Gary Neville insists the referee made the right decision for Newcastle’s goal

Gary Neville has commented on Newcastle United’s goal against Arsenal after the Gunners lost their unbeaten record yesterday thanks to a controversial strike.

Mikel Arteta’s side has not had the best of luck with VAR decisions and that seems to have been the case last night with Newcastle appearing to be favoured in the game.

The technology failed to spot the ball going over the line before Newcastle United scored the only goal of the game, and it has been debated intensely since.

Arteta has insisted the goal should not have stood, and it is a disgrace that things like this happen in the best league in the world.

However, Neville believes the underfire referee made the right decision.

He tweeted:

“I thought the decision for the Newcastle goal was correct. 

The ball out was inconclusive at best, definitely not a foul for me and if the VAR can’t evidence offside the onfield decision should stand.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Neville is not a pundit that we should expect to say things in our favour, as he has hardly done this before.

The former Manchester United man has the right to own an opinion, but I suspect many Arsenal fans will not take him seriously.

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  1. I agree with Gary since since he had placed a bet on Newcastle win together with the match day referee for the same game he made his kill though dirty means

  2. Agree, that’s a refereeing error, cannot agree with a midfield worth 200MGBP, and weekly wage of 500k combined we could register 1 shot on target. That’s the talking point, don’t get fooled by Mikel’s moans and groans

  3. I’d accept the decision if made by the ref, (but not be happy with it) as it was originally made, but when it goes to VAR to check 4, yes 4 incidents as part of the build up to the goal, ball out of play, offside, foul and finally handball, then it’s ridiculous. Refs have always made mistakes but when a team of people forensically spend 5+ minutes looking at multi angle views and still can’t confirm a problem, or not, then why bother? We were cheated by the VAR panel, even though the ref originally gave the goal, as whilst the ref missing these incidents is forgivable, a panel of so called experts using multi view technology and still missing at least the foul (when Gabriel was pushed) is unforgivable!

  4. Shameful for Neville!! Take a picture of the VAR scanned ball and enlarge it to see that the ball was completely out.

    Let’s see what the PGMOL people will say but it’s not only ridiculous but scandalous

  5. FFS
    We lost the game.
    We will likely lose more games.
    We had a decision go against us and likely more will go against us.
    But we will win lots of games and have decisions go in our favour.
    Gary Neville has no influence in anything to do with football.
    Lets just get over it and this sense of injustice and move on.

    1. It is getting a bit Woh is me! We would have quite easily accepted it if the boot was on the other foot and moved on.

  6. It seems to me that the evidence was inconclusive on the ball being out of play, and on the offside. That was my reading when I saw it, and since seeing the different angles.
    Most arsenal fans seem to think that the doubt means they should have erred on the side of caution and disallow the goal, whereas most others take the opposite view that a goal should only be disallowed if they’re sure there’s a good reason to. To my mind, the latter approach makes more sense.
    If the shoe were on the other foot, arsenal fans would doubtless be on the side of the refs allowing the goal, and many would have been outraged for it to have been disallowed.

    1. Correct and that is what people cant grasp. As unlucky as it was, there was/is no vehicle to change the goal. You cant make new rules and decisions on the spot. There was no “in line” camera and Lines could not be drawn because of that particular situatltion, so if it can not be proved other, you cant change it. That would be a far worse thong to do. Not for Arsenal but for football. No proof has been put out to prove different.

  7. Look at it another way. The ball looked out of play with nothing to conclusively prove it was in. There appeared to be a shove on Gabriel. The offside looks clear cut.

  8. Gary Neville is a bitter asshole an same goes for Warnock and Carragher.
    I fany pundit says this was inconclusive the only reason is they are not fans or they need to have an opinion other that the obvious to justify been a pundit
    Even if the ball is in, the foul is very obvious and the OFFSIDE is clearly blatant. When some idiot is claiming they can’t see the ball from Joelington going to Gordon they certainly need to check in to the nearest eye center.
    we have issues as a team aside from this but in this occasion the goal is a travesty and the fact Bruno was allowed to finish the game after an elbow to the head a push off the ball to Jorginho and hands on the neck of Viera you have to wonder.
    FYI i was at the Community shield game and next to a couple city fans who commented that Atwell was their boy after a number of early call for the Citizens and a yellow card to Arteta .
    Goes to show you the level of bias in this league. The clubs players and fans have been censored by the fascist empire called PGMOL because no one wants to upset the current state of money flowing everywhere. Nothing will ever change here so keep playing along let us fans pour money into this corrupt organization and hope to get some luck along the way to see our team lift a trophy someday.

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