Gary Lineker the latest pundit to make a ridiculous Premier League suggestion

Gary Lineker has made a ridiculous suggestion for next season as the Premier League struggles to finish this campaign.

The Premier League has been suspended since the start of March and the competition is scheduled to resume again next month.

Teams have been holding talks over a restart, but after the French and Dutch league were cancelled, there have also been calls for the Premier League to be abandoned.

However, Lineker has added his voice to those calling for this season to be completed no matter what happens, and he even suggests that next season be modified if need be.

He reckons that this campaign just has to be finished when it becomes possible and suggested that next season teams can play each other just once, against the current format of playing every opponent home and away.

“What’s the rush?” he told the Evening Standard.

“The rush is because August is coming and people want to start the new season on time.

“But there’s a good chance that’ll be interrupted by a second wave of this, so let’s just finish this season whatever.

“My gut feeling is to finish this, even if it goes to Christmas, and work out what to do after that, because it’s highly likely that there could be a similar problem next season

“If this virus comes back strongly with a second wave then potentially you’ll get two seasons kiboshed. So, let’s just wait until it’s safe and finish the season.

“If we finish, we can then re-evaluate the ‘what next’. The only fair way is to finish the season.”

The former Tottenham and Barcelona man went even further when expanding on what could happen next season.

“Next season going through its entirety without interruption is hopeful at best,” he said. “So, maybe you have half a season, then at least that way everyone is at the same starting point, and do they play maybe one game against each other next year?

“Then there’s the whole issue of the Champions League and travelling abroad. I just don’t know. I certainly wouldn’t want to be the person making those big decisions.”

Most teams have already started preparing their players for a restart, albeit individually, but they are expected to start full training later in the month.

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  1. blue17 says:

    He has a point tho…

  2. Tim Donvin says:

    actually have been discussing the same with family members over the past few weeks – obviously problem with European competition but this might not be possible in any case – the main issue is this current season and if possible to actually finish it, once we agree on this then next season can be looked at with the one game issue being considered

    1. SueP says:

      I’d be in favour of that if we got to play Liverpool, CitY, MU and Spurs at home

  3. Robert Acedius says:

    Mary Christmas, Mr Lawrence… eh… Lineker.

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