Gareth Southgate being urged to name Arsenal youngster in England squad

Former Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand has urged England manager Gareth Southgate to add Arsenal teenager Reiss Nelson to the Three Lions squad. Ferdinand was speaking about his excitement over the future prospects of the England team and when he was asked why he was so positive, he told the Sun newspaper,

‘Because of the youngsters.

‘Southgate gets it, the excitement and pride it gives to fans to see young players in their team. There’s huge potential there.

‘As well as Hudson-Odoi and Sancho, I want to see Phil Foden play. Everyone’s talking about him. Same with Reiss Nelson.’

Ferdinand is, of course, right, England is an exciting team these days and it is because of the youngsters, they play without fear and it must surely only be a matter of time before Nelson is giving a call up to the senior team.

Nelson, who is currently on loan with Bundesliga side Hoffenheim, has played for the England youth team at every level from the U16 right through to the U21, and he has proven himself to be prolific in front of the goal scoring 18 goals from just 31 appearances, whatever way you look at that record, it is impressive.

The 19-year-old has played regularly in the Bundesliga and featured in five Champions League matches this season, that is invaluable experience, in fact, he has more experience at the highest level than some of the players that have already played for England, Callum Hudson-Odoi of Chelsea being a classic example.

Once Nelson gets the call-up, as he surely must, then you have to think it will be impossible for Unai Emery to loan him out again next season, the clamour from the fans for him to be given a regular start for the first team will be overwhelming.

The teenager will be like a brand new signing for us when he returns and the future, both at club level and international level is bright, very bright.


  1. Hopefully
    We seems to have good youngsters at the club; if they come good the forseable futur is indeed bright

  2. I don’t wanna discourage Nelson and his fans, but Southgate should wait until Nelson creates a substantial amount of goals and assists for Arsenal

    Before that happens, Arsenal had better add their English legion to make the internal competition fiercer. The combination of the expatriates’ skills/ experience and the English players’ spirit could boost Arsenal’s tactics next season

    Arsenal used to have solid English pillars such as Cole, Adams, Keown and Parlour. But now Man City, Man United, Tottenham and Liverpool are one step ahead in collecting high quality English players

    1. Yea agreed ,we need to see him starting for arsenal first then see how he plays in the premier league ,but I’ve seen enough to know that he could and should be our main winger either the season after next or slowly get him into the team next season ,he looks a talent he knows how to score ,excellent dribbling skills ,great pace .
      But we’ve seen it before if the manager does not rate him they seem to just disappear from the team .

      1. Yes, we saw Gnabry slowly got demotivated due to the lack of chances

        Nelson was impressive in pre-season and the EPL defenders do not know about him too much yet, therefore he could be Arsenal’s surprise weapon next season

    2. gotan idea, I fail to see that the whole silly idea that the geography of where someone entered this world or where their parents were from has ANY bearing WHATEVER on their ability to represent their CLUB. Neither has their age ; for young or for old. Either they are the correct choice because of oustanding ability AND desire OR they are not. This whole English quota nonsense is a silly and PATHETIC bit of tripe and shame on those who have proposed it or have supported it. WITNESS HOW MANY EXCELLENT YOUNGSTERS ARE NOW EITHER IN OR ON THE FRINGE OF THE FULL ENGLAND SQUAD, which has largely happened through the excellent academies run by so many clubs , which are peopled by players from a vast number of nations. It is as silly as knocking on every door down any street and making an unfair and Neanderthal law that any absurd nunber of houses of your choice have only English owners. Who cares! Not me for one! People are people and as such precious. Nationality is completely irrelevant at club level and Wenger , to his great credit, always practiced and preached this irrelevance, as do ALL FULLY EVOLVED HUMANS EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK. At international level it matters but even then in todays world nationality is fluid and thank goodness too. When will the retards finally grow up, join the vast majority of humans who live only in the 21st century and cease worrying about mere nationality. At club level it is nonsense and always was. Most Gooners choose either Thierry or Dennis as our greatest ever player. PERHAPS YOU WOULD DO THIS AGED BUT NEVERTHELESS FULLY EVOLVED GOONER A FAVOUR AND REMIND ME OF WHETHER OR NOT EITHER WERE ENGLISH!

  3. Agree with comments above. Nelson hasn’t earned the shirt yet. But then again neither had Odoi. Southgate’s challenge is that top PL teams won’t play youngsters so it’s left up to national side to give them developmental opportunities.

  4. I predict Nelson will become a first team regular for both Arsenal and England. Well I hope so. He has been impressive. Most impressive

    Out of Arsenal’s youngsters my favourites are Guendouzi, Nelson, Smith-Rowe, Holding and Niles. I hope Bielik is improving. Don’t know much about his progress. Also don’t know much about our youth defenders other than Holding. I’ve given up on Jenkinson and stopped being hopeful about Chambers.

  5. Do we ve any quality englsih players.. Welbeck, chambers, we had wilshere, walcott, n co.. These guys make or made us look like fraud.. They are so stagnant as everest.. N uselss as the P in psychology.. Its just holding that trying to put head outta water.. I dont see it changing any time soon..

    1. Why do we need quality English players , other than for that ridiculous and divisive quota system? Surely we need quality ARSENAL PLAYERS, FROM WHEREVER THEY COME!

  6. Pat the admin, why has my detailed reply to got-an-idea been put forward for “moderation”. It was full of sensible and well thought out comments and I am disturbed at the suspicion I have that you are afraid of publishing the truth!

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