Gabriel Jesus vs Richarlison: Did Arsenal sign the better Brazilian striker?

Arsenal signed Gabriel Jesus, while Tottenham added Richarlison to their attack in this transfer window.

Both Brazilians are top Premier League attackers and have proven that in the last few seasons.

Jesus won multiple trophies at Manchester City, while Richarlison was Everton’s main man for several years.

They will now play for rival north London clubs, and it is an exciting prospect for each fanbase.

Arsenal expects Jesus to lead their attack, while Richarlison will rival Harry Kane for the number one spot at Tottenham. But which of the Brazilians has been better in the Premier League?

The Sun released a set of statistics for each player, and it seems Arsenal has gotten the better player.

Jesus has played 159 games in the league, while Richarlison has 173 matches to his name so far.

The Arsenal man has scored 58 goals, compared to the Spurs man who has 48 strikes.

Jesus’ minute per goal is better at 160.5 compared to his compatriot’s 291.2.

The Arsenal man has also created more chances 151, compared to Richarlison’s 135.

In all the parameters measured by the report, Arsenal has signed the better attacker.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Hopefully, Jesus will get even better now that our attack would be built around him.

The former Palmeiras man also comes to the Emirates with a long history of winning experience after his trophy-laden spell at the Etihad.

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  1. Stop comparing, only their future contributions now matter at their respective clubs. It will depend on how each adapts.

  2. The writer fails to acknowledge that the players have almost identical records despite Jesus playing for the best team in the league (and arguably the world), and although didn’t start as many games or play as many overall minutes as Richarlison, had world class support around him the entire time whereas Richarlison had to rely on Prem team rejects like Iwobi, Gray, Townsend, etc., playing in a middle-table-turned-relegation-candidate team in Everton. Further still, Jesus was often put on in routes of teams for minutes as opposed to being subbed in as a game-changer in tough matches. The writer’s analysis is a bit naive, if not biased. Mind you, I would still prefer Jesus to Richarlison as an Arsenal supporter, but that’s because they’re functionally different players.

  3. Absolutely. Richarlison suits spurs better than Arsenal. Plus having experience of the top flight football, I am happy with Jesus joining than Richarlison.

  4. This logic is far too simplistic. You have to look at the players they’ve had around them in that time too.

    Jesus with a very talented team at Man City
    Richarlison with ………

  5. So you’re not going to take into account that Richarlison has been part of two terrible teams in the Prem and Jesus as been part of probably the best team in Europe for 5 years. Also no mention that Jesus had the worse chances to goals ratio in the whole of the Prem last season and that he’s only scored one goal in his last 19 appreances for Brazil
    and is Richarlison’s under study’s. Personally I feel both players are huge risks for both clubs .

  6. Playing like we did last season Richarlison would have been better, although neither would be my choice. I can only see a change of tactics too sitting back soaking up and attack on the break. All our attacker are slight and speed merchants compared to other teams. High press is hard to do all season and we are very loose sometimes on that, so it has to be one of the two or both. Last seasons tactics would have been better for Richarlison than Jesus but we cant play like last season, it doesnt work. The big problem for me is i dont see a plan b when plan a doesn’t work.

    1. You “don’t see” a lot ofpositive other things either Reggie, including the strong direction our club is going under MA, a man whom you foolishly criticise all the time.

      1. It’s a big season for Arteta. He’s had 3 years now to build a side, the minimum requirement will be top 6, however with you playing Thursday/Sunday i think this will be a tough ask . If he doesn’t achieve top 6 I can see him being sacked !

        1. Top 6 lol
          We have spent going on half a billion in 3 and a half years ,maybe another 100 million before the season starts .
          We have been told hes special and a genius so top 3 this season or we have been lied to .

          1. Se those goalposts moving once again DK?

            By the way, spoke to Phil yesterday and he sends his regards to all at JA.
            Work commitments and other issues have kept him busy, but he’s well, fit and happy!!!

          2. If we spend 300 mil in two years, im expecting a title challenge and minimum 3rd or 4th. We cant keep throwing the wonga at Arteta and get leftovers. I think if he fails to get top 4 or even 3, he has to go because he never will. I see no point throwing money at someone who cant get top 4 and maybe win a cup. It will be 3 years during next season, the excuses then stop.

                1. Even winning the EL Palmer, if our league is disappointing, where do we go? He either has it or he doesn’t, we cant keep waiting for something to happen, there has to be a light bulb moment an epiphany moment.

              1. Jesus should get 20 over goals per season. The midfielders n wingers should contribute assist n goals above 10 goals per season. Relying on Jesus himself is not the plan. With experience , young age n better teamwork this team can fly. But defence need more personality IMO.

