Gabriel responds to Aubameyang’s pre-match message to Arsenal

Arsenal defender Gabriel Magalhaes has shown his cheeky side by responding to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s pre-match message to the Gunners.

The Brazilian was solid at the back and scored the only goal of the game to lift Mikel Arteta’s side to the top of the league table again.

Before the match former Gunner, Auba made a promo video and said “Arsenal, nothing personal. I’m back, I’m blue, I’m ready. Let’s go.”

The video angered some Arsenal fans and it suggested the striker was ready to down his former team.

However, he ended on the losing side after Arsenal delivered a solid performance, with Gabriel defending well against the striker.

After the match, Gabriel cheekily tweeted: “NOTHING PERSONAL .. LONDON IS RED”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Auba was dreaming about scoring against us and he probably had a draft of his response if Chelsea had won the game.

We showed him we have moved on to better form after his departure and we do not miss him.

Gabriel did his talking on the pitch and deserves to reply to the Gabon striker who had done his before the game even started.

We need to maintain this level in our remaining fixtures and it will help us win more games as the season progresses.

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    1. Predictably, Auba was as invisible on the field wearing Chelsea blue, as he was wearing our red for his last two seasons. I was hoping he would appear( note I did not say “play”)in CHELSEAS team . And how right I was about his invisibility! He is a mercenary and only concernd with himself.

      Not the sort of player we will ever buy or remotely want while MA manages us. Fortunately!

    1. No more relevant than such as Ronnie Rooke circa 1947, who helped save us from relegation . And who is now almost entirely forgotten, except by the few much older fans such as I( born four years after Ronnie saved us).
      Auba will only be remembered by many Gooners for doing as little as he possibly could in effort, afte rsigning THAT contract. In other words, cheating his club and its fans. Not someone I CARE TO REMEMBER AT ALL.

  1. Chelsea showed no ambition when they bought Aubameyam and must be full of regrets by now. Imagine being bundled out early in the match after his dig at our glorious club. My disappointment is that we did not
    beat Chelsea by a widrr margin. What a good riddance

  2. I’m glad the boys are flying, we have to keep the momentum high and hopefully we shall sing arsenal, arsenal we’re the gunners

  3. Arsenal will win the premier league this season with 92 point. Man City second portion with 88 point. Thanks.

  4. I’m happy to see how the boys bring at the disposal against the Blue and the way they tie Auba’s hand behinds so he can’t score against us. Always Gunners💪💪

  5. Pride goes before a fall, he was too confident, sent the wrong signal, alerted his ex team mates of his intent, until them almost all our ex players have successfully scored against us , Fab, adebayor, van persie, nasri etc, I guess he is an exemption for being too lofty.

    Nevertheless, he is still a classy player but never a fit for Chelsea, he need a slower league like seria a as he is ageing and have lost his pace

  6. I love Auba as a lovely arsenal player. And his kind of being. But no Player can outshine Gunners anytime if truly such player love the club but the fact is Auba did not love arsenal deeply was why he failed to do as he has said before the match.. Now the boy was humbled out of the pitch and the Gunners gun them down imaaoooo

  7. Helloooooo gunners,
    Keep it up and real,your efforts shall come to fruition.go along with the steam until the last day when we all join in the singing.

  8. When all other factors all broadly equal, then the team which gives more effort will usually win Looking at the two squads and subs listed before the game yesterday, we could , without ANY natural fan bias, say that Chelseas were the equal of our but with more sub depth.

    But I had little doubt we would prevail , as I knew that our eleven all give 100% every time . But Chelsea included a certain Auba, who true to form, just disappeared while supposedly playing.

    He was subbed after an hour having made a huge” eight”, yes just eight touches. Meanwhile we brought on Elneny for the final very few minutes and he touched the ball more times.
    A key difference in attitude towards their joint profession. Only one WHOLE team wanted to win . The other contained a player addicted to his own needs and who knows nothing at all about what it takes to be A TEAM PLAYER.

    Whenever will SOME fans addicted to a supposed “personality” instead of to proper team players, learn that ALL lazy players in any team are poison!!?

    I spent years telling our fans that OZIL, AS WELL AS AUBA, WERE BOTH POISON. Many of those same fans blamed our manager for not playing those poisonous players and for getting them out the door.
    I was thrilled that he had the superb determination and steely resolve to do so. And how right he is now proven to be!

  9. He thought arsenal was not as good as in the days he wasted our time, only to realize the kings of defence failed him.big up to (Ma) and all arsenal fans worldwide

  10. Honestly, I still love and respect Aubameyang till tomorrow. I am having the repetition of same feelings during the days of Fabregas in Chelsea. I saw my captain in the wrong camp.
    That BT ad was a make up thing to actually push Aubamejang’s love away from our hearts. Let’s not forget he signed for Chelsea from Spain because of Tuchel not from Arsenal, what will be our judgement against Van Persie who left the Emirates for Old Trafford?
    If Arsene Wenger were to be coaching a football club today, countless number of our old and new guns will sign for such club because of him. Even some of us the fans will support the club to an extent.
    My take: Auba shouldn’t be crucified, he did as instructed by his employers. He still got the Arsenal tattoo on his arm till tomorrow.
    Nothing but love ❤

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