Game Review: Arsenal easily brush past Norwich to stay 4th

This was probably the hardest game this season I have had big trouble finding a good TV stream to watch the match, but in between the buffering and interruptions I managed to keep pace with at least half of it.

But the game went as easily for Arsenal as expected with Bukayo Saka finding a way through a sea of legs to put Arsenal ahead after just six minutes and there was little danger from Rock Bottom Norwich, with the Gunners having two thirds of the possession.

Just before half time, Kieran Tierney managed to double our lead and it was pretty plain sailing after the break, and Norwich’s depleted side looked tired and beaten.

When Saka got his second in the 67th minute it was all over as a contest, especially as the Canaries only had 2 shots on target in the whole game.

It looked like Arsenal would cruise to the end, but for a change the Gunners went for the throat and Lacazette made it 4 with just 5 minutes left on the clock, by which time Smith-Rowe had come on to replace Odegaard, and yet again the youngster fulfilled his role as supersub by scoring our fifth and final goal after a long VAR investigation to see if he was offside.

An easy win as expected, and let’s hope everyone is still fit enough to take on Wolves on Tuesday…

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  1. Norwich still looked bereft of confidence and highly disorganized. I thought Dean Smith’s arrival would have motivated Norwich players, yet they seemed to have given up

    1. Trust that process eh peeps 🙂
      Keep winning the games we should win.
      Who needs 60m strikers when we have free Saka and ESR and 25m Tierney? 35 points at half way double that and 70 points would have secured 3rd last season. Westham lost and Leicester. Spurs and Utd have too many games to catch up. Top 6 is safe. A push for 4th is a possibility. Nobody predicted that in the summer.
      Can we just give Arteta some credit now?

      1. Arteta’s tactic was spot-on and he is definitely a very talented coach. I feel sorry for some experts here who can’t see that

        1. Don’t be another poster who thinks it’s a competition to be right all the time GAI (already got a few of them )
          Just be happy we won and support the team how you see fit ,don’t belittle fans if they don’t go along with your opinion .
          Yes we have had a good run but In all honesty we have played teams way below our standard and Norwich were no different .
          Come back at the end of the season and tell us he’s a talented coach then ,rather than just after a run of 4 easy games .
          Maybe save you’re digs at another fans when he’s actually achieved something .

          1. I thought you just described yourself in your first sentence. I just reacted to the attacks I’ve been getting from other fans and you

            1. You are literally posting in every single article, stating your opinions as facts and respond to every other person that comments and has another opinion. so if you are being attacked is most likely because you cannot accept different opinions. Maybe an inverted right winger with a left foot playing on the right side of this website could help you see Dan Kit comment for what it is, instead of what you think it is.

          2. @Dan kit your opinion is consistent against Arteta whether loose or win. There is no way to impress someone who hates you. Arteta will only be applauded by his haters at the end of season if we finish 4th. Some might even say he got lucky because of the covid effect on other teams.

              1. Sorry @Dan kit. I was referring to the comment made by gotanidea, not you. I think you and I have similar views on the gaffer. Fans need ease on the coach and support the team.

        2. GAI- does this include you? Hi back and read the embarrassing comments you made when the team selection was announced immediately before the Everton game. Wrong selection. Wrong tactics. Worst performance of the season. A talented coach?

      2. Yes Fairfan. Arteta deserves credit. I used to criticize him, but the way he has turn things around, I can say job well done.
        I fully support Arteta now.

        I also liked the way he gave Pepe and Elneny some minutes.
        Lokonga and Xhaka will be the midfield pairing when Partey goes for the nations Cup.
        We should be going for top 3. A win against Wolves will be good.

      1. Same here Gary….the lad can finish…always giving me the Rooney vibes…arteta has tried it before, let’s see if it would happen again

      2. Hes good at linking up play he is fast drops deep while defensive output wise I’d say ode is better I’m sure he can improve

        Arteta should try once again

  2. Odegaard has been impressive lately with goals, assist and general play..I like when we press well and shout out to the front 4 especially martinelli was winning the ball back for Tierneys goal. I saw Norwich dominate manu at their turf so love the way Arsenal started this game.

