Gabriel Jesus reminds me of Alexis Sanchez….

Arteta praises Jesus again after Everton win

Gabriel Jesus has had a wonderful start to his career at Arsenal, as he helped his team overcome Premier League side Everton in the USA.

A goal and an assist by the Brazilian were enough to claim a two-nil victory against Frank Lampard’s team, ensuring that the Gunners’ unbeaten run continues in the pre-season.

Jesus was again on show at the M&T Bank Stadium, and some of his skills on the green pitch were responded in awe by the spectators.

After the game, manager Mikel Arteta only had good words to say about the player he worked with for more than three years at Man City.

“He creates chaos, he creates uncertainty and he’s always on your shoulder. He’s always there to nick the ball off you, he’s always in front of the goal. He’s a real threat and this is what we need,” said the Spaniard.

Jesus reminds me of Alexis Sanchez, and few fans would argue with me about that. Like Alexis, the former Man City man is a livewire on the pitch, always chasing the ball like an animal.

Like Alexis, Jesus never takes a break on the pitch, and that’s something which the club’s faithful find extremely exciting and are appreciative of.

Arteta mentioned the same thing about the new summer recruit in his post-match press conference.

“The moment we give the ball away he is straight away active and putting pressure and getting his team behind him. He has a lot of leadership skills.”

The former Arsenal captain continued, “I can see straight away what he’s doing with the boys and he’s the type of guy that we want.”

£45 million is already looking like a bargain for the 25-year-old. I just hope he continues this form until his very last game at the Emirates Stadium.

If he achieves that, he can certainly be considered one of the best players to ever play for Arsenal this century.

Who knows, they might even give him a tag, a heavy one: Legend.

Yash Bisht

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Video Highlights – Arsenal 2-0 Everton – Jesus and Saka give us the win

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  1. What a good thing that is.. Alexis Sanchez hit the motherload here at Arsenal. What a player! If Jesus matches Sanchez we will be happy. The next thing would be to find a Santi Cazorla clone. How we miss Santi.
    Maybe our new Viera can be that.
    Great to see Jack back coaching the kids. His goal against Norwich was big time special.

    1. Hopefully Jesus can, but it’s too early and too bold for a comparison with Alexis Sanchez after 2 preseason matches.

      The energy and drive are fair points, but Jesus has to deliver and lead the team 2 years first.

      Alexis carried us while having 2 spectacular seasons. His goals and assists totals were top top level, and expected his teammates to give as much as he did on the field.

      Chasing money ruined his career that was set to skyrocket with Arsenal. Unfortunately his greed and the embarrassing swap for Mhki will be remembered and brought up as often as his performances at Arsenal.

      1. Alexis – 16 major trophies with his clubs and country.

        Well wish my career had been ruined that way, rather than some animal going through both Achilles 40 years ago

        Makes me laugh since leaving Arsenal Alexis won Seria A, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italiano, and a couple of Runners up medals with United (fa cup) and Milan (Europa League) yet leaving Arsenal ruined his career?

  2. His abilities to hold off the CBs and to turn sharply in tight spaces under heavy pressure as a center forward reminds me of Luis Suarez

    Sanchez once played as a CF at Arsenal and he was dominated by the opposition’s CBs. Martinelli is the one that reminds me of Sanchez, but Sanchez was better in cutting inside and Martinelli is faster in reaching the byline

    I believe Sanchez thrived because he played with Giroud and I bet Jesus could also benefit from playing with a dominant target man. Nketiah is lucky to have the chances to learn directly from Lacazette, Aubameyang and Jesus, as Welbeck did at Arsenal

    1. With all due respect GAI, Sanchez whatever or whoever people try and compare him too, his ability was nothing at all to do with playing with Giroud. Sanchez was for us a total one off, totally worked everything for himself, relied on nobody and i believe if he had played for us when we were in the final of the CL could have won us it. Nobody and i say Nobody i have ever seen play in an Arsenal shirt for the short time he played for us has ever worked as hard as him. I personally have never seen any player anywhere put as much effort into games as Sanchez did, he was a duracell bunny.

