Gary Neville disagrees with Arteta over penalty incident

Gary Neville has disagreed with Mikel Arteta after the Arsenal manager insisted his side deserved a penalty for a handball in the Newcastle area.

Arsenal drew goalless with the impressive Magpies, but they did all they could to break the deadlock in the game right until the end.

There were some controversial penalty calls that were not given in the game, which did not impress Mikel Arteta or the Arsenal fans.

However, Gary Neville disagrees and says if it was given against Arsenal, Arteta would also be livid. He said via the Daily Mail:

‘I thought it would have been scandalous if it had been given.

‘If Arteta had lost a game via that, he would be fuming. You cannot have your arms by your side when you slide in. 

‘That is not a penalty – you go in like that to block a cross, that is not a penalty in a million years. He would have been livid had that been given against Ben White, [Takehiro] Tomiyasu or Oleksandr Zinchenko.’

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That game was tense and feisty and it needed one moment of brilliance or a penalty to separate both clubs.

VAR had a look at the incident and decided it wasn’t a pen, which means they agreed with the referee and it is hard to argue against that.

However, in another game, it could have been given and therein lies the big issue with video technology.

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Arteta on two points dropped by Arsenal and the transfer window

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  1. Of course the “handball” was not a penalty and and I agree (begrudgingly) with Neville. Having said that, the shirt pull was a nailed on pen!

  2. Newc like Arsenal has lost only one game this season. They are one of the three top performers, so we take this one on the chin and get ready to go again. They played for a draw and the best defensive record helped them earn it. On another day with Jesus disrupting up top or with Newc trying to score with more numbers going forward, we’d probably win the game comfortably. The boys will learn from these types of games

  3. It’s an interesting one because if Murphy (a) hadn’t turned his back and (b) his left arm was in the same position as his right was when the ball hit it, I think it’s given as a penalty.

    So will players be coached to turn their back to the ball when they slide to block a shot? In my opinion, players need to be coached to stay on their feet as there is always a risk when you slide in.

    At any rate it wasn’t a clear and obvious error so I’m, albeit begrudgingly, pleased that VAR didnt overturn it.

  4. As long as we aren’t punished in the same circumstances then I’ve got nothing to disagree with as that would have Been harsh at that speed and closeness to the ball .
    But that’s where VAR let themselves down time and again by not being consistent.

  5. We at least should have gotten a pen, and that is why its difficult to crucify the gaffer as he’s frustrated of the inconsistency of VAR,

    Frank Lampard once said his three year old daughter at home could have gotten certain decision right.

  6. Did Murphy handball it in the penalty area?

    Yes he did so it IS a penalty.

    Handball is handball. Simples.

    I’m completely baffled how we constantly manipulate the rules… player is too close, players back is to the ball, momentum carried the player into touching it with his hand, Maradona’s hand was god.

    I agree it would have been harsh, but if you touch the ball with your hand it is punished with a foul.

    So it was a penalty.

    I will guarantee you if that was against us… it would be a penalty.

    To be honest I was more surprised that the game ended with 11 against 11 as the referee was determined to be the star of the show.

    But hey ho… I have seen us lose these types of games before. A point is a point, so onwards and upwards.

  7. Yeah, tough I remember watching Pizza gate live on television, and honestly believing that the penalty awarded to Man U was not a penalty. Gary Neville was on the pitch.

  8. I would not write that Newcastle were impressive. Time wasting and gamesmanship are not to be admired. This in conjunction with a incompetent referee were what contributed to a frustrating evening for Arsenal. Nevertheless we extended our lead. VAR (Stuart Atwell) were silent on Dan Burns antics.

  9. With the referee handing out cards right left and centre I thought he was in danger of losing control completely
    The yellow prior to the shirt pulling in the box was a weak decision but so was the decision not to award a penalty to us. The fact that the first decision was wrong should not be used as an excuse to say the no penalty decision cancelled it out.

    Just how difficult is it for the refereeing elite to make rules that can be understood and adhered to across the board?

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