Gabriel’s ex-boss tips him for Arsenal success

Not a lot of Arsenal fans had heard about Gabriel Paulista before Arsene Wenger decided he was the right player we needed to shore up our defence, but obviously Le Prof has had scouts watching him and analysing his performances (as revealed yesterday) and believes that he could grow to be a star at Arsenal.

But it’s not just Wenger. Gabriel’s old coach, Marcelino García Toral at Villarreal, also believes that the Brazilian will be a hit in the Premier League: “He’s a kid who has really progressed,” Marcelino said in the Guardian.

“It was hard to adapt because football in Brazil is very, very different to football in Europe, tactically, in particular. He was poco trabajado, he’d not really been worked on. But thanks to an impeccable attitude, sacrifice and consistency, the fact that he worked steadily every day, he improved a lot. He understands the game. He’s a great professional. He earned this; he deserves it.

“He’s very strong, very fast, good in the air. He’s tremendously dynamic and intense in the way he defends. He also strikes the ball cleanly, brings it out from the back well, and he can play on both the right and left.”

The manager also thinks that Gabriel will adjust to English football very quickly. “The leap is much bigger from Brazil to Spain than Spain to England and he has already been through that adaptation process. The Spanish league is a bit more tactical than the Premier League, there are fewer aerial battles and there are fewer tackles, but the levels are similar. I don’t think it’s especially difficult. Most players who go there from here adapt immediately. He’s young, 24, and leading the defence has to come bit by bit, but he’ll do well.”

So that sounds like a glowing reference from his old boss, let’s hope Marcelino is right, although I expect Wenger will give Gabriel loads of time and help to settle in to Londoon life unless we have another spate of injuries!

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  1. Nooooo Seahawks!!! 🙁 One second i was giving the middle finger to my friends supposting the patriots, the next second they were laughing at me 🙁

    1. Dumbest mother^^$&%#ing call in the history of football.
      Beast Mode can knock over 5 or 6 people. 3 downs with Beast Mode on the 1/2 yard line.
      &&^%$%%ing f%^$$ $%%%&&ing %%^^^ $%%%###ck

      Up and down my street you can hear the ^%^$ing expletives fly.
      Gave the game to the Patriots , who were truly beaten and were heading to the dressing room.

      1. Lol it is the dumbest call ever! Why throw when you have beast mode on your team! they simply threw away that game

      2. Lost my American football virginity today, I must admit that was an exciting match!

        Just hate the long breaks and commercials though.

  2. Mertesacker made 5/6 aerial duels, three aerial clearences against a side that consistently make crosses into the box. As slow as he is, Wenger knows when to use him, so the debate against Mertesacker is a weak link is pure nonsense

      1. For a guy that is the now “weak link” only a few months ago he was 2nd in the voting for Arsenal player of the season just behind Ramsey.

        In other words, he was voted, by the fans, the 2nd best Arsenal player last season. Does not sound “weak” to me. How soon we forget. He has been awesome for Arsenal not to mention one of the most dependable players around.

    1. we need a big fast and strong defender to play against the big 5 and strong teams….

      the rest Per should be able to handle…..

      sign a CB to play 15 games….

    2. Per was perfect. Nothing went past him in the air. Never was out of position. He was the anchor.

  3. Great Day!!! 5-0 Arsenal win and Seahawks LOSE.

    (I now live in Arizona and have been going to the Cardinal games for 7 years. To Cardinal fans the Seahawks are the same as Tottenham are to Local/London Arsenal fans – Thrilled with the Seahawk loss)

      1. Best record in the NFL this season until the last 2 weeks and this was AFTER losing both their 1st and 2nd string quarterbacks early on. They still finished with 11-5.

        American football is not like English football. There is only ONE trophy each season for 32 teams. No FA Cup, No Champs league etc. When you are IN the super bowl you have accomplished more than a EPL team winning the FA Cup, just for example. Getting in the NFL playoffs is like Arsenal getting in the top four, which they did.

        Cards coach also won coach of the year 2nd year running. On their way to the title.

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