      1. I really liked Sanchez’s skills and work rate when he played for us, but his downfall after losing a dominant attacking partner at Man United was too drastic

      2. @Reggie
        Thank you very effin much Reg. Alexis made the other players up their game, just by his style of play. Sad part was, with the exception of Ozil and Santi, he exposed them for the mediocre bunch they were. And you are right, dude had an engine I have never seen in any other footballer, ever. Jesus is very good, but nowhere near Alexis level…IJS

        1. @NYG
          Hopefully he will be even better than Alexis, and even more I hope he is loyal and actually wants to play for Arsenal and not force us to sell him so he can earn more…
          That is more important to me…

          1. @Admin Pat
            Loyalty cuts both ways. Alexis is only expected to be loyal to himself, just as AFC are loyal only to their shareholders…
            I’ve never seen Jesus put in a display anywhere near Alexis and doubt he ever will…IJS

            1. The comment about GJ is unnecessarily disparaging. I understand that you and others who are of similar minds will suggest that this is simply your opinion. However, it is really remarkable that people are already seeking to take down a player that will be important to any kind of success we can hope for in the near future.
              Many would agree that for a period of time Alexis Sanchez was one of the world’s great players and Jesus has yet to reach such a level particularly on a consistent basis.
              However, Jesus has put in great performances for Man City that would rival some of Sanchez’s.
              GJ should now be approaching his prime and has a great chance to deliver for Arsenal during what should be an exciting period. I just don’t understand why supporters would not hope that he would go on to become a truly great player as that can only be in Arsenal’s interests.
              The pessimism and cynicism of some Arsenal fans is just incredible.

          1. Agreed for about 2 years never seen an engine like it and that goal agaist villa in the fA cup 👍
            Nearest player we have now like him is Martinelli but he as a long way to go before he hits that lvl but been saying it for a few years now that if used right he will be the next big thing .

      3. Reggie
        As good as he was for us you also forgot to mention that he down tools and through his toys out the pram
        For all his hard work he put In his last season counter acts all that he in my opinion was nothing but an average player as attitude aptitude and playing for the badge he had none of that
        Shall we move to who we can compare Jesus too other then Sanchez who is a bad example

        1. Wow, no i didn’t see that AB, we must be talking of a different Sanchez, i remember him being a striker a winger a midfielder a defender a goalkeeper all in one game. Sorry, i loved his ethic and would love it again.

          1. Reggie
            He was a very very very good.player and up until he went on strike, he would have been on my first 11 all day long
            Unfortunately he was never a great just for the fact of downing tools
            Tarnished everything for me

            1. Come on Alan he was unbelievable for two seasons yes he ruined his time here but how many other players have done the same .
              This is what the great Wenger did for us supporters,giving us great players that entertained us playing football how it should be played and still getting us CL football .

              1. Dk
                would never dispute his commitment and desire
                Wished there was like him at the time he was playing for us
                Just can’t get away from the fact he ruined all his good work with a major subject
                Stopped chasing back and doing what we was good at
                Never saw Henry Vieira and even Edu do that.
                I would take a ray parlour like player over a Sanchez all day long even though parlour only had half his ability but a heart 4 times bigger

                1. He cost 35 million and I believe he was in 100k a week when he signed he carried us in those few years ,I agree absolute sleeve ball but it doesn’t take away how bloody good he was .
                  I remember van pervy being here 7 years (every season injured )last season absolutely smoked it then goes to Utd and wins the league ,a player Wenger stuck by all those years and leaves as soon as Utd come calling after one great season that’s how i see Sanchez same as Adebayor (unbelievable one season as well )one amazing season and fcks off ,
                  Players go where that dollar is unfortunately that isn’t Arsenal ,that’s what Wenger had to contend with .
                  Big players with big egos ,that’s why Arteta as gone down this route ,because he does not have that respect like Arsene had .

  3. Midfield is a mess. Partey blows hot and cold when he’s not injured, with Xhaka you don’t which Xhaka you’ll get, Elneny is a squad player. I believe Vieira to be rotation with Ödegaard so I don’t see him playing in Xhaka/Partey position.

    We don’t have a Midfielder who can effectively break up the opposition offence.

    Im very curious where Zinchenko will play. Hes not very defensive when he plays in the midfield. He’s more like deep-lying playmaker and rotation for Xhaka if anything (or Tierney).

  4. What we don’t want though is a lengthy or continual injury disrupting his form. But no doubt he is absolutely the right player we needed.As the norm with players who sign for arsenal. 🤞🏽

  5. Overhyping a clearly talewnted playewr who has not however evenpolayed one competetive game aas yet is unwise IMO.
    I also rate Jesus highly, based entirely upon his City careerfandhis hunger to succeed, that are great positive signs.

    BUT to go overboard and even talk about being an Arsenal legend is foolish and very premature, IMO.

    LET WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS OVER THE COMING YEARS, FIRST and not get carried away by natural enough enthusiasm.
    Context , my friends!