    Oh ESR scores again from the bench.

    Saka, Ode, ESR and Martinelli are all playing well. Rotation will always come in play at some point and glad they are doing a decent job when called upon. Goal difference appreciating gradually. Oh yeah

    1. Odegaard always initiates our high press. Ozil almost never did that at Arsenal

      Luckily, Arsenal didn’t listen to some fans’ demands to recruit Buendia or Maddison. Those CAMs will never be able to make diagonal passes and runs to the left side as effective as Odegaard, because of their preferred feet

      Lacazette is our best linker and leader in the front line. I’m also impressed by his effort to press high up the pitch lately

      1. When we say the coach is stubborn and arrogant, this is the advantage of that attribute. He knew what he wanted, he went for it not minding public opinion.
        Let’s talk about Ramsdale, I just saw picked him as best goalie of the first half of the season despite coming in a month late
        Ode has less than 5goal and assist in his half season on loan and this season he already past that figure

      2. gai, So ” Ozil almost never did that( high press) at Arsenal”. Forgive my pedantic way with words but the words”ALMOST never” implies that on odd occasions he did press. I must have blinked every time he did press then, as I have NEVER EVEN ONCE, seen him press properly, ever.


        You do not “press” by coasting up a at slow pace vaguely somewhere in the general vicinity of the opponent! TRUTH!

        1. But Jon, as you are completely blinkered when it comes to Ozil, your thoughts are not even worth considering…. especially as MA considered him a central part of his unbeaten run before covid intervened.

          Just as Aubameyang was part of the set up until his misdemeanours…. and now you brand him as a lazy, uncommitted player.

          Tell me Jon, why did it take MA so long to realize this and if you actually ATTENDED matches, you would have seen exactly why MA was selecting both Ozil and Aubemeyang…. as watching games on the box doesn’t allow one to see what is happening off the ball, something MA obviously can.

          1. Utter nonsense, as ever ! As a man who even now still defends the legendaryand widely discredited idle years of OZIL, how on Earth do you expect any fans to take your views seriously, after spouting such untruths!?

            1. It’s you ridiculous and ludicrous comments that are so laughable.
              I notice you didn’t even attempt to answer the questions regarding MA and his selection of both Ozil and Aubemeyang, but instead, try to attack someone who has differing views…. it’s called debating Jon.
              Again I suggest you make all your opinions from the safety of your armchair, while MA was/is with both players mentioned on a daily basis.

              That’s why your assumptions that both were lazy players, brings MA’s judgement into question and, believe it or not, I think the “vast majority” would go with MA’s line of thinking at the time.

              You can carry on ranting and raving about those who have a different opinion to you, but that doesn’t make you correct, in fact it makes me smile at the weakness of your thoughts and actions.

              By the way, I have no thoughts about Ozil in today’s world, he is long gone and has no influence on my thoughts and opinions when discussing and what in my post was “untruths?”
              Are you now attending games for instance?

              1. Ken, as you inhabit a completely different planet to my one, Earth, it is pointless trying to debate with you, so I won’t any more.
                Though we both write in English, you have a different understanding of what basic words mean , such as idle , lazy, useless etc.
                You don’t accept those words actual true meanings exist apparently. You think they all mean hard working and effective. Sigh! No more debate, as its pointless! .

    1. Never had a doubt bout Ødegaard.
      I can recall oy a few of us stuck our neck out for him on here when fans were against Arteta bringing him back.
      What matters is everyone should keep getting better.

      1. Agree Eddie, two assists again today for Martin Odegaard. You don’t captain Norway at his age, if you are not a good footballer. His vision, eye for a pass and execution have been excellent this season. Our faith in him is being rewarded.

        1. OG, agree totally with what you say – what a pity the same logic isn’t applied to Xhaka and his international pedigree.

          1. Unfortunately Ken, Xhaka appears totally unable to eliminate the “brain explosions” from his game. Arsenal can’t afford to play a man down.

