Gary Lineker makes Arsenal relegation claim after Burnley draw

Gary Lineker has mocked Arsenal with a being safe from relegation jibe after their 1-1 draw against Burnley.

The Gunners started this season hoping to make a return to the top four.

However, they have been stuck between mid-table and the bottom half for a long time now.

Their inconsistent form has seen them get knocked out of the domestic cup competitions, although they remain in the Europa League.

Winning that competition might be their best bet if they want Champions League football, but Lineker has sarcastically identified something that he thinks is worth celebrating by the Gunners.

Arsenal’s draw against Burnley means the Gunners now have 38 points in the league this season and that should be enough to keep them from getting relegated, and Lineker thinks it is worth celebrating.

He tweeted: “Excellent point for @Arsenal. 38 points should guarantee their safety.”

Arsenal was never going to get relegated this season but that draw does leave them 27 points off the top of the league table.

They are, however, still not too far from the top five with just 8 points separating them from 5th placed Everton.

Arsenal will have to treat their remaining league games like finals and get the maximum points from them, else this season could end in a massive disappointment.

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  1. We can forget top 5. We will lose many games, and so will our opponents. Therefore we will finish midtable.

    1. We will have to pretend we are closet Spuds for this season! Need to give our manager time to develop the team next season.

  2. I don’t know what’s worse his presenting skills or the fact the bbc waste 1.75 mil a year on this tool ,add the 400k for Mr I hold a grudge shearer gets then that’s 2m pound a year the bbc could save the television license payer form having to watch these 2 bellends on match of the day .
    I haven’t watched it in years because of them 2

      1. They are bellends end of Declan 😂
        Shearer is bitter of Arsenal because Henry always gets voted best prem player ,and Gary is just a pleb

    1. Dan, both great players in their own right, but “small men”, because they can’t move on from all the losses their teams suffered at the hands of Arsenal. How many domestic honours did they win during their careers?

  3. Gary Liniker must be borrowed time, fast becoming the most disliked presenter on BBC – some achievement considering the host of overpaid wasters employed by The Beeb!

  4. Our season is already a huge disappointment….regardless of Europa league qualification. I would be happy if Arsenal have no distraction next season and focuses solely on getting back into the top 4 football with an eye on (eventually) winning the league again. And I’d like to add that I do not believe Arteta is the man for that job. I hope J Klopp gets fired…..and we get him….

  5. Gary Lineker may want to mock us over a slack pass between Granit Xhaka & Bernd Leno, but unfortunately for us it gave Burnley a freak own goal off of the hand, but what happened to Lineker’s old team Leicester against us eh, yes they lost so Gary although I respect you do us all a favour and belt up please!!!!!!!!

  6. these little jabs have to be expected considering the arrogance shown by Arteta following our FA Cup victory…when Arteta chose to buy into his own hype, by reading his own headlines and believing that we were only a piece or two away from competing for things, then you have to be prepared to have your balls broken a little by pundits when it fails to materialize

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