          3. I definitely agree top 3 and a trophy to justify the trusting arteta I’m really excited tbh

      2. The only strong direction I have seen our club going under Arteta is spending more money on players (while making little to nothing on them( under Arteta.

  7. So one plated for Man City,and one played for a poor Everton side,do you not think that might skew your stats.
    Just a thought.

    1. Exactly Steve, ridiculous compared stats when one has played for two poor teams abs one has arguably played for the best team in Europe . Jesus had the worse chances to goals ratio in the whole of the premier last season. Personally I think that’s far more relative .

      1. I actually said in January that he would be a good signing for Arsenal ,but the local football expert on told me that no top team or manager would even think about signing him ,low and behold conte as splashed a good sum on him ,maybe he isn’t such a football expert as he likes to think he is .
        Between then2 players persons would prefer Jesus just be sue of our set up ,but would t have said no to richarlison either .

    2. They are two different types of players and stats dont mean much really. They are built differently and are used in different systems.

  8. Jesus is 10000x better. Man City are better than Everton andthe Spuds haven’t won a trophy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus has!!!! As long as Spuds don’t win the league I’m happy with my FA cup & Gabriel Jesus the saviour, even if Spurs and Richarlison are a much better side, still no trophies :’)

  9. Difficult to compare when one is playing for a team that won the league and went deep into the Champions league, the other nearly got relegated. Put either in the other team and what would their stats be?

  10. Who cares?
    We signed Jesus because Mikel wanted him and I never saw anything official regarding Richarlison interest.

    Steve Budds observations are spot on, so let’s see how the season pans out…. personally, I’m very happy with Gabriel.

  11. Richarlison is a crybaby, diving cheat that throws tantrums continuously.

    He is out of a game the moment he gets riled up, based on that alone Im glad we got Jesus.

  12. Whilst it will be close in terms of goals and assists there is a big reason why Spurs wanted Richarlison. He brings more to the team. In 173 PL appearances he has made 273 tackles, 176 clearances, with 123 blocked shots and 78 interceptions. Jesus in 159 games made 90 tackles, 27 clearances with 80 blocked shots and 54 interceptions. Just to add Big chances missed; Richarlison 42 – Jesus 70. Richarlison has been played wider than Jesus which is shown by Crosses: Richarlison 229, Jesus 49. Having seen these numbers I am certain Richie will be played ahead of Kulusevski. Kane will drop deep as he does and Son and Richie will be further up. With the amount of work he puts in it will really add a lot to Spurs and make the difference over Jesus.

  13. This really is a silly comparison but I do understand a pool and diving boards have been built at spurs training ground for Richarlison, Kane and Son to practice their skills.

  14. Somthing tells me the gaffer would still choose Jesus even if Richarlson was available for £40 mil.

    Both are high press merchants, both are workhorse for their respective team, Jesus is Arsenal type player, highly technical and will fits into Arsenal team like duck to water. Richarlsin far less technical and will bring power and dynamism to his game.

    In my opinion both has their style and the market dont lie in dictating their club

  15. Oh PLEASE!
    Jesus played for Man. City arguably one of the best teams in the world with an abundance of talent throughout the squad. Richarlison played for Watford & Everton, need I say more!?
    Stats can be ‘selectively’ used by anyone for any purpose, how about international goals –
    Jesus : 19 in 56 = 1 in 2.95
    Richarlison: 14 in 36 = 1 in 2.57
    Or, aerial duels won or take on’s attempted/won or tackles made/won or defensive headed clearances, ALL of which Richarlison totally dominates.
    BUT there is ONE difference in these 2 players going forward, Jesus is the player he is after being coached by Pep, will Arteta improve upon Pep’s work? Doubtful. Richarlison is now coached by Conte, who I think we all know, WILL improve him!

    1. Stew all the stats don’t add up for me. Man City take control and completely dominate the opposition, how could you expect Jesus to make more defensive tackles and clearences to an Everton team that is defensive minded! It’s absolutely baffling .

  16. I don’t base my judgement on stat, but on the field of play, anytime Arsenal played against city, I was always afraid of Jesus even more than Debrune because Jesus is fast, unpredictable, skilful and can disturb and oppress opponents….
    When I heard that we were in to him, I was praying that we should buy him….
    Those of you guys saying I misses chances alot, watch him and see what will happen in Arsenal shirt…. Imagine him, Martinelli and Saka in our front 3 that will be fire……. Thank you GJ for choosing us against all odd..

  17. The point is Arsenal bought Jesus and Spurs bought Richarlison to do different jobs. Jesus will play as first choice centre forward in a settled position. Richarlison hasn’t been bought as first choice, none of the Spurs buys have, but as a squad player. He will start on the bench or play anywhere across the front three depending on what Conte needs. If Jesus doesn’t score more goals next season then either he’ll have failed or Richarlison will have had the season of his career.

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