            1. Yet MA, amongst others, regularly select and play him, while Odegaard failed in Spain.
              I must admit that I was not a Odegaard fan and will see how he plays for the remainder of the season – as for Xhaka, his “brain explosions” have not deterred MA, while Odegaard has been dropped.
              I suppose that’s part of the process we don’t understand?

              1. Ken, Martin Odegaard did not “fail in Spain”, but starred for Real Sociedad, when on loan in 2019/20. His playing style simply didn’t suit his “home” club Real Madrid.

          2. Arteta substituted Partey yesterday even though both Partey and Xhaka were on yellow cards, kind of sends a message that Partey is more crucial to the team than Xhaka,

  3. Some good performances over the last three games. I’ve been sick over a week but finally recovering. Thanks to God.
    Compliment of the season to you guys.
    Really glad Ødegaard keeps proving everyone else wrong and keeps proving us that’s been excited about him right.
    I said all he needed was a home and consistency will find him.
    Glad it’s happening for him.
    Happy for the clean sheets too.

    1. @Eddie
      Glad to know you are recovering, get fully well soon. Compliments of the season too.
      Kudos to Arteta and the boys especially MØ.

    2. How do you feel now Eddie?
      Wishing you good health always.
      I love that pass from Odegaard for the Tierney goal.

      1. I feel like I’ve been fighting for my life bro.
        Though I am fine now, I struggle to eat. I can’t eat properly and I have to force myself to have some food bite, but I’ll get there.
        Thanks for the well wishes.
        I hope the Christmas holidays been great to you and your family?
        Ødegaard did well with the pass, but I’ll credit Tierney more for converting that ball

  4. Good win. all players did there part in a very comfortable win against a side with not much to trouble arsenal defensively.

  5. Only 2 downsides for me was we could’ve done subs earlier considering our game in 2 days and that Spurs won

    Other than that, absolutely fantastic

  6. Easy win and keep putting points on the board. Norwich wont take many points of anyone but racking up points is all we can do. Saka and Martinelli pressured all day but probably the subs of ESR and Pepe could have come on earlier as they injected a bit more forward momentum that had just dropped second half. A mention for Tierney again but onto the next game and hope we can put more points in the board.

    1. Spot on adajim…the team looks so balanced anytime lacazette is involved and the general team play is so reassuring to watch…gone are the days when arsenal would be leading yet we fans would still be uncomfortable and afraid of letting the lead slip..

      We are so dominant going forward and defending nowadays…I can’t even keep count of how many clean sheets we’ve got already this season.. impressive

      1. To think we are yet to concede from corner all season?
        That was our most vulnerable spot in over 10years.
        These days when we are defending a corner or set piece I still have some strong believe we would get it out.
        Anyone that thinks the team hasn’t improved has an agenda, atm none of them has anything to prove to us anymore. 19 games 35points, 4th position,3points behind Chelsea (title contender)

        1. Chelsea aren’t title contenders anymore, most people would agree with this now. Do you see Chelsea catching City?

          Spurs are 6 points behind us with 3 games in hand while looking better and better so we’ll have to see once those games have been played.

          We’ve definitely improved now that MA is no longer tinkering with every line up this season and us having less games overall.

  7. ESR replaced Martenelli, but you’re forgiven due to your streaming problems.

    Good game getting our GD up, which could be important come the end of the season.

    BW did not fill me with confidence today and we nees Tomi back asap for our harder fixtures.

    Arteta picked a good team, however, I would like to see subs a little earlier.

  8. Excellent away performance from a team becoming more cohesive and confident by the week. Such a pity that Afcon and covid will now throw us into chaos!
    Not one poor performance and I thought White was fine as stand-in right back. My stars were Partey and Odegaard today, who were imperious in central midfield. Saka, GM, Tierney also excellent, along with of course ESR who managed a goal and an assist in his 10 minute cameo.
    Good job and enjoyable game.

        1. Yes, it really showed he isn’t comfortable there but can play there, if facing a real winger like Zaha , Sterling etc, he will get exposed. Hopefully

        2. Yes PJ SA its those type of mistakes we get punished for against better opposition and it goe for a few more in the team as well. We have to cut out the sloppiness.

