Gallas insists Arsenal man is one of the best in the league

Renowned former Arsenal defender William Gallas has lavished praise on William Saliba, hailing him as one of the top defenders in the Premier League.

Saliba showcased his exceptional skills during his inaugural season at the club, playing a crucial role in Arsenal’s impressive campaign that saw them emerge as strong contenders for the Premier League title.

As a key player at the Emirates, Saliba’s absence due to injury seemingly coincided with Arsenal’s unfortunate decline in the latter stages of the season, ultimately resulting in Manchester City securing the league championship.

Now, the talented young defender is receiving well-deserved recognition for his stellar performances, with Gallas emphatically stating that Saliba ranks among the finest defenders in the entire league.

He said via The Sun:

“William Saliba from Arsenal is definitely up there.

“He was having a great, great season for the club before he got injured. When he has been out of the team, Arsenal’s defence haven’t been the same.

“His loss had a massive effect on the team – the Arsenal defence looked lost without him.”

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Saliba has done well since he has been on our books and the defender is one player we can be sure will keep improving.

The club must speed up its efforts to ensure he signs a new deal and continues playing at the Emirates as one of our key men.

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  1. While Saliba has the potential to develop into a World Class centre back, he is still on a learning curve and quite frankly I feel his performances do not live up to the hype dished out by certain ex players and professional punters in the press and media.Saliba very much reminds me of John Stones in the earlier part of his career when he was virtually guaranteed to drop at least one clanger during the course of a match.Like Stones, the CB role comes easy to the young Frenchman, to the extent that he can become complacent and overplay to demonstrate his ball skills for example when a simple pass or clearance is all that is needed.Don’t get me wrong, he is potentially one the best centre backs recruited by Arsenal for some considerable time, and on the assumption he will extend his contract, he should go on to prove he is right up there with the very best.

  2. As the often quoted GALLAS says nothing we did not all know already, my own actual interest is not in what he said- as I take that as read anyway- but to ask does anyone know if GALLAS IS , OR IS NOT, an Arsenal fan at all?

    I have always assumed he is not, though he seems to have much to say about us recently.

    And I simply wonder WHY that is. Anyone know then?

  3. Does it matter if he’s an Arsenal fan Jon?

    What interests me, is his evaluation of the player – after all, he’s done everything there is to do in football and his opinion counts, no matter what football club he supports.

  4. I don’t get the point with Gallas. William Saliba is still in his first year and still has to prove his worth for the second year running on the word “Consistency”. The potential is there however it would be nice if this ex players do not add to create tension or any unwanted scenarios.

    Van Dijik has been up there and it would be well worth it for him to show his love for the club by committing and prove he can be consistent on the top level. He had some lapses which I expected but then I hope this doesn’t create a saga. Gallas do us some good by not creating drama.

  5. I dislike Galas for footballing reasons but I think his opinion does carry some weight due to his professional career. The only time a pro’s opinion doesn’t count for much is when they’re showing an obvious bias. I like that Ferdinand also rates Saliba very well. I’d be keen to hear what Adams makes of the young Frenchman

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