Gary Neville goes on mega rant attacking football decision makers

Gary Neville has blasted the Premier League and its clubs as they avoid taking responsibility for “Project Restart” because they fear that responsibility might fall on them if something goes bad.

The Premier League has insisted that they want to finish the season partly because they want to avoid the complexities of choosing teams that would be relegated, promoted and compete in next season’s European competitions.

However, there has been so much uncertainty and not a firm word from those looking to get the competition kick-started by next month.

This has forced Neville to take to Twitter and blast the Premier League for being “scared” that a casualty might occur because of the return of football amidst a pandemic.

In a series of Tweets, he insisted that the Premier League has to admit that they know something terrible might happen but they want to continue and apply the best safety measures to avoid unforeseen negative circumstances instead of just saying they want to restart and finish the season.

“The PL are having a CV nightmare,” he said as quoted by the Express.

“They keep spouting Health First but then brief constantly “We have to Re-Start”

“I’d respect them more if they said “We accept the increase in Health Risk but it’s one we are willing to take”. They won’t as they are frightened to death!”

Neville was asked what would happen if someone died from a restart, and he replied saying: “That’s why we haven’t heard one single prominent CEO / Chairman / Owner or Executive open his mouth to back the re-start ! Brief / Brief / Brief ! Scared to death of the liability and blame.”

Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish wrote to Neville saying: “There are no easy answers. But we need to try to play if we can make it safe.

“I believe we can and should continue however imperfect the other elements: neutral venues empty stadia etc. If we can’t make it work then I fear for next season. The game might never fully recover.”

And Neville replied again saying: “Steve I want football to return. I also understand the complexities.

“However it’s depressing that the PL and clubs seem to be in hiding, scared to death of communicating. No-one wants to be responsible for this one! Just in case the unthinkable happens.”

Megamouth Neville is at it again, he clearly does not understand the complexities otherwise he would not go on these ill-informed rants but that is who he is, who he always has been and will continue to be.

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  1. Neville has never admitted that he was a total failure as a manager because then people would ask “so why are you and other’s with no managerial experience like Jamie Carragher Rio Ferdinand and Ian Wright being paid a huge salary by a major network to tell managers what they are doing wrong all season.

    1. Now you can add Phil neville to the list – not to mention Shearer of course, along with keane, Henry and that Scholes – pundits? More like bandits and how many more have we missed?

    2. Very true, something I may incorporate in an article, they are not the only ones, Alan Shearer is another one.

      1. OT Martin – it seems Thomas Partey wants to join us according to his close friends.

  2. Whatever opinions are aired or withheld – football still looks unlikely to be played again for a very long time.

  3. What I cant understand is why the Government said stay at home but also said you may go out every day for exercise and you can go to the supermarket. The Govt is guilty of allowing the virus to spread uncontrolled. The Govt is there for hypocritical when saying playing football is dangerous when they allowed millions and still allow millions to go to the super market and go for exercise every day.
    The PM himself went out and got the virus and recovered and he is a podgy 55 year old. So he got herd immunity. So why are fit young athletes not allowed to play football but we can allow 40 million people to wander round in supermarkets parks and streets every day. Hypocricy knows no bounds.

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