  9. A Good win but expected .
    This exactly where we should be in the league with the players we have so I’m not going to go all over the top in my praise .
    We all know that we have had a very easy run of games which as elevated us up the table and made some of our players look world beaters ,I’ll save the applauds for the end of season ,and if Arteta as us in top four I’ll take my hat off to him but till then I still won’t be getting my Arteta poster out and sticking it above my bed .
    Martinelli and saka my 2 MOTM today 👍

    1. Come on Dan,

      “I’ll save the applauds for the end of season”

      I think the over the top criticism should also be saved to the “end of the season” to…🤔😉

      1. My over the top criticism as you put it Dan had been warranted ,we have had a very easy run of games which a club like Arsenal should be winning ,we saw it last season and look where that got us ,like I’ve said all season and last that top 4 should be our target I’m not going to be swayed by a few odd results when in typical fashion we revert back to the norm .
        What you see with me is someone here weekly win or lose and Ill hold my ground regarding Arteta until I feel he’s proven me wrong ,as of yet he’s done nothing to sway me I’m afraid and if you have been on here long enough you would know that I was a big fan of his when he came in ,something a lot of others who now berate my opinion on here weren’t .

        1. I’ll like to see how you perform if your giving this team and how you would impress the fans……online coach…Rubbish!!!

      1. Yes the Everton game was frustrating because we had better form and probably better players, but our mentality(bottle)was poor especially when their fans started cheering them on. Man Utd game I thought we was okay, but again we have the skill ability, but our inferiority complex came into play, that’s what’s got to improve
        If we are to contend for the league in the coming seasons 🤞

    2. Here’s what I don’t get. We’ve played exactly 19 games. That means we have played every other team in the league. That means the schedule hasn’t been kind or harsh to us. We have had the exact same run of games as everyone else. Apart from the end if the season, this is the exact time of the year that one cannot say “we’ve had an easy run of games”.

  10. I’m getting used to this winning feeling 😊
    Things are simmering quite nicely at the moment…
    Well done boys!

      1. Wasn’t expecting so many goals, Kev!! Yes, gutted – was hoping Villa would get something. The Chavs just love a Stevie G chant 😂
        Had a good day? It is Boxing Day after all….

        1. I love boxing day especially when we win although not much games to bet on 🤪 haha they do indeed Sue and they play Liverpool next week that will be interesting, if they lose we are closing in providing we beat Wolves who don’t really score or concede 😂 Brighton v Brentford next up are you tuning in Sue or you just gonna watch the sound of music ? 😂

  11. Couldn’t find anywhere to watch this, so relied on sky sports for updates etc.

    Would just like to say congrats to the players/manager for another win and the league table looks good at the moment.

    That plus GD finally is positive and I was so pleased to see Elneny being rewarded for his professional attitude at the club.
    Likewise Lacazette.
    Come on villa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Next up Wolves and then… the game that we can REALLY judge the progress against city.

    1. Hi Ken, hesgoals seems a good streaming site, I watched it fine today 👍

      “Next up Wolves and then… the game that we can REALLY judge the progress against city”,… I think spurs away will be more a yard stick to judge, Mancity can beat (and usually do) anyone in Europe as long as we don’t completely get blown away, I would except a loss, as long as we give them a proper game, but Spurs we should come away with a point at least.. 🤔 IMO.

      1. Spurs are looking very good unfortunately. I agree about Man City I’d be thrilled with a draw but a narrow loss where we put up a good fight would be acceptable.

        A loss to Spurs though would put us far behind in the race for 4th considering they have 3 games in hand. A loss would put them 3 points behind with the 3 games still.

