Gabriel Martinelli reveals how Arsenal blocked his Brazil under 23 call up

Gabriel Martinelli opens up about missing out on representing Brazil.

Gabriel Martinelli has revealed how Arsenal stopped him from playing for Brazil in South America’s pre-Olympic competition.

The youngster signed for Arsenal last summer and he has become increasingly important to the Gunners after scoring 10 times in 23 games.

The Brazilians were hoping to include him in their squad when they invited him for the pre-Olympic tournament but Arsenal stopped him from going because it wasn’t played in a FIFA approved window.

Martinelli has now revealed that he would have loved to help Brazil but couldn’t disobey the club’s wish.

He also remains open about the possibility of turning out for Italy due to his dual nationality.

“I said that if it were up to me I would play,” Martinelli told Brazilian outlet UOL Esporte per the Express.

“But we already knew it would be difficult.

“It was a time when I was a [Arsenal] starter, and people preferred not to release.”

He also kept his option open about the nation he would love to represent in the future saying:

“So I have the option of playing for Brazil or Italy.

“But that’s just the consequence; I have to keep working here at Arsenal, and only then we’ll see what lies ahead.”

No doubt Martinelli did want to play for Brazil but Arsenal did the right thing here, they pay his wages and are developing him and if they needed him to remain with the club during this period, then so be it.

The club simply has to put its own interests first.


  1. jon fox says:

    A fair, if somewhat brief article and of course Arsenal is right to put the needs of the club before the personal preference of an individual. This should always apply, no matter who that person is. Just in the same way that right thinking fans should ALWAYS put the needs of the club and team before any one player, no matter who that player is or was or how world class that player might once have been! I suspect virtually all can read between the obvious lines I write.

    1. Grandad says:

      Point well made John.Contrary to some other contributors I am confident MA will act and leave out Ozil if he does not make a real contribution to the team.Arteta does not strike me as a soft touch and indeed I suspect he will apply the same objectiveness to the likes of Auba and Lacazette.I maybe wrong but Man City seem less invincible since MA left.

  2. McLovin says:

    He will be in the senior Brazil squad in no time. U23 is child’s play for him!

    1. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

      It is the Olympics, so kinda important.

  3. Invader Zim says:

    Good call from the club, the kid is a valuable asset we can’t lose right now.

  4. Invisible says:

    I prefer yellow. Simple. i just can’t tolerate the Italians racism.

  5. Shakir says:

    The best part of martinelli being a younsgter is his courage and confidence.He has lot of things to learn but he will learn them fast.He can be the next big thing in football.A talented guy working hard is something you rarely see.

    This is about an arsenal player vs burnley,
    He created the most chances(2)
    Had a 87%+ passing accuracy making 39 passes.
    Had 50 touches
    He made the most interceptions(2)
    Made one tackle despite playing only 63 minutes.
    Guess who??Our scapegoat

    Please let MA do his job


    1. Jah son says:

      At Shakir
      You still can’t win just allow Arteta to do is job. Haters cannot change.

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