Gary Lineker insists England needs Ben White in the team

Gary Lineker wishes Gareth Southgate and Ben White could settle their differences so that the Arsenal defender can play for England again because the team needs him.

White has not played for England since he left the national team camp during the Qatar World Cup.

The defender made himself unavailable for selection in the last international window, and Southgate did not include him in the squad for Euro 2024.

The England manager insisted White must reach out to him if he wants an England recall.

White has been one of the best players in his position in England this season and was an important part of the Arsenal team that nearly won the Premier League.

Every country takes its best players to the Euros, and Lineker insists that White is too good not to be selected by England.

He said on The Rest is Football podcast: “I think Ben White’s had an absolutely brilliant season, he’s a superb player.

“I just hope and wish there was a way that Gareth Southgate could make his peace with him and get him out there.

“Obviously, with the injuries England have got at the moment, particularly back positions, and I suspect he could play anywhere across the back as he was a central defender, I think he’d be a really good addition.”

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White could be an important player for the England national team, and he has been in fantastic form for us in the last two seasons.

However, he knows why he does not want to play for England, and there is a good chance that his stance might change if the team has a new manager.

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  1. I suggest, what England doesn’t need is Gary Lineker,

    Benny Blanco does not want to play for England at the moment, so respect his wishes and SHUT UP

  2. Change Manager for one either proven or one with new ideas. Southgate is not a motivator or a one on one manager, nor is he a tactical genius. Not sure what Southgate brings to the table with no winning experience.

  3. We are happy when he’s not involved in England games and get the best of him.

    So leave alone. He’s needed most at the Emirates

  4. Being English, I would have loved to have had Ben White as part of the England squad for the Euros. He is a fine player, but something must have happened to make him back off. His choice of course, but he will be missed

    1. I agree completely with you Sue and it was Exactly what Lineker was saying, who was told to SHUT UP, smh.

      1. Have to agree with you GB. A bit unnecessary imo to get so animated about Lineker stating the obviou

    2. Totally agree SueP. Apparently White had a bust up with Steve Holland at the World Cup, and that’s why he came home. A change in the management might well see White back in the England squad.

      1. HD
        I really want us to win the Euros but I silently shriek when I think of Southgate taking us to the World Cup.

        1. SueP, I also want England to win the Euros. I’ve got a feeling he’ll leave after the Euros to become a club manager

  5. In response,

    Ben White decided some time ago that he would not play under this England set up.

    It appears that Matt Holland was very rude to Ben in public.

    It seems that, neither Gareth Southgate who is Holland’s boss, nor Holland himself, have apologized to Ben.

    Southgate made Rice England captain during the last friendlies, and it seems he asked Rice to get Ben to return

    Once again Ben said no.

    I have no proof of this, but my suspicion is that Southgate has now asked Lineker to ask Ben to return.

    If Lineker is being used as Southgate’s mouthpiece, as I suspect,

    That is why I tell him to shut up and leave Ben White alone!!

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