        1. We are in a massive false position at the moment but it is about wether we can turn it into an advantage or wether we return to type. The City game and the surs game will tell us everything, a minimum of a draw and a win is needed. If we lose to spurs, it will be 100% not CL football next season but if we get 4 points out of those games we are cooking. While we have had the chance to rack the points up, we have to take them but then perform on the big game stage. I still see players that are not quite upto top 4, some people on here are prematurely lording over a few, its not about beating Newcastle, Southampton and Norwich, that isnt the problem, its about being good enough to compete with the bigger teams. Some of our players make unforced errors and get away with coasting against the lesser lights, our tactics are not tested at the lesser level of teams. The bigger games tell us all we need to know and we will find out everything then. We have Generally failed against the bigger teams quite disastrously so until that changes we cant get too carried away. Lets see if we can build on our false position before we crow about what we have. We have a massive amount of talent at this club, we should be beating bigger teams more often than we do. I still think a lot of what we do is excellent but also very naive, that must improve.

          1. “What’s the massive false position”?

            If Spurs win all their games on hand they are three points ahead of us. If ManU do the same they are one point ahead of us. So we’d go from 4th to 6th.

            So all results need to go against us to drop from 4th to 6th. Doesn’t feel like a massive false position to me.

            1. I wouldn’t call it a false position but more one that hasn’t been solidified yet, especially considering we play City and Spurs in the next 20 days.

              1. The false position is because we are way ahead on points that makes us look better than we are, if we do as i suggest we can, we are cooking (as i very clearly stated) and if we lose to city and dont beat spuds we are basically out of it. I see it has a false position because we have played more games and dont know what position we would be in if we were all equal games.

          2. Wow….false position?
            You really anticipating us to fail at the end?
            And who told you spurs will win all thier games and we’ll keep losing points……I wonder how some fans here talk….its really shameful….if a fan has this mentality….what do u expect the team to do?
            ‘Prophet of doom’

  12. Great performance today. Often we are focusing on the goal scorers. IMO man of the match however was one outstanding player, Martin Ødegaard. He is importance for Arsenal is still growing.

  13. Compliments of the season to everyone at Just Arsenal. Good run by the Arsenal young guns, with Thomas Partey also improving performance.
    Too bad about the Ashes cricket! The Sheffield Sheild conveyor belt of fast bowlers continues to produce new debutants, while the ECB destroys 4 day matches and production of test quality batsmen.

  14. Great win for the lads, looking forward to the Wolves pack at the Emirate.
    CAN WE EYE CHELSEA ON THE LOG, they are not that far off

        1. So our normal deal, essentially giving away a player these loan to buy

          I can’t understand it. Matteo we getting only 9 mil and Mavro only 3

  15. @Dan kit your opinion is consistent against Arteta whether loose or win. There is no way to impress someone who hates you. Arteta will only be applauded by his haters at the end of season if we finish 4th. Some might even say he got lucky because of the covid effect on other teams.

    1. Yes he’ll be applauded if we get 4th. We have less games than all other competitors for that 4th spot so it’s not unreasonable to expect it considering the investment + the already decent players we had.

      I’ll accept 5th if we win a cup. Keep in mind if we don’t get UCL thos season then next season it’ll be even more difficult with the extra Europa/Conference League games. So this will be our best chance to get 4th.

      What would you consider a successful season?

      1. Nobody predicted top 4 in the summer.
        After we went 0-3 nobody absolutely nobody expected top 4 in fact many wrote off Arsenal’s season and Arteta in particular. I was laughed at for predicting 5/6. It is totally scurrilous for any one to come out now and say top 4 = a successful season or that any thing below 5th is a failure after saaying we were in disarray.
        So for me top 6 remains a very good outcome.
        4th totally remarkable.
        3rd sensational.
        I agree without Europe we have only needed 14 starters. And other teams have games in hand but teams rarely win all their catch up games. The delayed clean out in the summer allowing 4/5 more additions plus Saliba would give us 19/20 starters enough for the EL any way. I don’t think we are quite ready for both CL and PL but of course would take it. Man U with their stellar squad are our biggest comp for 4th. Our away games at Spurs and Westham and home to Man U loom as critical fixtures.
        So much to look forward to 🙂

        1. Yes I’m well aware you view 6th spot as successful and that’s your opinion, personally I think thats quite sad to be happy with 8th place, 8th place then a 6th place finish.

          I think we have different ideas of what successful is.

