Gabriel Magalhaes causes controversy with penalty post on Twitter

Arsenal defender Gabriel Magalhaes has posted a clip on Twitter proving he was denied a clear penalty in Arsenal’s goalless draw against Newcastle United last night.

The Brazilian defender was hauled to the ground after his shirt was pulled during an Arsenal setpiece.

The referee did not give a penalty and VAR agreed, which was one of two incidents Arsenal felt they should have had a penalty.

After the game, Mikel Arteta insisted his team were robbed and Gabriel posted the video on Twitter, which saw fans argue.

As expected, Arsenal fans agreed it was a clear pen, but others believed it wasn’t and urged the defender to move on.

Just Arsenal Opinion

The inconsistency of decision-making by referees and VAR frustrates the fans for sure.

In another game, another official would have considered those incidents penalties and awarded both.

However, it wasn’t given to us and cost us two precious points which could have seen us go ten points clear at the top of the Premier League table.

The game is over and there is no point crying over it. Instead, we must stay focused and work hard to win the next match.

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Arteta on two points dropped by Arsenal and the transfer window

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  1. Was a pen ,but the free kick we got leading upto it wasn’t as he took the ball and got yellow carded ,so evened itself out.

  2. The earlier we move on the better, otherwise, we’ll start to have the inferiority feelings. Though, football is a game of emotions, especially at this critical stage, but I want to urge the Manager to calm down and the right confidence in his players, even in the face of pensive moments to avoid his players been distracted with emotions. I think we surfered from this at Liverpool having started brilliantly before his face-off with Klop. Once they identify him for this, they might start to take advantage of him and force us to loose our free flowing game to an infuriating disjointed play like Newcastle did yesterday. The team is young and full of relatively inexperienced young players, hence, the manager should consider this and becomes less animated. This is not to say he should not be agitated, but should do it moderately.
    We are on course to something interesting. Up GUNNERS.

  3. Yes, lets move on. The first COULD have been a pen but the last definitely wasn’t. And considering the way we won the free kick leading to the first, it would have been harsh on Newcastle because it wasn’t a foul. So get over it.

    1. You are of course correct, Reggie, but you can only take advantage of the situation that is put in front of you.
      I thought it was a penalty but agree that Arteta would have been livid if the boot was on the other foot for the second

      1. Yes Sue, after the free kick, the first could have been given, i have seen similar given. I have also seen similar not. The only thing you can say is the ref be consistent, meaning, if he gives fouls for that, he gives it for both teams. If he doesn’t give fouls for that, he doesnt give it for both teams. A ref maybe of different opinion in his decision making but as long as he is consistent. What i am trying to say is, if he didn’t think that was a penalty, he then cant go down the other end and give one for similar.

  4. The focus of the Manager and players must be on the next match and nothing else. I have to say that I thought Gabriel had one of his best games for Arsenal last night.He was simply immense.

  5. Just more inconsistencies from VAR, it’s far from the finished article. At this point why even bother to slow the game down by using VAR.

    Rather almost to return to just the ref on the field, and conversing with sideline officials if needed. Other sports have better systems, this is inferior in a lot of aspects.

    1. They are not “inconsistencies from VAR” they are inconsistencies from the match officials operating VAR.

      VAR simply shows these people what really happened before they finalise their decisions.

      The solution is to improve refereeing standards, not to ditch the technology that has (by the PL’s own figures) substantially reduced the number of incorrect decisions since it was introduced.

      It should be even better and will be if they get some people who can make the right decisions – because VAR doesn’t make decisions, people do.

  6. There is nothing wrong with VAR, it’s the humans who use it.
    What is required, is for those calling or missing these controversial decisions, is that they come out, after a game ans actually explain their decisions… as should the referees.

    They have no consequences with regards to their actions and escape any form of criteque.

    But if a manager or, as in this case a player, questions or highlights a decision, they are hauled up in front of a disciplinary panel and fined.

    The very fact that, both the referee and those in control of var, saw nothing wrong in a player being manhandled to the floor, after being able to review and look at the incident from every angle, proves that we have a group of officials who do not understand the laws of the game.

    How on earth can they be given the respect that they demand, when their incompetence is so glaringly obvious?
    Not only in last night’s game, but every time they have made the wrong call.

    1. Looking at the times, your post and my reply to Durand above were both posted at exactly the same time 🙂

      I agree that their decisions should be more visible to the public. The rugby union apprach seems best, where the video and the discussion between the officals are all heard by the spectators – both the specs watching TV and those in the ground.

    2. Maybe Ken, the officials should pay for getting decisions TOTALLY wrong, in their wages, to some significance. Yes the ref can make a mistake but VAR definitely should be getting very little wrong. It is down to the human, nothing else. Plus it would be good to hear the people at VAR hq discussing their reasons. But then again, everything is all down to opinion. I dont think there were earth shattering mistakes made last night, i think there was an argument that maybe, some decisions needed explaining.

    3. KEN One, among other reasons too, why I want VAR abolished completely, is because much of thetime it does not GET DECISIONS CORRECT.

      It is interpreted by humans and is thus prone to mistakes. Unlike most fans, I see that as humans, players, managers, fans, all of us, makemistakes, far from trying to eradicate the impossible to eradicate, we should ACCEPT that honestly made mistkes will ghappen and just get on with the game , accepting the imperfections in our game.

      To expect perfection in decision making is to face down reality. VAR is run by humans and therefore makes many mistakes. It is often a subjective, rather than a factual call. Goal line tech WORKS WELL, because it is NOT subjective but factual.

      Much of VAR is not factual eithr . But, unlike real time mistakes by on field refs, with VAR everything stops, often for several minutes, only to still get decsions wrong And that waiting is ruining the vital fan excitement. No goal is now ever safe from VAR. No tight offside can ever be given without recourse to VAR ruining the pace , the celebrations for scoring and for killing all the excitement so VITAL to the games success.

      It is and always has been a wrongheaded idea and an abomination YES, IT DOES CORRECT SOME BAD REF DECSIONS , but the price paid is far too high and not worthwhile. I also firmly object to onfield refs being undermined and having their homework marked before countless millions watching globally.
      I’d bin VAR IN A HEARBEAT, IF I WERE ABLE , until and unless, all decisions could be transmitted instantly – as in goal line tech – with no Stockley Park , no second ref disagreeing with the onfield ref .

      It is a nonsense and UNTIL and UNLESS, it becomes instant, with no long wait, I WOULD COMPLETELY BIN IT. Right now too, if I had the power.

  7. Talking about the free kick that led to the Penalty claim. Just watch between now and the end of the season, you’ll see similar incidence and it will be awarded to some teams!!!

    Sometimes, this officiating stuff are very controversial.

  8. The “handball” rules are ruining the game.The idea that the natural position for the hands of a footballer during play should be close to their body is in itself a nonsense.Anyone who has played the game knows how important it is to be balanced and to do this you need to use your arms .How can you run with your arms tight to your body.How can you jump to head a ball unless you spread your arms for leverage?In essence,the natural position suggested in the rule book is in fact “unnatural” as far as sport, including football is concerned.Surely to goodness we can revert to the simple idea that handball is not awarded unless it is deemed “intentional” Why do we complicate what is basically a simple game?

    1. GRANDAD, oh, IF only you were in charge of FIFA and Prem league officials. We both know there was nothing wrong with what used to apply years ago, when handball was only handball, IF the hand deliberately went towards the ball and hit it.

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