  6. All I can say is, I hope he treats the club and fans better than Sanchez did.
    Verbally agreeing a new contract and then moving to manure for the money, only to ask if he could return to The Arsenal within days!!

    1. @ken1945
      I think the situation was, AW chose Ozil over him, because we couldn’t afford both their huge wage demands…IJS (Not defending his actions)

      1. It wasn’t about wage demands. He kept on increasing the wage demands whenever the club tried to meet them. He clearly wanted to leave for City only to fall victim of Man Utd’s tempting but foolish money spending coupled with a very greedy and completely-devoid-of-integrity agent

        1. Yes, his agent had very deep pockets and probably the one to blame. I don’t believe Alexis was happy for more than 45 minutes in Man.United…

      2. He rejected Arsenal and never wanted to sign a new contract. The way he played for Arsenal is more proof of how Wenger could get the best out of great players and even average ones.

      3. No NY, the facts are that AW wanted to keep both players.

        An verbal agreement had been reached with Sanchez and his agent before talks with Ozil had started.

        Sanchez broke that agreement when city / united came calling and ended up with a reported £500,000 a week!!!

        The argument goes that Wenger should have sold him, but the player had given his word to the boss, only to break it and leave Wenger to face the wrath of the fans.

        Such was the furore from the fans, it was claimed that Ozil had to stay, to prove we weren’t a selling club and no matter what the cost…. and that’s what happened.

        I agree with you that Sanchez was a brilliant player, but I also agree with AB that he downed tools at the end.

        But to realize after just 24 hours that he had made a mistake and wanted to return to our club, just shows how quickly he found out that money is no substitute for playing for The Arsenal!!!

    2. Ken, Jon
      Concur with your comments
      It takes more to being a legend then a few games of running around
      Some people on here have short memories

      1. AB, im not saying he deserves a statue or legend status, we were in too bad a way then but he worked his bloody socks off 90% of the time. I wished he was playing for us in the invicible era, one of the only few in recent past who could have. We would have ruled Europe.

  7. We could afford both, the Sanchez contract was verbally agreed.
    Like so many other players who left our club, he wished he hadn’t made that decision…. the only thing was, it took him just 24 hours to realize his mistake.

    Yes, a great player, but money was his driving force – I can’t see Jesus in that light and I suspect chelsea would have offered him more, but he kept his word to Mikel – Onward and Upwards as AB says!!

    By the way, a legend like Tony Adams says he just signed every contract the club offered (just like Elneny) Sanchez and JUDASRVP were the complete opposite.

    1. Yes he rejected Arsenal. A lot of the players who left Arsenal under Wenger never looked as good with other clubs. which tells me how good Wenger was in getting the best out of players. Its a real shame the recruitment under him later became awful.

      1. And/or knowing the right to time to cash in on them when they’re getting to be over the hill.

        AW and his style of football are what made me an Arsenal supporter (after being the exact opposite for many years).

        I felt the same way about Arrigo Saachi and the fantastic attacking Milan team he built, saddened when he couldn’t get Italy to play that way.

        1. Agreed Kev I cannot remember to many players who moved on and got better
          Hleb overmars song and a few others at the time moved for more money especially when Man City came calling and poached 3 players off us ,not a lot a manager can do when that happens

          1. But Dan, it was expected of AW to be able to cope with that and still unearth the likes of Anelka and, of course, having to sell his top players to fund The Emirates.
            I’m just pleased Sanchez cost manure so much, got his come uppance and always wanted to return to the club and fans he let down so badly.

            1. Ken he was true genius unearthing players everyone know that’s even the fans with massive agendas against him ,never known a manager like it for those that first decade even when said players left we always made big profits from their sales ,obviously the second decade scouting systems got better and money had to be used to sign the better players to compete.

                1. Except from sol Reggie
                  Best Bit of transfer business I’ve seen as an Arsenal supporter ,still remember the press conference and everyone thought it was someone else and in strolled Campbell ,best CB I’ve seen play for Arsenal and top 3 CB in prem history .
                  You got to remember he was all about entertainment and his attacking tactics were unheard of but obviously time caught up with said tactics and that’s when we started to suffer along with the money that came in and it’s other clubs .

                    1. Kos ,ver ,per just to name a few.
                      Are white and Gabriel any better than those 3 ,agree we had some stinkers as well 😂

                2. I didn’t see a massive issue with CBs – DMs seemed to be a problem, but with Diaby he was serially unlucky. He’d identified “the new (Patrick) Vieira” but no-one could foresee the constant injuries.