          1. I think that success will come in stages
            The team has undergone a massive clear out and new players arriving and mixing with our up and coming home grown super youngsters in the making. I agree with fairfan on his assessment on this occasion PJ-SA

            1. That’s fine Sue, I still don’t see 6th as successful especially considering where we are now.

              6th would be a regression on the progess MA has made in the 1st half of the season.

  16. Just watched the extended highlights on and a great win with goals 2 and 3 being things of beauty, though I did feel we were fortunate again with VAR.

  17. Job done in emphatic fashion, we are finally free scoring! Wolves next up, difficult game, they don’t concede many goals but don’t score many either so I can see a 1-0 maybe 2-0 win hopefully. Then we move into a pivotal month with tough fixtures galore and 4 players leaving for Afcon, think we could really do with a signing or 2(Cm definitely) just to give us the best possible chance to sustain a top 4 challenge. There’s a real window of opportunity to get that 4th spot, maybe even 3rd given chelsea’s drop off.

  18. Arsenal vs Wolves likely to be postponed due to the latter team having injuries and positive covid tests.

  19. Those who cursed and insulted Edu for choosing Odegaard ahead of Buendia should apologize now!!!!

    Buendia has been a garbage since his debut for Villa.

    1. You can’t make that comparison, it’s a bit silly. Buendia may have been great at Arsenal with the better players we have around him.

      I’m glad we got Ode instead but I see realism escapes you.

      1. No one with football know how wiuld choose Buendia ahead of Odegaard. Perhaps you’ve not watched both players play.

        I can make those comparisons cos if Buendia should have had a better season than Ode, those who crave for Buendia would have been proved right. Ode is better than Buendia any day.

      2. When we loss…..oh the team is garbage…MA out!!!
        Wen we win …..well we played against a average side…..
        The same LCity beat man u and arsenal won LCity away…..but then….some of you found an excuse that we were only lucky….
        We loss to Liverpool…..MA out!! The team is garbage….same Liverpool that whooped man utd with their star stunned squad….
        We won at Leeds….oh the Leeds team where average…..same Leeds that gave Chelsea lots of troubles…..
        We won again at Norwich….oh we again played against an average Norwich team….this same average Norwich team gave star stunned man utd team lots of troubles…..I’m really disappointed in some persons who call themselves arsenal fans here……always looking for a reason to blame the coach….even if we win the league…they’ll still tell u…we were lucky….we had a lucky run of fixtures…other teams were really poor….blah blah blah…..NONSENSE!!!

  20. How interesting and revealing of human nature to see – with two notable regular exceptions – many “former MA out posters” now getting on board the sensible and truthful review train.
    Reggie and Dan kit are of course JA s anti vaccers equivalent, in that no amount of reasoned debate nor pointing out of evidence will ever sway their closed minds and eyes.

    According to “master brain Reggie” , after precisely half a season gone “we are in a false position!” That is the level of obstinacy and flat refusal to see any progress that we are facing with these two maverick Gooners.

    “Degree level brain” Dan puts the same point slightly differently , thus: “we have had an easy run of 4 games, which we would be expected to win.
    FACT! Since disappointingly losing our first three Prem game (two against top three teams and all three with substantial injuries and our widely recognised better players not available to play, we have since won 11, drawn 2 and lost just three more. That run of 16 games has given us 35 points, over two points per game and that after now exactly half a season gone in games played.

    But still those two stubborn asses refuse to give any credit, merely saying “we will wait til he has achieved something” . Neither does nor even wishes to see the huge amount he has ALREADY achieved.


    1. I think Reggies point was leaning towards the fact that our 4th spot isn’t secured yet, not that it won’t be in the future.

      I’m not sure when the games in hand will be played but here’s an e.g.

      If Spurs still have 3 games in hand when we play them and we lose the game that means Spurs will be 3 point behind us with 3 games in hand. If you add the very realistic chance of losing to City before that game then you’ll see what Reggie is saying.

      As someone that preaches realism surely you would’ve taken note of this Jon?

      1. PJ SA how wise you are but then again, i thought it was as plain as the nose on your face what i was saying, except to those who are less intelligent. 🙂

        1. No Reggie! What is plain as the nose on your face is your regular, almost daily, constant refusaal to see any progress and admit it to. Or to yourself, more importantly.

