal that’ll see him challenge for the golden boot coupled with that of kane and son does’nt bode well for us.

  3. Absolutely no chance
    Either of them TBH
    I would be surprised if Jesus hits 15 PL league goals ,that’s not saying he’s not good enough but the way we set up he will be expected to run run and run and run after every lose ball as we saw with Laca, hopefully with better success unless Arteta has learnt over the summer how to get the best out of his attcking line ups ,but after nearly 3 years I doubt that very much

    1. That has been one of the reasons why our strikers have struggled to amass goals.

      Pressing CB’s in opponents final third is one thing, being the 11th man behind the ball defending our final third is another.

      Often our strikers were not in a position to immediately attack and take advantage of the opponents high line. They had the time to recover and position / organize themselves against our attack.

      Too many times we opted for possession and slow walking the ball through the midfield.

      Hopefully with the addition of players we will see more direct play, free flowing attacking football rather than the static positioning and predictable ball movement in attack.

      1. I remember saying this in another article that Arteta is rigid with positioning which affects our fluidity in attack. We also need a strong driver in that midfield. SMS will be my pick. Or, we get a specialist DM and push Partey upfront as the driver.

  4. Logically both should have successful seasons. Richarlison should score more than he did last term because Chelsea is a step up from Everton and Tuchel is under serious pressue to perform afer a lack lustre season. Jesus should score more because he is a designated number 9 scheduled to play in 32 PL games and 10 or more Cup games (injuries permitting) in a team strengthened in midfield with almost all the under performers moved on and another year into the “process”. In fact Jesus has come at an ideal and favourable time when hopes are high but expectations remain top 6 not win the title like at Citeh. Richarlison scoring 9 times and assisting 9 while Jesus scoring 25 goals would not surprise me at all.

    1. How does arsenal fare in your alternate reality fairfan ? is it better than here or just same old arsenal.

  5. I’m not worried about golden boot, but what I do worry about is Jesus being fit all season, and for all competitions too.

    The thought of a long term injury to Jesus and having to rely again on N’ketiah, as our lone striker, makes me cringe with fear. Fear from the three back-to-back-to-back defeats at the end last season happening again.

    Just being a realist.

    1. At the post match interview after the Everton match, Arteta was asked about having a tall striker and he never ruled it out. Jesus has also admitted that he is willing to play other positions in any tactical manoeuvre by the coach which means he could play on either wing sometimes. Watch out, I have a hunch we are going to get another striker late in the window.

  6. Not that I give a flying 💩 about the spuds… but I think Richarlison has 🦆ed his career by moving to that bunch as I can’t see where he is gonna play?

    Couldn’t happen to a better person🤣

  7. Though I speak as a fan who values sheer tecnical ability, pace, mobility and determination way above mere height, I do , HOWEVER, concede that our strikers are collectively – and that includes such as SAKA,MARTINELLI and all other attacking midfielders or forwards – FAR too short to be effective when heading.

    Height and power, though useless unless you also have technique, pace and mobility( eg XHAKA!!!)ARE missing from ALL our attack minded players, esp when compared to our main rival teams!
    It needs to be said!

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