Gary Neville glowing over Arsenal player that he calls “really really good”

Gabriel Martinelli impressed Gary Neville with his performance in the match against Leeds United yesterday.

The Brazilian scored twice in the first half to give the Gunners a two-goal lead before Bukayo Saka made it 3-0 before the interval.

Leeds pulled one back before Emile Smith Rowe scored the final Arsenal goal in a 4-1 victory.

Most Mikel Arteta players were in fine form in the game, but Martinelli proved once again that he is one of the best players in the squad with his performance.

Like most football fans, the Brazilian impressed Neville, and he discussed one of the striker’s goals while on punditry duty.

Neville said via Sun Sports: “Martinelli is just really really good. Leeds once again give it away in such a poor area.

“What a pass from Granit Xhaka and you think Martinelli’s touch has probably cost him early on.

“But he sometimes gets it out and recovers. Cody Dramah is trying to get back – if he tackles him, it’s a penalty, a sending off, all sorts of things can happen.

“His finish is class. The on-rushing goalkeeper has no chance.

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is great to see Martinelli add more goals and enhance his reputation among the Arsenal fans.

He has been an exciting player to watch since he joined the club, but that wasn’t enough to convince Arteta to give him regular first-team chances.

Now that the chances are coming his way, the Brazilian will want to remain in the team.

We expect Arsenal to make attacking reinforcements in the summer, but the form of the former Ituano man could force them to give him a chance to lead the attack from next season.

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  1. I think Saka/ESR/Odegaard/Marti will be our 4 main attackers for a while, maybe add one more attacker in for rotation. Pepe has become obsolete. For me, Martinelli has looked best on the wings where he can break away for counters. harder to do as a striker. Think we should stick to just finding that all out CF we need to string this attacking talent we have together. Laca doing a decent job right now, but he isn’t a reliable goal scorer anymore. And just sad that this is how things are ending for Aubameyang, but he hasn’t put in the effort he shouldve for quite some time now.

    1. Auba has never been a great fit as a lone striker and suffered the same problem you describe for martinelli. I do think Martinelli has scope to develop into a CF if he wants to – he has a broader skillset than Auba and I think only needs to adjust and learn some different movements (like RVP did?) – but I agree right now he’s well suited to that wide role.

  2. There is no certainty about any players future.
    When a player has a drop off in form (Aubameyang) the pundits claim the player is finished. When the player has a couple of good games he is now the best player in the league and a lock for the next 5 years (Martinelli)
    We have been here before with Martinelli when he burst on the scene two years ago he was said to be the second coming. Then he faded then got injured and was considered immature for 6 months while Arteta made him wait. Now he scores 3 goals and he is the future of the club again. Lets enjoy the moment but not get carried away like last time and when he next has a slump lets not say he’s finished flash in the pan etc. We need 25 players to all have moments during the long season It’s a team after all.

    1. It’s good to try to keep perspective, but this recent run of form has been convincing to me. More often when young players have that first drop, they never come back, that he’s managed to come back a second time after the injury issues just shows to me he’s got a long term future at or close to the top of the game.

    2. Martinelli played very well till he got injured, no player comes from a long injury and walks straight up to form, it takes time, what’s even more important; is Martinelli is a hard worker, something Aubameyang lacks,
      Aubameyang has dropped form for more than a year, so we can confidently say he’s lost it, he never compliments the team, rather he makes us play like it’s 10 against 11, no hard feelings, it’s about the team not a single player.

  3. Our young 4 attackers Saka, Gabi, SmithR & Øde are certain starters or 1st of the bench with rotation between them. This is the new Arsenal.

    Auba & Pepe’s time is up in afraid, its a new era at Arsenal and them along with a few others need to leave permanently. I would like to keep Laca and also add a proper CF to this team to replace Auba, Pepe & Eddie.

    Saliba to return will be a treat also this summer with experince he has got in France.

    Ramsdale, Tomi, Gabriel, Partey, Teirney (Taveres), Lokonga & Xhaka isnt that bad of back up with also potentially another Keeper & CM, when Leno & Elneny leaves.

  4. Just for a change, I would like to ask you all a question!

    If Man City contacted Edu and Arteta, offering to do a straight swap of Raheem Sterling for ESR this January.

    1) Do you think Edu should agree to such a swap, considering ESR is now only sub?

    2) Do you think Sterling would accept such a move, especially since Arsenal are now in the top four.

    3) Should ESR consider such a move to Man City?
    (Incidentally, the commentator on NBC this weekend called ESR “Super Sub” – the Kiss of Death if ever I heard one)

    If Man City offered a different swap in January of Grealish for ESR +$25m,

    1) Do you think Edu should accept that swap

    2) would Grealish come to Arsenal, (in London don’t forget)?

    3) Would ESR accept such a move?

    Just trying to sound you all out!!!

    1. Great question – I’d definitely say no to either option, especially sterling as I don’t think we need that type of player right now. I’d only consider something like that for a player like haaland, who is likely to be one of the top players in the world for many years – and of course that’s just not realistic.
      Players like ESR are crucial to the club forming and maintaining an identity, but also he has the ability to be both an impact player (super sub) and a quality starting option in several attacking midfield areas. He’s a genuine challenge to Saka, odegaard and whoever else occupies an attacking mid position, and I don’t believe his super sub label will stick and/or define his time at arsenal.


      I deal in realities only and consider your questions entirely hypothetical only, so will not bother answering what does not apply.

      1. What I wanted to find out was how much the fans thought of ESR.

        I think the skills ESR has do not currently fit into Arteta’s game plan. He prefers the non-stop running of Odegaard
        and the pace of Martinelli.

        I could see ESR blossom at Man City. He has close control, sees a pass, and can score with either foot.

        Just my views

  5. Martinelli deserves all the praise he gets. His quality and commitment are class and his talent was never in question. Fantastic future for him with Arsenal and fantastic future for Arsenal with him.

  6. @JW, no player is indispensable, I personally would accept the swap sterling/grealish for Smith-rowe, Smith has been outstanding, it’s a team thing not an individual thing,I’m sure sterling and grealish would also feel bad but that’s the game,

    Why I would accept them over Smith:

    They are faster, more creative, stronger and more experienced.

    1. Sorry ESR is better than Grealish….The latest is,as far as i am concerned,overhyped….ESR stats are better than his

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