          1. No jon read my post that you are referring too if you have the time and see what i am saying and not what YOU think Iam saying. What i have acyually written is basically right. And for the record i despise bigots.

          2. Progress Jon? so 4th spot at the moment is progress? So you will rightly admit we regressed should we finish Lower than 4th at the end of the season.

        2. wow Jon, quite surprised someone with your intelligence can’t fathom the false position he mentions.
          PJSA lays it out so nicely, maybe you will be able to comprehend it.

    2. And I personally much despise those who consistently feel it’s their opinion only that counts. And that nobody who ever offers their own opinion can ever be tight. That’s YOU Mr Fox. A very sad old man.

      1. Was only the last week or so that FF asked him what it was like on the other side – after his ‘MA isn’t the one to take us forward etc’.. but unsurprisingly he swerved that comment.. that’s the only trouble spouting-off as often as he does, more often than not he makes himself look a complete muppet!

        Season’s Greetings to you, Phil.. we’re you at Carrow Road?

    3. Jon, anyone who sees ANYTHING differently to you is deemed a “maverick Gooner”.
      Yet, if we finish 8th or lower and fail to win any cup on offer, then we have failed to improve….no matter where we are at this moment in time.
      You take a completely different approach to where we are currently and, hopefully, your views will prevail.
      What MA is doing at the moment, is what should be expected from someone who has the full support of the owner ( over £250,000,000 worth of support) and beating Norwich is part of that expected result.
      I find Reggie and Dan kit’s input refreshing and thought provoking, while SOME of your hysterical comments about these fellow Gooners leave a sick taste in the mouth.
      Is it because they both remind you of the past mistaken statements you have made?
      The thing is, Jon, there are fans on JA who have good memories and like nothing more than bringing you back down to earth… me included!!! SIGH.

      1. Ken, jon as usual does not read other peoples posts properly, except his own because thats all he thinks is correct. Its obvious he didn’t read mine but what else do we expect.

    4. Nice to see you now mention me on a daily basis jonny boy ,I love the fact I must rile you with my opinions because you can not control them ,this makes me believe you are abit of a control freak as is common in people that express themselves as you do on here with the insults that you think necessary to put out daily ,be it me ,article writers ,fellow fans and anyone else that you have no control over
      I get over the years I have made you look pretty stupid on here (not that you don’t do that yourself )but you really need to get over yourself mate ,I’m here as a fan not to have some dick measuring contest with some idiot I’ve never meet nor will meet .
      Now do me the solid and leave me my name out of your silly posts unless you want me to keep coming back at you which I don’t really enjoy .

  21. Hardly a test, so any talk of performance is a bit rich, but what I did witness, which goes directly to the all important eye test, is some much better movement, from a passing perspective, than I’ve observed since MA’s arrival…in the first half there were times when we were putting together some passes that had purpose, pace and weren’t of the typical next man over variety, which was rather refreshing

    furthermore, any chance we get to flip the script on our piss-poor goal differential is noteworthy and the fact that Saka potted a brace is vitally important, as it will undoubtedly instill some much-needed confidence in a player who has struggled for goals and we need him to produce if we ever want to challenger for trophies moving forward

    on a side note, I’m still a little concerned by the fact that ESR was on the bench again and that the Xhaka/Ode combo seems to be a given regardless of the opposition…that said, I did like that MA pushed Xhaka further up the pitch against a far inferior foe, as that makes exceedingly more sense

    1. Good observations TRVL, that is why we need to keep our feet firmly on the ground and HOPE that MA is building a team for the future… the end of the season, as Durand says below, will be when we can decide if the manager has taken us forward from the dismal result of last season…. I hope he succeeds, as every Gooner does.

