Gabriel’s agent confirms Arsenal chosen despite being ‘nowhere near the best proposal’

Gabriel Magalhaes agent Guilherme Miranda confirms that his client has chosen Arsenal Football Club as his next home, adding that they were not close to being the most lucrative offer on the table.

The Brazilian defender is believed to have completed his medical yesterday after flying in from France, and is now expected to play a key role in our season going forward.

It remains to be seen when he will be made available for the first-team however, with some reports claiming that he will have to self-isolate for 14 days, but my understanding is that he can be tested for Coronavirus in order to speed up the process.

His agent has now confirmed that Gabriel has chosen Arsenal over the other offers, as well as seemingly confirming recent reports that he turned down a bigger offer from Manchester United to seal his switch to the Emirates.

It remains to be seen whether manager Mikel Arteta will be looking to revert to a back-four going into the new season, despite an upturn in fortunes with a back five in the latter stages of the previous campaign, but we could well see Gabriel alongside both William Saliba and David Luiz early into the campaign.

Pablo Mari and Calum Chambers could well put in their claim for minutes also (assuming the latter doesn’t leave the club despite such reports).

Saliba and the former Lille defender could well be eyed as the long-term pairing, although Mari definitely looks like he is worthy of challenging both for a starring role in a back four also.

Will our new defensive signings allow Mikel Arteta confidence in returning to a back four?


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  1. I love him already. Refreshing my page for the official announcement.

    Edu and Arteta are doing good so far. Now we need at least one midfielder and we are good to go.

  2. If it’s true that Asn’l giving up on Thomas Partey, they can go to H***! No CL title in three years, senor Arteta. No chance. Disastrous.

    1. Try to be patient, Robert. These things take time. Don’t listen to rumours too much. As players move from club to club the funds become available and Spanish teams are the worst for transfer fees having to be settled in full. Either way we get someone to fill the void. Even if it’s not Partey! 🙂

      As for Gabriel, It’s just great to see a player coming to Arsenal for football and not money just loads of money!

    2. And how many UCL titles or even the La Liga title has Partey helped Athletico win?
      Chill man… We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes..
      Its still a long window.
      If you can’t get your target, you move on to alternatives.. Liverpool did so with Tsimikas.
      I love d Partey deal, but its not a do or die affair.
      Whatever happens, i’ll get behind the manager and team and current crop of players available after d transfer window is shut.
      Lets just be hopeful

      1. I’m sorry, but I get so upset I almost got a cerebral hemorrhage. If TP have been playing against Red Bull I’m sure the Spaniards would have won. He was magnificent at Anfield in March. The man of the pitch. We need guys who know how it is to win at Anfield Road if we are going to be champions. Eh… senor Arteta?

        1. You honestly think that if it was
          up to MA TP wouldn’t be an Arsenal
          player by now? SMFH.

          It has been discussed ad naseum
          that AFC MUST sell some fringe
          players to fundraise moves for
          the AM man and an attacking
          midfielder. It isnt going to just
          happen like clockwork and might
          carry on till the final days of the

          Take a deep breath, avoid the
          massive coronary and enjoy the

          1. I don’t know if someone in the Asn’l organization is reading bloggs etc, but if there is someone doing that, some bloody idiot must have the right to get upset and yell out loud so these people hear a fools cry in the wilderness for mercy.

  3. Something we lacked before or not proficient at, convincing quality players. So far I am impressed.
    Getting a RB will be a welcome development too.

  4. OT, just read the morning paper and apparently we’re going back to raid Lille again, this time for Soumaré.
    so in the last week we’ve been linked with Soumaré and Diawara from Roma.
    its great the crap that gets reported by fake reporters right?

  5. I agree when it comes to William Saliba and Gabriel Magalahes, both said to have turned down Man United. In other words to guys with stile and taste. I have always associated Man U with dirty linen. I don’t know why.

  6. It will be a welcome change to be the club of choice for a player.
    Hope this was down to Arteta and Edu highlighting their vision for the future which is giving him the confidence that Arsenal a on the right track

  7. Soumare would be a fantastic
    signing, although he appears to
    be more of a B2B midfielder than
    DM. The Frenchmen has
    EVERYTHING in his boots that the
    Arsenal midfield is missing at the
    moment, specifically Athleticism,
    Power and Pace!!

    A younger, more athletic Doucoure
    is who I would compare him to.

    1. ACE I agree with you, 100%. Soumare is definitely an up and coming player, and with his abilities and Arteta able to help young players progress, I think it’s a great match. Partey would be first choice, but seems troubled waters at present.
      I would rather have Soumare over Diawara if Arsenal were to choose between the two.
      ACE you have been mentioning Soumare for a while, so maybe it will actually happen.

  8. OT..I am so happy ESR is not going out on loan this season. It’s been reported Monaco have asked about him but they’ve been told by MA that the boy is staying at arsenal this season.

      1. Sue, if we give ESR more game time, he could be our own Aouar. I can say he had a decent loan spell last season. Congrats to him 🙌

  9. Well the devil always offers more money doesn’t he?! Glad to know Gabby turned down the temptation.. good to know players are coming in because they want to not because we are offering big money.. I don’t have transfer targets of my own I am willing to back MA and EG whoever they decide to bring in will be class.. I know fans will come for my head but we don’t need Hossem A. What we need is to channel that energy into the development of ESR because I have watched his highlights on YouTube and the kid is our very own KDB and I am not exaggerating.. if we can put together a deal for Partey I will be glad but if not let’s look for alternatives.. no one player is bigger than Arsenal I feel like we are strong enough to walk into the top four with Willian, William, Gabriel and ESR coming into the team.. four quality add on for a team burst with enormous talent already.. I think with that highlighted we will need to clear out before any new additions.. as much as I don’t want to see AMN go I think he is the cause of him being listed for transfer.. it will certainly be my low in this summer/winter transfer.. Coyg!!!

    1. Yup, You are right. I hope we don’t have an injury crisis and all our players are fit for the campaign

  10. We have been lacking in the DM position for long.We need TM at all costs.Wd hve blamed defenders all this while.XHAKA and TOREIRA cant take us anywhere.As we speak we dnt hve a midfielder to talk abt.wont blame Auba if he leaves.

  11. I so dislike jumping the gun but I strongly feel that at long, long , LONG last, after ALL these barren years of substandard CBs we look like having a proper pairing and back up at CB. I can scarce believe I am able to write this, as I has almost given up all hope of our club EVER AGAIN having REAL CB’s . All those clowns, with only one or two exceptions ever since CAMPBELL left had almost put me in permanent despair of EVER AGAIN having PROPER CB’S AT OUR CLUB. So then, altogether now; HALLEJULAH!!!

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