Gabriel Martinelli should start ahead of Alexandre Lacazette

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is set to return but who will partner him, Martinelli or Lacazette?

Arsenal has unearthed a gem in Gabriel Martinelli and just like Ronaldinho predicted he might develop to be a big talent like Ronaldo de Lima.

Martinelli has scored 10 goals already this season and more is certainly going to come from him.

He has been in a better form than Alexandre Lacazette this season yet the Frenchman seems to be the second choice striker at Arsenal after Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

I understand that Lacazette is a top-class attacker and I expect him to get back to form soon, however, starting him ahead of Martinelli on current form is not the best idea.

I have been one to think that Martinelli should be eased into the starting eleven to avoid putting him under pressure.

However, his performance against Chelsea has made me change my mind and I believe that he is ready for regular first-team action.

Arsenal has been playing Aubameyang on the left of attack with Lacazette down the middle, a set up I have never been a great fan of.

I believe that Lacazette’s poor form should see him come in from the bench while Martinelli should be starting on the left of attack with Aubameyang down the middle.

The young Brazilian has been our second top scorer this season and I think that he should be rewarded with more starts.

I accept some will say it is too soon and so on but form is form and he has it and Laca does not.

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  1. Tony says:

    Why don’t you suggest benching Ozil for Martinelli’ drifting Lacazette into midfield role with Ceballos behind him..

    Lacazette you can say is struggling for goals but not for form! Why do you assume benching him hindering him more to get the Net Post Smile!
    Benching him is not a good idea and MA rationally knows it.!

    1. ozziegunner says:

      👍 Tony, agree with you 100%.

    2. Ade says:

      Great stuff Tony. Agreed with you too..

    3. Th14atl says:

      couldn’t agree with you more sir. Let Laca play underneath Auba. With Lucas and Dani as the midfielders playing in the center.

      We’ll average 3-4 goals a game.

      1. Top Gunner says:

        Play Martinelli behind strikers. In Ozil position

    4. Sunny says:

      Tony not 100 % but 90%… Put ozil on the bench and hand his position to Laca… If we play Ceballos then whom to drop… Pepe I think should continue to play to rediscover his form in France and we can not drop Xhaka or Toierra. Xhaka takes the left position some times vacated by Saka . We need to let it continue as it seems to be a working formula. But I totally agree that plat Laca at no 10 role . His hard work will certainly hound the back 4 and mid filed of Opposition. He will also be under less pressure to score. He has a great powerful shot in him and hence chance will also be there to score from distance … I am really looking forward for this change… May be to soon but definitely after the international break so that team can practice to play like this more

    5. Kelleson says:

      You are right.

    6. Bobby says:

      Depends how we want to approach the burnley game. If we want to play on the counter I think arteta will go with the front 3 of martinelli -auba -pepe with Ozil behind. But going of that he likes his team’s to have most of the possession I don’t see lacazette being dropped. Martinelli for all his talent is still a kid so managing his game time is also important we don’t want another Wilshire situation.

    7. koss says:

      have been contemplating on this on also, surely why not try laca at no.10 since Lord Ozil of late hasn’t contributed enough.

  2. NMC says:

    Play a flexible formation where Martinelli drifts in from the left side to centre and vice versa, nightmare for defenders.

  3. Reggie says:

    Lacca isn’t scoring but he will and Martinelli is young and needs time. For me pepe or ozil should depart before lacca, if Martinelli is shoe horned in. I like pepe and i think he will come good but he isn’t bringing enough to this team with or without the ball yet. Ozil isn’t either. So lacca and auba should always start, the rest is down to Arteta. A midfield three of Gouendouzi, torreira and Willock have to be tried at some point, behind the two strikers and Martinelli or pepe on the left, we could have a potent attack.

  4. Jim wall says:

    This formation for rest of season until Tierney is fit..
    Bellerin. Holding mari saka
    Torrer. Xakai

    Peppe. Martinelle

    1. AUBA_14 says:

      So you’re gessing Auba is sold ? :’)

  5. Jim wall says:

    Sorry misprint auba instead of peppe with lacca playing no 10 role and auba and martinelle playing up front…

    1. Innit says:

      LOL. Yes I was thinking where’s Auba. Good you corrected quickly lol

  6. Abi says:

    In my opinion Laca should come off bench for Auba or Martinelli for a while. Laca’s first touches are usually too heavy and he often loses the ball. We can’t deny his work rate at the beginning of matches though, but we all know he tanks toward in the last 20 minutes of matches. Maybe a 25 – 30 mins game time may bring the best out of him. There is no good reason to bench Martinelli at this point, he is even a threat to Auba upfront, at least in goal scoring ability. Forget his age for a second and point to what he is lacking? Look at the quality of his goals, Auba/Laca will probably hit that his Chelsea goal straight to the keeper. Gaby is quality!

    1. I totally agree with your analysis. Martinelli should start games ahead of Laca. The young Gunner is in grate form at the moment. Benching him will not be good for his confidence.

  7. Sule gooner says:

    exactly, I love Laca and I know he is a top striker but he has been poor lately (yes,he wasted clear-cut chances that should have won us games-esp in December 19),everyone is talking about work rate here, Laca works hard but I feel sometimes he over does (he has tendencies to hold the ball and unnecessarily lean on opposition players even when he has options to take clean shots or give a clear passes), Martinelli is more efficient and works even harder, so Gabigoal edges Laca on both form and work rate, their is absolutely no justification to have anyone ahead of Martinelli in our attack at the moment.

  8. S.J says:


    Martinelli, Lacazette, Pepe..

    Xhaka, Torreira..

    Saka, Marí, Luiz, Bellerin..


    1. Sunny says:

      S.J Yes this is the formation I mentioned just before. I am desperate to see this team taking the pitch

    2. Sylva Olabanji says:

      I thin I like this formation if Artetabxan try it. Lacazette can fight for ball than Ozil. He can also try Wilock

    3. Top Gunner says:

      Ozil doesn’t deserve to be on the bench. He should be training with under 23. Let cebalos and Martinelli compete for no.10 position
      Why Arsenal supporters are indoctrinated with the Ozil factor?

  9. Frank Ogamma says:

    Martinelli is the best option for now

  10. Edii says:

    You said my mind.

  11. AUBA_14 says:

    Top 4 guaranteed 🙂

  12. Top Gunner says:

    Arteta should play Maitland-niles in defensive midfield, to complete with Xhaka and Torreira. He is playing in that position for England under 23

  13. daniel longor says:

    Martinelli should replace laca in central striker’s role

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