Gabriel Jesus may not score many goals but he certainly proved his worth against Luton

Reports began to circle last week about Gabriel Jesus and his lack of goals this season after Jesus himself had come out a few weeks ago saying that his scoring ability wasn’t as good as people expect from him, and that he brings a lot more to the game than goals. Although I completely agree with that, I feel like he’s been a bit hard on himself and the game against Luton on the weekend proved that and silenced all the noise that was surrounding him.

Jesus started the game against Luton up top and have a great game. Luton were at their best and put up quite a fight for a result and to be honest, they probably deserved a point for how well they played. Playing 90 minutes up top, Jesus was involved in three out of four of our goals and for me, made the difference and pretty much won us the game.

Helping to open up the scoring, Jesus thought fast after the ball had been cleared out of play by the Luton keeper and caught them off-guard when throwing the ball to Saka who beat a Luton defender, cut the ball into the box to Martinelli who fired the ball into the net. Saka obviously got the assist but if it wasn’t for Jesus’s fast thinking, the game would have slowed down and without Luton being caught off guard, I don’t think we get an early goal like we did.

It only took Luton 5 minutes to equalise and Arsenal were back on the back foot until just before half time when Jesus again makes the difference. In the 45th minute Ben White whipped the ball into the box, Jesus leaping and staying in the air for what seemed like forever, then heading the ball down and into the net to put Arsenal ahead 2-1 just before half time.

After two quick early second half goals, Luton were in front and Arsenal began to look a bit shaky and nervous, but again Jesus continued to work hard, putting everything he had on the pitch to try get his team back into the game. In the 60th minute Jesus was seen fighting for the ball, beating the Luton defender, taking a quick look up, spotting the run of Havertz and whipped it into the box for Havertz to tap into the net to make it 3-3 with 20 minutes to go.

Jesus might not be scoring every game but he’s a big reason as to why we are scoring so many goals, he’s not only a goal scorer but the way he links up play and hold to ball so his teammates can get into better positions is phenomenal.

Because he isn’t scoring some people just look at the stats and for a player like Jesus there’s no point doing that, because what he brings to the squad isn’t shown in stats but in pure will and determination.

Picking up a goal and an assist in what was a must-win game for Arsenal and silencing his critics.

What’s your thoughts on Gabby Jesus’ season so far Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. Well said, Daisy. He is so, so important to our attack and has had a massive impact on Havertz. Let’s hope he stays fit.

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