          2. He made people think some players were good enough when it was just the system that made them look good.

            1. @kev
              Exactly. Had he the players that could truly implement his system of play, we would have been world beaters…IJS

          3. @Dan Kit
            As much as many would not like to admit it, Olivier Giroud did pretty well for himself after his stint with us…

            1. He did NYG
              But at the time he wasn’t appreciated here (me included) but looking back was he better after he left because he won things or was it we just didn’t notice how good of a player he was playing in a top 4 team rather than what happened after playing for teams trying to win things .

        2. This is so true and the way he even persisted with some players at key moments was also annoying. He was such a great coach and I maintain to this day that Wengerball would even be more devastating with a team that has actual quality all round. I see many coaches at other clubs and international level that are nowhere near his ability but have got all the talent.

          1. @Kev
            Not winning trophies during the Fabregas era was always replaced by Wenger ball… I just enjoyed the amazing, beautiful and attacking football that Wenger served us during that era..
            But the moment Fabregas / Nasri left the football got so poor, directionless, mechanical, unattractive etc.. That’s when we became too attached a individual players having breakout seasons. It became undividualism instead of collectivism..

            If only wenger could have installed a bit more discipline and fight into that Fabregas group we could have been a real amazing team..

            1. Upon all his flaws we would’ve won the EPL at least two or three times after 2004 and even other small cups if some of our players weren’t so injury prone which includes that Fabregas group. There’s not a top club in the EPL that has suffered injuries at key moments like we did under Wenger. It was just ridiculous and to this day no Arsenal fan is shocked if key players are out for long periods. I would like to see him coach a quality national team.

  8. Alexis Sanchez was just beginning to burn out at the time of his exit, am surprised not a single gooners took note, he single handed carried the team on his back on many occasions.

    He needed more quality players around him not the sulking Ozil

    Of all the players mention above, none came close to Sanchez playing style and work rate like the two Chilean Marcelo Salas and Ivan Zamorano

    1. @Gunsmoke
      RealTalk. Dude was travelling to play for his national team and then coming back to us and still killin it. No rest in between…

      1. NY_ Gunner, that Vidal was hard as a door nail, he still apply his trade but his legs are long gone.

    2. Gunsmoke, let me give you an example of the player you call “sulking” that Sanchez could never emulate or come even close to:

      Mezut Ozil :
      The only player who has EVER been top assist provider in the following tournaments :

      1. Premier League
      2. Bundesliga
      3. La Liga
      4. Champions League
      5. Europa League
      6. World Cup

      One of the reasons Sanchez was such a success at our club, was BECAUSE of Ozil and both players complimented each other.

      Sanchez always acknowledged how Ozil helped his game and it’s unfortunate that we have a section of fans who just don’t see what Sanchez appreciated AND a manager, in Arteta, who couldn’t “manage” the player.

      I’d love ANYONE to come up with anything like those facts for another player during Ozils /Sanchez time – don’t bother though, because no one can get anywhere near them.

      Sulking, lazy, mentally frail???
      Do me a favour and appreciate a football genius.

      1. @Ken
        For me Özil was Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, from 2013 to 2018 mostly a world class player. From 2018 to January 2021 a totally different player who seldom did anything worth mentioning. Don’t blame Arteta for the misery that Özil has repeated in Turkey.

        1. Didrik, you know the history between Ozil and Arteta, so I will not argue with you.
          I will only ask you this – why was a player who, until the pandemic, had played in every single PL game under MA, suddenly become a outcast,
          who never played for him again?

          I couldn’t care less what he did in Turkey, as I support The Arsenal and their players history ..both past and present.

          1. @Ken
            Well, you don’t care but I do, and here I should have ended the dialogue on this topic. I also used to like him.

            Did Özil deliver much quality during Emery’s tenure? To be honest I can’t remember that Özil did anything worth mentioning in an Arsenal shirt after August 2018.

            When an event occurs once, one can be a victim of the circumstances. When events are repeated in two clubs in different countries, there may be a lack of character or perhaps illness. Özil is certainly not without responsibility for his own problems, and the impression he leaves behind.

      2. Ken I may have come across a little harsh.

        I did appreciate the assist king in his earlier years, thank him for that Express assist in his first match, some where along the line he got spoiled by Wenger.
        It was sad to see the assist king loss his mojo.

