Galatasary v Arsenal Player Ratings – Ramsey MOTM

Galatasaray 1 – 4 Arsenal Player Ratings by KJ

Szczesny – 7
He actually made a lot of basic saves throughout the game. Was never really tested properly but had to say consistent.

Debuchy – 7
A good return by the Frenchman. This should allow us more flexibility now at the back and we should be nearing our best defence again.

Chambers – 6
Didn’t have much to do but never really stood out.

Mertesacker – 6
Same as Chambers. He was never properly tested and although solid, his performance didn’t stand out.

Bellerin – 6
Struggled defensively but did relatively well in attack. Was obviously playing well out of position.

Flamini – 6
Didn’t have much to do and was substituted fairly early into the second half.

Ramsey – 8.5 (MOTM)
2 goals and assist with some brilliant overall play means he’s my man of the match. His first goal was complete composure whilst his second was just pure brilliance from outside the box with his weaker foot. Hopefully this will give him the confidence he needs to press on.

Campbell – 4
I didn’t really like his performance at all. Seems extremely raw still and almost always made the wrong final decision.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – 7
Quality attacking midfield performance. A great driving force from deep and made good passes when required with an assist for Ramsey’s first.

Podolski – 7
Decent defensive performance for the first half which was very impressive. He pressed well and so on. His two goals were very well taken as well.

Sanogo – 4
As bad as Campbell. No real control over what he was doing and made a meal of any chance we had when he was in possession.

Maitland Niles – 6
A decent performance when we were under the cosh so to speak. He’s generally a winger but has been successful this season as a deep midfielder for the U21s.

Zelalem – 5
Seemed to dawdle on the ball far too much and his lack of physicality was exposed numerous times. He needs to step up soon as he’s arguably one of the most talented youngsters at the club.

Connor – N/A
Only came on for the final 10 minutes but wasn’t impressive at all.

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  1. @KJ

    You thought we didn’t notice you skip the player rating for the stoke game eh? Why are you picking and choosing? :/ This player rating is invalid until we get our stoke ratings! ;(

    1. Plus i i want to the Manager’s Rating, from now onwards, let rate Wenger becoz i don’t understand AOBs sometimes

    2. Well, that’s if you take KJ’s rating for something else than entertaining value. For me the MOTM was Ox. Well composed, assists and very confident in the middle. But I guess with two goals from which one is a screamer I guess I have no issue to give Ramsey the MOTM. So be it.

    3. Your trying to put words into someones mouth. Campbell was shit… and he gave poldi a good rating… so whats up.

  2. Arsenal best XI?
    Wojciech Szczesny, Kieran Gibbs, Laurent
    Koscielny, Per Mertesacker, Mathieu Debuchy,
    Mikel Arteta, Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott,
    Mesut Ozil, Chamberlain, Alexis Sanchez.

    1. Why would you choose a team with no dedicated top class striker?
      I know Sanchez is our top scorer but he is more dangerous roaming around doing what he does than being a dedicated striker.
      Ox has improved dramatically but still can’t finish.

  3. Easy Guys KJ was scouting
    for a DM in Mozambique
    on Saturday night. I know
    I flew him there in the club Jet 🙂

  4. I think campbells rating is unfair truth be told he had a decent first half display and he would have scored twice,second half the whole team dug deep and gave little forward which is good considering we were defending a three goal lead.I agree with some of the ratings but I feel campbell,bellerin,podolski,chamberlain and sanogo put in a huge shift defensively and attack wise they deserve at least a 6 or 6.5.

    1. you cant blame Campbell for being a bit nervous after all he was been scouted by Galatasaray
      for a possible January transfer and at the same time he has had no game time this season and still did well, his passing ideas was good but he was a bit short on delivery. considering all i would rate him @ 6.

      1. a really close work colleague of mine who is an fanatic Galatasaray supporter told me today that the Turkish media and commentators cannot believe why we don’t play Podolski every game.

