Gary Neville blames Arsenal for Nottingham Forest’s latest action

Gary Neville believes that Arsenal and Liverpool have set an unfavourable precedent following Nottingham Forest’s decision to appeal to the PGMOL for additional information regarding the validity of Ivan Toney’s goal against them.

In the match, Toney, returning from a long ban, seemed to have altered the ball’s original position, aiding him in scoring a remarkable free kick. Despite Toney’s successful return, Nottingham Forest expressed dissatisfaction and sought an explanation for the decision to allow the goal.

Neville finds this decision perplexing and suggests that Forest might have been influenced by previous actions taken by Liverpool and Arsenal, who had similarly written to the PGMOL on comparable matters. The belief is that the appeal is a result of a perceived precedent set by these two clubs.

Neville said, as quoted by the Daily Mail:

‘Clubs writing to the PGMOL is embarrassing! Liverpool and Arsenal started it and set the precedent of this nonsense. 

‘The refs should be doing better and are under enormous pressure at the moment. It’s in the clubs interests to work with them to make them improve.

‘This public posturing is unnecessary. Speak to them and email them to gain clarification in private but they don’t have to ‘announce’…’.

Just Arsenal Opinion

PGMOL has been in trouble because of the many controversial decisions its officials make in some games.

They know some of these decisions are ridiculous, and we expect them to take responsibility and explain them.

The body itself has not complained about clubs writing to them, and it is puzzling that Neville is so invested in what other clubs do.

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  1. Poor PGMOL, being questioned and held accountable. If actions such as this bring about proper changes ad consistency, then well done I say.

    We have seen atrocious decisions, embarrassing VAR decisions, and the game slowed down while nearly everything is reviewed.

    Incorporate procedures utilized in other sports to improve; no longer is the PGMOL above reproach.

  2. The real embarrassment is that Neville still has a job, and that idiots give any credence whatsoever to his biased and bigoted comments.

  3. Interesting, isnt it, how CERTAIN well known football names make a living from essentially criticising what others do!
    Have others ever considered that fact, as I sometimes find myself doing?
    Pundits are paid, and paid very good money, simply to stay in the game, by criticising their perceived failures of others, while DUCKING the choice to really be involved at the sharp and courageous end of fotball, by being inside clubs, as coaches and managers, where THEY THEMSELVES would face criticism

    Some of them, Neville and the especially excitable but rather brainless Carraghervbeing PRIME EXAMPLES.
    Som might think them rather cowardly, for making a VERY COMFORTABLE LIVING by criticising, while choosing to keep AWAY from actually help RUNNING CLUBS.
    Some might even condsier the way they make a living to even be cowardly and acting as parasites off the backs of those they criticise.
    Some might conclude there are far more HONOURABLE WAYS OF MAKING A LIVING, especially doing USEFUL JOBS , such as digging roads, building homes, clearing away rubbish and caring for siclk, frail and disabled folk.

    But as we all know, THOSE job get no publicity and guess what; VERY LITTLE CHANCE TO MAKE A RICH LIVING from th misfortunes of others.

    Finally, some might wonder why I have , thus far, missed out adding the name of Lineker . I HAVE A SPECIAL DISTASTE FOR HIM , EVEN THOUGH HE CERTAINLY KNOWS FOOTBALL..
    Some might wonder why society prizes football and those who make a living from the game SO MUCH as to worship those within in it and PAY SUCH LUDICROUSLY OBSCENE SALARIES TO MERE FOOTBALL FOLK, while countless others in so called in “ordinary” jobs , struggle by on mere pittances.
    Reality!! . Sigh!

  4. I actually admire The Arsenal and Liverpool for calling out the PGMOL so publicly.
    For far too long under the spineless Mike Riley, they were answerable to no one, made the rules that ensured they could never be questioned and ought like hell to stop the use of VAR technology as THAT did hold them accountable.
    As for Evil, anyone wonder why he’s complaining about The Arsenal and Liverpool, while conveniently forgetting the outbursts made by his club.

    1. Interesting use of the word evil” Ken.

      Is it your own use OR a quote from something I have clearly missed?
      I have no time either for Riley, nor Neville , but dont you think “evil” is a BIT STRONG for either of them!

      Wrong, misguided,selfish, misleading, deceitful would all be apt for Riley, IMO.

    1. “Jagoff”? As an older fan I dont understand that word.

      SO WHAT DOES IT MEAN , politely please, as it is obviously not a compliment!

        1. Thanks PAT. Rather sorry that I asked now, as I try never to use ghastly Americanisms in ANY writing ever.

  5. I wonder if Neville brain is on opposite direction. He acknowledge that refereeing should be better yet critical of the ones complaining of the same.

    He is no better than the three stoogies at Sky Sports whose punditry is screaming and laughing like maniacs.

    That is the standard of punditry nowadays. What a sad sight.

  6. For me, the best I think arsenal fans should do henceforth is to totally ignore Neville and his comments. The more we respond to his comments, the more he gains popular as a pundit. Like some one call him jagoff, let’s see him as a big JAGOFF.

  7. It seems articles like this are just there to point at characters like Neville to get a reaction – which is very easy to do with the odd quote. I’ve seen plenty of stuff involving Gary Neville over the past couple of years, and he seems to me to be a perfectly good faith actor. We all have our biasses, but he seems quite aware of that (most of the time anyway) and he’s usually (not always, but usually) quite reasonable from what I’ve seen.
    He’s criticising clubs for writing a letter and then saying publicly that they wrote a letter, when they could have just written the letter. I’m quite cynical about the motives of clubs when it comes to pr, so I’m sympathetic to his point of view here. Never hear clubs complaining about bad decisions in their favour, ever, so it’s not about principle.

    1. I am sympathetic to your point of view, Davi in general.

      I would add that if it wasn’t put into the public domain, then the good old football public would probably want to know why. At least Liverpool, Forest and us know questions were asked and answers were sought. Definitely keeps them refereeing community on their toes

      1. Absolutely SueP, I can see the argument from both sides. I almost wrote something like that in reference to Ken’s post above, but thought it was getting too wordy.

    2. Davi, what your final line demostrates is the sheer double standards or hypocrisy in ALMOST ALL clubs.
      Surely no one is surprised. I am not anyway.
      Appalled yes, but surprised,no!

      1. No, not surprised – it shows it’s not really about the decisions themselves, it’s always self serving.

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