      1. if we’re able to show a similar confidence with the ball at our feet against much tougher opponents, that would clearly be a sign that things are heading in a positive direction…of course, I’m quite skeptical that this will be the case, but I remain hopeful of the possibility

        as for our recent uptick in offensive production, it’s obvious that we’ve taken advantage of our less than stellar opposition, but I’m certainly not complaining…that said, I honestly feel that until we become far more clinical in front of goal we will struggle to compete with those vying for European positions, as many of our more recent tallies weren’t of the quality normally required when facing teams of consequence

        one way or the other it should be an interesting month, unless covid further disrupts the fixture list beyond our upcoming postponement versus the Wolves…take care and have a great holiday season Ken

        1. Same to you TRVL and, as the Wolves game is now off, we wait with baited breath to see if we can give city a game at last.

  22. Let’s save the cheers and accolades until the season ends. Last year we were among the best in the 2nd half of season.

    Where did we end up? 8th place. I simply choose to enjoy the wins and hold off on any “told you so’s” until the season ends.

    All the big talk may leave one looking foolish at season’s end, like last year.

    All the fans boasting about 2nd half of last season’s form looked stupid when we finished 8th and out of European football, first time in 2 decades.

    Enjoy the wins, but stay in your lane please.

    1. Well said, I think we can start forming a realistic view of our season once we are in Feb and some of the games in hand have hopefully been played.

      Games in hand do not mean points 100% but it still remains as potential points regardless of someone’s opinion about them.

    2. Durand
      There is no place for ‘ I told you so’
      It is absolutely pointless as different opinions are free to be debated and preferably without name calling. We support the same club, after all

  23. Breaking News: Arsenal v Wolves postponed because of coronavirus cases in the Midlands club’s camp…..

  24. Was hoping we could keep playing according to schedule…those games in hand for the teams below us would’ve meant a hectic 2nd half of the season for them

    At least our boys can get a bit of a rest before the City game and them playing Brentford on the 29th hoping it’s still on. As good a chance to draw or beat City as we could’ve hoped for.

    1. PJ SA, that is what i was hoping for, rack up the points and let the rest struggle to get all their games in. Contrary to one persons bent view, i want us and Arteta to finish 4th and make us all happy. I dont care how but if we could have put a good number up ahead of everyone else and watch them play catch up in a hectic schedule.

      1. Let’s hope then Reggie that we don’t fall foul of further postponements. However, I think there will be more for all teams. I’m grateful – like you, that we have games already played and won.

        1. Sue p it is already looking like there will be a fixture pile up for all. Our saving grace as far as the league is we aren’t in European competition this season.

  25. Focus on one game at a time.This applies to players and fans alike.Reference to other teams overtaking us with their games in hand strikes me as an odd issue to raise for an Arsenal supporter in a League which has already had its fair share of upsets this season.Yet another clean sheet pleased me as much as our goals.

  26. Respecting other people opinion seems a huge problem here on JA, I don’t know what Joy some derived by insulting people or calling names. No matter how eloquent you write or how voiceful you shout or how often you reply people here it will NEVER DICTATE WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THE REAL WORLD ON THE FIELD OF PLAY. Arsenal will win more, Arsenal will draw more , Arsenal will lose more all this will surely happen at some stage of our lives while we support the team.
    Those who want us to win more pls be calm the time is coming
    Those who wants better performance be calm the time is coming
    Those who wants 1st , 2nd , 3rd, 4th place not a trophy, be calm the time is coming .
    Let us know this without each and everyone of us both from Positive, negative and neutral fans the fan base,football sites and stadiums will be extremely boring. Before you stary calling people names remember IT IS THERE OWN OPINION AND YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO FORCE YOURS ON THEM.
    Arsenal is winning now Hurray let’s celebrate and when we lose let’s complaining.
    Bring ur constructive criticism, emotional criticism, blood rush in the head criticism on board we will hear it , criticize it, love it, complain about it ,accept it and even improve on it BUT PLEASE AND PLEASE ENOUGH OF THIS NAME CALLING AND INSULTING towards someone ure most likely ever not to get to meet in your life time all because their opinions are different from it’s.
    Arsenal are 4th now either Spurs and manutd will win there games in hands we won’t know until it’s played.
    Let’s enjoy, complaining,ask for more or wait till end of season to see what this season will bring at the end .
    Noattwr what somebody will be RIGHT and somebody will be wrong .

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