          1. @ethangooner

            Apparently they were after Podolski before but Mancini manager at that time said that Podolski would be just a luxury at the club. But I heard from my friend that Arsenal was to have talks with the Galatasaray while they were over there for the game last night, Aparently they were scouting for Padolski and Campbell so say the roomers.

    2. He looked a bit lacking in match fitness to be honest. Think that was the reason for a bit of his sloppiness late on.

    3. Agreed, Campbell should get a higher score, he was trying but does look raw, he needs game time or a PL loan.
      Also, although I am not a Flamini fan, this was one of his best games, even if he did pick up his obligatory pointless yellow.
      Chambers did what was asked of him, apart from Schneiders rocket free kick, that no one was stopping, we kept a clean sheet and snuffed out attacks, I remember Chambers making a good clearance.
      Sanogo should be a 1, he appeared to be wearing roller boots last night!

    4. cambpell had a good half but was atrocious with his lack of interest in the second half i agree with you they all gave a big shift sanago couldn’t control the high balls wonder how does he like the balls delivered ?
      We can’t loose another match in the premier league we actually need to win all our remaining fixtures fact the players most wake up to the fact we most wake up to the fact too We all ought to pull our socks up chin up and go out in a wining spirit times are tough they need our push our support to push them through this in this period

  5. with 4-2-3-1, sanchez at the top like this: arteta-ramsey
    and chambers can easily rotate with per. cinsidering kos the boss is there. how do you guys see

    1. I don’t think Alexis will like to play the role of top striker. he loves to roam and get very involved. he’s not going to stay put and wait for the ball. He’s best at where he currently plays, thus the offensive midfield.

      He’s a GEM

  6. After this game I would say, KEEP PODOLSKI! He is an element that not any other arsenal players have. He does not need to contribute to the gameplay, just let him score. Might be very effective against team where our gameplay cannot develop like against stoke.

    1. Yeah but don’t put him as a winger or play him as a lone striker. We have seen from last season that he’s mostly deadly when he pairs with another striker.

    2. This is what I have been saying all year. Gerd Müller also did not run around the field all over the place and defend on his goal line, but he was one of the most lethal strikers the world has seen. If you have someone in the team that can fire in the goals like Poldi can, you arrange the rest around him and keep him there. He’s good for 1 or 2 goals in every game with that left boot of his.

  7. We are due for a bit of luck in draw hopefully getting monaco or porto would be ideal but also agree with merson that athletico madrid would not be disastrous as he said they are well organised very tough to beat beat but are not going to blow you away and hit you for 3-4 goals therefore you will always be in the game and believe we could beat them but going on previous draws and our luck it will be barcelona,real madrid or munich we get then its game over!

  8. Now you pretend to like Rambo and turn on Cambell. Lol Sango. Don’t I smell you are just a few seconds away from praise singing Wenger as an irreplaceble legendary genius? Am still to understand some of my fellow gunners. Campbell is a brilliant footballer who severely lakes game time and match sharpness. Ramsey has been favored with far too many games even when he was doddering in the middle of the park. Get an objective player analysis instead of dismissing every player as scrap.

  9. I think Mertesacker had a good game. I remember he made a crucial block otherwise it would have been a goal and made some crucial interceptions. Another player who has been very inconsistent this season. Deserve better from an Arsenal captain

    1. Mertesacker always looks like he’s having a good game when he’s not under any pressure. Against Stoke he was hapless and hopeless. He simply isn’t good enough to play in EPL. He is painfully slow, this is fact, he will not and cannot get get quicker. He is essentially an expensive passenger. The rest of his game does not make him worthy of being nursed by his teammates. One pundit described his efforts to run as being like an old man dragging a rusty old fridge behind him.

      1. Nevermind that with his 6.7 height I cant remember the last time he scored a header, it’s pathetic watching him drag his feet to the opposite side and not even touch the ball, then he has to run back to cover and well he gets there last…

        1. I agree how he didn’t match up up against Crouch at Stoke. He towered over Sanchez, Ox, Santi on a corner. why he didn’t just say that’s my guy no set pieces from him. They scored their 3rd on that.