        But Ken many fans would argue, of two it is Sanchez that Arsenal should have kept

      3. I think Mesuit was philominon. You need to understand Ozil very well before you can accurate analysis about him. To me Ozil was an intelligent an technical player who plays with his brain rather than his strength. He was a soft kind of player but his ability to release ball in-between opponents was Superb. When Ozil was at his pick, he wasn’t a kind of player that would do the dirty job rather, he got guys who could do the dirty job for him. That shows most of the time when he looses possession of the ball, he doesn’t trap back, putting pressure on the opponent but he can pass. That was his strength. When Emry was the boss Arsenal lost the press, we where mostly on the backfoot, we find it deficult to build successfully from the back and it was difficult for Ozil. And if you look at the no of time he was placed on the bench, with his age and couple with the facts that he wasn’t a player who will run chasing the ball, then he lost it.

        1. I agere with you, but don’t forget that Ancelotti decided to sell him to us. He meant he got a better team player in Di Maria.

  9. It’s wonderful that Arteta has excellent connection with Jesus. He has only been with us for a few weeks but already made wonders in two continents 🔴⚪️

  10. Sanchez for me was, during his time here, a world class player. He was a one man Chile team too. Money corrupts and it corrupted Sanchez, who realised he had ruined his career very quickly. So instead of him, Santi Cazorla lives in our folklore. What a player our Santi was…..amazing. There is no doubt that Gabriel Jesus is some player, but it’s yet to come and we need another midfield player of quality. I have to say it warmed my heart seeing William Saliba playing. He may just turn out to be the player who is the missing piece of our defence.

  11. Ozil helped make Sanchez at Arsenal lest we want to forget. Their combinations with Carzola and the unsung Monreal defined the beautiful football which we now miss.

  12. His ability and effect is unquestionable even if it’s only been two meaningless preseason matches.

    He will be a very good player for that us all will see in time. Sanchez was a beast at his best and as Lou Ted out his performances were highlighted further due to him being surrounded by inferior dross on the whole.

    Let’s hope GJ gets a a better system and supporting actors to play within and as part of..

    1. @AOT
      I was wondering where”Lou Ted Out” played, in defence or midfield…Just kiddin…😂

  13. So what next Jesus will be the next neymar?? He in not a world class player otherwise city would not let him go. He definitely did not choose us over city and he did not come to Arsenal for more playing time. He is not a special player. What is happening to this club and its standards. Stop hyping our avg players that is why we are finishing outside top 4 for some years now. Club and fans don’t want to face the reality. Only player who can be called as close to world class Saka, rest are just bang avg. Some do have potential though to be world class n that is player like Saliba and Martinelli if both can develop further, keep their heads down and learn.

    1. @logic
      So a team that finished 5th with all newbies is “bang average” and have bought lots of more “bang average” players like Jesus Vieira and Zinchenko are wating their time? And you support who?

    2. Ok logic, so what is world class? Who and what decides that? Is it winning a world cup? Where the likes of de bruyne, Messi, Ronaldo have failed yet Mustafi has succeeded?

      Is it winning a trophy in England? where Sanogo has succeed yet Harry Kane has failed?

      I hate that tag, world class means nothing. People said Duncan Edwards was world class, George Best alcoholic and gambler who never played at a world cup, was world class and then took donated livers from people that really deserves them, only to abuse them. Yeah really classy that.

  14. I am happy for Gabriel Jesus I hope he stays injury free. He’s a top top player just as the Prof. Asene Wenger would say. I miss a player in Santi, he was special but it was quite unfortunate that Emry let him go after his horrific injury. Arsenal is going to be different next season but I think we still need a striker, I mean a standing 9. cos we just got two. There are times in which the coach wants to play two strikers upfront, I think it’s important for us to get one more striker. As for the club, Arsenal is a traditional Club and a family. I love that Legacy. Up GUNNERS!!!

  15. AN ARTICLE ABOUT JESUS, sadly became a vehicle for the Ozil worshippers on here to resurrect their nonsensical worship of that fraud. Sigh!

    How so many can, even now, worship this man who never tried, is bizarre!
    A man who was happy to pocket huge wages but thought it beyond his contract to give back, by giving his all.
    I reject that sort of laziness and his regular fake sickies as the cheating of an extreme fraud.

    1. I see his Besiktas contract was cancelled after a year (last week?) – with 2 years left to run. usual Ozil issues.

      And he walked into a contract with a neighbouring side within 29 minutes.

      There’s one born every minute.

  16. Arteta wants 5 more signings to complete his favoured 433, 25 man squad.
    2.LB (? or zinchenko)
    4.LM (zincheko or ?)

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