      2. He was really bad on Stoke, but he never be comfortable playing LCB. He is not the most versatile player out there. He look more comfortable with his natural RCB together with Monreal as LCB. Wenger must see something in training which make him keep Monreal in LCB. Merte pair with Chamber in Everton match early season and our defence does not go well as well.

  10. CAMPBELL needs more game time to be fairly rated, he had good passing ideas and came close to score at least once, he was killing in Greece…..NOW SANOGOAL is another story, this kid cannot stay on his feet is never in the right place and fairly he has seen plenty more action than CAMPBELL…maybe he should go out on loan to Greece to find his game if he has one

  11. Now we just need Rambo to push on from here and start doing the business again. Poldo has to start getting some more opportunity as well, he offers us something very different and wrong foots a lot of teams that play in already knowing our predictable over pass game plan. I don’t know why AW doesn’t play him more? I certainly don’t think he should be sold and if used as a bench player then at least bring him in when he has a chance to do something! It seems he scores goals from out of nowhere at times and can’t be accused of overpassing before having a shot, unlike most of our other players.

  12. Back in the days a striker / finisher was sitting alone in the front and no one expected from him to go back and defend ( maybe with some exceptions depending on the game) but the strikers were there to score Goals and that was it….I see now GIROUD, WELBECK our strikers back playing defense, covering our own posts for every corner when they should be at least one of them in the front ready for a counterattack. POLDI is a natural striker a finisher, he did what a striker is supposed to do challenge balls from the defenders and score goals, that is a definition of a striker at least from my POV

    1. the Strikers role is different on different teams. When you have 3 strikers 6’2 and up they are going to play different than a Suarez type.

      1. My point is that we need a striker that is not running all over the filed like a Midfielder and rested enough to sprint from Mid field to goal, point granted that Suarez is that type of striker reason why he killed the league

    2. Exactly the point I made above, before reading this. Leave him up front to do what he does best. At least he knows where the goal is, not like some of the pussyfooters (Wilshere/Cazorla) that don’t know what to do when they get near the opposing penalty area and rather pull the ball back to the defenders.

  13. Oxie plays very well in the CM role…full of pace and loves to take on players

    Ramsay too…he feels very comfortable at the ACM role….

    its all about playing the players at their preferred and best positions…..

    1. @Hafiz Rahman.
      This has got to be the first time I’ve seen you commented without trolling or crazy sarcasm. This comment is quite refreshing.

      My thanks goes to the house of Rahman.

      1. Yo second that!…and agree Hafiz The Ox does look very comfortable in mf. Love the way he drives at the opposition and is prepared to fight for the ball.

  14. Sanogo got an assist last night and is still coming back from injury. And he still gets a 4? Your rating “system” has always been a joke, but that’s ridiculous.

  15. Good game, and even KJ had to give Poldi a good rating.
    On Ramsey: please stay healthy and we need you to contribute in the 2nd half of the season
    On Campbell: give this kid more chance and confidence and I believe he will come good
    On Sanogoal: Sorry, I really can’t rate him ATM. A loan would help
    On Podolski: Deserves more game time, not just 10 minutes a game. Not a starter but truly an impact sub.

  16. harsh ratings on the youngsters, and Campbell. Honestly, what did you expect from Campbell who has probably only played 45 min total before this match. Poldi is more experienced so its not surprising he is more capable of having an impact despite limited playing time. Hopefully we can start winning games so we can not put so much pressure on our first XI and the others can get some playing time.

  17. Mert had a good game? ! Don’t make me laugh. He made some headed clearances which you’d expect as he’s 7’8 🙂 also his block was good but he only made it as he got his legs tangled up, fell over and hence gotthe ball. HHe’s okay when surrounded by bodies but when there’s just two back or he has a one on one then watch him burn. Top class defenders are measured on their individual ability to defend when called upon using speed, strength and positioning. Hes championship material at best. Gutted campbell didnt have a better game, ox was again great, pleased for debuchy, ramsey and poldi. Sanogo less said the better!


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